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  1. bikesnbuses

    Withdrawn Prewar 1939 Columbia Streamliner single bar project..NO WHEELS or seat included

    MORE detailed pictures coming later today. Sorry..The wheelset is staying with me.. The fenders have been straightened out some,sill have seen better days.one set of braces were replaced with nice originals. Only bolted on,no replacement rivets done(Couldnt find my nos ones)It has a mountain...
  2. Krakatoa

    Sold ~ Pretty Lady '47/'48 Roadmaster Great Color Combo OG Paint! ~

    Offered is this spectacular 1946-1947 Cleveland Welding Roadmaster Ladies 26" deluxe model ballooner. Great original paint and light gray/blue/red color combo on this bike. Condition is way above average with great chrome and very little wear throughout. The bike rides smoothly and straight...
  3. A

    Schwinn fenders

    Real clean original paint 26”, light does not work, good lense
  4. JerryP42

    Sold Prewar Elgin Longtank Burgundy

    Early 1940 Elgin long tank bicycle. Originally paint bike. These long tanks are getting hard to find. The fenders and rack appear to have been originally blue in color, I’m not sure if they are original to this bike or another?? What you see is what you get.
  5. Atlantiques

    1954 Schwinn Panther, original bike!

    This bike is an original parts, original paint bike. Only parts not original to the bike are the tires, which are a very nice set of white walls btw. This bike rides as nice as it did the day it came out of the shop, it floats. It also comes with a great working Cadet speedometer! I personally...
  6. looneymoons

    1954 Colson Firestone Super Cruiser Trike for sale

    Hello-- I'm trying to sell a 1954 Colson Firestone Super Cruiser Trike. It's in very good condition as the paint, tires, plate, etc are all original. The only replacement over the years were the pedals. It has a unique double bar frame, chain-drive, and original Firestone tires. The Colson...
  7. Z

    1950s JC Higgins Sears Header Bike 26" Complete Rider

    1950s JC Higgins Sears Header Bike 26" Complete Rider $800 Plus Calculated shipping via Fedex Ground or pickup in Los Angeles, CA. Cost will be and based on zip code, I ship bikes frequently and pack them very safely.) Looks To be Original outside of the Chinese wheels that the previous owner...
  8. mkatsantiques

    Sold Schwinn Hudson Detroit Girl's Bicycle

    This is a bicycle found in a barn in northwest ohio recently. The lady who owned it was born in 1927. Obviously used. (if it had been a boys bike it would have been pully-ed up in a tree, dropped and condition would be worse....those girls kept their things nice.) I am selling this for a client...
  9. G

    Sold 1953 Panther - Original!

    All original 1953 Schwinn Panther, purchased many years ago from a member on this forum. Serial K30418. Tires have been replaced with repop Typhoon Cords. Horn works but button need a good push. Rocket Ray has some corrosion on the battery tray, with a tiny perforation at the bottom of the case...
  10. S

    1950s Amf ? Sportsmaster Original paint find

    Hey just trying to pin down if this is 40s / 50s / 60s ...and if it's worth me possibly restoring !...any help appreciated!
  11. W

    Womans Schwinn Racer

    womans single speed shwinn racer. Arnold Shwinn, nice patina over original parts. clean unrestored barn find. $100 plus shipping. will take offers.
  12. M

    Royal bike

    So I bought this bike for 25 bucks today. I thought it was a royal prince but the badge says royal made in the Netherlands. I'm working on getting it rideable. Does anyone know where I can get a new gear cable for my 3 speed? The rear hub works and sounds good but the cable is trashed. Thanks
  13. phantom

    Wanted - Middleweight Original Paint

    Must be 2 speed manual with front caliper - similar to my 57 pictured here. Tiger, American, etc:
  14. stingrayjoe

    Sold Old Peugeot Road Bike Frame Fork, Bars crank Clean Original Paint

    Old Peugeot Road Bike Frame, Fork, Bars, Stem, Seat Post, Center section of crank. Clean Original Paint with a 22" frame. The serial # on the rear drop out is 943604. Everything is straight no damage. Was $75. Now $60. + lower 48 USA shipping
  15. Robertriley

    Sold 1939 Original Paint Twin-flex

    Great bike! It will need a new tire and tube but a great bike and has been on many local and Cyclone Coaster rides. Accessories not included(Shur-spin and lock). I will do a 30 day payment plan. $3999 https://thecabe.com/forum/media/albums/1939-airflyte-twin-flex.1248/
  16. 47jchiggins

    Sold This WILL SELL , Men’s Jetflow, Original Paint

    This is an exceptional, 1956 original paint Jetflow, everything works with period correct crash bars and rideable white wall tires (not original). They don’t come much better than this, $OLD plus the ride. Thanks, Todd
  17. John Gailey

