1. Demzie

    Yet Another Mead Crusader

    Needless to say it's mix and match with some odds and ends. My questions are these: Whats Original What's era correct What YEAR is this model? Is there any value to it? Thanks Fellas Flying Zombie
  2. GoofyBike

    10th annual Hartville, Oh Classic Bicycle and Motorbike Show

    Save the date! September 6, 7, 8, 2018 Save the date! 10th Annual Antique & Classic Bicycle, Motorbike and Motorscooter Show & Swap Meet in Hartville, OH. Jellystone Park Campground and Comfort Inn hotel nearby. Onsite camping -no hookups- also available. Open To All No Admission Charge...
  3. Luckykat32

    Prewar Schwinn - need info

    I'm not a Schwinn guy so I'm not sure how to date this one. I would guess 20s to early 30s, but wanted to know if someone can help with the serial numbers.
  4. mongeese

    Teens clad wheel set 28” very nice originals

    550 plus shipping from Wisconsin. Very very straight. No hops and no left to right. Straight straight straight. Pinstriping is very visible and original. They have not been cleaned or messed with at all. Original teens motorbike wood steel clad set.
  5. G

    bmx bars with skulls

    bmx bars covered in skulls, way kool stuff 40 bux plus shippin
  6. G

    Sold 30s schwinn motorbike fenders

    nice pair of wide 30s Schwinn motorbike fenders with flat braces , nice fenders with 2 extra holes in the rear one. repaints . 275 bux plus shippin
  7. C

    1935-36 Motorbike all or project

    Hi I am still Looking for a 1935-36 Schwinn Motorbike. I would prefer a complete bike but I am open to just about anything. Rusty or Original or Restored. This is for my own personal use. Thanks In advance for your help
  8. fordmike65

    Sold 20's Excelsior Built Elgin Motorbike

    Picked this up due to being a tall 20" frame, but decided to put my funds into other ongoing projects. I have not serviced anything except for adding a matching paint carrier and a dropstand I had lying around. Has a great patina to it, though paint should clean up some. Sports a rarely seen...
  9. M

    Looking for 1940s CCM Motorbike handlebar and 1924 Cleveland fork.

    Good day. I am Mark from Ottawa, Ontario. I am looking to purchase a “motorbike” handle bar (with the cross bar) and stem to fit a 1940 CCM. I am also looking for a traditional fork to fit a 1924 Cleveland. Please send me a PM at mathibeault1970@gmail.com if you can help Thanks Mark.
  10. Freqman1

    Milton-'35 Shelby Motorbike

    So I bought this bike from our illustrious CABE owner just because I really like the early balloon tire motorbikes and I could see the cool factor which the seat lent to this one. The bike had been house painted over what was left of the original blue and white so no saving any original paint. I...
  11. Autocycleplane

    WTB - Nice original 38-39 Schwinn Motorbike

    I'm looking for a nice original paint 1938 or 1939 Schwinn Motorbike. Any color other than dark red/maroon considered, must have all original painted parts. Big stacks of cash and partial trades ready to make a deal for the right bike. I'm looking for a keeper here, something I can obsess over...
  12. Bike Magnet

    WTB 1936 Elgin Motorbike balloon tire front fender

    I'm looking for a front fender or fender set for a 1936 Elgin Motorbike. Any help finding a good fender is much appreciated. Thanks!
  13. Freqman1

    Correct Decal for this Shelby Motorbike

    So while at MLC I was told the Western Flyer badged variety of this bike had a "Flyer" tank decal and not "De Luxe" like seen with other badges. Anyone have a pic of the "Flyer" decal? Is it a cursive type font like the "De Luxe"? V/r Shawn
  14. PlasticNerd

    Reduced 1938 Schwinn Motorbike Frame

    has been painted flat black, that’s hiw I got it. Serial number W81291, small even spaced numbers. I have a springer for it in another listing. $2OO plus bikeflights shipping.
  15. John

    Sold Elgin Sears Motorbike prewar bicycle with original paint

    $910.00 shipped or best offer
  16. bobcycles


    Patina Schwinn Milsco 1936--40 Pogo seat very nice post no dings or dents, leaf spring is good, All there orig parts, dry leather shrank Could still work on a rider 1000 plus postage Bobcycles@aol.com Pm here -------LIGHTS SOLD Early version 1936-38 snap bezel Seiss lights A few minor...
  17. bobcycles


