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  1. bikemonkey

    NOS - Murray Spoke Wrench in Original Package

    $10 shipped New Old Stock - From the estate of a retired bicycle shop is a Murray spoke wrench in the unopened package.
  2. bikemonkey

    NOS - Vintage Murray 1/2" x 3/32" 10 Speed Chain Connecting Link in Original Pkg

    $10 shipped - PM's for orders please or I may miss your message. New Old Stock - From the estate of a 1980's retired bicycle shop is a connecting link for a vintage 10 speed chain. This is in the original unopened package and was made in Japan for the Murray bicycle Company. Disclaimer! Use...
  3. 1

    Murray bike parts mens

    Here are some parts left off this murray mens bike (((125 shipped)))l
  4. cadillacbike


    Is this Murray a 54
  5. schwinnguyinohio

    Found Murray wildcat F5 Shifter

    Looking for a Murray F5 Shifter
  6. TheFizzer

    Sold Western Flyer x53 or Murray Reflector

    Nice rear reflector and housing. $110 shipped to lower 48 via PayPal
  7. R

    Murray built western flyer

    Has anyone seen this s# or know where to get info.
  8. B

    Gambles Hiawatha Murray Tricycle

    I am wanting to restore a Gambles Tricycle. I am looking for parts for it. All 3 tires are shot and the rear wheel bushings are shot. The front bearings are still good. I was hoping to either find replacements for the rear wheels and tires or looking for advice on how to replace the rear wheel...
  9. S

    1940 Elgin Murray Ohio built . Tank bicycle pre war balloon "4 sale "

    I don't think original paint...found like this gave a bath ! Working condition . 350.00 plus shipping ! I accept PayPal and ship Black River falls, Wisconsin 715-896-7347
  10. S

    1940 Elgin murray tank balloon tire FOR SALE

    ..not original paint I don't think . Found like this and gave a quick bath !!!. Working condition . $350 plus shipping ! I accept PayPal and ship or local pick up Black River falls , wisconsin
  11. S

    Reduced For sale .1941 Elgin Murray long tank bicycle

    Not original paint .. this is how it was found . I accept PayPal or via check but will not ship till it clears ... will ship . I'll split cost . $675 or best offer !! Or partial trade ... 715-896-7347 Andrew Black River falls, wisconsin
  12. F

    Murray mercury strato line moq

    at bottom of downtube reads moq 71937 the charts im seeing put this at 1959 but the fender paint looks earlier. did they repeat the codes? i see people Happy about their skip tooth gear is that an indication of age? mine is not skip tooth. mostly asking to help decide if i should part this out...
  13. jmastuff

    vintage 50's murray kids wagon,has been weld repaired

    cool old wagon, after looking closely the bottom has been repaired by the front wheels...50.00 F/F plus shipping, add 3% regular p/pal
  14. jmastuff


  15. kirk thomas

    1970 Murray Mark 3 in NY

    https://utica.craigslist.org/bik/d/1970-murray-mark-three/6620078252.html This bike has the wrong handlebars but still a beauty. I can pick up and ship
  16. kirk thomas

    1958 Murray Meteor Flight in NY

  17. kirk thomas

    1977 Murray Eliminator in NY

    https://hudsonvalley.craigslist.org/bik/d/vintage-1977-murray/6617224542.html You cant beat that price. I can pick up and ship.
  18. hullkid1955

    Murray Titan X63

    Hi! I have my original Murray Titan X63 and am hoping to find some parts for it. I'm hoping to replace the tank light because the silver plastic part (bezel?) is broken on the left side. I've searched eBay and other placed but haven't been able to find anything. I will be replacing the tires...
  19. irideiam

    Sold 26" 1964 Murray Flightliner Cruiser

    26” 1964 Flightliner, complete, never repainted, frame is covered in surface rust with original paint still visible, the rims, guard and fenders will cleanup pretty well with super fine 0000 steel wool, see pictures of test spots, minor pitting in chrome. The front light is complete and...
  20. Pressed Steel 1915

    PostWar Murray * Rusted

    Saved this poor thing from a local antique shop....They told me to make " yard-Art " out of it...But I know better. Only one small hole in head light ( So-Far ) Would like to try the kiddie-pool & rust remover from Home Depot. 1950's 26" Murray
  21. L

    I *think* this is a Vintage Postwar Murray? Help?

    Hello all, new member here. I have been restoring some old bikes and came across this vintage cruiser and can't find any serial numbers or identifying marks on it. The two things that stand out are the double, side-by-side top tubes and the rear dropouts with their teardrop shaped tab (wing...
  22. R

    Murray Meteor Flite Questions

    Not my first old bike (also have a Murray Aeroline) but I just picked up this nice original Meteor Flite and I had some questions about it. The first thing I was wondering was the year, It's definitely not a 50's one, I know that much. The numbers I can see are MOW 40.... 303426. The rear...
  23. cawfebug

    1994 Murray Lunar

    I bought this for my sons to transition from their Schwinn Bantam, but they are still riding their classic bikes (good boys!). This is a very clean BMX style bike. 1994is was close to the last year Murray made bikes in the USA. Every now and then I raise the seat and ride it around the...
  24. cawfebug

    First big bike 1977 (Murray?)

    Nothing fancy but I loved the bike and got me into riding. I think it's a Murray based on the reflectors??
  25. RLS

    John Doe build

    So, this is where it all began........ WHAT ON EARTH Where it's going.... not sure yet. It wound up dismantled on my buddies scrap pile... then loaded up and drug BACK to my place on a whim. Hell if it's going to the scrap yard why not second look right? I thought about turning into a custom...
  26. C

    30’s Mercury / Murray Streamline Deluxe

    pretty cool trike to share. Nice patina Thanks Mark
  27. partsguy

    Reduced NOS Rims!

