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  1. Jim Barnard

    Sold 1940's Schwinn New World war time blacked out model in CT

    Very cool Schwinn light weight from somewhere between 1943 and 1948. I know little about this bike and will not be upset to have opinions and info posted below for others to see. Pics say it all. I see no chain guard marks or bosses, but that is subject to discussion. There is no side stand...
  2. locomotion

    Found very nice Schwinn New World badge.

    very nice 1940 Schwinn New World badge.
  3. S

    Sold Ladies 1940s Schwinn New World 3-speed $100

    1940s Ladies Schwinn New World. Nice old rider bike with some upgrades - modern aluminum rims; Schwinn-approved Weinmann brakes/levers; Kool Stop Continental brake pads. New shifter and brake cables. Sturmey Archer 3-speed rear hub with classic "upside down" Sturmey shifter. Fresh grease in...
  4. S

    Sold 1940s Schwinn New World $300

    1940s Schwinn New World. Hand brazed Schwinn from the early years of the Schwinn 3-speeds. Nice maroon paint with generally good graphics. Mesinger World saddle; Sturmey Archer rear hub; Schwinn dural oiler front hub. Schwinn S6 stainless rims were a high-end touch in the 1940s. Schwinn grips...
  5. gkeep

    1952 Girls 24" New World

    I rescued this one about 6-7 years ago from becoming scrap metal. Seem like someone rode it a fair amount but took good care of it. It's too bad it is only a 24". My daughter was not into riding back when it would have fit her size, wife says to small too...but I rode it around the block today...
  6. C

    Looking for info on Mom's vintage New World

    Hello! I'm new here. I'm looking for any information I can gather/verify about my mom's bicycle. This seems like a pretty knowledgeable group so I'm hoping someone here can help. My mom has had this bike since she was little (sometime in the 1940s). She doesn't remember exactly when she got...
  7. 3

    Sold ‘41 Schwinn BFG New World

    Here is a very nice schwinn BF Goodrich 1941 New World. I have never cleaned this bike. I just wiped it off for the pics but this bike would turn out great. My stuff is getting bumped and scraped in my garage so I’m letting stuff go. Beautiful pinstripes, schwinn Superior wheels, Schwinn script...
  8. bobcycles


    Pictures tell the story. 100% original and incredible condition New World War Time 26" Mens bicycles. More Black out than I've seen on any war time bicycle by Schwinn. Even the Schwinn script glass fender reflector bezel is blacked out, as well as bars, sprocket, hubs, bottom bracket, braces...
  9. ByronsBygones

    Schwinn New WORLD *UPDATE* no saddle

    barn bikes, I've got too many and not enough time to love em all. this Schwinn New world is in decent condition, front fender still has some really great color to it. i haven't done any work on this besides a little love with some wd40.. but not in any way extensive. *UPDATE* I sold the...
  10. zedsn

    new world single speed coaster brake

    Just picked this up today from an old bicycle shop. Any idea on year? I am thinking pre war.
  11. Rick Sommer

    Finding good homes for my collection

    Dear Fellow Classic and Antique Bicycle Collectors! I am a bicycle enthusiast who began accumulating classic/antique/vintage bicycles about 40 years ago. Storage has been an issue, and I have not had the time to care for or restore these collectables. I now need to sell them, and I would like...
  12. barnyguey

    ad removed

    ad removed
  13. B

    Schwinn new world

    Do this look to be prewar or postwar. Thinking about getting it. Would appreciate the help.
  14. bobcycles


    BARGAIN BASEMENT VINTAGE SCHWINN LIGHTWEIGHT FRAMES ===================== 41 Prewar NewWorld sold! ===================== 1940 or 41 Schwinn original paint (fair) New World frame set black original paint with head badge on board. All you see here, bare frame, fork and badge. 25.00 plus...
  15. bikiba

    Sold New World

    I've had this bike for a few years and had wanted to refurb it, but like another 15 projects i just dont have the time [ nor energy for ] This is as received except for an area on the front rim where i saw if it cld be polished. Stem and bars seem to have the worst rust and a lot of chrome...
  16. Cooper S.

    1942 new world

    couldnt go to the two swap meets this month but I still managed to find this bike, blacked out pedals with wood blocks and blackouts post war drop outs too
  17. scorpius


    For sale are 2 Schwinn Head Badges in nice condition First is an old Schwinn Spitfire Badge from the 1940s with the airplane spinning propeller design The second is a Schwinn Spitfire badge with the name spelled out that is from the 1950s would sell or trade either early one is 85 , later one...