    ----FEATHER sold Reproduction Schwinn prewar motorbike autocycle Chrome feather chain guard excellent condition missing the back clamp 40.00 Plus postage BEAUTIFUL NOS 1950s Schwinn deluxe pedals made in Germany with big blocks.... Torrington eight style petals only with schwinn end caps...
  18. Y

    Prewar stem for teens motorbike

    looking for a teens stem for long pull handlebars (similar to picture). Pm if you have one sale Thanks Jeff
  19. B

    Sold Prewar 1 3/8" Glass Faceted Reflector Motorbike & $65 Shipped

    No cracks and post is secure. Paypal is OK piercevegasjack@aol.com

    Motorbike vs motorbike

    Are these the same year and style or are they different would like to know The differences between the two if any thank you
  21. prewarbikes4sale

    Sold 1936 Schwinn Cycleplane Motorbike original

    1936 Cycleplane 5000.00 Free Delivery to Memory Lane with 1000.00 Deposit. Thanks Mike
  22. Freqman1

    Schwinn Motorbike Tank Straps

    Like the title says I need two of these for my '38 Motorbike. The holes measure 1 9/16" center to center. Please PM with pics and price. Thanks, Shawn
  23. 5

    Sold 1947 Whizzer Motorbike

    Excellent 1947 Whizzer Motorbike. Runs great! This was restored several years ago and looks great. New tires by "John" installed last year. Free delivery if prepaid to Memory Lane. $2995 offer . Call Mike @ 920-980-5218
  24. ohmybike

    Sold Torrington motorbike style stem

    Re chromed stem. 65 shipped or offer PayPal FF
  25. ohmybike

    Sold 1930’s Motorbike stainless gutters

    B10E gutters Comes with stand holder rear reflector. 300 shipped. PM if interested. PayPal FF or add 3%


  27. carlitos60

    Early 20s ELGIN Motorbike Project!!

    Up for Grabs is My Original Early 20s ELGIN Motorbike Project!! Sears Chief Brother!! $455 Shipped OBO!! PMs Please!
  28. willswares1220

    Reduced ~ Teen's - 20's " Blue Grass " motorbike project for Parts ~

    SORRY ~ ( I decided to part out in this thread, Instead of selling whole ) ( " Blue Grass" Motorbike for Parts: ) Available > Project Motorbike Frame ~ Fork ~ Head badge ~ Chain Ring & cranks > $250.00 shipped > SOLD < Diamond Chain ( 55 links ) > $40.00 Shipped > SOLD < Heavy spring...
  29. ratdaddy

    1938 schwinn motorbike parts

    I've decided to part this out.all prices are pp as gift plus shipping to wherever your at in lower 48 from Paris texas.1st is a 38 schwinn motorbike frame small number as in pic.super frame no dinks or repairs.alittle wear on left axel plate.325.2nd is a prewar schwinn springer small rods.a few...
  30. Bikermaniac

    Found Wanted early motorbike stem.

    Looking for a stem like this. These stems were used by Davis and Westfield and probably other manufaturers as well. I've seen them on Sears Chiefs, Daytons, Harleys and Indians. Please send PM with pics and price. Thanks, Nelson. Credit to Scott M. for the picture.
  31. bobcycles


    High Quality water transfer decals I had made over the years... Hard to find and never before reproduced 35-39 "Wheel" AS delete tank decals ....2 sets as they are always a challenge to apply, especially the door side.. plus a full PATENT sheet, both quality seals and the down tube decals: Ace...
  32. Jay81

    Sold 1937 Schwinn Ace Motorbike

    1937 Schwinn Ace The tires that are on it now are John's whitewall chain treads (see pics below) Note the hole in the rear fender - partially hidden by the license topper. $3000 shipped. USPS money order or cash only. Can deliver to MLC or AA with $1000 down, balance on delivery Could also do a...
  33. bike

    Thanks Cabe!

