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  1. mac9lxx

    Spiegel Airman Sabre Jet

    About to make it roadworthy, (not going to mess with the paint, just going to clean it real good), but before I start I have a few questions as I cant find pictures of this bike to use as a reference anywhere. 1. Did it come with a dynamo or that is a later addition? 2. Two headlights? or did...
  2. R

    Monark Firestone super cruiser

    Can anyone please tell me more about this bike as far as the year and if it has all the year correct parts or not? The value would be nice too. The last 2 pics show the sight that also came with the bike. The rusted clips couldn’t hold the signs up so I put some temp ones on. I could only save...
  3. PLERR

    "If that was my bike..." 1948? Monark Super Deluxe

    Hi all, My first legit post here on The CABE (after my intro). Just picked this up today (my first balloon tire bike!!!) and I'm hoping for two things from this post. First, getting the most common questions out of the way: what would you say this is worth, what year is it, and is it all...
  4. Krakatoa

    Bling Chrome w/Blue Accents 1960's Monark Badged Huffy Built 26" Chrome Cantilever Cruiser Mostly Complete Project or Parts!

    Great bones here! Super straight frame & fork. Guard is not the greatest but most everything else but the fender set and chain is there and in good condition. Has a way cool front rack and bars. I was going to find some 80's-90's mtb alloys for it but haven't gotten to it so figured I would pass...
  5. keithsbikes

    Sold 50’s Monark Frame and Fork

    Good straight frame and straight spring fork. Steer tube has a dent, doesn’t affect mounting or steering, has all but one correct springer bolts. Spray painted, small dent in top tube, good shroud, solid with good badge, fair chrome, fork mount is welded on.
  6. avanti

    Wanted: Monark Rocket 24"

    Looking for a 1956 / 1957 24" Monark Rocket middleweight (see photo). Differences from the earlier 24" frame included a straight intermediate bar and 8 hole chain ring. Message me. Thanks
  7. H

    Need advice for 1950's Super Cruiser

    Hello everyone, I recently acquired a 1950's Firestone Super Cruiser bicycle from the original owner and I'm looking for advise on value. If I cant get a value from this forum, is there someone you know that I can send these pics to for its value. I also want to see if there is an interest in...
  8. N

    Huffy Monark Silver King

    I can’t find anything online to help me identify the year of this bike. It sounds like this model was discontinued in the early 60’s, but I think mine is more recent. Any ideas?
  9. Bjlamb

    1948 Monark Super Deluxe

    1948 Monark Super Deluxe ladies frame, shroud, and tank. The frame and tank were spray painted blue at some point. I attempted to remove the paint on the tank and alot of the graphics were gone underneath.
  10. Bjlamb

    Withdrawn 1948 Monark Ladies Frame and Shroud

    1949 Monark Ladies frame with original shroud. Bike was spray painted light blue at some point. $75 plus shipping
  11. C

    Monark SIlver King 1964/65/66 tank/horn/light/rack/rear fender

    From a 1964-66 chrome Monark SIlver King - this is the era when Huffy took over so I bleieve will also fit similar Huffy branded bikes, but check the pics. Rack - includes all parts, including fixing bracket and screws. The bracket attaches to a mount on the rear fender and the stays to...
  12. avanti

    Who Has Old Issues of "American Bicyclist"? (Monark Rocket)

    Looking for 1956/57 issues of American Bicyclist (or any material) that contains information on Monark's new 24" line of Rocket bicycles (see clipping below). Thanks!
  13. mongeese

    Nice crash tab spring saddle girls prewar

    40 plus shipping from Wi
  14. Mr.Bocycle

    Sold 48 silver king (hex tube)

    Well I've decided to sell my favorite bicycle I have owned. I only take it out on sundays to ride it and shine it up. Nothing like getting the looks from everyone that see it, makes you feel good like owning a old classic car..well the bike I believe has some original parts on it I've never...
  15. 1934 Silver King

    1934 Silver King

  16. L

    Single Left Bow Pedal B-6 Black with white BowTie b6

    Single Left Pedal B-6 Black with white stripes on blocks Left only common to Monark middleweight , others see pics for condition $7 plus shipping pedals
  17. L

    Monark Chain Ring

    Monark Chain Ring Should polish up well. I can see some minor pits , faint area of discoloration near crank peg hole , but overall good. $20 shipped
  18. VintageSchwinn.com

    Sold Very Nice Monark Silver King Hex Tube

    Very, very nice 1947-1948 Monark Silver King "Hex Tube." No surprise, no reproduction bike (other than the tires.) All parts solid, no prior breaks or welds, no repairs. Everything as it should be. Bob U-recovered original saddle. The pedestal light is the nicest working original I've ever...
  19. SteveF

    Found Western flyer pedals

    Happy Thanksgiving! I'm looking for a nice set of pedals for my Monark built Western Flyer. I'm fairly certain the pedals that are on it now are incorrect. Some correct pedals and some nice Goodyear tires should get this bike looking sweet. Steve
  20. Freqman1

    Sold 1935/36 Girls Monark Silver King Frame

    Pics tell the story frame is broke at the brace behind seat tube but could be repaired. One good truss rod, aluminum bars, stem, wedge style lucky 7 seat post, badge, and axle adjusters. I have no other parts. Please ask any questions. I will not be able to ship until next weekend. Ship to lower...
  21. Dave Stromberger

    Monark 5-Bar Gooseneck Stem

    This is the one that requires the special handlebars, it won't fit regular bars without abusing things with a hammer and vice grips. It has a crack down by the cork, as you can see in the pics. Easy fix for a resto project! $50 shipped in the CONUS.
  22. Dave Stromberger

