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  1. Freqman1

    Sold Wald? Rams Horn Bars

    These appear to be NOS/never mounted exhibiting very light shelf wear. I believe some chrome polish + elbow grease would make these nice enough for just about anything. Bars are unmarked so not sure of maker. Measure approx 20 3/4" across. I'm not a muscle bike guy so unsure of application or...
  2. rose359

    Triumph Muscle Bike - Seeking Information

    I want to return this Triumph muscle bike to road worthiness, but have been unable to find any information about it. It bears no model name, but is very similar to the Rodeo and Fireball bikes manufactured by Raleigh. Raleigh built and sold Triumph bicycles at this time. It features a Sturmey...
  3. Junkman Bob

    Sold 1973 Disc brake lemon peeler

    I have up for consideration a 73 lemon peeler with atom front drum brake and rear disc brake . Not an expert but looks to be in OG condition. It seems to need a new cable for rear but not sure if it is hooked up properly. A good cleaning will do this bike justice ( the fun part of getting this...
  4. Notagamerguy

    1981 kia industrial co deluxe mussel bike

    Hello this is my first time posting to the cabe but ive learned alot about schwinn via these many threds. However i picked this bike up a few days ago and was wandering if anyone has any information on it or picture of another one. I do know it was made kia before it was a car company and it was...
  5. JGG

    Sold 1971 Schwinn Manta Ray - Yellow

    I have a nice 1971 Schwinn Manta Ray 24” muscle bike up for grabs. All in all in really nice condition with some bells and whistles (not literally). Someone had the seat recovered at some point with what appears to be sheep skin/fur, but is recovered to the original seat pan. Looks to be all...
  6. Dave Stromberger

    Sold Swing Bike

    Unmolested original with very nice paint! I have no idea what year it is. The chrome has surface rust and it won't all clean off as it's etched the surface, but I think if you gave all the chrome parts an OA bath they'd look pretty darn good! STP sticker intact from the original owner back in...
  7. J

    Reduced 1966 Schwinn Stringray Fastback (Black)

    I purchased this bicycle from the original owner, time to pass it on. Everything is original on the bicycle besides the front tire and brake pads. The seat is in amazing condition! I am located in the lower NY area. $799.
  8. Dave Stromberger

    1964? Western Flyer Buzz Bike

    Looking for some help from the muscle bike experts. I only have this one photo... may buy the bike on Saturday. Going by the photo, is this a '64? Did it have fenders originally? Thinking about buying it for my nephew who turns 7 soon.
  9. I

    Huffy Rail Dragster Slingshot

    Looking for a Huffy Rail, Dragster or Slingshot. Prefer complete or mostly complete bike. I’m located in Tulsa, OK, so would need to be regional or willing to ship. Thanks!
  10. P

    Reduced Murray Built Sears Screamer want gone, make an offer asap

    Murray built sears screamer selling for $1000(plus shipping) pickup, or possible delivery near banning California Just don't have space for them right now. MAKE ME AN OFFER $900 (plus shipping)
  11. B

    Royce Union muscle bike info needed.

    Can anyone tell me what this is worth. Not sure the year but I believe it is a 66-68. It is a Royce Union. It is in excellent condition and rides beautifully.
  12. Jim Barnard

    Sold Raleigh Chopper "Sprint GT" Red line rear tyre 20 x 1.75 Vinylon

    These were sold to me as NOS. I suspect that at least one of these have seen light use. There is a spot of grey house paint on one. The original spray red lines are not perfect but presentable. As far as I know, these came on the Raleigh 20 and the Chopper Sprint from 1972 and have never been...
  13. P

    Withdrawn sears spaceliner, JC higgans, Three star columbia, Murray built sears screamer (SHIPPING INCLUDED)

    ALL PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE IF YOU SEE THE POST AND THINK PRICES ARE TOO HIGH LET PM ME THE REASONABLE AMOUNT PM me and we can discuss a price that works within a reasonable range that works for me as well as you OFFERS ARE WELCOME As life happens some things have to go. Currently located in...
  14. Jim Barnard

    Reduced 1967 Schwinn Fastback 5 speed Original unmolested in CT

    Very complete and original 67 schwinn Fastback Sting Ray serial #hc79266 August 1967. Bike has been hanging from a shop ceiling rafters forever. NO touch up. Original tires, seat, etc. I just replaced the original tubes. This will clean up very well. $1,200 shipped NOW $1,050.00 shipped
  15. Jim Barnard

    Sold 1971 Schwinn Sting ray Orange Krate 5 sp. In CT

    Honest original bike, the pics tell this story. Chrome needs attention on the bars, rims and derailleur cage. Paint and screenings are pretty good. Seat is very nice and the original tires are a pleasure to behold. $1,250.00/ Trades for original paint MK 1 Choppers...
  16. Jim Barnard