  34. 4

    1950s Schwinn Whizzer motorbike

    Older restoration not currently running but has good spark and compression. Carb issue I presume, I'll work on it and hopefully get it running. H model engine. Front brake but not Schwinn. Located in Lagrange ga $1900 or trade for bicycles, silver age comics, or collectible toys. I am living in...
  35. ZE52414

    Sold Torrington- Motorbike Style stem (Nice)

    picked this up few weeks ago and I’m Not going to need it. Stem has been rechromed by previous owner. Asking 75$ shipped.
  36. Frosty

    1930s Motorbike Tank

    1930s Schwinns motorbike tank. Got this on consignment / trade hoping to get $2,000 but will consider offers. Had some guys on Facebook chime in and state it was a reproduction. But today an old bike friend who's been in the game for a long time told me there is no way that's a reproduction and...
  37. B

    Antique & Classic Bicycle and Motorbike Show & Swap Meet

    13th Annual Saturday, March 3, 2018, 9AM-1PM, at the United Methodist Church of Uniontown Hall, 13370 Cleveland Ave NW, Uniontown, Ohio. Free Admission. $5/vendor space. Vendor setup 8AM. No early setup. For information contact Jason or Dan Schwaberow at 330-699-4517, Ron Ashley at...
  38. 56jetflow

    Antique & Classic Bicycle & Motorbike Show & Swap Meet Akron Ohio

    Antique & Classic Bicycle And Motorbike Show and Swap Meet Sat. March 3, 2018 at our new location at The United Methodist Church of Uniontown Hall at 13370 Cleveland Ave. NW Uniontown Oh. 3/10 mile North of St. Rt. 619. Open to the public 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM. No admission charge. Vender set-up...
  39. fordmike65

    Western Union motorbike

    This popped up today. Thought the Cabe would like to check it out as well. (Not mine) @cyclingday @redline1968
  40. bobcycles

    Nice large "STADIUM" Motorbike Motorcycle mirror Triumph BSA Norton F/S

    This came in with a load of bicycle items...but appears to be motorcycle...STADIUM mirror made in Great Britain...large high quality ...looks like stainless steel backing Good original condition...a little patina on the stem. If anyone knows the proper application ...enlighten me.. 40.00 plus...
  41. rusty.kirkpatrick

    Motorbike tank

  42. ZE52414

    Sold Prewar motorbike fenders like new.

    Pulled these off my iver because I cleaned up the Og ones. These are nice and straight. 28" fenders. Also included are the flat braces. And clip Asking 175 shipped.
  43. bobcycles


    LAST Bump on the Silver Ray light.....180 shipped.... before it goes to Feepay NICE shiny survivor Silver ray with base, guts, and GLASS lens. This is a nice original light...shows the usually pot metal peppering but unlike most I would say the SHINE out does the pepper here....no issues...
  44. OldSkipTooth

    Sold Excellent early motorbike lamp

    Nice OG lamp here, untested, complete, needs a small lens ring clamp nut with patina, the one on now is new looking. Just under 5" diameter. $175. shipped from 95472
  45. bobcycles

    Nice rolling chassis 39 Schwinn Motorbike!

    Don't see too many spring fork models! Last year for Motorbike! Decent deal...
  46. Bikermaniac

    Sold 1939 Schwinn Motorbike Jewelled Gothic $4,400

    Merry Christmas everyone! I don't want to but I have to sell this beauty (along with other 2 bikes), I hope she finds a new good home. She's for sale with all the bells and whistles. This bike was built around a set of 1939 gothic Schwinn fenders, very rare fenders indeed with flat braces; she...
  47. Rust_Trader

    Sold FS Jeweled Grips and Motorbike Tank

    Nice original grips in good condition. Also include is a nice original paint MotoBike tank. Both for $350 shipped
  48. Pressed Steel 1915

    Found TALL MotorBike Project*TALL

    Looking for a nice TALL frame project....Frame, Fork, Fenders....Like the one for sale here....Its very nice, Just a bit to high for me right now. If you may have one to part with please PM me....Thanks
  49. Jrodarod

    Sold Motorbike Part-Out!

    All painted parts are automotive paint. Not powder coat. Fenders and wheels were painted silver. Paint on fenders is flaking off. Frame SOLD Locking Forks SOLD Rear Rack SOLD Fender set $100 Heavy Weight Drop-Stand SOLD Lobdell 26” balloon wheels and tires SOLD Non-schwinn crank and sprocket...
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