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  1. ADReese

    Sold NOS Delta torpedo horn

    Very nice Delta "pt" horn. I purchased this as nos and it has been used very little. Light shelf wear on the paint. Gasket is old and brittle. Probably will need to be replaced or not used. Only mounted, not yet taken for a ride. Works great, very loud. $57 shipped usps
  2. bikesnbuses

    Sold !!! NOS white prewar working 6 rib EA fender large bolt mount !!!

    EA 6 rib frontload head light . Some obvious chips from shelfwear / storage but a fantastic light that works! I did not clean the lens I forgot..Sorry..The light itself is uncleaned as well Asking $200 shipped in the USA OBO Thanks everyone ! Jeff Trades ? The only thing Im really wanting right...
  3. rustjunkie

    Sold hardware, more etc GOOD DEALS free shippin

    cleaning the shop buy more pay less paypal as goods no chickensh*t extra charges immediate shipping tracked and insured will add stuff every 2 days or so
  4. Bike Recyclery

    Bendix & Sturmey Archer Hubs / Shells: Kickback - Dynohub - Fixed/Free Mod - AW/AG/SW - RB2 (many NOS)

    a TON of this is still available! I'm offering it all at 30% off, using coupon code "30DRAGONS" at the links above & There is also a bunch of Schwinn stuff there, 30% off using the same code. BULK DEALS! I want to liquidate my Schwinn/Bendix/Sturmey inventory. If you want...
  5. bikerbluz

    New old stock Giovannini frame set

    Hoping someone might have some info on this. I’m pretty sure it’s mid 80s. Couldn’t find much info online. Thanks in advance.
  6. O

    New Departure 36 heavy duty nos d hub shell

    Does anyone have one?
  7. blincoe

    NOS Torrington Spokes

    looking for all sizes to fill up my cabinet. NOS PLEASE..
  8. O.B.G.

    Sold NOS Rocket Grips & Guards

    Box is hanging in there still, but a little rough and taped. Grips and guards in good shape. Never used with cool graphics on box. $100.00 shipped PayPal f &f
  9. ABC Services

    Sold Torrington 10 9/16" double butted nos spokes 120 $30.00 shipped

    120 NOS torrington DB 10 9/16" spokes. These all have some sort of rust / oxidation, just at the bend. $30.00 shipped.
  10. H

    NOS Delta Military Fender Light - Complete Package!

    I thought some of you may be interested in seeing pictures of a complete package NOS Military Delta Fender light. This is in my collection and I just took pictures today. The light is packaged complete with perfect original OD paint ( absolutely no rust or surface corrosion) two parkerized...
  11. G

    nos 5/16 ball bearings

    bag of 100 ct. 5/16 steel ball bearings nos 15 bux plus shippin while supply lasts
  12. stingrayjoe

    New Old Stock Holley Ignition Wire Set Small Block Chevy

    Please PM direct with all repleis do not post comments here thank you. The box measures 2-3/4" x 7-1/4" x 7-1/4". $45. plus the shipping in lower 48 USA

    Sold Worksman NOS fork for sale

    Worksman fork for sale. Houston,Tx US ONLY $40 Shipped
  14. rustjunkie

    Sold 9'+ NOS Cloth Covered Wire

    nine feet plus a lil, wire measures 2.7mm/0.10" $14/shipped tracked and insured.
  15. rustjunkie

    Withdrawn NOS Blackout New Departure Front Hub

    NOS unused, 36h WL $50/shipped $45 shipped tracked & insured $40 shipped tracked & insured, no extra charge for paypal
  16. Dave Stromberger

    NOS Knuckle Guards
  17. bobcycles

    BRACE YOURSELF!!!!! for NOS Schwinn post war braces/ sets...whizzer, 20", 24" 26" Variety... F/S

    NOS braces up for grabs... the real deal...some very hard to find sizes. First up.....S10 WHIZZER front fender braces...NOS Mint and .... a very hard and unusual size to find 2 fronts for S10 spring fork fender 20.00 plus postage bob pm here RARE rare RARE NOS 20" Balloon...
  18. ivrjhnsn

