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  1. locomotion

    Buffalo Cyclo Motor gas tank .... Unearthed, literally!!!

    We found this gas tank buried in the sand in the basement of one of our old buildings (built in 1899)!!! Must have been buried there for at least 60 years!!! And the condition is unbelievable. Anyone know what it is from? The decal seems to say: Buffalo Cyclo Motor and other stuff that I can't...
  2. bricycle

    Elgin Cycle Motor / Muncie Cycle Motor

    Besides the one Dan was selling, anyone else have one? (not that I wish to buy, per say, more curious than anything) I had 3 "just powerheads" not long ago myself, so I know some are out here... :cool: 53 177 237 411 556 1030 views
  3. Krakatoa

    Smith Motor Wheel + Colson!

    This looks pretty amazing! https://www.ebay.com/itm/1917-Smith-Motor-Wheel-28-Colson-Bike/292586981578?hash=item441f8b08ca:g:31AAAOSwvDpbEIFP @fordmike65
  4. blincoe

    Whizzer J motor kit

    Just picked up my re-done J motor kit. Came with a copy of the original manual as it would have back then. Put a roller bearing crank in it, embossed tank re-done. Original Twist grips, everything is there. Frame is ready for paint and then it’s assessable time!
  5. RLS

    1984 Greenville Schwinn CC5

    Hey all, So after some serious head scratching and cleanup of that OTHER bike (John Deere themed) I found the Morrow beyond use [brake sleeve and one half of the driver ring busted in two] It occured to Me that there was no way to stop that bike equipped with a motor on account of it would...
  6. barracuda

    Merkel Motor

  7. GiovanniLiCalsi


  8. jchicago

    Roadmaster Hiawatha w/50s Duncan Motor Kit

  9. Rick Wolfe

    Wanted Smith Motor Wheel mounting hardware

    Wanted ,in need of the mounting hardware rod to frame mounts the engine to the bicycle.Thanks
  10. toyman

    Sold Motor Master badge

    One of the most rarest badges on the planet.Great badge for a badge collector or one very important part of you have a Motormaster.You will not see another one for sale ever.I also have other Motormaster parts of you need some to finish your motormaster.I $2000
  11. T

    Vintage Prewar Colson Rat Rod Motor Bike Antique

    Vintage Prewar Colson Rat Rod Motor Bike Antique On Ebay
  12. V

    Motor master parts value

    Would any know what these parts are worth Motormaster engine Motor master badge Motor master seat Motor master silver ray light road master badge
  13. sm2501

    J.R. Alexander Rocket Motor Wheel side mount

    Here's the obscure of the obscure. J.R. Alexander built Rocket bicycles, and Rocket scooters, both were pretty limited in production, and it doesn't seem any 2 were the same. How many side mount motor wheels built by him have you ever seen? Probably only one, and here it is. I've had this for...
  14. mickeyc

    Rare Whizzer motor?

    Overhead valve? https://detroit.craigslist.org/okl/clt/d/columbia-speedster-with-rare/6494146342.html Mike
  15. gtflyte

    Cleveland model 104 cushion frame wood rimmed bike powered by a 1918 Smith Motor Wheel.

    http://vintageccm.com/content/vintage-cleveland-lozier-smith-motor-wheel Enjoy
  16. tech549

    Sold 1920s motor bike bars and stem

    bars and stem as found 19 inches wide $150.00 shipped
  17. toyman


    Looking for a Milsco seat for my Motor Master. Any condition will do.
  18. Motor City Motor Bikes

    Motor City Motor Bikes

    Motor City Motor Bikes Troy, Mi. 48083 since 2011 over 500 builds on Face Book Have Pay Pal from Vintage, Repo, or New Bikes Motor City Motor Bikes well qualified to do any Motor Bike project! Quality Never Compromised! On Metro Detroit Craigslist under bicycle by DEALER! I'm easily found...
  19. Dweber

    Vintage 1950's Indianapolis Motor Speedway Automobile License Plate Topper

    Beautiful Indianapolis 500 License Plate Topper. Complete with license plate and reflectors. Been in collection many years. Excellent Condition. SELLING AS FOUND CONDITION. See Photos for more accurate condition. Email with questions. $15.00 shipping in Continental United States. $425.00...
  20. L

    pls help me identify this motor

    Hello, I liked this motor from a neighbor, he's very old and can't remember the bikes information. Could you help me Learn How to know from what year this is and how much it could be worth? It appears to work fine and nothing is missing. It has 24 miles on it. Was never used according to him...
  21. filmonger

    1st Motor Tandem

  22. S

    SpeedIBike Evenrude motor 1933

    Very Rare Evenrude Speedibike motor. Only made one year 1933. $4,000
  23. S

    Evinrude Speedbike 1933 motor

  24. island schwinn

    Cool bike motor on local CL

    if I had disposable cash right now,I would try it out. https://modesto.craigslist.org/bop/d/rare-velosolex-1962-motor-assy/6445565921.html
  25. dmk441

    For Trade: Whizzer Motor project

    This motor is SOLD. Piston turns over, exhaust valve stuck, but didn't work on it at all. Needs to be gone thru and parts added to complete. Might also be a good donor motor, but is sold/traded as is. I'm looking for Teens-20's Mead Ranger mud flap, literature, tire pump and clip, rusty...
  26. whizzerbug

    tyco twist grip for travis bike motor

    need a complete twist grip or just the twist grip handle, made by tyco, attached is a pic of one
  27. Kevauxtonic

    Whizzer/Cruzzer engine, prewar Schwinn parts needed:

    Hey there once again, my fellow CABERS! Im starting my motorized build, and am looking for a running whizzer or cruzzer engine, and all the mounts, and bits and pieces. Also need a pair of S-2s, (with a drum brake preferably). I have listed my 1952 Hawthorne in the classifieds to trade or to...
  28. S

    Any Ideas on what this is? Really COOL motor on Schwinn.