    Sold 1979 Schwinn Sting Ray Lil Chik Pristine in CT

    Very cool time piece with little wear to show for the 40 years it has adorned Gods Grey Earth! Someone Must have a Grand daughter who needs this beautiful bicycle. Near perfect example of one of the last Sting Ray Bikes ever made. Correct tires including a gripper Slik! From the 79 catalog...
  17. U

    Bike Pals Checkerboard Mirror in decent shape $110 shipped

    Hi, here for your consideration is this Bike Pals checkerboard mirror. In pretty good shape overall and was in original packaging as late as 2008.
  18. T

    1970 Schwinn Apple Krate Old School Stingray Stikshift Chopper Muscle Bike 5 spd

    1970 Schwinn Apple Krate Old School Stingray Stikshift Chopper Muscle Bike 5 spd On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/1970-Schwinn-Apple-Krate-Old-School-Stingray-Stikshift-Chopper-Muscle-Bike-5-spd/142866853064?
  19. ZE52414

    Reduced Men’s 24” sears muscle bike (Nice)

    Up for grabs I believe is a 67 sears Spyder 5 speed. I don’t know a lot about these bikes. But this one appears to be OG condition minus the rear tire. this bike is as found condition. I haven’t even wiped it off. I will let the pics do the talking, if you need any other pics let me know. I’m...
  20. dave429

    Reduced Wald (NOS?) Ladies or Juvenile block pedals, Musclebike?

    Wald block pedals. Look Nos but can't be certain if they were installed or not. Please see pictures for measurments. Payment via PayPal and shipping to 48 U.S. states only. USPS priority shipping from 54703 $35 shipped NOW reduced to $25 shipped
  21. T


  22. T

    1970 Schwinn Stingray ''Cotton Picker'' 5 Speed Krate Muscle Bike Rare

    1970 Schwinn Stingray ''Cotton Picker'' 5 Speed Krate Muscle Bike Rare On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/1970-Schwinn-Stingray-Cotton-Picker-5-Speed-Krate-Muscle-Bike-Rare/192578147127?
  23. T

    Schwinn stingray Cotton Picker 5 speed Krate muscle bike Atom Slik Banana seat

    Schwinn stingray Cotton Picker 5 speed Krate muscle bike Atom Slik Banana seat On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Schwinn-stingray-Cotton-Picker-5-speed-Krate-muscle-bike-Atom-Slik-Banana-seat/283017269515?
  24. WildBill Prolago

    Schwinns For Life Muscle Bike Drags at Bicycle Heaven swap meet

    At or about 2:00 pm Saturday June 9th. Required: 20×2.125 rear slick, banana seat. Run what ya brung stock or modified. Trophy for first place and runner up. I will be set up in the vender area for sign ups.
  25. Alan Ward

    *SOLD* Roadmaster Avenger 5 Muscle Bike For Sale Or Trade

    Roadmaster Avenger 5 Muscle Bike *Im new to the cabe, used to the FB groups so if I do this wrong I do apologize* FOR SALE OR TRADE I have a Roadmaster AMF Avenger5, 5 Speed, all original as far as I can tell except the rubber (back tire is still pretty cool though) troxel seat needs to be...
  26. KingOBO

    Rescued Muscle Bike Identity?

    Any masters of muscle know who made this bike? House painted red, blue underneath. Rollfast maybe. Has oem sears tires on it .
  27. Jrodarod

    Muscle Bike Tire

    trade: Carlisle Jet Flyte 20 x 1.125 Slik Tire. Does have some cracks but rides fine. I’m looking for a good front 20” S7 WestWind white wall tire to trade. I’m fine with off with. Located in Whittier CA. Locals only please.
  28. bobcycles

    Reflectors Various....Silver King, Monark, Columbia, Muscle bike etc F/S

    Scarce Silver King taillight lens, 1930s, embossed star pattern, good shape! Very unusual bicycle lens super hard to find 75.00 shipped or best offer. bobcycles@aol.com or msg here Monarch Chrome used Reflector housing missing the Stimsonite lens and Nice (Nos?) Columbia double window...
  29. S

    Schwinn Stingray & Muscle Bike Collection Selling

    Hello, Interested in adding to your existing bike business ?. How about starting your own turn key bicycle business, bike sale, repairs, restorations. I have been selling collector bikes for over 25 years, I will sell the entire collection, as well as all the parts, for all Stingrays, dozens of...
  30. ZE52414

