1. C

    1938 Morrow Hub for sale $120

    1938 Pre-war Morrow Hub by Eclipse. Date code: H4 Asking $120-but an open to reasonable offers. Bearings & races are all there & is working smoothly. It’s been cleaned thoroughly, inside & out & runs like butter. On the outer casing there is some black pitting near the engraving but all...
  2. C

    Prewar Shelby? New to restorations & would love any tips or knowledge!

    Hey there friends, So I’m very new to restoration & identifying vintage bicycles. From what research my husband & I have done, we believe we have a sort of Frankensteined prewar Shelby potentially. The hub is dated April of 1938 (H4 stamped), 36 spoked, slotted-sprocket & has a very clear...
  3. R

    Urgent! Morrow brake sleeve 112b

    Disassembled my Morrow Coaster rear hub and found that my brake sleeve is cracked. Please help me out! NOS preferred. Thanks
  4. mr.cycleplane

    1949 morrow hub excellant

    1949 date code morrow hub. I have gone thru this hub and purchased many nos parts to make it as good as you can get. there are absolutely no pits in any of the race areas so ride will be silky smooth. has the very desirable bronze brake shoes for great stopping and new clutch pieces(critical...
  5. mr.cycleplane

    Sold morrow hub wrench

    SORRY ALL GONE! genuine morrow hub wrench. has axel-adjusting cone-lock ring features on this simple wrench. this is a gotstahave item if you are a morrow freak! 'ride all day-coast halfway' was the motto and it is only accomplished by proper adjustment of the cones. improperly adjusted hubs...
  6. mr.cycleplane

    Sold morrow hub very sound

    morrow hub with 1940 code. gone thru and made sure there are no pits to all the bearing surfaces. entire hub works fine-will give good service. axel thread a little tight in spots due to bunged threads-but have taken apart to show it does come apart. some nos parts to assure smooth operation...
  7. mr.cycleplane

    Sold morrow hub pieces used/misc

    morrow-eclipse machine company coaster brake hub pieces. all used with patina or wear -some pitting to race surfaces-wrench marks-rust but usable if nothing available. priced right-65 shipped pp/ff
  8. S

    Prewar autocycle rear wheel morrow hub

    26 skip tooth morrow hub with an autocycle rear rim, rim is free of major dents. Color looks to be very good, I cleaned a few areas and the chrome looks pretty good, definitely covered in some house paint. Ther hub might need some fine tuning. Stamped f3 36 13 . Asking 125 plus ship obo
  9. kunzog

    NOS Morrow Brake Arms-Consider Trades for License Plates!

    Here are some New Old Stock Morrow Brake Arms. Chrome Plated. Some shop wear and scratches to plating. New, unused. Each brake arm is $20. plus $7. Priority Mail in US Paypal
  10. Pantmaker

    Morrow hub stamp

    This is the 36-11 Morrow hub on my prewar Cycletruck. What does this "12" stamped on the other side represent?
  11. lgrinnings

    1940 Morrow 26" drop-center wheel set

    This 26" drop-center wheel set came off a 1940 CWC Western Flyer. Rims have been repainted red (original color was maroon) but don’t appear to have spent any time out in the weather. Rear hub is a Morrow coaster with a J-1 (January, 1940) date designation. Rear 10-tooth cog shows very minor...
  12. MsRock2

    Reduced 26" wheels plus Bendix Hub $50

    I'm not certain that the rear brake on this set works so I'm including this Bendix hub set as part of the package... $50 plus shipping or pick up in San Diego. PM for sale, thanks for looking. Wheels came off a Speedway Special and the tires do not match.
  13. rustjunkie

    Sold NOS Morrow 1” Pitch Skiptooth Cogs

    2 NOS cogs available, one I patinated for a project that stalled. $14/ea shipped tracked & insured your choice $13/ea shipped tracked & insured your choice $12/ea shipped tracked & insured your choice
  14. filmonger

    New Departure A & C, Morrows, Musselman Hubs

    1.) Morrow Hub - 36-13...Nice Older Hub & Nickel patina. Wear on stamping side. You can still read the two patent dates 1904 & 1909 ......150.00 USD Shipped 2.) Morrow Hub - 36-13 R2...Nice Hub .....150.00 USD Shipped 3.) New Departure Model C - 36 hole - Nice Hub & Nickel Patina .... 100.00...
  15. carlitos60

    Morrow #2!!

