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  1. mongeese

    Sliding rail seat guts

    35 shipped from Wi. Good teeth besides on washer shows wear.
  2. bikesnbuses

    Sold Original leather Prewar Schwinn Mesinger B1 Deluxe Sliding Rail chassis seat mens saddle---F/S

    Ive got a decent original prewar mens leather Mesinger sliding rail seat with (unfortunately) glass beaded hardware / clamp for a survivor. It does have some dents in the leather from storage which I didnt try to smooth out(If it can be done?) Asking $175 shipped in the USA obo
  3. Krakatoa

    ~ Prewar Ladies Mesinger Sliding Rail Saddles! ~

    Good prewar Ladies Mesinger saddles Ladies rail type top pans and chassis oilcloth cover no rail clamp 10" x 10" $45 shipped Ladies rail type top pans and chassis no cover with crashtabs no rail clamp 10" x 10" $45 shipped
  4. 4

    Bicycle Saddle Springs - Mesinger

    Mesinger Saddle Springs Have been cleaned and painted - $10 + shipping tbd based on location
  5. S

    Custom seat pans

    Missing your seat pan? Send me your seat and I will make a 3D printed and thermoformed custom seat pan for you. The pans are printed flat, in 3 pieces, cemented together, then thermoformed to the shape of the seat. The joints in the formed seat can be filled (Durhams Water Putty works great)...
  6. sold Schwinn Phantom Saddle

    sold Schwinn Phantom Saddle

  7. rustjunkie

    Sold Restored Schwinn Approved Phantom Mesinger Saddle

    Restored as original, with the same shape, same type and weight of leather, plating and enamel paint as orig. All the parts are original to this saddle except the rivets and reproduction side plates. This saddle had zinc plated springs originally so that's how it was restored. The rear spring...
  8. rustjunkie

    Sold restored mesinger b-60 schwinn cycle truck etc saddle

    restored mesinger B-60 saddle. conical spring sliding-rail chassis. all parts original to this saddle. enamel paint, not plastic-coat. clamp was originally enameled, teeth are nearly as new, pics below before paint. upholstery as original: pad, fabric layer, then the best name-brand USA tanned...
  9. bobcycles

    Sold Restored Mesinger Long Spring 1930s B10E era MOTOBIKE long spring saddle---F/S

    Full restored Mesinger Long Spring saddle. Leather top and under, cadmium plated original correct clamps with good teeth, stitched edge for early to mid 1930s bicycles including Schwinn and others...Nice seat that is a very dark Chocolate brown almost black leather. 265.00 plus postage...
  10. bobcycles

    Sold Restored Deluxe Whizzer saddle -Orig Big Spring Mesinger one---F/S

    Here is a fully restored Whizzer saddle. This is the preferred seat for most of the whizzer folks.. the later design with heavier gauge chassis and springs but essentially the same pan as the earlier versions.. Pan is perfect as is chassis and clamps etc. Pretty hard to top this one for...
  11. sold mesinger b-60

    sold mesinger b-60

  12. dave429

    Sold Schwinn Seat/ Saddle

    Ladies, women’s, girls schwinn script seat. Most likely from the 1950’s balloon bikes. I am not an expert on these seats so please examine pictures. Does have some scuffs on the right rear corner. See pics. $65 priority shipped pp/ff preferred from 54703 NOW $45!
  13. rustjunkie

    Sold Restored Ladies Schwinn Phantom Saddle

    This is a genuine ladies Phantom saddle all parts original to this saddle except the reproduction side plates and rivets. correct plating, enamel paint (not powder coat), premium USA leather of same type and weight as original. teeth on clamp are like new. $450 shipped insured USPS Priority...
  14. Vintagedad

    Saddles for sale Schwinn, Mesinger Etc.

    The banana seat came off a 73 fastback and obviously is in rough shape. It does still have it’s stingray tag on the back. I believe the black and white seat may have came from a typhoon but I’m not completely sure. These all came from a large parts lot I bought and I don’t need them. There were...
  15. mr.cycleplane

    Sold mesinger sliding rail clamp

    mesinger sliding rail seat clamp-re-cadium-gently used-has wear-works-might look better than what you have! 23 shipped pp/ff
  16. Single-Pan Mesinger, not glued, thick saddle-leather as original

    Single-Pan Mesinger, not glued, thick saddle-leather as original

  17. Maskadeo

    Sold Prewar Sliding Mesinger Saddle

    Prewar sliding Mesinger saddle that is missing the post clamp. Appears to have been amateurly restored at one time. Crash tabs zip tied to the bottom of it. Good for a rider or redo it. $110 shipped
  18. frank 71

