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  2. Classicriders

    Prewar mens pedal blocks

    Perfect set of reproduction mens pedal blocks. $35 shipped per set.
  3. gtdohn

    1890s Eagle men's pedals

    Looking for a nice set of men's pedals that were used on Eagle bicycles from the late 1890s They look like these: PM if you have some. Thank you
  4. Krakatoa

    Sold ~ ~ ~ INDIAN Bicycle DD Crank & Chainring Westfield Men's! ~ ~ ~

    Super cool rare parts here! Crank & chainring from a post 1915 Westfield built Indian bicycle for Hendee Mfg. Springfield MA.. True 7" DD crank with 26 tooth DD chainring Crank is straight with good pedal threads, and crank threads. Races go on and off as they should. Significant wear and...
  5. tech549

    Sold mens color flow tank

    nice color flow tank
  6. S

    Pre war Westfield mens

    All original not sure of the year, but the frame is sound and in great shape. The original blue paint has seen it's days however. Asking $380.00 PLUS shipping
  7. bobcycles

    Sold Restored 1938 Colson Imperial men's prewar bike F/S

    This is a semi professionally restored prewar Colson imperial bike Looks like all the chrome was re-chromed paint is shiny looks like good paint automotive quality etc. pinstripes are a little bit uneven . Needs cleaning up minor chips here in there in the paint otherwise very straight bike...

    Zebra converse size 11 mens

    These change blue color in the sun. In the shade they are black and white. 70.00 shipped mint
  9. nj_shore

    Sold Columbia 5 Star Superb Red Mens Drum Brake Crash bars

    Awesome 5 Star for sale. Original paint. Complete with Crash Bars, Front Drum Brake, and Pump Mount. Any questions shoot. Really don’t want to ship this one but it is possible. $1200 $1100 New Jersey. Can deliver within 40 miles of 07719. Local pickup, I will INLCUDE THE WOMENS 5 STAR IN THE...
  10. mynameislegion

    Reduced Mens Deluxe Signal Pedals

    Men's Deluxe Signal pedals. Rare birds. Used but still pretty nice. Crack in one end reflector and two broken side balls. Scuffing and light rust. Please see pics for condition. It appears the blocks have been swapped out by a previous owner. I do not know the application. First PM. PayPal FF...
  11. rustyspoke66

    Sold 1893 Columbia Model 32 Men's Road Racer or Century Badge

    1893 Columbia Model 32 Head badge 175.00 OBO shipped. CONUS
  12. Pedals Past

    Sold Rare pedals BB still available and sold Torrington 15 mens tear drop pedals

    reproduction no shafts or tubes engraving is all there chrome is perfect needs blocks these are too short and used you wont find these better backplate is engraved says made in America $600 ...I have a set of repoo Bb Or skylark pedals with repop blocks no shafts chromed matching set used in...
  13. bobcycles


    Restored Persons mid 1930s long spring full size large pan deluxe mens saddle for 26 and 28" bicycles....leather is a good close match to original thick grain. fully restored top to bottom and never installed. 300.00 shipped pm here or email bobcycles@aol.com
  14. Pedals Past

    Sold Mens Troxel Toolbox

    Restored Troxrl tool box mens short springs $1250 shipped 48 us states ff/pppm to buy
  15. tryder

    Found Mens 40s Huffman Cranks & Bottom bracket in nice shape and with nice chrome...

    Hi, I am looking for a super nice set of '40s Mens Huffan cranks and the correct bottom bracket for my Huffman "Victory Era" bicycle. I already have a nos Mens Huffman chainring with beautiful chrome. I would like to purchase a super nice Mens crankset to match. I need the correct Huffman...
  16. Krakatoa

    Sold ~ ~ ~ Pre War Huffman Men's Truss Rod Setup '40/'41 Excellent! ~ ~ ~

    Nice correct men's setup! Left rod has plating loss and a small rough spot as shown. Chrome is otherwise quite presentable. Has og bolts and nice straight top plate. SOLD! Thank you~
  17. KingOBO

    Roadmaster Luxury Liner men's green tank

    Looking for a 1953 mens green tank. Luxury liner parts available for possible trade. Came off a 1946 or 1949 men's frame. 1. Torrington handle bars w hole on end. 2. Stem 3. Crank bearings 4. Seat post 5 . Rusty seat - underside looks better than top. 6. Rear rack with intact...
  18. B