    Super Clean!! Not as Complicated as It Seems!!
  16. 3

    Sold Diamond chain, Persons bag, Morrow hub and other stuff

    I have some stuff I want to move along. Ask questions you may have. Paypal Diamond 1/2 inch 65 chain. NOS but box is a bit worn. It used to be in tact last time I looked at it? Beautiful condition. SOLD Persons tool bag. Blackout, missing one strap and other is cracked. **NOW 200...
  17. RLS

    What on earth

    I'm new to the cabe, and joined mostly because I have an old clunker that seems prewar, but I cannot figure out the frame at all. Despite the John Deere paint scheme complete with hand brushed pinstriping, the original color was red, the fenders Navy/Royal Blue and are likely not for it. There...
  18. pedalpower17

    Eclipse - Morrow Rear Hub

    I'm overhauling a recently acquired 1936 Davega-Westfield. The front hub is a New Departure. The rear hub has a Morrow brake arm, but upon removal of the rotting leather hub polisher, I found the hub shell stamped with Eclipse Machine. What is the relationship, if any, between the two...
  19. easyrider

    Found [nos] morrow axel

    I believe it's 3/8 24 thread
  20. Jay81

    Sold Prewar Drop Center Wheel Set

    Morrow rear hub. G3 date code (1937) Skiptooth cog Both spin true Light coat of silver paint on the rims $150 shipped and insured in the lower 48 Paypal friends or USPS money order
  21. Rust_Trader

    Sold FS 2 Morrow Cabinets

    This is the smaller ones $469 shipped for both. Content not included
  22. bikiba

    Sold Morrow Hub - F4

    1936 Morrow hub - needs a good scrubbin with wd40. The brake arm is super nice. Missing a cap I believe on the arm side. $35 shipped. Paypal as a friend please.
  23. Krakatoa

    Sold ~ ~ WW2 Era Blackout Hubs ~ New Departure, Morrow, Westfield, Bendix! ~ ~

    Great Blackout hub selection today @Krakatoa! These are in a raw as harvested state and have been surface cleaned only~ 1. ND D SOLD 2. ND WL SOLD 3. ND W SOLD 4. Morrow O1 36 13 SOLD 5. Westfield SOLD 6. Bendix SOLD
  24. pedalpower17

    Brake Sleeve For Prewar Morrow

    Recently picked up this Davega-badged Westfield from fellow caber, Rollo. Already found a dog leg crank and "bean" style chain ring, thanks to caber Krakatoa. The bike is going to be a rider, but it barely brakes. I already have a NOS sleeve expander with teeth, and now looking for the...
  25. O

    Morrow Brake Help

    Currently replacing brake “sleeve” on morrow brake. Can someone please tell me how to get the brake expander back in the sleeve. I drove a wedge in the old sleeve and it cracked one side and allowed me to get the expanders out. I don’t want to crack the new one. See picture. Any help will...
  26. rusty.kirkpatrick

    Found Morrow hub bearings

    Looking for the sprocket/drive side bearings/cage, part 106 on this diagram. Took my Cycletruck hub apart and there were loose bearings that went all over. Not gonna put loose bearings back, not sure why they were loose anyway. Thanks.
  27. rusty_apache

    Can this early Eclipse/Morrow be saved?

    The bearings that belong here are totally absent! The outer race looks to be destroyed and looks like it is part of the hub and not pressed in. Please tell me I’m wrong and there is something that I can do to save it! It looks like the Morrows built into the WW2 Years, but are the components...
  28. KevinBrick

    Schwinn 1.75 spitfire tires 1946 morrow skip tooth hub painted rims

    I read that Schwinn made these tires for other bicycle manufacturers.. My question is what bike would these go on? The date code on the hub shows 1946...
  29. bike

    Mid Teens Morrow nut holds on brake arm-used and uncleaned!

    Dirtier is better! thanks NOT the typical one but teens era I am told the thread root is different evidently this is the angle of the threads.
  30. tryder

    Morrow 36-11 Date Code: P (1946) Nice Chrome

    Hi, I am looking for a 1946 Morrow coaster brake hub in nice cosmetic and mechanical condition with 36-11 P on the shell. This is the one with the bigger holes for fatter spokes. I am willing to purchase a complete hub in great condition, an entire wheel with the correct hub, or just the...
  31. Vintage Paintworx

    Sold Morrow H3 hub

    Morrow 36 hole H3 hub, one nut threads on a little tight. $30.00 shipped.
  32. Nickinator

    Sold Original Firestone Tires, Morrow Hub, Huffman Rims

    Don't know which rims these are, maybe Lobdell flats, but original to an early postwar Huffman. Hubs look nice, the grease has preserved the chrome. Rear is Morrow, nice hub and brake arm; front is Bendix (Eclipse). Firestone Champion tires held air and rode, some weather cracking. Rims are...
  33. looneymatthew

    NOS 28hole morrow hub shell Blackout

    Looking for a 28 hole Morrow hub shell preference is NOS But mint cond. Would be good too If it was blackout even better
  34. dfa242

    Sold For Sale: Early Morrow Hub

    As found and real dirty - what you see is what you get. $150 shipped or best offer.
  35. stezell