    Withdrawn Men's Original Paint Prewar Frame

    This is a very nice straight and true Rollfast frame. Comes with everything shown including skip tooth chain. $295 plus shipping
  18. bikesnbuses

    Sold 1956 Columbia Thunderbolt 5 Star springer boys balooner original paint

    :eek:UNCLEANED! This bike rides fantastic!! Awesome All original Fire Red paint!good chrome ,original correct seat has had some fender braces painted(may strip off to reveal original finish) wrong pedals and non original rear wheel.Front rim was painted. Perfect bike to spruce up over time if...
  19. stingrayjoe

    Sold 1971 Schwinn Stingray Apple Krate Original Paint

    Please PM direct do not post any comments or replies here thanks! Bikeflights shipping on you in the lower 48 USA only. This is a rider quality bike.The original paint is chipped up and scratched. The chrome is good on the rims but one springer truss rod and handlebar are less than favorable...
  20. Skatelab

    Reduced mid 50's Schwinn Hornet Deluxe Original Paint

    For sale 1950's Green on Green Schwinn Hornet Deluxe straightbar. Original paint but one side of tank has a bluefish color, looks original but maybe has been color sanded. Still nice. I can send a better pic. Seems pretty OG except tires, stem and handlebars. Delta light has been repainted by...
  21. buck hughes

    Withdrawn SCOOTER-looks like original paint

    nice scooter-both rims are bent a little-would be easy to pound out-the rear wheel is missing a bushing on the one side-display as is or put in new bushing to ride-retains most of the pin striping-over all a real nice scooter-$120.00 plus shipping-paypal as friend
  22. John

    Sold Elgin Sears Motorbike prewar bicycle with original paint

    $910.00 shipped or best offer
  23. H

    Need original paint sheet metal to get this baby back on the road

    Unusual pre-war girls bike, need original paint fenders, guard, rack, etc. She deserves to be put back on the road.
  24. bikesnbuses

    Sold Nice original paint prewar Rollfast egg crate rack

    I bought this from a member here,GREAT rack but waaayyyy too NICE for the bike I bought it for..:p Has incorrect metal bracket piece(should have flat metal stock piece) Asking $85 shipped in the USA message through site or email me at bikesnbuses@yahoo.com..Thank you!
  25. Glenn Rhein

    Sale Pending The best original paint prewar Elgin fenders plus

    Really nice original prewar Elgin high peaked fenders, chainguard and skirts. $125 shipped. $90 delivered to copake
  26. Glenn Rhein

    Sold Original paint prewar Comet tank bike

    Bought this a couple of years ago from a cabe member and time to let it go, Untouched original bike with great aluminum horn-light $1200 plus shipping or free delivery to copake
  27. New Mexico Brant

    Sold RARE Original Paint TOC US United States Bicycle

    Being Offered: a fantastic original paint TOC bicycle: US (United States) built by the Chicago Stamping Co. who also was commissioned at some point to build a fancy bike for Diamond Jim Brady (see below period newspaper article). The frame is beautifully joined, and the chain adjusting feature...
  28. xmtnrider

    Sold 1903 Racycle Pacemaker - original paint

    It pains me to do so, but I have decided to sell this Pacemaker so I can focus on other bikes. I have the original hubs laced to 80s wheels, but it's missing the seat, wood rims, and pedals. Otherwise, it is all original. One of the crank arms is slightly bent and it is missing the wedge piece...
  29. oldfart36

    Input Please, Original Paint?

    Recently lined up this Colson. While looking at the pictures sent to me, as a whole, the paint looks original. The 2 areas that are questionable in my mind are the front end legs (and accent), and the front fender. Would really like input and opinions on this one. Thanks.
  30. Robertriley

    Large Original Paint Elgin Racer

    $399 plus the ride from SoCal.
  31. Pedals Past

    Sold 1947 Original paint Monark Rocket

    A 1947 mens original paint 26” Monark Rocket deluxe bike. Not a Monarch Airman, some say this is the second rarest post war bike made next to JC Higgins 1954 100 bike, definetly a one year only single vertical spring cushioner with the chrome tank nose shroud, ww carlisle lightening tires on...
  32. Pedals Past

    Sold Saving Private Elgin- the Brothers bikes- 1940-41 Elgin Model 184 Original Paint Elgin bikes

    So up today we have a pair of very good original paint 1940-41 Elgin Boys bikes identical model 184 in what appears to be orange and white. These bikes have been around the hobby for years known as the brothers bikes. From the socal basin with one number apart LABL 1944 licenses. They have 1941...
  33. szathmarig

