1. Mead Ranger New Grips.jpeg

    Mead Ranger New Grips.jpeg

    "New Grips" compliments from Tyler (Mr. Cycleplane) ! Thank you Tyler...
  2. Cooper S.

    My new mead, new questions

    Just bought this mead frame set, and was curious why it doesn’t have a serial number or fender mounts? I assume it probably just predates those but I’d thought I’d ask anyways.
  3. mongeese

    1890s block chain 51 links 3/16ths

    Very nice ridable early chain. Moves great with diamond master link- one pin is homemade. 120 shipped from Wi.
  4. bricycle

    Sold FS Mead frame mounted tire pump complete

    Mead pump $175, so like $183 shipped domestic only
  5. Demzie

    Yet Another Mead Crusader

    Needless to say it's mix and match with some odds and ends. My questions are these: Whats Original What's era correct What YEAR is this model? Is there any value to it? Thanks Fellas Flying Zombie
  6. stezell

    Sold Mead Ranger tall frame with parts

    Mead Ranger tall frame 23.5 with original paint and some parts, no frame repairs or damage, handlebars have a small ding and crank arm with a slight bend. Asking $220 shipped to the lower 48 from Clarksville, TN 37042, if you have any questions or need more pictures please message me. Thank you...
  7. tech549

    Sold mead ranger tank

    original paint tank ,solid
  8. tech549

    Sold mead ranger rack

    nice straight rack
  9. tech549

    Sold mead light and bracket

    light and bracket
  10. tech549

    Sold 1920s mead ranger frame

    frame ,fork,truss rods $200.00 plus shipping
  11. S

    Mead Ranger namebadge brass

    Mead Ranger Namebadge brass. $37 shipped
  12. Cooper S.

    What tires will fit my mead?

    I just bought this mead crusader off a fellow caber, and I would like to get it rideable. What kind of tires will fit these wheels, they’re 28in metal rims, I took photos of the various measurements of the wheels. Thank you for the help!
  13. stezell

    Withdrawn Tall Mead Ranger frame and other parts

    Mead Ranger tall frame project 23.5" with original paint, handlebars have a small ding with original Mead grips, seat post, and the crank assembly $175 New 700c alloy coaster brake wheels with 700x38 Duro tires and tubes (Sold) Unused Brooks B67 men's saddle $99 All prices do not include...
  14. Cooper S.

    Found Teens mead ranger road bike frame

    Looking for a tall frame set or complete bike of a teens mead ranger or comparable road bike, frame doesn’t have to have nice paint, fork doesn’t have to be straight etc I’m willing to trade ballooner parts of needed. This bike will be built and ridden, and I’m over 6’3 so a taller frame would...
  15. A


  16. S

    Motorcycling Including Bicycling World 9-25-1929 Mead Cycle radio and musical instruments?

    Never knew that Mead Cycle/Ranger sold anything other than bikes
  17. cheeseroc

    Riding 100 Miles* on a 102-Year-Old Bike | 2018 California L'Eroica

    During the 2018 California L'Eroica, Bike Snob NYC braved saddle sores and a single pizza-size gear on a century-old Mead Ranger—all in an attempt to prove that bike technology hasn't gotten that much better. Or to prove that, well, maybe it has. https://www.outsideonline.com/2314111/old-out-new
  18. LarzBahrs

    1935-37 schwinn Mead ranger tall frame frameset-original paint

    For sale is my beautiful original paint X serial number Mead ranger frameset in the tall frame size. All decals and darts present. Locking plated fork with key that works. Asking 600 shipped in conus. PayPal preferred. I have no other parts for this beauty unfortunately. Pm for questions.
  19. kirk thomas

    Sold 1918 Mead Crusader $750 shipped

    This bike is pretty nice barn find. It still has the barn dirt all over it. The sprocket has a patent date of 1918 on it under some dirt. The back rim is a New Departure. The oldest I have had. The seat is real nice and you can even ride it the back tire goes flat but you can ride for a minute...
  20. mickeyc

    Mead serial numbers?

    Anyone have info on Mead serial numbers? Finally found additional numbers on the bottom bracket of my recent buy. It's R13866 over a larger stamped 26. Any info appreciated.
  21. tech549

    Sold mead ranger light bracket

    fender mount light bracket $25.00 shipped
  22. MsRock2

    Sold Sentinel Frame - Mead Cycle Co

    $100. Pick up in San Diego or local areas. Can ship but buyer pays cost. PM if you want to talk. Thanks for looking
  23. tech549

    Withdrawn 1920s mead ranger

    1920s ranger $1050.00 shipped with bag, saddle chassis has been modified a bit and stem is broken but does tighten down
  24. New Mexico Brant

    Sold Scarce 20's Mead Tubular Rack - Maybe Used on Others

    Scarce rack being offered: Very solid 20's Mead (and maybe others) tubular rack with original mounting bracket and tubular legs. Excellent condition (the mounting bolt head slot is a bit messed up, see image), in house paint green with minor surface rust. I haven't tried to clean this up...
  25. tech549

    mead ranger crank arm

    looking for a mead ranger crank arm like this one.
  26. C

    1918 Mead Pathfinder for sale

    All parts are original and working.Rims are wooden back rim is a little warped, but still functions.Missing left handle grip. 148050 number under bike. Asking $1,200 OBO plus shipping.Shipping price based on delivery address.
  27. zephyrblau