    Reduced Monark Silver Kings 24 Mens and Ladies 700.00

    Hello SK lovers .I have a Men's 24 that needs to be restored. If I understand the serial number right, I think its a 37 or 38. I do have the head badge .The womens needs restored or for parts .It is pretty rough. 900.00 for the pair plus shipping .North Dallas pickup. Don't forget that I have a...
  19. sm2501

    Sold 1936 Schwinn mens cranks and hardware

    1936 dated Schwinn cranks and bottom bracket. $75 shipped.
  20. SJ_BIKER

    Black Sabbath 2013 tour 13 shirt XL mens

    XL mens .... 16.00 shipped
  21. Krakatoa

    ~ Successfull Surgery! ~ OG Ladies Fork becomes a Man's... ~ Or ~ Another Westfield hits the Road! ~

    Hello all, Worked out well. Keyway cut with some sharp files the slot took about 20 minutes of careful work. N PS you missed the threading part... You'll need a large die and handle for this I borrowed one. Btw exact paint match to mid/late 30's Sterling badged bike...
  22. M

    1961 jc Higgins men's bike

    All original 1961 jc Higgins men's bike $200. In myrtle beach south Carolina
  23. R

    Cleveland badge, men's Christy and a Black Beauty early badge

    I still am looking for the top insert to a Cleveland badge that has a 50, model 50, or CCM the earlier model 36 tag would be available to trade. The BB badge is available for trade possibilities
  24. Jay81

    Reduced Men's Troxel - needs TLC

    Men's Troxel saddle with wear tabs. Needs some TLC. As you can see, the leather is pretty well shot, left rear spring is broken, and the front of the chassis is loose. Good candidate to restore. $40 shipped in the lower 48 PayPal friends or USPS money order only.
  25. catfish

    Sold Original Mens Signal Pedals Torrington

    I was saving these for a long time but no longer need them. Very nice original pedals. No broken glass. $$$$$$ shipped in the USA. Payment by USPS Money Order ONLY. Or Cash.
  26. Jay81

    Sold Men's Torrington Pedals

    Men's Torrongton Meteor 3 pedal set. Good rider quality pedals. Straight axles but the pedals themselves are tweaked a little. Some light over spray that should clean off easily. Good threads $40 shipped in the lower 48 PayPal friends or USPS money order only
  27. New Mexico Brant

    Sold Single TOC Men's Rat Trap Pedal and Crank

    Being offered: Single Men's Rat trap pedal with attached crank, light surface rust and soiling for largely intact nickel plating. I have not tried to clean this. Price: 135 shipped. Please PP friends and family or add 3%. Thank you Brant.
  28. Pedals Past

    Sold Orig mens horz lobdell seat

    Original mens horz lobdell spring seat cover has been stitched on with string.... great for patina bike (would fit Dave Strombergers Arrow for sale nicely as a display option using restored seat for riding) if you know how hard these are to come by i just paid over $2k for an upgrade with...
  29. Pedals Past

    Sold Orig mens troxel tool box seat

    $1500 shipped 48 usa pp/ff original chrome long spring Troxel Tool Box mens seat small tear on leather on left side of tool box hinge doesnt hang down leather clasp tongue intact full length no rasberry reflector both wear tabs very rare seat also have restored mens short spring troxel tool box...
  30. willswares1220

    Sold ~ Vintage ~ Men's ~ Troxel Seat ~

    $85.00 shipped This seat measures 11 inches long x 9-1/2 inches wide. It does have the usual wear and tear to the vinyl cover as shown, but overall is a strong, rideable condition seat. The heavy spring undercarriage is solid with no breaks or repairs. ( PM's answered ) Port Washington, WI 53074
  31. SJ_BIKER

    Vans shoes new size 7 mens

    35 shipped
  32. Underground Bicycle Shop

    Mens and Women’s Sterling

    Up for grabs, wont last long as I have 2 people on the line but need to make room in the warehouse. Mens and ladies sterling pair. Original paint ! Mens left crank arm is broken. 2000 on the pair or 1100 each up to you Reed in NJ 848-303-1438
  33. nj_shore

    Withdrawn Men's & Women's Monark Elgin Pair $300

    Still cleaning out my storage! Here is a pair of Monark Elgin bikes that were in the rafters. Please Note. The men's bike has a frame that is ultra tweaked. Someone probably backed into it in a garage or something. Most likely men's bike will be just for parts. Any questions or more pictures...
  34. Krakatoa

    ~ MONARK Men's Chainring $30 Shipped!