    Sold Mens Mesinger Seat

    40's or 50's Rider Condition Mesinger seat, Scars on both rear corners. $75.00 Now $55.00 Shipped lower 48
  19. bobcycles


    Restored Brown Postwar (fixed position clamp style chassis) B-1 Deluxe Mesinger saddle... Restored completely with rechromed original Springs etc and excellent clamp. Unridden, be the first! 220.00 shipped! or PM here
  20. Henryford2

    What Mesinger seat is correct 1950 B507 ?

    This is the bike I own (1950 according to the serial number), missing the correct seat. From the picture shown (1948 catalog) it appears to be a sliding rail Mesinger (the B507 model is not shown in the 1950 catalog). The B507 is the same as the B6 with the exception of not having the fender...
  21. bobcycles

    Sold Restored Prewar Mesinger B-1 Mens saddle, Schwinn, Dayton, Manton ..others F/S

    Prewar "threaded posts" version of the Mesinger B-1 Deluxe saddle...Fully restored black leather with factory stamp and under pan decal, new padding, Original springs and wear tabs replated, and NOS complete clamp assembly never installed until now. Nice old seat for your 1938-1940's premium...
  22. ZE52414

    Sold Longspring mesinger

    Well I was going to hold onto this for a future project but trying to raise some funds. Great for a daily rider or have it restored. Asking 175/shipped Hard to find men’s saddle.
  23. Jon Marinello

    Mesinger Red/White w/crash rail Seat

    $50 shipped or best offer.
  24. 39zep

    OG Mesinger B1 Long Spring Saddle

    Looking for an original, non restored 8.5 or better, Mesinger B1 Long Spring Saddle circa 1937. Black leather. Any information or leads greatly appreciated. Thanks for looking.
  25. MsRock2

    Sold Mesinger Saddle 11 1/2 x 10 $50

    $50 plus shipping. PM for details. Located in San Diego
  26. Nickinator

    Sold Nice Ladies Mesinger B Delux 4 Sliding Rail Seat

    Really nice condition. Original Mesinger stamped top has some indents and scuffs, and a couple old cuts on the underside edge (solid tho- not going to get worse). Wear tabs pretty nice too. Underside good, a little blistering of peeling paint, rails may have been repainted. Hard to find them...
  27. Maskadeo

    Prewar Mesinger Schwinn Hockey guards Drop Stand Crank

    Prewar Boys late 1930-early 1940s Mesinger nice for a rider $150 shipped Prewar Schwinn Hockey guards $75 each shipped Prewar Schwinn drop stand with clip $150 shipped Hook pulley found in a field in Detroit and carried around all night in my cargo shorts $35 shipped. Friends and family or...
  28. Xcelsior

    Sold Prewar men’s mesinger saddle

    Prewar men’s mesinger saddle. For restore or original rusty bike. Included is a new stamped black leather top and a set of plated wear tabs. Seat post included as well. $45.00 shipped.
  29. lounging

    Sold Mesinger B1 Seat

    Nice seat was restored at one point then used again so has some wear, mostly on bottom where metal rubbed against pan. 9 3/4 W x 11 L inches. $200 shipped. the nut at the nose has more paint wear as I was tightening it and some of the paint came off.
  30. whitecoyote

    Sold Mesinger Seat

    For Sale: Mesinger Seat Nice condition. $100.00 plus shipping
  31. Robertriley

    Mens Frame wanted for a PREWAR MESINGER/TROXEL seat

    I pretty much need the whole frame. Both rails on one side are cracked along with one of the springs and spring stabilizing connecting piece. Thanks, Cristobal
  32. bobcycles

    Four EXCELLENT unrestored Saddles Pre and Post war Troxel, Mesinger, Persons Majestic F/S

    FOUR VERY NICE original unrestored bicycle saddles For Sale #1-----SOLD Prewar Long Spring Troxel saddle with the nose skirts. Practically an NOS 80 year old saddle Incredible original condition with the Troxel logo on the flaps and super nice chassis... You could put this on a restored bike...
  33. 3

    Sold Schwinn phantom mesinger saddle & xtras

    i have here the last of my Phantom stuff. Great phantom saddle complete perfect for rider. See pics.SOLD Taillight as found.***NOW 45 SHIPPED!!!*** Rear reflector housing or for auto cycle no lens.SOLD Original Schwinn script post. **NOW 25 SHIPPED!!!*** 1995 I believe repro chainring...
  34. onecatahula