    Reduced Mead headbadge Brampton chain

    more goodies from my abandoned project. head badge $45 reduced to $35 chain $55 chain is SOLD
  28. A

    1930 Mead Crusader bicycle for sale!

    All parts are original. The bike is in good condition. Asking $1,400 plus shipping. I only accept money orders. If you are a serious buyer and are interested I will get the shipping price based on delivery address. Only cash accepted for local pickups. PM me with any questions.
  29. zephyrblau

    Sold parting tall Mead Ranger ***all sold*** thanks CABE!

    frame, fork, headset & BB cups $175 SOLD fenders $100 SOLD crank, chainring, BB hardware $100 SOLD bars $80 SOLD stem (the one mounted to the bars) $50 reduced to $40 horn (original paint) $100 SOLD tank & clips $450 reduced to $375 Aristocrat saddle $300 SOLD rack (needs legs, has original...
  30. zephyrblau

    tall Mead Ranger project

    decided this project will not come to completion. happy to post more pix or answer any questions. $1600 + shipping.
  31. mongeese

    TOC and prewar fender braces assorted

    Prices vary from 20 to 80. Message me with your phone number.
  32. barnyguey

    Schwinn or Mead Iroquois? Any knowledge folks?

    I bought this cool badge, but can't find out much about it? I thought maybe a Schwinn or Mead person might know something about it? Thanks, Barry
  33. ohdeebee

    Mead Ranger Autocyle...

    ... tobacco trading card. It’s tiny but in good shape for its age. $30 shipped
  34. tryder

    Found Mead Ranger , Crusader, Pathfinder Patented Jan 1 1918 Chainring

    Hi, Here are a couple of photos of what I am looking for: These photos are of the actual Chainring, Cranks, and Bottom Bracket that were originally on my Bike. Unfortunately they were sold to another party before I could get my hands on them. Please take a look at my recent post on the...
  35. fat tire trader

    Withdrawn 1923? 28" Tall Mead Ranger Now $900

    Tall Mead Ranger Needs full restoration $1200 local pick up or $1350 shipped Reduced! Now $800 local pick up or $900 shipped or best offer Trades considered
  36. barnyguey


  37. tryder

    1937 26" Mead Ballooner Question.

    Hi, I do not recall ever seeing a Mead tubular rack in any other color than brown. I am wondering if they came in other colors. Does anyone know? My bike is Maroon. Pictures would be great. Thanks.
  38. rollfaster

    Sold 1924 Mead Built Shapleigh Hardware Rugby $1600.00 plus shipping

    Really hate to sell this, but times are tough in the Rollfaster household. Very nice original 28” wood rim bike. Crank is stamped M24, leads me to believe it’s a Schwinn Built Mead Cycle Chicago. This bike spent most of its life in a Soulard( South St. Louis) basement and formerly owned by a...
  39. bobcycles


    Fully restored large pan stitched edge mid 30's Mesinger Mens bicycle saddle. Tan leather stitched to edge, long spring chassis found on a wide variety of bicycles in the 30's and typically the more deluxe models. 275.00 shipped anywhere lower 48 states. bobcycles@aol.com or msg here
  40. DJF

    Your mission if you choose to except it... Mead details and year.

    I have an honest barn find that I pulled out of some rafters this very night, will go back for the broken wood rims (non-clad) tomorrow that are in very poor shape but rear axle is still there. Please help with year and better identification. What we know. This is a Mead Crusader It has a two...
  41. barnyguey

    Anyone know what year Schwinn bought the Mead cycle Company?

    Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much. Barry
  42. rustNspokes

    Questions about Mead/ Mead & Prentiss.

    Is there a list of where they sourced their bikes from? I'm mainly interested in the early ones (1895-1900) sold under the Mead & Prentiss badges such as "Albion".
  43. bricycle

    Sold FS 1918ish Mead Fauber bayonet crank assy w/threaded cups

    1918ish Mead Fauber bayonet crank assy w/threaded cups complete. $99 plus $16 shipping domestic
  44. C

    Early 30’s Original Paint Mead Sidewalk Bike(Schwinn Built)

    I’m assuming early 30’s mead ranger sidewalk bike Pretty cool. Original paint. Darting on upper , lower tube and fork visible Medallions faintly visible on seattube. Rear wheel is gone ,but more than less still present. Cool seat. Motorbike like stem First one I’ve seen in person Ranger...
  45. barnyguey

    ad removed

    ad removed
  46. ballooney

    Prewar Mead/BFG Canti -- Legit?

    This is an interesting bike. It's Mead Ranger brown with a mead rack but with BFG attributes (badge). I know the decals on the guard and tank are newer than the bike. I haven't seen painted rims like this on a Schwinn before but seem age appropriate in patina. What do you think, is this a...
  47. mongeese

    Mead and motorbike prewar pedal blocks

    45 shipped for the blocks. Cages are both left side. You are purchasing just the blocks. In Wisconsin.
  48. klunk!

    Sold 1910/20 Mead Ranger Diamond Frame Project

    Mead Diamond Frame Project. Great project potential. Frame, Fork, Seatpost, Headset, Stem, Bars w/ original Mead Grips, Cranks and BB. Paint is original and mostly hanging in there. Has great patina that I wouldn;t touch. Bars have a dent seen in pix and left crank arm appears slightly bent...
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