1. Jim Barnard

    Worked on the Panther 2 and had some success bringing her back

    Began to clean and grease the 59 this past week. Replaced both wheels and added new repop WW tires. Tried to make the bad color match on the tank a bit better by compounding the paint until the chrome was partially visible. Then I added ALMOST the correct decal. I think I need to find an...
  2. M

    Royal bike

    So I bought this bike for 25 bucks today. I thought it was a royal prince but the badge says royal made in the Netherlands. I'm working on getting it rideable. Does anyone know where I can get a new gear cable for my 3 speed? The rear hub works and sounds good but the cable is trashed. Thanks
  3. bikemonkey

    Can you i.d. this middleweight for me?

    Interested in knowing the brand/model of the black bike. Thanks for looking!
  4. phantom

    Wanted - Middleweight Original Paint

    Must be 2 speed manual with front caliper - similar to my 57 pictured here. Tiger, American, etc:
  5. bikemonkey

    Father's Day Middleweight - I am pleased!

    This was on consignment in our shop for a couple of months with no takers. The owner offered it to me on Saturday for a decent price (the rear rim rim may be cooked & it also has a bad pedal). I am hoping it is a sweet rider... The light and horn are original and work and the bezel has no...
  6. mrg

    Schwinn Middleweight book

    Looking for this book!
  7. phantom

    Sold Bow Pedals - Middleweight

    Nice rider quality Schwinn Bows. Wear on end caps but crosses visible. $79 Shipped
  8. fat tire trader

    Reduced Middleweight Rear Rack with tail light

    Middleweight Rear Rack With tail light This might be from a Murray. The light needs guts Has a spring clip on top to hold your stuff. $150 shipped OBO or trade, Now 100 shipped
  9. fat tire trader

    Reduced Chrome Gothic Middleweight Fenders, Roadmaster?

    One pair of very nice condition chrome Gothic fenders. Look like they might have come off a Roadmaster. $100 shipped or tradeNow $75 shipped
  10. Barto

    26" Stainless Steel Middleweight wheels

    FOUND!!!!!! I'm looking for a nice 26" Stainless Steel middleweight wheels. These will be going on my daughters build so must be in nice shape. Please PM me Bart
  11. Floyd

    Monark middleweight serial number help

    Anyone help.me decode?
  12. R

    WTB: Springer or Truss for middleweight Schwinn

    Looking for a truss or springer for 26” Schwinn
  13. cheeseroc

    Withdrawn Middleweight Westfield Compax Sports Traveler | NJ or Copake

    Westfield Compax Sports Traveler. As found but pretty nice shape with the torrington adjustable bars. I do not have the seat or the seatpost. Pick up in central NJ or I will deliver to Copake swapmeet.
  14. D

    Reduced Schwinn American Middleweight

    Schwinn American Certainly this bike is patina'd but no charge for that. Bike rides and works real good. I have put a lot of miles on it. The wheels are several years old with a good working SA 3 speed with coaster brakes. Fenders and the frame are very straight. Tires are as new. Phantom...
  15. M

    Wanted small Speedsters (24" wheel)

    I'm working on a tv show and need a Speedster (or 2 or 3) that's on the small side for an adult male actor who is 5'2". I need it asap in Los Angeles. Any out there? Thanks!
  16. Jim Barnard

    Withdrawn Schwinn frame now for sale in parts section

    Frame and guard have been powder coasted black. Seat is NOS but has some shelf wear, pedals are union and new, wheels are in need of cleaning and maitenance, fenders are stainless, rear rack is AWOL, but has left a nice mark on the rear fender. Headlight is NOS schwinn, correct for a later year...
  17. chucksoldbikes

    F=S- schwinn middleweight fork

    for sale is a Schwinn middle weight red fork very nice 45.00 shipped in the lwr 48 for sale Schwinn black middle weight fork 45.00 shipped in the lwr 48 I am in Illinois
  18. Jim Barnard

    Withdrawn Schwinn Middleweight

    Powder coated frame is early 60's (Can't read the serial number) Stainless fenders, correct wheels, replacement tires are new, seat is NOS, head light is NOS, pedals are nos and UNION, front rack is good and rear is missing. Tail reflector has a crack. Wheels have not been cleaned up yet...
  19. Chocolat96

    59 Jaguar Schwinn

    Took off the ball light and went with the dual light on my bike I know it’s the right light for it but it looks much nicer than the ball light.
  20. bikesnbuses

    Middleweight bike guys! 2 single jeweled pedal lot!

    2 individual middle weight red reflector pedals ...for one price $20 shipped obo in the USA Message me through CABE or email directly at bikesnbuses@yahoo.com Thank you!
  21. Sven

    Middleweight seat mast decal question

    Did all 1954 cantilever middleweight frames have this style decal, or was this just for the Jaguar? A while back, I bought a middleweight bicycle which has a serial number of P19963. I learned later that that number was issued in 1954 and 1956. It was advertised as a 1954, and not knowing...
  22. zedsn

    schwinn middleweight decal & HOPROD 372A

    Have these schwinn middleweight and HOPROD decals available if anyone is interested for $10 each plus cheap ship. The batman pedalcar hubcap decals are in a different listing.
  23. stoney


  24. W

    Ladies middleweight frame brace

    Hi, all. Been lurking for quite awhile, but this is my first post. I’ve been into old bikes of all kinds for years, but recently have been focusing on some of my old Schwinns by first refurbishing a couple for my 6 and 9 year old daughters (70 Stardust for the older one, 72 Hollywood for the...
  25. klunk!