    Sold Original Paint Fastback 37 Hawthorne (Zep Style Frame)

    I'm not sure about the chain guard, but the rest of the bike is original paint for sure. The grips are cracked under the black tape, $400 shipped from Wash. D.C. or best offer. PayPal F&F. Now $350 shipped. Now $300 shipped. Now $270 shipped, or $200 local pick up. This bike has no repairs, no...
  34. Krakatoa

    Sold ~ Unusual Post War Seiberling Badged CWC Boys Original Paint! ~

    Offered is this cool and unusual Seiberling badged Cleveland Welding built boys balloon tire bike with nice original paint! Some corrosion to painted rims and a few broken spokes, this will need a hub overhaul, new tires and tubes and some general maintenance. $250 shipped via Bi PM me for...
  35. C

    Early 30’s Original Paint Mead Sidewalk Bike(Schwinn Built)

    I’m assuming early 30’s mead ranger sidewalk bike Pretty cool. Original paint. Darting on upper , lower tube and fork visible Medallions faintly visible on seattube. Rear wheel is gone ,but more than less still present. Cool seat. Motorbike like stem First one I’ve seen in person Ranger...
  36. Boris

    Take it back to original paint?

    About 15 years ago, this '40 CW Western Flyer was the first bike that picked this up when I got back into collecting after about a 20 year hiatus. I always liked the army green, because I figured the girl who owned it had it painted this way during the war. Yes, I know there is that history, and...
  37. bikesnbuses

    Sold Prewar light original paint grey Hawthorne headlight

    I had bought this for my 41 Hawthorne All-American but realized that I needed a red one..Which I finally found!! This one comes with no lens but I believe Classicriders makes them ,the screw for the bezel is new but looks correct,there is a little black paint on the light reflector but seems to...
  38. tryder

    Found Post war Colson looptail original paint chainguard: Black with red stripe

    Would be nice if The chainguard was this nice. What I already have is*. Image lifted from mtbr.com. Hope that's ok. Thanks. Could use some original paint crescent fenders with red darts on each end like the one on this bike as well: Image lifted from mtbr.com. Hope that's ok...
  39. tryder

    Found Columbia Superb : Very Nice Maroon Original Paint & Graphics Fork.

    Like R.R.'s or nicer please. Do not need the truss rods. Thanks.
  40. Robertriley

    1940 Original Paint Westfield

    $1699 plus shipping Beautiful Original Paint Westfield. Soft like new OG Goodyear tires and all OG except for the grips More photos below https://thecabe.com/forum/media/1940-westfield-airader-special.25972/
  41. Nickinator

    Sold 1940 Huffman Big Lit Tank Airflyte~ Original Paint

    Came from the original owner's widow, right out of their barn in West Virginia. One of the nicest and most original Big Tanks you'll find. This is the Firestone one. Appears all original except: tires, which we replaced with nice vintage style w/w's from Atkinson; grips which were were missing...
  42. rideahiggins

    Original paint Lobdell wood rim

    Just not on a bike.
  43. Dave Stromberger

    Sold Prewar Schwinn Motorbike Frame - Original Paint

    Burgandy and cream. It has the remains of a down-tube decal, but I can't make out what it was. M... Ma... Majestic? Magnum PI? Yeah! Pics tell the story... paint is original and has awesome patina, plenty of character! $350 shipped in the lower 48 USA.
  44. 6C12E301-F6BF-4295-8C8C-1F7A5378D1DD


  45. jld

    Found 36/37 schwinn C Mod OG black and white paint

    Looking for a 36 or 37 Schwinn C model with original good to great black and white/cream paint. I just need the frame and fork. I have a re-painted frame and fork for pa rtial trade if interested. Here is a pic of the bike with the funky painted frame. Thanks!
  46. dfa242

    Sold For Sale: Original Paint Empire Badged Westfield

    As found with some bumps and bruises. A previous owner stole the light, no drop stand, Kenda tires. I hadn't seen this serial number configuration before. $475 shipped.
  47. Jon Marinello

    Reduced 26" Schwinn Original Paint S-7 Rim

    Strait and ready to lace up. A little rust here and there but overall pretty good. $70 shipped CONUS. NOTE: I will refund any amount over actual shipping cost.
  48. 47jchiggins

    Withdrawn Willing to Take a Deposit, Motobike, Original Paint Gendron

    Selling my 28", tall (21" center crank to top of seat post), Gendron Motobike. I am not sure of the year, my guess is 1915 + or - a year or two. Bike comes as eaquiped including what appears to be a bullet hole (entry and exit) on the rear fender, note the unique fork, $1175 Shipped conus. I...