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  1. stezell

    Withdrawn Very nice men's Troxel original seat

    Here's a very nice condition original mens canvas/cloth Troxel short spring seat with a small spot of white paint and a few scuffs around the nose. I'm going to say late prewar or early postwar. Asking $150 shipped/insured to the lower 48. If you have any questions or need more pictures please...
  2. B

    Odd vintage men's Western Flyer, possibly 1960s ?

    Hi all, I've had a vintage Western Flyer bike for a few years now, and I've began to look into selling it as I no longer have space for it. I've done a ton of research but I can't seem to figure out the exact model or details about the bike. I'm thinking that it's a 1960 model, but other than...
  3. SupergooseScrambler

    1995 Schwinn Cruiser Deluxe Mens Bicycle 100th Anniversary Phantom Tank NICE

    Beautiful 1995 Schwinn Phantom Tribute / Cruiser Deluxe. This bike has all the bells and whistles of the infamous Phantom and then some! Gorgeous Blue finish complete with front and rear lighting, push button tank, and retro reflectors make this one quite a head turner! Rides smooth as...
  4. pedal4416

    Iver Mens Crank Womens Sprocket

    Im looking for 30's Balloon Mens crank in ggreat shape with no play for my rider with a really nice womens sprocket. i.d. like decent chrome with no "iver peeling" Thank you.
  5. kirk thomas

    Sold War pedals,Wood blocks,Black men's $25shipped

    These pedals are nice and straight and spin freely. You can see these have wood blocks. They are a set of black outs with some nice patina. The pedals have 4" blocks. I am not sure of the maker as the black paint covers any i.d.. I would like $25 shipped for these.
  6. TheFizzer

    Found Monark Mens Seat

    Looking for an early 50's mens Monark seat. This is what one looks like.
  7. frank 71

    Sold Mens Mesinger Seat

    40's or 50's Rider Condition Mesinger seat, Scars on both rear corners. $75.00 Now $55.00 Shipped lower 48
  8. kirk thomas

    Withdrawn 1963 Columbia men's $30 send me a label

    This bike is a 26" Columbia men's bike. I have a blue chainguard I can send with it or find your own. The front light lens is missing.The pedals are scripted Columbia. I would like $200 shipped for this bike
  9. easyrider

    Sold cwc fork [mans]

    26" mans prewar roadmaster fork the bracket on the bottom of the light is loose can hear rust inside when you shake it probably won't work 110.00 shipped to usa
  10. TWBikesnstripes

    Sold For Sale 2 Schwinn Mens Spring Fork Stems

    1 Non locking post war stem with complete hardware set $50 Shipped 2 Locking post war stem with bearing cup and old yale key (not AS) $85 Shipped Both for $120 Shipped if you are interested. PayPal ff, MO or Local Cash pick-up ok. PC or email at tcbrushwerks@verizon.net for questions. Thanks!
  11. John Gailey

    Withdrawn Men's Original Paint Prewar Frame

    This is a very nice straight and true Rollfast frame. Comes with everything shown including skip tooth chain. $295 plus shipping
  12. kirk thomas

    Withdrawn Pre War men's Rollfast $250

    This bike is a cool project for someone. I would like $250 for this bike. Plus the ride.
  13. bobcycles

    Sold RESTORED 1940s-50s Troxel Mens Balloon Tire leather saddle --F/S

    Fully restored Troxel Mens 26" bicycle saddle in black leather with NOS clamp, rechromed springs and new gloss black chassis and pans! 100% brought back from the dead to look as good or better than new! Wide variety of applications...>Colson, Dayton, Elgin, Higgins, Cleveland Welding, etc etc...
  14. kirk thomas

    1962 Schwinn Tiger 2 spd men's bike in NY

  15. MsRock2

    Sold Long Spring Men's Saddle

    No name on Saddle - came off a Speedway Special Bike - which may or may not have been original. $95 includes shipping. PM for details. Located in San Diego
  16. easyrider

    Sold men's long spring saddle

    not sure what it's worth so i'll just say 100.00 shipped if that's to much let me know
  17. mongeese

    TOC mens f/f and headset - Fauber bb

    250 shipped from Wi. No damage- really nice condition.
  18. atencioee

    Are my Corvair bikes Huffy or Monark or both? Also, looking for correct chaingaurd.