    Sold Detto Pietro cycling shoes New old stock sz 40

    Okay, who can't live without these awesome genuine vintage leather Italian made Detto Pietro shoes.? New old stock. Size 40 . $45 OBO shipped
  19. 66TigerCat

    NOS Schwinn fender struts

    Two genuine Schwinn fender struts. NOS. Includes hardware. May have minor shop wear. They measure 14" from bottom of curve to the center of the hole on the tab. $45. shipped to CONUS. PM me if interested. Thanks.
  20. G

    toc chain adjusters

    set of early chain adjusters nickel plated 30 bux shipped
  21. G

    roadmaster tank

    30s girls roadmaster or Dayton maybe tank 30 bux shipped
  22. G

    Sold nos seat frame parts

    nos seat frame parts and bolts 30 bux shipped
  23. G

    Sold nice indian doudle d crank

    original nickel plate nice indian crank double d style 20 tpi , good for an original bike 100 bux plus shippin. last one
  24. G

    Sold early light bracket

    early used light bracket, hard to find 30 bux shipped
  25. G

    nos colson truss rod acorn nuts

    nos early colson acorn truss rod nuts 15 bux a set shipped also have nos s/16 x 24 tpi with 7/16 hex for other bike mfg
  26. G

    nos early rack mount

    nos early rack mount,100 years old 35 bux plus shippin
  27. rustjunkie

    Sold NOS New Departure Blackout Front Hub

    36 hole WL, unused old stock. $50/shipped
  28. T

    Really nice bicycle or tricycle seat NOS?

    really nice vintage bicycle or tricycle seat! Not sure if it’s ever been used. Price is $50.00 shipped within the Conus. PayPal accepted
  29. stingrayjoe

    Sold NOS headset bearing prewar and post war lot

    PM direct with all replies do not post them here thank you. $25. shipped int he lower 48 USA for the lot.
  30. C

    NOS Schwinn Rims - Some Shelf Wear- Look!

    Hey Guys, Up for sale are NOS Schwinn Rims in assorted sizes- if You need them. All are painted versions with shelf wear and will require some restoration- but are unused and I have stored them for 30 years. This is what I have available... 20 Inch--- 9 S2s (Cream)SOLD-THANKS and 2 S7s...
  31. D

    Nos schwinn decals

    Hi Guys, I purchased approx. 70-80% of the decal inventory when Memory Lane closed their business at an auction. So if anyone needs something, I will try to give you a good deal. What I'm posting now, these 2 different color Schwinn tube decals, are just a sample of what I have. If anyone wants...
  32. rustjunkie

    Sold NOS Morrow 1” Pitch Skiptooth Cogs

    2 NOS cogs available, one I patinated for a project that stalled. $14/ea shipped tracked & insured your choice $13/ea shipped tracked & insured your choice $12/ea shipped tracked & insured your choice
  33. rustjunkie

    Sold 100 NOS 5/16" Bottom Bracket Ball Bearings $10/shipped

    100 NOS 5/16" bottom bracket ball bearings in original package. Push those old nasty steel rocks that some call ball bearings out of the cages in your bottom bracket and push these genuine old-stock USA made ball bearings in. You'll be glad you did. Enough to freshen up 5 bottom brackets. 3 bags...
  34. rustjunkie

    Sold New Departure NOS Model A Transfer Sleeve

    $25/shipped tracked & insured. $23/shipped tracked & insured No extra charge for PayPal
  35. partsguy

    Reduced NOS Rims!

    Here's a lil somethin' that is getting very scarce today. Vintage, NOS chrome rims from the 50s. I originally bought these from the Hearn Bros, and intended to use them on a Radiobike. I decided to go with the original zinc finish. This is a pair of vintage 26" new old stock rims. They are 1...
  36. Vintage Paintworx

    Sold NOS EA Tail Lights

    Left and right EA Tail lights, NOS with wear to the decals. Definitely never had batteries installed or mounted on a bike. $110 shipped.
  37. Dan the bike man

    Sold Near NOS Schwinn Panther

    I bought this from original owner. What’s there is nearly like new and original. Is missing horn button and shift cable. I’m not really a middle weight bike guy. This is a local sale due to a lot of factors. SOLD Thanks for looking.
  38. New Mexico Brant