    Found Morrow oil port cap and screw

    Just as the title says I need an oil port cap and screw for a Morrow wheel. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance, Sean
  36. blincoe

    Sold SMALL morrow cabinets (2 of them)

    I have 2 small morrow cabinets I would sell. Looking to get $350.00 each The middle one and the far left one.. RIGHT SIDE IS NOT FOR SALE.. I have not had time to clean them, I have only cleaned the far right one, should clean up as the same. PAYMENT pending on the left side but first come...
  37. fat tire trader

    Updated Morrow page

    Hello, While overhauling the Morrow on my 1911? Rambler Model 172, http://www.fattiretrading.com/g&j172.html I discovered a design change. The brake shoe assembly was broken, so I went into my Morrow spares box for another assembly. I discovered that its teeth would not mesh with the...
  38. bobcycles

    NOS New Departure 2 spd parts / Morrow brake barrel + NOS guts F/S

    NOS Black out shifter for the ND 2 speed and NOS Chrome shifter ...also 2 NOS pulleys for the rear position and a cable sheath NOS... 50.00 for the parts shown bobcycles@aol.com or msg here Nice lot of NOS Morrow parts including the very hard to find barrel. Everything including the...
  39. Krakatoa

    Sold ~ Morrow M4 36 10 / Eclipse 36 10 OG Military G519 Hub Set ~ Correct for Huffman/Westfield! ~

    Offered is an excellent condition original equipment war era Morrow/Eclipse heavy duty hub set, absolutely correct for '43 model Westfield & Huffman G519 Military bicycles. Front is 36 10, rear is M4 36 10. If you are building an authentic G519 you'll know how difficult/improbable it is to find...
  40. ohdeebee

    Morrow + Elgin

    C4 - 1934 nickel plated Morrow hub $65 Elgin style skinny chain guard $68
  41. ohdeebee

    C4 1934 Morrow hub in nickel

    Early ballooner Morrow hub. C4 date stamp. Plating is hanging in there. Teeth have a lot of life left. $75 shipped to you or your mothers house.
  42. Krakatoa

    ~ O1 36 13! ~

    The little boogers keep rollin' this around the shop!!
  43. bobcycles


    Morrow is dated J I believe....1939 or 40? Rechromed hubs and hardware. ...NOS Guts including very rare brake shoe NOS in the morrow....Square shouldered correct prewar dust cap.... NOS brake arm and guts. New plating on everything else including cad and chrome 36 holes add 14.00 for prio...
  44. Jon Marinello

    WTB Morrow 2-Speed Conversion Kit/Hub

    Thanks, all. jon
  45. 3-speeder

    Trojan headbadge and Eclipse Macine Co Morrow hub

    I was given this old bike when I donated some kids bikes to the local bike coop's Kids Bike Drive. It had a beautiful look to it and I loved the chain guard and chainring. It has a Trojan headbadge and the rear hub is a Morrow that is stamped Eclipse Machine Co Elmira NY. It also has F4 and 36...
  46. dfa242

    Sold For Sale: Circa 1902 36-Hole Morrow Hub

    I wiped off just enough grime to see some markings - I'll leave the cleaning for the next owner. $175 shipped or best offer.
  47. klunk!

    NOS 1946 Eclipse 36-11 Knock Out on Drop Center 26" wheel

    New Old Stock, P4 date code (1946, 4th quarter) Eclipse 36-11 Front knock out hub on 26" Drop Center Rim. Heavy Duty spokes. Harder to find, "36-11" hub for 105 gauge spokes. Terrific Wheel For your motorized project, Whizzer, Marman, early motorcycle, etc, etc...$325 Shipped. OBO,
  48. Nickinator

    Sold Prewar Morrow Triple Drop Chrome Wheels

    Chrome triple drops, on the rough side, lots of chrome loss, some rust and crust, one side (RH on rear) looks better than the other, spokes all present but some loose, and they weren't easily tightening so some may need replacing. Rear hub and Morrow brake arm look nice, front hub has dark...
  49. bobcycles


    1st up! Assortment of New departure1930s-40s 2speed parts including 1 Mint chrome shifter, one NOS Black out shifter, mint chrome 'clam shells' for shifter, 2 NOS pulleys, Clutch end, disc tower, cone nut, NOS ND script brake arm, NOS dust cap, bearing for cog, prewar brake arm rechromed...
  50. Higgins88

    Brake Arm Lot Barwest Morrow New Departure

    :) Vintage bike parts ......Lot of 15 Brake arms.....as pictured. There are 15 brake arms in this lot for sale. Includes : 7 Morrow's , 6 New Departure's , 1 Barwest , 1 un marked small one. Selling together for one price ( $ 50.00 ) and $ 6.00 priority ship !! Pm me if you would like more...
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