1. atencioee

    Found Wanted: Schwinn B6 Taillight brake light hub ring clip

    Hello! I'm looking for the ring shaped clip for my taillight and New Departure Model D hub. I think I have all the parts except the ring clip (first picture). Also, can soneone tell me where the clip goes? I'm assuming it goes in the groove of the New Departure ring lock (last picture)...please...
  2. Dave Stromberger

    New Departure Mechanics Apron

  3. T

    1953 Schwinn Spitfire (or phantom?)

    I found this bike in a dumpster. After a lot of cleaning, overhauling and ordering NOS parts I've finally rebuilt her. Im asking what she's worth and a little help identifying her. It looks like the paint is not original. Serial number is J69953 so I think its a 53'. Skip-tooth chain. New...
  4. T

    New Departure Model W parts?

    Does anyone know where an individual can find parts, specifically cones, for a New Departure W front hub? Or if anyone knows another cone that fits the same. I have scowered the internet but to no avail! All I've found are cones for WL's which are too small for the bearings. Also, not sure how...
  5. Lux Low

    Wanted: 32 hole Front Hubs, New Departure, Corbin, TOC

    I am Looking for 32 Hole Front Hubs like: New Departure M , Corbin ( Will Not Be labeled ) and Early Barrell Hubs. Prefer Completed but will take shells. LMK What you have ? Thanx tyler
  6. Jim Barnard

    Sold 1940's Schwinn New World war time blacked out model in CT

    Very cool Schwinn light weight from somewhere between 1943 and 1948. I know little about this bike and will not be upset to have opinions and info posted below for others to see. Pics say it all. I see no chain guard marks or bosses, but that is subject to discussion. There is no side stand...
  7. Jon Marinello

    26" Wartime BLACKOUT Schwinn Painted Front Drop-Center Wheel w/ KELLY Springfield ROAD TRAC Tire

    Wheel rebuilt and trued. Spokes carefully cleaned and straightened. New nipples. Includes tube. See pictures. Nice clean hub hardware too. Hub is almost perfect. New Departure Blackout. I will consider selling the tire separately if anyone is interested. These Kelly Springfield road tracs are...
  8. rrtbike

    Sold New Departure Model D rear coaster brake complete * $20.00 Shipped

    ****SOLD**** For Sale: New Departure Model D rear coaster brake hub. Off mid 1940's Monark Rocket Rough looking but was working. Just cut out of wheel. $30.00 shipped **Now $25.00 shipped** *****$20.00 SHIPPED*****
  9. anders1

    Sold Sold...

    $85 shipped for the complete hub in beautiful condition. $65 shipped for the hub missing break arm. $25 Shipped for the 7 Post Clamp. Shipped from S. California, personal messages only please. Thanks
  10. rustjunkie

    2 Big Lots of New Departure Model D Parts on eBay

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/143008758112 https://www.ebay.com/itm/143008764948
  11. mr.cycleplane

    Sold new departure 'c' hub excellant-SOLD

    new departure early 'c' model hub in excellent condition 36 hole dual oiler holes . hub looks nos and never been laced. 35 shipped pp/ff
  12. S

    Sold Very Nice 26" Enamel Lobdell Drop Center Rims New Departure hubs $175 shipped

    This set will clean up Very nice. Original paint. Both hubs are New Departure rear is blackout and the finish is super nice the front is the nicest unrestored one I have ever seen. Both rims spin true within 1/8" or less , axles are straight with nice threads. Blackout coaster brake strap included.
  13. DaveZ

    Found WTB a New departure Model C

    Looking for a decent Model C 36h hub. Or just a decent shell. Thanks!
  14. kunzog

    New Old Stock Old Style New Departure Brake Arms-Consider Trades for License Plates!

    Here are 2 nice New Old Stock, Ols Style, New Departure Brake Arms, They are unused. Cadmium plated,Some staining to plating. $20. each plus $7. Priority Shipping in US Paypal
  15. kunzog

    Sold NOS New Departure Brake Arms-Consider Trades for License Plates!

