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  1. bobcycles

    Sold Restored Mesinger Long Spring 1930s B10E era MOTOBIKE long spring saddle---F/S

    Full restored Mesinger Long Spring saddle. Leather top and under, cadmium plated original correct clamps with good teeth, stitched edge for early to mid 1930s bicycles including Schwinn and others...Nice seat that is a very dark Chocolate brown almost black leather. 265.00 plus postage...
  2. 20190330_125905.jpg


    24" excelsior schwinn motobike.
  3. LarzBahrs

    26in dp harris blue ribbon motorbike 400 shipped.

    For sale is my dp harris moto ballooner. Older amateur restoration. Has nice flutted fenders with a nice rear jeweled reflector. Skip tooth new depature drop center wheelset rolling on near new fat frank tires, and a nice long spring saddle. Has some bumps and scrapes and touch ups with wrong...
  4. bobcycles

    Sold Nice Variety load of 1920s era maybe teens? Mixed early Torrington MOTOBIKE era pedals------F/S

    Check my posts for a wide variety of vintage Balloon era pedals....Torrington, Schwinn, Persons etc. First Up! AS found lot of 6 as shown Restorable vintage teens or most likely 20's era pedals! These are all decent candidiate to restore with very presentable end caps etc. Blocks are in...
  5. Demzie

    Yet Another Mead Crusader

    Needless to say it's mix and match with some odds and ends. My questions are these: Whats Original What's era correct What YEAR is this model? Is there any value to it? Thanks Fellas Flying Zombie
  6. stezell

    Sold 1936 Elgin 26" motobike

    1936 Elgin motobike built by Westfield with 26" Musselmen model M wheels, Troxel saddle with og cover, all original except tires, grips, and stem. (Original stem was broke when I got it) also has the Alemite grease fittings on the frame and wheels. Asking $450 shipped to the lower half...
  7. jchicago

    1928 Schwinn MotoBike Hanging Tool Box Tank on ebay
  8. stoney

    Found **thank you bricycle** MOTOBIKE STEM

    Looking for a pretty decent stem like the one pictured. PM with pic and price please. Thanks, Ray
  9. stezell

    Withdrawn 1936 Elgin 26" motobike

    I've got a 1936 Elgin motobike with 26" ND wheels with Model M rear hub, Troxel saddle that I have applied leather conditioner for a while and kept in the house. The original pedals were toast and the art deco stem was broken when I got it. Everything moves freely, I'm sure it will clean up good...
  10. Robertriley

    Sale Pending 1920s Motobike part out

    Frame fork fenders truss rod $299 Seat $80 Drop Stan $80 $599 for the complete bike or just selling the parts listed and Keeping the rest for future need.
  11. ohmybike

    Schwinn Motobike B10E

    I decided to change color. I like this color combo better with some brass color pinstripe. I’m not that good at pinstripes but I like it. Thanks for looking
  12. ivrjhnsn

    Withdrawn IVER JOHNSON Motobike Stem New Old Stock

    Well, can't believe I'm putting this up for sale, but money needed for other purchase. Yes, this chrome stem is new old stock, never installed, never a wrench to it. Stamping there. $150 shipped . See pics. Ask questions if need be. paypal ok. First to converse gets priority over posting. Thanks.
  13. locomotion

    Sold .

  14. Bike Magnet

    Found WTB 1936 Elgin Motorbike balloon tire front fender

    I'm looking for a front fender or fender set for a 1936 Elgin Motorbike. Any help finding a good fender is much appreciated. Thanks!
  15. Bikermaniac

    Sold Rare Motobike frame with split bottom bracket

    I haven't been able to identify this rare frame. It has a split bottom bracket and a rare front "wrap around" head tube sleeve. Cast chain adjuster bases looks Westfield, as well as the trumpet welding of the second bar. Asking $175 shipped using bikeflights. Thanks, Nelson.
  16. T

    1930s motobike i.d. request Peerless badged, Shelby made?