    Sweet NOS Wald Side Kick Stand 26" bike

    Very clean and nice NOS, never mounted Wald side stand for a 26 inch bike, marked Wald with the patent number, original cad plating, in good condition, some soiling, minor tarnishing, and shelf wear, retains original rear mounting bracket that has never been used as well. Approx. 16 inches...
  39. bikesnbuses

    Sold *72 10 9/16" NOS cad plated double butted spoke set with nipples

    Sweet set of new old stock set of 72 Torrington double butted ( DB ) spokes for your 26 balloon tire wheel set.. These measure 10 9/16" Ive built a set of wheels using these and they work fine ;) Asking $58 shipped obo May trade for cool patinad' prewar handlebar mounted horn or 80s...
  40. Krakatoa

    ~ ~ 20" Bike Musclebike WALD NOS Kickstands! Also one 16" Kickstand! $25 Shipped!~ ~

    Any stand here $25 shipped! Very nice quality 1970's WALD aftermarket kickstands new old stock w/tag! Tag reads ...No. 73-20" STAND Fits Ross Apollo, Huffy, and Murray 20" bicycles. Universal type stand this will fit most 20" bicycles. I also have one 16" WALD nos stand! These are all...
  41. Krakatoa

    Sold ~ SCHWINN APPROVED 1970'S NOS Anti Theft Cable Copperdust! $30 Shipped! ~

    Very nice 1970's new old stock stamped SCHWINN APPROVED plastic coated cable in a copperdust/bronze finish. Great for your period bike! SOLD thanks CABE!
  42. Krakatoa

    Sold $20 ~ WALD Velocipede / Sidewalk Bicycle/ Tricycle Slip On Pedals NOS fits 7/16", 1/2" Pedal Rods! ~

    I have two sets of these nice nos WALD #7127 Velocipide / Sidebalk Bicycle / Tricycle Slip On Pedals, fits 7/16" or 1/2" pedal rods. Bagged, with everthing needed to install, white treads w/reflectors! SOLD
  43. Krakatoa

    ~ ~ 20" Bike Musclebike WALD NOS Kickstands $25 Shipped! Also one 16" Kickstand! ~ ~

    Very nice quality 1970's WALD aftermarket kickstands new old stock w/tag, $25 each shipped! Tag reads ...No. 73-20" STAND Fits Ross Apollo, Huffy, and Murray 20" bicycles. This is a universal stand and will fit most 20" bicycles. I also have one 16" WALD nos stand $25 shipped! Pictured top.
  44. bobcycles

    TIRE Load from NOS to bitchin' F/s MADE IN USA Vintage rubber.....

    FIRST UP! NOS CARLISLE 26X 2/125 WHITE WALLS! These appear to be NOS although one has more Center 'mold flashing' than the other, taller anyway.. NICE soft tires no cracking one has minor water staining in a few minor spots....should Wesleys out! Made in USA! 140.00 plus postage...
  45. Velo-dream

    Withdrawn nos FROG sounding cycle bell- nickle plated

    a never used, new old stock : FROG sounding cycle bell- nickle plated makes a nice and loud frog sound : reugh ....reugh...reugh some minor wear due to storage envirement - see pictures 350 $, shipped with tracking pay pal for friends only
  46. T.J. Higgins

    New old stock fastback front tire

    New old stock. Never mounted. No dry rot. Shipped lower 48 ($85.00) Private message to purchase.
  47. T.J. Higgins

    New old stock manta ray tire front

    New old stock. no dry rot. never installed. ($75.00 Shipped in the lower 48) Private message to purchase.
  48. Darthvader

    For Sale NOS front Fastback tire

    USA made never mounted. 100.00 plus shipping. Black wall 20" Stingray.Thanks
  49. kirk thomas

    Withdrawn 2 NOS Goosenecks $20 shipped

    The one on the right is a Wald 314. The other is some kind of BMX maybe? I would like $20 shipped for both items.
  50. 5760rj

    NOS SouthWell Bros. Locking Stem

    Listing Number # 222982885847.........