    Here are 4 nice New Old Stock New Departure Brake Arms, They are unused. 3 are Cadmium plated, 1 is chrome plated. Some staining to plating. $20. each plus $7. Priority Shipping in US Paypal
  16. A

    NEW DEPARTURE EARLY BELL Parts needed see picture - maybe buy whole bell

    I guess old metal is near impossible to weld or braze, so I'll try my luck to see if anyone has a bell part like the one in the picture, please count the teeth to see if you have something with the same tooth count. I have all the other part, the ear just keeps breaking off. This is the style...
  17. Krakatoa

    NOS Pre WWII WALD '3' Stems, ND D Blackout Brakearms, Blackout Wood Grips, Ball End Grips, Aluminum Bike Tags!

    I have come across some great NOS WALD '3' stems! These are genuine prewar and have never been installed and retain most of their original plating and finish. There is scattered peppering on the hardware as shown, however these are just terrific! Correct for many makes and models from CWC to...
  18. O

    New Departure 36 heavy duty nos d hub shell

    Does anyone have one?
  19. T

    WTB New Departure W front hub cones

    Looking for New Departure W front hub cones, but would also take replacement overhaul kit. I believe Wald #107 would work. Many thanks.
  20. RustyK

    Sold New Departure 2 speed parts

    CABLE AND BLACKOUT PULLEY ARE STILL AVAILABLE New departure 2 speed parts. Tagged price is price shipped. SOLD - CHROME PULLEY, SHIFT LEVER AND COMPLETE SHIFT LEVER ASSEMBLY SOLD OLD STYLE cable is 33 inches long, not counting the fittings.
  21. nycet3

    Withdrawn New Departure Parts Cabinet

    It's time for someone else to enjoy this beauty. Wooden New Departure parts cabinet. (I believe it is oak with lap joint joinery.) I have never seen another example of this, and I have searched high and low. It's all original. It was wiped down and oiled, but not refinished. Incredible patina...
  22. John G04

    New departure skip tooth hub

    Looking for a single speed skiptooth new departure hub in good rideable condtion . Pm me please if you have one your looking to sell. Thanks
  23. Rust_Trader

    Sold FS New Departure 2 Speed

    Really nice blackout 2 speed, complete. $479 shipped
  24. szathmarig

    Sold New Departure 2 speed parts.

    $65 shipped for what you see.
  25. MsRock2

    Withdrawn Seat Posts, Cranks and New Departure Brake Arm

    1. 097 skip tooth crank and sprocket - dog leg $20 2. 9024A 7" arms $15 3. H 501 7" arms $25 - SOLD 4. M 51-36 pre-war dog leg crank $15 5. 5A2264 post war ballon tire crank $15 6. Huffman type Stem $15 - shipping included 7. 7" seat post $22 SOLD 8. Lucky 7seat 6" post $18 - shipping...
  26. kreika

    Wanted: New Departure 2-speed parts

    I have the hub and pulleys... Looking for the rest: Actuator, cable, and lever...Thank you!
  27. gtdohn

    Sale Pending 1902-1903 TOC New Departure Duplex Rear Hub 36 Hole

    Very nice ND Duplex rear coaster brake hub with 36 spoke holes. Plating isn't the greatest but will look perfect on an older restoration or an original rider. Functions perfectly Good teeth on the cog which is rare. Includes axle nuts and arm strap. $275. shipped to anywhere in the lower 48...
  28. MOTOmike

    Question about New Departure Model M Hubs

    Does anyone know if the New Departure Model M hub with the oil cover is older or newer than the one without, and approximately what years each hub was produced. I'm trying to figure out which hub would be more period correct for a 1916 bike. Or were both hubs produced simultaneously? Thanks...
  29. bobcycles


    NICE Fully restored Prewar 36 hole New Departure hub set for just about any prewar Balloon bike imaginable. Completely replated in chrome and cadmium inside and out...NOS axle on front. these are as clean on the inside as out...in other words 100% restored. 100 shipped bobcycles@aol.com or...
  30. rustjunkie