    I would like to get some info on this 26 inch Peerless badged motobike, I am not sure if a year can be established based on the frame #. The sprocket looks to be Shelby, maybe the experts can i.d. the bike based on the pics. Thanks in advance Tino
  17. Jay81

    McCauley Motobike tanks

    If these sell for that price ($295 + $19.95 shipping.......each) then I will have a couple for sale lol. I only paid $100 each for mine.
  18. B

    Sold 12 Heavy Brass Motobike Vintage Awards $120 shipped

    These are very heavy brass. All one money. Paypal is OK.
  19. ohmybike

    33 Schwinn motobike ?

    Silly question but did the B10E schwinns had original a chainguard? or was that added by someone. I had bought a B10E schwinn and it had chainguard. I was just googling old bikes and I seen that bike. Should I leave it off? Bike with tank is the google image I found not mine
  20. B

    28'' wheels for 1938 Elgin Motobike

    Need 28'' wheels for an Elgin motobike,currently has 26'' not sure they are correct.
  21. B

    NOS 28" Lobdell Wood Motobike Rims $325 shipped

    36 spoke holes. There are scruffs and scratches as shown in the photo but the rims are straight and no cracking. Paypal is accepted.
  22. Bikermaniac

    Sold Teens Westfield Motobike Fenders

    Came in a Westfield Motobike from the 1916 - 1919 period, 19" frame bicycle. Great condition. $150 shipped.
  23. Bikermaniac

    Sold Teens Westfield Motobike Handlebars $100 shipped

    Came in a Westfield Motobike from the 1916 - 1919 period. Good condition, nice patina. Price reduced again.
  24. Bikermaniac

    Sold Teens Westfield Motobike Name plate

    Came in a Westfield Motobike from the 1916 - 1919 period. Very good condition and nice original patina. Hard to find. $190 shipped.
  25. bobcycles


    Really nice survivor NICKEL Chassis Persons skirted long spring MOTOBIKE era saddle! They don't come much nicer than this roughly 100 years old! Some stitching needs attention.. tool bag loops are there but the stitching is loose on ones side. Overall most stitching is very nice maybe not a...
  26. ohmybike

    1930’s Schwinn Motobike

    Just sharing. Finished my amateur restoration on it. Just waiting for a tank and delta can to pop up for finishing touches. hopefully you guys enjoy thank you for looking. NFS
  27. alecburns

    Value on 1920s Westfield??

    I cant tell what these are worth. I have seen some others with the rare Indian front fender that gets everyone's heart pumping, but how much would an average condition 1920s Westfield be worth? The specimen I'm looking as has no tank and no chain guard. It has this frame and fender. Besides some...
  28. Robertriley

    Withdrawn 1935 Elgin Motobike

    Rides smooth but needs the hub gone through (doesn't stop). I haven't tried to do it yet, but the triple step rims should clean up pretty well. The front fender looks to be trimmed in front. Nice Torrington bars and stem, new tires and grips. $499 plus the ride.
  29. Jay81

    Found Prewar Westfield DD Bearing Cone Needed!

    Maybe I'm looking for a needle in a haystack here, but I need an unusual bearing cone for the BB on my son's 1920s Westfield built 20" Shapleigh Hardware motobike. I need the bearing cone that fastens the chainring to the crank. Went to the local bike shop that usually has older stuff laying...
  30. TJW

    Vintage Columbia Motobike?
  31. petritl

    Sold Elgin Motobike

    This original paint bicycle has many scrapes and chips and the plating is well worn a missing in places but overall the bike is very presentable as-is. The tank door is a replacement that had been repainted and distressed. The saddle has some discoloration . The tires hold air for a day or...
  32. ZE52414

    Sold updated 2/20!! Iver Johnson model 87m

    Okay here’s the deal I’m looking to upgrade. I was offered another iver so I’m forced to make a decision. May sell both or may only need one gone. 1st up is my OG blue 87m This bike is a 28”. i just added a real nice set of wheels and Robert dean single tube tires. Has a beauty Mesinger saddle...
  33. markivpedalpusher

    Tank Decals FS: Prewar Schwinn AC and "Motobike"

    These decals were reproduced from NOS original decals and they are double cleared for durability. Motobike Decals (a pair): $20.00 shipped Cantilever AC Decals: $45.00 shipped Straightbar AC Decals: $45.00 shipped Thanks for l:rolleyes::rolleyes:king !
  34. DoggieDodaac

    Sold 1919 Westfield MotoBike $1300+ship or Trade (FL)