    I have a ladies bike that is missing the right half tank has Corvair on the side of the left half tank, but has Thunderbird on the chaingaurd...why is that? Many of these Corvair bikes have "Huffy" on chaingaurd, but this one has has "Thunderbird." Is it a Huffy or Monark? Also, I have a men's...
  19. Dan the bike man

    Sold Sold

    All of the bikes I have listed will be going into long term storage if they aren't sold or having payments made in 2 months. I'm easy to work with as far as making payments. A few hundred down and a few hundred every few weeks is ok. This is a 1940 Columbia. Beautiful teal and white original...
  20. gtdohn

    Found Men's 1890s TOC Brown Saddle (or similar)

    Looking for a Brown saddle like the one below. Can be in need of restoration, but has to be complete and restore-able. Also, it doesn't necessarily have to be a Brown saddle. I believe Wheeler, Troxel, and Garford made similar saddles, so any one of those would be okay too.
  21. bobcycles

    Sold Restored Prewar Mesinger B-1 Mens saddle, Schwinn, Dayton, Manton ..others F/S

    Prewar "threaded posts" version of the Mesinger B-1 Deluxe saddle...Fully restored black leather with factory stamp and under pan decal, new padding, Original springs and wear tabs replated, and NOS complete clamp assembly never installed until now. Nice old seat for your 1938-1940's premium...
  22. kirk thomas

    Rollfast frame men's $20 plus the ride

    I am not sure how old this frame is but it is nice and straight and usable. The serial number is on the rear and is B171971. You can have it for $20 you pay the shipping


    Hello fellow cabers ,looking for an original Columbia / Westfield tank and rear rack for a 1940-41 mens bicycle. No repro..all original Blue if possible ,BUT will take what you got ..Horn unit too.. Let me know what you have ...
  24. kirk thomas

    Antique men's bike in NY

    https://buffalo.craigslist.org/atq/d/antique-balloon-tire-bycycle/6597970012.html I can pick up and ship for you.
  25. carlitos60

    FS: Rat Trap Pedals 4" Mens'

    Up for Grabs, 3 Rat Trap Pedals 4" Mens' Size!! Good Potential,, Pictures Tell the Story!!! ALL for $250 Shipped! 1. Right Cage = Bridgeport #4 Needs a Shaft ++ 2. Center Pedal = Standard #4 Could be Used As-Is 3. Left Pedal = Bridgeport ?? Needs all the Bearings
  26. kirk thomas

    Ross men's Tank bike in NY

    https://binghamton.craigslist.org/bik/d/vintage-roadmaster-sky-ray/6589599951.html I can pick up and ship for you.
  27. Dan the bike man

    Sold AF Prewar mens tank bike SOLD

    Nice prewar American Flyer. Great rider! $750 shipped Now $600 shipped. If I remove parts you can save more.
  28. Dan the bike man

    Sold Pre-war Colson ! SoLD

    $1000 Now $900 NOW $800 shipped in the USA
  29. MsRock2

    Sold Men's Pre-War Saddle - longspring $75 delivered

    Wood under leather - great collectors piece. PM for info. Asking $75 - includes shipping to US
  30. kirk thomas

    Sold 1950 Hawthorne Deluxe men's bike $400 shipped

    26" men's bike. This bikes original color is Purple. The bike is complete except the tail light. The bike rides but the rear rim is a little loose in the spokes. The speedometer works good. I would like $500 for this bike. Plus the ride.
  31. jchicago

    Men's Elgin i.d. Help

    (There could really be a dedicated thread just for identifying bikes) I just bought this men's Elgin and need help identifying the year. My best guess is a 1935 Westfield Oriole? The serial number is N88084. One distinctive feature is the nicely scripted Elgin logo on the bottom bar. There's...
  32. bobcycles