    Monark Wingbar Fender

  23. higgens

    Sold Monark

    Monark needs headlight guts 800
  24. bikesnbuses

    Sold More EARLY 1948 JC Higgins parts ; fork truss rods Monark kickstand seatpost

    For some reason I couldnt add more to my other ad (I did get to add on a wheelset ) *I have a straight decent original paint Higgins fork that is from a girls bike BUT has head tube size as a BOYS..I will sell with or without truss rods With truss rods $60 shipped Without truss rods $30 shipped...
  25. S

    1949 monark pedestal light

    I am selling this orginal 1949 pedestal headlight. I know they are rare. The original films in tac and it works. The top strip of chrome needs repaired. I'm asking 400$
  26. kevin x

    Sold Hawthorne Duralium - Silver King

    Frame is solid - no welds no cracks, but possible added cuts near seat post (see picture), 26" wheels, 26" chrome steel fork, repop chrome fenders, carlisle WW tires, Komet Super hub, nice repop drop stand, steel struts, quill seat post, frame and head badge appear to be the only original parts...
  27. L

    Monark Middleweight w/ the Tail Fin Guard : model ID Anyone have one Or a pic and parts?

    Looking to ID this Monark more specifically ..... I am guessing its early 1960's based on the huffy style features and what i read in similar threads .... Looking for Pics or catalog of an original condition / same model Did this bike have a tank ? i.e similar to the middleweight mini tank...
  28. New monarke

    I need help with Monark

    I bought yesterday also a Monark (number F1347) cause I think its a beauty. Now I want to restaurate it or just repair/clean and paint it in a modern way. Maybe you can tell me when it was made and all other Information. Ask me for more Information .Please tell me that they are always without...
  29. plow

    Paint match monark

    Trying to find a matching paint code for a monark super deluxe. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  30. plow

    Monark color help

    I need help for finding a code or similar match for the light blue/real paint for a monark super deluxe. Help please
  31. plow

    Looking for monark super deluxe parts

    I'm in search of monark super deluxe parts. Train light fender trim and women's tank. Please let me know what you have. Thanks
  32. C

    Monark Americana Rocket 60's

    I just acquired this cruiser from a senior who said he's had it all of his life. He received it new in the early 60's. Would have been tacoma, washington area. I haven't found a stamp on it or any other examples of it. I would love to learn more about it. Any thoughts?
  33. Dangerwagon

    Sold Prewar Rack Light, Elgin, Monark & others

    NOS tube, reflector, spring, etc. Re-pop lense (new condition) w/ (2) bulbs and (1) extra "Elgin style" lense in OK condition. $75 shipped in Cont. U.S. Paypal (F&F) only.
  34. Scribble

    Survivor 1953 Monark Built WesternFlyer, Begone Dent's

    Game plan so far. -Repack whole bike with fresh grease -Replace the bent crank -Boiled linseed oil treatment for the paint -WD-40 and steel wool for the chrome bits. -Might try to repair the original Troxel seat
  35. H

    Withdrawn Selling Out Entire Pre-War Parts Collection One Lot!

    I have decided to sell most of my pre-war bike collection including my inventory of 11 wooden cannon ammo boxes full of Pre-War bicycle parts. Great inventory for builds or that needed part and some really cool stuff like NOS Silver King spokes in the box among others in original boxes...
  36. mongeese

    NOS Bendix lever 2 speed aviator

    40 plus ship from Wi.
  37. bikesnbuses

    Sold GREAT original ladies 26" 1952 Monark Super Deluxe

    The bike is located in southern RI for local pick up(Preferred but will ship) Fantastic original green paint with rare original;Tank jewels,scripted Monark pedals,white deluxe seat and grips. Some obvious wear,scratches,etc Asking $450 with local pick up at zip code 02804 or $550 shipped in the USA
  38. Tyler Rice

    Reduced Boys Monark

    Great bike, new tires, rides like a dream. $750 obo local pick up or pick up at the Hilliard Ohio bicycle show March 17th.
  39. dave429

    Sold Bicycle Hubcaps Red Reflectors, For Schwinn Balloon Bikes and Others

    Hub Caps for vintage balloon tire bicycle, used condition. Please examine photos for condition.
  40. K

    Help Needed Finding Silver King Info

    I've come into recent ownership of a Silver King Monark bicycle - it was in an old barn that was going to be burned down. As far as I know, it was purchased new by the owner of the barn and it has sat indoors for several decades without being touched. Here's what I do know: The serial number is...
  41. S

    Sold Very nice Diamond 56 link 1/2" pitch chain (standard) Shelby Schwinn Monark $40 Shipped

    will look new with a mild cleaning
  42. S

    Withdrawn Monark mens 52T sprocket / chainring $30 shipped

    good original
  43. fordmike65

    WANTED: '41 Monark carrier in original black

    Greetings fellow Caber's. I'm looking for a rear carrier for a '41 Monark in original black paint. Condition 5-6 with some rust, but I'll take what I can get. I believe it would be similar to this one I've pictured, attaching to the seatpost bolt, with or without a tail light is fine. Thanks in...
  44. S

    Sold Late prewar early postwar 26" Monark Kickstand $40 shipped

  45. Rust Rod

    1941 monark deluxe bicycle

    I recently purchased this 1941 monark deluxe bicycle. Where can i find the original headlight and tail light for this year bike. Also on vintage bicycles is it best to leave rusty or can it be repainted and if repainted will it affect the value of the bicycle.
  46. toyman

    Monark Super Twin

  47. Freqman1

    Monark Model 495GT

    Finally finished! Two more Five Bar projects to go. V/r Shawn
  48. Vintage Paintworx

    Sold Monark wheels

    These were removed from a 48 Monark, a little blue paint and striping showing through, Bendix front and rear hubs with the Acorn nuts. I've rode on them, they're pretty straight. $45.00 picked up in Whittier.