    Sold RARE Mesinger BFG Saddle

    Here's one you rarely see ! Mesinger Sliding Rail saddle, marked "Goodrich" as found on Schwinn-built BFG bicycles from around 1940-41. Excellent survivor; leather still supple. Have not cleaned or conditioned leather. All there and functional. 235 shipped. > > SOLD
  35. ZE52414

    Sold Crossbrace Torrington bars and longspring mesinger

    I have a decent set of Torrington bars with OG plating. Bars show some wear but in pretty good shape. Not all banged up. 150$ shipped or delivered to ML. Bars only. I’ll get better pics of the bars after work. Longspring mesinger saddle with crash rails and padding for the top. All it needs is...
  36. C

    Found Wanted Mesinger seat

    Looking for the correct seat for my 1946 b6, when i bought the bike it came with a Phantom seat.
  37. Henryford2

    Schwinn Mesinger Saddle ?

    Brought home a 1950 Schwinn B507 and this was the saddle that was included. From the information I've read the correct saddle was a Mesinger De Luxe. So what do I have? Is that Mesinger seat model easy to come by? Thanks
  38. bobcycles


    Very hard to find Tornado spring Mesinger saddle that only made it on to the rarest of the rare 1930s prewar bicycles! Full restoration of skirted tornado spring saddle in a slightly 'patina' natural aged vegi tan leather. One of the coolest saddle designs ever made for the exotic prewar...
  39. Autocycleplane

    Found WTB - 30s Mesinger Long Spring Saddle

    Don't care about the condition of the top, more interested in a decent original seat I can have a new cover put on for a rider. Anyone?
  40. blincoe

    Whizzer mesinger saddle

    Pick this up yesterday from Bob Cycles, always pleased with his work. Thanks Bob!
  41. Autocycleplane

    Found Need a pair of Mesinger saddle wear tabs

    Pretty please, and any usable condition is fine. Thanks for looking.
  42. rustjunkie

    Sold Restored 1950s Mesinger Schwinn Saddle

    Got back in the shop 8 days ago, then came down with the flu, again, wiped me out until today. Getting back to it little by little. Mesinger B1-Deluxe 1950s saddle, with Schwinn Approved stamp. Upholstery done as original, with top-of-the-line USA tanned thick full-grain saddle leather, the same...
  43. Dave K

    Withdrawn Mesinger Prewar Men’s sliding rail seat

    Recovered seat very comfortable and pan looks really good. Great rider seat or good core. Was going to save this one but I need funds. $80 plus shipping
  44. Dave Stromberger

    Sold Mesinger Bucket Saddle - Restored

    1930's Mesinger long-spring seat. Powder coated chassis. Restored by Bob Usasi quite a few years ago. it's never been on a bike since, and unfortunately suffered some minor storage damage to the leather where it was laying against something. Pics tell the story, so please look them over...
  45. frank 71

    Withdrawn Seats Persons & Mesinger

    Amateur recovered Persons seat with keroseal cover, has some wrinkles around the edges. $85.00 Now $65.00 Now $55.00 Shipped. Black Mesinger early seat original condition with cuts on both rear corners, no nose spring. $85.00 Now $65.00 Now $55.00 Shipped.
  46. rustjunkie

    Mesinger Post-War DeLuxe Saddle

    Mesinger B1-Deluxe 1950s saddle, with Allison Leatherworks stamp. Upholstery done as original, with premium USA tanned leather, the same type and weight as used when new, and fabric layer between padding and leather, not glued. Restored with enamel paint, all parts plated as original. The clamp...
  47. bobcycles


    Fully restored large pan stitched edge mid 30's Mesinger Mens bicycle saddle. Tan leather stitched to edge, long spring chassis found on a wide variety of bicycles in the 30's and typically the more deluxe models. 275.00 shipped anywhere lower 48 states. or msg here
  48. bobcycles


    Nice B-1 done in the premium Bavarian leather hide..fully bead blasted, new cad plating, chrome plating of original springs and 100% restored to look like new or better than. 1938 and up bikes and this is a true PREwar one with the threaded chassis posts. Deluxe saddle for Schwinn Motorbikes...
  49. benmcjamin

    Mesinger B70 seat all original Nice!

    Really Nice seat!!. Ready to put on a bike! 300$ shipped