    Pictures tell the story. 100% original and incredible condition New World War Time 26" Mens bicycles. More Black out than I've seen on any war time bicycle by Schwinn. Even the Schwinn script glass fender reflector bezel is blacked out, as well as bars, sprocket, hubs, bottom bracket, braces...
  33. T

    Vintage SCHWINN FLEET Men's BICYCLE, 1960s Cruiser Tank Badge Fenders 24" Tires

    Vintage SCHWINN FLEET Men's BICYCLE, 1960s Cruiser Tank Badge Fenders 24" Tires On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-SCHWINN-FLEET-Mens-BICYCLE-1960s-Cruiser-Tank-Badge-Fenders-24-Tires/392032093618?
  34. TR6SC

    Poor Man's Fender Roller

    Nothing ultra-techno to be found here, but a couple radii to pound against for that fender that needs a little "attitude adjustment." I used a hole saw which is about as thick as a fender. The slots in the round leave clearance for the edge roll. The blocks can be used as a set, or either one...
  35. kirk thomas

    Sold PreWar Elgin men's $400 shipped

    This bike is a great rider this is how I got it. The bike is a men's 26" bike. This bike does not come with a headlight. I would like $400 shipped
  36. Handyman

    What’s up with this HUGE BELL on a recent 1899 Iver Johnson Roadster find

    I recently was fortunate enough to locate and acquire this 1899 Iver Johnson Mens Roadster that I am 110% sure has been resting untouched for decades in a Maine attic. I’ll post more about this find (and its mate) soon. However, the thing that I find kind of interesting is the huge bell that...
  37. lounging

    Sold Lobdell Seat Full Size Men's Black

    Embossed "Genuine Leather Lobdell Emery Air Cushion" on the top. 9 1/2 W x 11 L inches. About 5 puncture holes around the edges and 2 tears on the bottom edge as seen in the pics, otherwise in nice original condition. $125 shipped. Paypal as friends, thanks
  38. szathmarig

    Withdrawn Men's Prewar CWC FleetWing

    $200 plus shipping from Wash. D.C.
  39. bike

    Wtb 1or2 Monark Mens Lobdell saddles

    Will consider any condition but prefer good to excellent Pix and price to xhtz@yahoo.com or pc -- PLEASE do not post here- thanks!
  40. Robertriley

    Mens Frame wanted for a PREWAR MESINGER/TROXEL seat

    I pretty much need the whole frame. Both rails on one side are cracked along with one of the springs and spring stabilizing connecting piece. Thanks, Cristobal
  41. kirk thomas

    Sold Nice men's seat pics. added $114.00 free ride

    This seat came off of my Murray Fleetline. The seat cover has been redone at one time before I got it. The seat is damage free leather just no maker's stamp. I am not sure of the make but it is a great seat. I will get some more pictures tomorrow.
  42. carlitos60

    1930s Elgins Mens and Ladies

    Up for Grabs,,,BOTH, 1930s Elgins Mens and Ladies Curved Tubes!!! What You See is What's Shipping!! $450 Shipped for Both!! OBO
  43. John Gailey

    Sold Prewar Hawthorne (men's)

    Great looking original paint bike. $725 plus shipping in lower 48. I'm willing to travel a reasonable distance to cut a deal. I am including an embossed enamel Hawthorn street sign from Detroit.
  44. JimRoy

    Wanted- Men's Persons Rear Springs

    Wanted - Rear springs like pictured below for Men's "Persons " seat. Please PM me if you can help. Thanks, JimRoy
  45. kirk thomas

    Sold 10 chains,5 men's,5Lady's $20 shipped

    These chains are all usable but they need a good cleaning. All the links are free and move. I do not know the brands but would say they came from the 50's to the 80's. I would like $20 shipped for all 5.
  46. SJ_BIKER

    Sold Schwinn dx mens tank

    Repro metal tank. Fits on original frame. 160.00 shipped