    Here's a lil somethin' that is getting very scarce today. Vintage, NOS chrome rims from the 50s. I originally bought these from the Hearn Bros, and intended to use them on a Radiobike. I decided to go with the original zinc finish. This is a pair of vintage 26" new old stock rims. They are 1...
  28. JimRoy

    Murray Derby - Ready for another 80

    Hi Cabers. I just finished restoring a 1938 Murray Derby for my granddaughter. She’s six and I asked her what color she wanted and she said “Pink Gramps”. I received the bike in mid February and rust was literally falling of the bike. I managed to save most of the parts except the rims and...
  29. TheFizzer

    Reduced 1953 Murray Strato Line

    Super nice great riding 26" Murray with original paint. New tires. Working headlight & horn. I don't wanna sell but it's just a little too short for me to ride, I'm 6' 5" $525 plus shipping or trade?
  30. T

    Murray Solar Fight (Spaceliner) Custom Sturmey S2C Coaster Kickback

    Murray Solar Fight (Spaceliner) Custom Sturmey S2C Coaster Kickback On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Murray-Solar-Fight-Spaceliner-Custom
  31. kirk thomas

    Sold Murray Fleetline headlight complete$300shipped

    This light is in nice condition and I am sure with a little work it should work or maybe it does work. I have not tested it. This light is a hard one to find. I would like $300 OBO shipped for this item.
  32. kirk thomas

    Sold Murray Fleetline Forks 26" men's$150 shipped

    These forks are in nice rider condition. They came from a men's 26" bike. They are nice and straight and the bearings will be included. I would like $150 shipped.
  33. RLS

    What on earth

    I'm new to the cabe, and joined mostly because I have an old clunker that seems prewar, but I cannot figure out the frame at all. Despite the John Deere paint scheme complete with hand brushed pinstriping, the original color was red, the fenders Navy/Royal Blue and are likely not for it. There...
  34. M

    Help identifying this sears Murray bicycle

    Well what I thought was a Schwinn Corvette by running the numbers through bikehistory.org is really a Murray bicycle. I would like any info on this bicycle. I don’t know where to look, so far I can’t find the info to determine the year or model. MOP 502 47600 8-57165 Thank you. Tracy
  35. M

    Murray serial number info

    Well what I thought was a Schwinn Corvette by running the numbers through bikehistory.org is really a Murray bicycle. I would like any info on this bicycle. I don’t know where to look, so far I can’t find the info to determine the year make or model. MOD 502 47600 8-57165 Thank you. Tracy
  36. the2finger

    Sold 1958 Murray Deluxe Fleetline

    Hi Kids, First Ford Mikes black hole sprung a leak now my plumbing is going south too. 1958 Murray Fleetline much scarcer than a X-53 you just don’t see these turds that often and when you do they are usually really goofed up. Nice complete original bike. Minor paint scratches on guard and tank...
  37. rustyrelicks


    I need one or two Murray hubcaps for my HAPPI TIME tricycle. They measure about 1-13/16 across the back. Thanks hey don't have to be as nice as the ones pictured. Thanks
  38. rustyrelicks


    I need one or two Murray hubcaps for my HAPPI TIME tricycle. They measure about 1-13/16" across the back. They don't have to be as nice as the one pictured. Thanks
  39. Nickinator

    Sold Half Moon Bars Elgin JCH Murray Westfield +

    Pretty nice, look straight. A few spots of chrome loss and scratches. Hard to find, especially in nice condition. 23" across. $75 shipped if PP no fees, or $79 as Goods. Message if interested. Darcie/Nick
  40. bikesnbuses

    NICE girls Murray in NJ! of FB

    https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/948179618677226 Not mine in Westwood NJ!
  41. J

    50’s Murray “ratrod” $300

    Kool bike, rides nice actually .wheels have small “wobbles” someone painted the wheels, don’t think they are correct either .No kickstand Prefer local pickup .
  42. Glenn Rhein

    Sold Murray sonic flite

    Nice complete Murry sonic flight, tires are toasted bike is been sitting in the barn but should clean up really well $200 and free delivery to Copake
  43. cheeseroc

    Sold 1954 Murray Meteor Flite $125 | New Jersey

    Really straight double top tube bike with great patina. Nothing is stuck. Everything appears to be there with the exception of the exerciser seat. Pick it up in jersey.
  44. detroitbike

    N.O.S. Murray Pedal Boat -1966

    Brand new old stock (1966) never assembled Murray BOAT. $3200 Shipped Payment F/F or + 3% , M.O., or can bring to ML - AA shows One chance to own this Rare Piece.
  45. JOEL

    Withdrawn NOS Seats

    No longer available.
  46. Krakatoa

    ~ ~ Murray Built Elgin Long Tank Differences Straight vs Curved Tube ~ ~

    I know some members here have example of these bikes and was wondering if anyone could get some detail shots of the tank rear where it crosses the seat tube. I'd like to see pics for both straight seat tube and curved seat tube tanks. If someone had a bike apart already all the better as some...
  47. Dave Stromberger

    Murray BMX... ?

    I've had this for probably 20 years now... stuffed it in a shed and forgot all about it until recently. What is it? I know it's built by Murray, but Googling for "Murray BMX" I don't see anything quite like it.
  48. jrcarz

    Looking for Huffy #4 MX and Murray MX

    Hi Looking for this Bike and Murray MX . Must be in excellent condition with number plates. P.M. me or call 847-401-1332 Thanks