    Sold NOS Schwinn 26 Middleweight Front Fender

    New Old Stock, Schwinn 26" Middleweight Front Fender. Part No. 52010. Does not include braces. Looks good, some light peppering mostly on underside. Few very light pin size dings & General Shop wear. Believe it will polish up nicely or run as is on a original condition bike. . $30Shipped Or...
  26. Nickinator

    Schwinn 24" Middleweight Deluxe Aluminum Front Rack

    Very hard to find deluxe aluminum front rack for a 24" Schwinn, came on Corvettes etc. Comes with the Schwinn stamped clip, and the original unique triangle nut/bolt. Still has the original Schwinn Approved tag on front. Good condition, no road rash or big gouges, some scratches and a bit of...
  27. Christopher

    Schwinn Middleweight Hardware Grab Bag

    All original parts. 3 bolts are AS stamped! Will not break items apart, buy one buy all. $45 shipped CONUS.
  28. Christopher

    Schwinn Middleweight 26" Chrome Chainguard

    1960's Schwinn chainguard. No paint but the chrome is pretty good. As you can see it's not perfect. It has a few scratches and rippling (2 spots). $35 shipped CONUS 46....Add a few bucks for CA and FL
  29. Christopher

    1950's Schwinn Middleweight 26" Chrome Fender Set

    This is from a Schwinn Middleweight. I rolled out all of the big creases with a fender roller. There are scuffs scratches, etc as you would expect. These are for the 3-speed bike. Braces include, (no hardware). Note: The chrome is good, the white shown on the one fender is just tape and...
  30. tripple3

    1959 Schwinn Middleweight Speedster Boys

    Just listed by me; asking $200 https://orangecounty.craigslist.org/bik/d/1959-schwinn-boys-middleweight/6322118585.html
  31. Dave Stromberger

    Sold Schwinn Jaguar Tank

    Pics tell the story. Surface rust inside is just superficial, metal is not compromised. Has a few minor dings... easy fix! $110 shipped in the USA.
  32. My Schwinn Corvette 5-Speed-010

    My Schwinn Corvette 5-Speed-010

  33. My Schwinn Corvette 5-Speed-009

    My Schwinn Corvette 5-Speed-009

  34. My Schwinn Corvette 5-Speed-008

    My Schwinn Corvette 5-Speed-008

  35. My Schwinn Corvette 5-Speed-007

    My Schwinn Corvette 5-Speed-007

  36. My Schwinn Corvette 5-Speed-006

    My Schwinn Corvette 5-Speed-006

  37. My Schwinn Corvette 5-Speed-005

    My Schwinn Corvette 5-Speed-005

  38. My Schwinn Corvette 5-Speed-004

    My Schwinn Corvette 5-Speed-004

  39. My Schwinn Corvette 5-Speed-003

    My Schwinn Corvette 5-Speed-003

  40. My Schwinn Corvette 5-Speed-002

    My Schwinn Corvette 5-Speed-002

  41. My Schwinn Corvette 5-Speed-001

    My Schwinn Corvette 5-Speed-001

  42. JimRoy

    Reduced 1982 USA Lightwight - Excellant

    100% original and very nice 1982 Huffy Bay Pointe Bicycle. Built in the USA. Three Speed with speedometer. You won't believe how nice and easy this beauty rises. $120. This bike is better quality for less money than what the department stores sell today. Please zoom in on the pictures. **...
  43. 1961 Schwinn Panther III

    1961 Schwinn Panther III

  44. jungleterry

    Super cool Roadmaster middleweight

    This is a very cool roadmaster wonder if they made a girls version of this one . Let me know if anyone has information on this bike and or the girls version . Thank you so much Terry and Tammy
  45. bikemonkey

    Need help on Evans Sonic Scout

    Can someone please help me pin down the year on this ladies Sonic Scout? The serial number is B177962624. It is a 15" frame measured from the top of seat lug to the center of crank arm. The crank arms are 5.75" long. The wheels are missing (among other things) but the frame appears to have...
  46. 1983 Western Auto Wheel Goods Page 12

    1983 Western Auto Wheel Goods Page 12

  47. 1983 Western Auto Wheel Goods Page 11

    1983 Western Auto Wheel Goods Page 11

    Black and white ads for the 1983 Western Flyer Trophy models.
  48. pedal4416

    Sold 61 schwinn Speedster springer middleweight.

    61 schwinn Speedster with dealer option springer fork. Really clean. All original except the wald handle bars, Stingray slimline grips, and I just added the red S seat. Needs a rear fender. I wiped it down with soapy water, the radiant red would polish up real nice. Needs a rear fender. $225...
  49. D

    Schwinn Middleweight S Mesigner Saddle, Pedals

    Hello guys i'm looking for a few pieces to finish my 1966 schwinn typhoon build. I'm looking for a black and white S saddle or what would you recommend? Also need some of the diamond long block pedals. If anyone has any of these please contact me. I've been looking for a long while.
  50. partsguy

    '58 Huffy T-Bird - Check your barns!

    The more I look at this vintage ad, the more I want it. The 1958 Huffy Thunderbird, with what appears to be a one or two year only transmission. It was equipped with a "Cole Orchard" transmission, with a rocketship gear indicator mounted to the top tube. I don't care what condition the bike is...
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