    Withdrawn NOS Blackout New Departure Front Hub

    NOS unused, 36h WL $50/shipped $45 shipped tracked & insured $40 shipped tracked & insured, no extra charge for paypal
  31. mongeese

    Sold New Departure early hubs on 27” 1970s rims for riding

    These were built in the 70s and are in barely used condition. Mount on your TOC bikes and go for a spin. 120$ plus the shipping from Wisconsin. Hubs are excellent inside and untouched on the outside.
  32. TR6SC

    Found New Departure 11 Tooth Cog

    Anyone got an eleven tooth cog they would like to find a good home for? Many thanks.
  33. whizzer kid

    New departure M hub also 2 chain rings moto era F/S

    Have these small parts up for grabs M hub, clear stamping cones don’t quite match and have some use. But can be made to work . Also no bearings. 65 Plus ship ///SOLD/// Rings Both well used but look neat I don’t know what they are off of. 25 ea. ////LARGER ONE IS SOLD, /// Plus shipping
  34. rustjunkie

    Sold NOS New Departure Blackout Front Hub

    36 hole WL, unused old stock. $50/shipped
  35. 39zep

    New Departure Rarity

    Trying to do some research on this New Departure Shifter. Looks to me like a center plate and longer shifter screw. The fact that this is a model specific adapter is very cool. I was told that there was a shifter adapted to a hex tube. I also included an ad that shows the shifter and pulley...
  36. 39zep

    New Departure Rarity

    Saw this and now I would like to own one. Top dollar paid. Actually any info on this would be greatly appreciated. I’m assuming it’s just the center plate and longer shifter screw. See balloon tire section for additional post. Thanks!
  37. bobcycles

    New Departure Hub i.d.

    Wondering if anyone can i.d. this odd and unusual New Departure hub?
  38. kreika

    New Departure 3-speed lever differences

    I have these three Nos ND 3-speeds levers. One is different and has a pulley wheel on it. Any ideas what it’s for? Thanks for any help!
  39. Vintage Paintworx

    Sold New Departure 22t cog

    This was chromed, probably not the best candidate for it, it doesn't look like it was buffed so not much shine, doesn't stand out too much. 22 teeth! $50.00 shipped
  40. rustjunkie

    Sold 1950s New Departure Model D Hub

    Complete minus brake arm strap and axle washers. Bearing surfaces are better than many, worse than others. Will need to be degreased and rebuilt. $30/shipped tracked and insured. $25/shipped tracked and insured.
  41. rustjunkie

    Sold New Departure NOS Model A Transfer Sleeve

    $25/shipped tracked & insured. $23/shipped tracked & insured No extra charge for PayPal
  42. L

    New Departure Model A parts

    I have a bunch of NOS Model A parts. Some oxidation/staining but all appear to be unused and ready to go. I have A3, A6, A8, A9, A10 and A12s $15 each and I'll pay shipping if you buy more than 1. PayPal Friends within CUS.
  43. rustjunkie

    Sold New Departure Blackout WL 36h Front Hub

    Good used condition. cones and races look pretty good, better than some worse than others. Correct and original nuts and washers. $20/shipped
  44. gtdohn

    Sold TOC New Departure Model R race hub

    New Departure Model R race hub in very good condition. Complete and ready for installation on your TOC race bike. Lock ring and cog are free and easily removed for lacing. $80 shipped to the lower 48 states only PayPal as friends Thanks
  45. L

    New Departure Model A part question

    I have some New Departure model A brake parts that I believe to be NOS, but they have some oxidation on them. I'm not familiar with the model A and I want to be sure they are intact/working before offering them up for sale. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!
  46. Vintage Paintworx

    Sold New Departure 2 speed parts

    I swapped out to NOS parts so no need for these. Two 12 tooth cogs One chrome shifter pulley One early style axle, good teeth on the gear. No bearings included, $100.00 shipped for all.
  47. Vintage Paintworx

    Sold New Departure 11 tooth cog

    New Departure 11 tooth cog. $45.00 shipped.
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