    I bought this motorized bicycle and have no idea what it is. It is a two stroke with a Tillotson carb (cool Venturi). The gas tank is copper and the muffler is really rocket-space aged looking. The motor mounts to and slides forward on rails mounted to the rear hub. You engage it with a foot...
  29. kirk thomas

    Sold 1947 Schwinn S-4 Motor model $750shipped

    This bike is the first balloon tank bike I ever saw. I got it from the original owner. He never mounted a motor on it. The bike is complete. You can see in the pictures the indents for the belts. I would like $1200 or best offer.
  30. bricycle

    "Real looking motor?????????"

    This is a reproduction of vintage / antique style stand-up bicycle made of real metal and wood. Meansures 15" long and 9" high up to the handle bars. Wooden seat, Real Chain, Real looking motor. https://www.ebay.com/itm/362182003605?rmvSB=true That's a real teeny chain tho-
  31. Pistelpete

    O&R bike motor

    O&R bike motor check out the photos if interested PM me. $125 + shipping
  32. catfish

    1937 indian motor bicycle

    This is sad. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1937-indian-motor-bicycle-new-Ported-polished-race-Engine-professional-built/322834506102?hash=item4b2a6fa176:g:1JIAAOSwNkJZ5kNe
  33. Cooper S.

    Great motor kit for those in a hurry

  34. Bikermaniac

    Evinrude bicycle gas motor powered

  35. mongeese

    Lillyput bicycle with motor ?

    Anybody have any info pertaining to this company?
  36. Dave K

    Sold 36 Motor bike frame

    I believe this is a 36 frame. Has a crack and a scar from a bent crank. $125 plus shipping
  37. Alienbaby17

    Which Whizzer Motor Do I Need?

    I'm working on a long term project to get this old Whizzer complete and rideable. I was told it was a birthday present for the original owner in 1946. However, the original owner has passed away and sometimes those details can be one a little cloudy when passed down from other family members...
  38. TheFizzer

    Sold Za-Zooom Motor by Marx

    Great working motor that gets louder as you turn the knob. Works off of 2 "D" batteries. Comes with original box. $60 shipped to the lower 48. Paypal only please
  39. S

    looking for a complete whizzer motor

    Need a project and since I have a extra Schwinn bike..........I would like to install a Whizzer motor from the 40's through the 60's on the Schwinn..............Let me know what you have.............email me at carric4600@gmail.com.........Rich
  40. redline1968

    Motobike confusion what year is it? Indian? Ideas??

    just got this today it has been repainted red with some green darts... it gives me the Indian vibe but not sure.. has early fork and badge placement....Not sure on this one. Any ideas.
  41. B

    Hi . wanted Orline chicken Motor/Parts

    HI i am looking to make /build a orline chicken motor from my NOS engine which i recently acquired and i am searching for parts to make it , I am not sure if at this stage if the motor which i have is possible. but if you have some parts to spare then please contact me , a non working...
  42. stoney

    Sold **$20.00** 1916 ILLINOIS MOTOR BICYCLE TAG

    2" round disk, aluminum Registered 1916 Motor Vehicle Motor Bicycle license. Paypal $60.00 Please post intension on the thread not just a PM Thanks, ship to lower 48 states
  43. bricycle

    Reduced FS Flash sale!! Johnson Motor Wheel guide/manual

    people, I paid $405 for this,but make an offer/trade For the discriminating collector.... all pages present, not all ripped or Stained... $350 $420 shipped domestic Reply as PM for purchase. 126 173 259 334
  44. Cooper S.

    1966 stingray with KS motor

    I picked up this schwinn stingray from the original owner's sister and it's Dec 1966 dated with a KS BIKE MACHINE motor kit and a bendix 76 hub. (I tried to post this earlier but it didn't post?) after pulling it apart a little, I found that the cranks are 1968 dated and front wheel is a 20...
  45. Robertriley

    1936 Iver Johnson Streamliner with a 1914 Johnson Brothers Motorwheel motor

  46. Goldenrod

    Cut-A-Way Whizzer Engine.

    This is soon to be motorized. Cast iron was cut through with a hand held wheel on a drill. Band saw did the rest. This was made from all junk parts. I plan to take this, and a Red Baron Whizzer with two Gatling guns, to Ann Arbor Show.
  47. StoneWoods

    3hp motorized bike

    I bought a late 40s Schwinn dx with an el cheapo motor and wanted something with more torque. Starting from scratch with a different bike. You know what they say, if you want something done right do it yourself. This is it.