    I desire to sell this MotoBike for $1300 + shipping from FL or more prefferably trade it for a complete 1890 - 1940 ridable non-motorized bike or race bike (must have clincher rims) 2014 or newer road bike or tri-bike. I am open to other convincing offers as well. If we can meet in Florida you...
  35. DoggieDodaac

    Westfield Manufacturing MotoBike (help identify)

    Hi fellow Cabe members. I have attempted unsuccessfully to research this bike on my own. I hope you do not mind me making this request. I really appreciate your time and support with my quest to learn. I want to thank you in advance for any support and information you offer. This is my first...
  36. stingrayjoe

    Teens 1920's Persons Majestic Motobike Pedals

    Please PM direct with all replies do not post them here thanks. You pay actual lower 48 USA shipping. Left and Right set of full sized men's bike pedals. The pins on the L pedal have been replaced. The axles spin free and pretty true. $50.
  37. 5

    Reduced Teens Motobike , Indian Rack

    Rear rack for a moto bike or Indian. $95 shipped. Call Mike @ 920-980-5218
  38. Krakatoa

    Sold ~ 1920's Persons Majestic Mfg Motobike No 2 Saddle!~

    Original complete unrestored and unmolested with Victory lock attached. Compound springs take a look at how it's done pretty great! SOLD! Catalog scans shown for reference not included.
  39. F

    Motobike Tank Retention Strap

    I am looking for a part like the one pictured. Please send a P.M. if you have one to sell. Thanks
  40. carlitos60

    Original 1920s Elgin MotoBike Project Parted

    My Old Elgin Up for Grabs!! Original Chief Look Alike Color Skim!! ****Everything Includes Shipping! OBO PMs Please!! Frame, Fork, Badge, and Sprocket Assembly = $400 Fenders = $175 SOLD Nice TROXEL/CHIEF?? Moto Saddle = $250 21" MotoBike Handlebars, Stem, Grips = $250
  41. bobcycles

    NOS B10E Schwinn MOTOBIKE front fender. YESSS NOSSSS 200 shipped

    May never see another one of these NOS in your lifetime. Ditch the battered 'survivor' on your original bike and replace with Gleaming NOS part Looks to fit the Balloon models. As is, no brace. Never mounted or msg here
  42. D

    Sold Original MOTOBIKE Tank

    I have this old MOTOBIKE tank that is in really good shape. No rust and the sheet metal only has (2) small dings. I have no idea what bike it may have been on originally. The original tank clips are included. $175.00 shipped in the lower 48 states. Note: The bike is not for sale.
  43. T

    Indian Motobike OG paint

    Indian Motorbike wanted 151T Hoping to find unrestored early -mid 20's Bike with tank and light.
  44. bikeyard

    Motobike rack

    Nice straight moto bike rack $105 shipped
  45. bikeyard

    Early Motobike bars and stem

    Decent set of early Motobike bars and stem. Grips included. $85 shipped


  47. CWCMAN


    I purchased this rack for my 34 Dayton from a Caber earlier this year. The Dayton was sold to another Caber and now I have this rack that I will not be using. I have seen this style rack on the 34 Dayton model D4 "Aircrafted" bicycle as well as some early Rollfast models. I believe there is a...
  48. 47jchiggins

    Withdrawn Willing to Take a Deposit, Motobike, Original Paint Gendron

    Selling my 28", tall (21" center crank to top of seat post), Gendron Motobike. I am not sure of the year, my guess is 1915 + or - a year or two. Bike comes as eaquiped including what appears to be a bullet hole (entry and exit) on the rear fender, note the unique fork, $1175 Shipped conus. I...
  49. avanti

    1948 Columbia (Recognize This Rim?)

    I recently acquired this Columbia skip-tooth, which appears to be a 1948 M69 Standard Motobike based on period literature and the serial number. It's been re-painted (original color was two-tone white and red). It's missing the original chain guard and mounts were welded on to accommodate a...
  50. Jay81

    Sold 1920's Hawthorne Trail Blazer

    Frame, fork, trusses, fenders, crank set are all original as far as I know. Seat, bars and stem were included when I bought it. I added the rack, pedals, chain, persons siren, wheels and tires. Wheels are aluminum 700c, painted to look like wood grain. Tires are Schwalbe Fat Frank's. They...