    2 muscle bike speedos/drive/cable

    Selling as a lot. 50$ shipped.
  31. bricycle

    Muscle bike

  32. kingfish254

    Sold 1970 Original Murray Built Federal's III Purple 24" Girls Muscle Bike

    SOLD $450 Plus Shipping 1970 Original Murray Built Federal's III Purple 24" Girls Muscle Bike - Just in time for Valentine's Day. Links to Video and Detailed Pics Album in first comments of this post. Troxel Purple Glitter Banana Seat Red line pedals Red Line Carlisle Rear Tire Red Line...
  33. kingfish254

    1965 Original Murray Built Federal's III Purple 24" Girls Muscle Bike

    1965 Original Murray Built Federal's III Purple 24" Girls Muscle Bike Troxel Purple Glitter Banana Seat Red line pedals Red Line Carlisle Rear Tire Red Line Bridgestone Front Tire 333 Three speed hub and grip shift
  34. A_J

    I need a muscle bike owner to answer a stupid question for me

    I'll keep it simple no experience with them but I'm interested..are they as small as they look in photos? Not huge I'm 5'11 but i do like to ride the bikes in my collection is why I ask. I've yet to have the pleasure of being in person with one just looking at for sale ads. Sears Spyder...
  35. 509clunk

    Schwinn 20” muscle bike Tires / Lester

    gripper on Lester wheel $100 shipped Schwinn studded or tractor(near nos) 45$ shipped Both are in very good shape , studded is very dusty from sitting around
  36. madsapper

    Hawthorne Muscle Bike

    Rollfast made Montgomery Wards brand. 72 or 73 I think. Nice red paint, some normal wear (scratches and chips) but no bends dings or dents. New rubber, all new grease, ready to ride. 225 plus flight.
  37. Clark58mx

    Rat Fink Muscle Bike

    Bought this Rat Fink Muscle Bike today. I believe it's a Sears/Murray? Eliminator? The serial number is 50247525 904076. It's been painted and customized. I bought it from a collector that had it on display. Need help on brand? Year? Any help would be appreciated. It will be for sale
  38. marius.suiram

    Muscle bike identification

    Interested what bike is this?
  39. bikesnbuses

    Cool muscle bike in NY on CL!

    Not mine.. https://hudsonvalley.craigslist.org/bik/d/raleigh-trick-bike/6418552937.html
  40. oskisan

    Muscle bike prices

    Have Muscle bike prices starting going crazy or what? Is $500 anything approaching a "realistic" price for a NOS slick? https://www.ebay.com/itm/332431676834?ul_noapp=true
  41. morton

    Sold McCauley Muscle Bike Rear Rack NOS

    New old stock in unopened package $65 shipped conus priority mail with tracking. New Price: $50 shipped I do not have paypal, payment by Post Office Money Order only. Please do not reply to this post, send private message. Thanks.
  42. KingOBO

    Yet another muscle bike question "Free Spirit Springer"

    Happy Friday! Any professors of Free Spirits around? Any info on this bike would be greatly appreciated. Also where is the serial number located.
  43. Clark58mx


    Bought these two original Muscle bikes from the original owners yesterday. The blue one is a Murray Eliminator. It was painted blue after they purchased it new. It's actually very good paint job. The chrome one i believe is a Sears Spyder. Both are low mileage and are ready to go. Any thoughts...
  44. P

    Sold Nice Sears free spirit 3 speed banana seat bike muscle bike Stingray style

    We have here a Ted Williams Sears free spirit. Bike is all original. 3 speed Everything works as it should. Ready to ride. Asking $150 shipped. Payment by PayPal and shipping by bike flights
  45. Sears Wildcat

    Sears Wildcat



    Went to the Washington State Fair today ,stopped by the hobby hall .Very impressive display of muscle bikes .Don't know the collector ,but a very impressive display .Got my vote for Peoples choice award!
  47. I

    All Original 1970’s Swingbike!

    Up for grabs is this beautifully original Swingbike. This bike was only produced for 3 years. This is the one Jimmy Osmund advertised. I know who you closet Osmund fans are. This one is all original. No tears in the seat, reflectors are there, and the ellusive springs are there, too...
  48. mongeese

    60s muscle bike checkerboard mirror " Bike Pals"

    120 shipped from Wisconsin. Scarce item as you know. High quality - works great.
  49. schwinnguyinohio

    Sold Huffy Muscle bike chain guard

    Removed from a 24 in huffy super stock III , will clean up nice . Comes with mount bracket and hardware . 110 shipped .
  50. rrtbike

    Sold 1963-64 Persons Square Back Sissy Bar

    *****SOLD***** For Sale: Persons Square back sissy bar for 1963-64 Stingray Solo Polo seat. Real straight. Has some scratches and a few bad spots of chrome. Not bad for age. Asking $85 shipped to lower 48 from IA50022 PayPal or Money Order. *****SOLD***** Thanks for looking.