    Nice Monark men's chainring, 52 teeth, good condition has thin to no chrome in places. $30 shipped!
  35. mickeyc

    Men's 26" Pope

    https://detroit.craigslist.org/wyn/bik/d/vintage-1930s-pope-balloon/6512315146.html Mike
  36. Krakatoa

    Sold ~ WALD WW2 Era Men's Blackout Pedals! $50 Shipped! ~

    Nice hard to find pair of WALD WW2 era blackout pedals, straight shafts, one has a glossier surface on the black than the other, a little fiddling around with the finish and they will match nicely. Only one has the og blackout wood blocks however a set of four nos ones can be had @catfish for...
  37. Dan the bike man

    Sold Prewar curved tube Elgin only $700 OBO!

    Prewar Elgin curved bar. $700 shipped in US.
  38. Wayne Adam

    Men's Troxel Saddle

    Here is a Vintage Troxel men's bicycle seat. It measures approx. 9-1/2" across, and 10-1/2" long on the seat area not counting the crash bar. The vinyl has some minor rips, etc, the chrome has some minor rust, great petina. $20.00 plus actual shipping based upon your location. Thanks for looking.
  39. mickeyc

    Nice men's Hiawatha

    https://detroit.craigslist.org/mcb/bik/d/1950s-gambles-hiawatha-26/6506860215.html Mike
  40. 1937Silverking

    Sold Streamlined mens Troxel seat OBO

    Skirted prewar men' Troxel seat that came on a Monark Silverking bike. Hate to sell it but I have no need for it. It was obviously covered a long time ago and you can still see the original black seat under it. I love the patina of the cover so I never removed it. Is the original cover in good...
  41. LarzBahrs

    1940s mens shelby built hiawatha $250.00

    For sale is my og paint mens shelby built hiawatha. Painted trusses. Has incorrect chainring and newer wheels. Wheels have a bendix 76 hub in rear. Aftermarket Lit rear rack. Cool home made wood grips. Cool rat patina. Asking 250 plus shipping. Pay pal preffered. More pictures upon request.
  42. SJ_BIKER

    Sold Pendleton mens shirt

    Fits like a large shirt 25.00 shipped
  43. Krakatoa

    ~ Blackout Men's Wood Pedal Blocks ~

    Like these as shown on Wald pedals, as well as any others for Men's pedals.
  44. R

    Sold Men's Elgin crankset $75 SOLD

    Good used men's 1930s Elgin crankset. $95 As found no attempt has been made to clean this crankset.
  45. Skiptooth69$

    ***Wanted*** Men's PREWAR PEDALS

    Rusty with Patina is preferred! Just need them to be Straight and Spun TRUE.
  46. oldfart36

    Sold Men's Long Spring Saddle

    FOR SALE: Men's Long Spring Saddle. Can't see markings, but I believe it is a "Troxel" Very sound saddle, while some might recover, it is very usable just like it is. Cool rider saddle. **Have seat post mount, just not pictured** $135.00 + shipping. So. E. Kansas, 620-820-9339. Thanks, Chris.
  47. Freqman1

    Found Men's Original Torrington Signal Pedals

    Like the title says looking for an original set of these suitable for a condition 7-8 bike. Need something nicer than shown but here is what I'm hunting. Please PM pics/price. Thanks, Shawn
  48. Freqman1

    Found Columbia Mens Grips

    Looking for a pretty decent pair of original grips like shown. I know repos are available but want to find an original pair. PM me with pics/price. V/r Shawn
  49. bobcycles


    Nice B-1 done in the premium Bavarian leather hide..fully bead blasted, new cad plating, chrome plating of original springs and 100% restored to look like new or better than. 1938 and up bikes and this is a true PREwar one with the threaded chassis posts. Deluxe saddle for Schwinn Motorbikes...