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  1. Marc's Classic Chrome

    1947 Whizzer

    I am selling my special 1947 WZ507 Schwinn Whizzer. This ia a great original bike that we got running this summer. It runs and drives as it should and is original paint except the tank. It comes with original paperwork as well. It is a lot of fun to ride, but not good for my back. Because it is...
  2. Chris Kennedy

    1949 Whizzer Pacemaker for sale!

    have my 1949 Whizzer Pacemaker for sale! It was treated to a "no expence spared" restoration, which was just completed in April 2019, paying detail to its authenticity! In it's debut, it took 1st in the "Best Restored" & 1st in the "People's Choice" categories at the 47th, Annual Motorbike...
  3. Chris Kennedy

    1949 Whizzer Pacemaker

    I just finished this concourse restoration on my 49' Pacemaker! In its debut on 7/28/19 at The Nationals, held by the Vintage Motor Bike Club in Portland, Indiana, it took 1st in the "Best Restored" and 1st in the "People's Choice" categories! Copy & Paste the link below to get the lowdown...
  4. Chris Kennedy

    1949 Pacemaker for sale

    Howdy Y'all! I finished my 1949 Whizzer Pacemaker Restoration! Took it to its debut show in Portland, Indiana. Showed it in the event held by the Vintage Motorbike Club since 1972! For those that are not familiar with this show, it's billed as the largest in the nation! Well, my Pacemaker...
  5. locomotion

    Found Looking for a Raycycle Pacemaker

    Looking for a Raycycle Pacemaker Must be complete, with all original parts. PM me directly with your offer and asking price.
  6. JKT

    early 1948 pacemaker

    Hello, thinking of possibly picking up this early 1948 Whizzer Pacemaker looks to be a Whizzer made one and mostly complete. I'm just learning a little about Whizzers.. any Whizzer Guru's help on this one would be appreciated .. like whats right or wrong (obviously a repaint and a crazy chain )...
  7. Chris Kennedy

    Whizzer Pacemaker Spokes

    Hey All! I am searching for 40, 3mm X 248mm stainless steel spokes, for my 1949 Whizzer Pacemaker project. Any help and or leads, would be greatly appreciated! Regards, Chris
  8. kreika

    Sold 1940 Mercury Pacemaker frame and parts

    Pretty sure the serial starts ME=1940. Frame in good shape. Fork good also with all hardware included. Chain guard good. Bars,stem, cranks,chainring and lucky seven with patina. Two rear fenders in decent shape. Check front fender pics it’s been reinforced. The orange looking racks front mount...
  9. kreika

    Sold 1941 Mercury Pacemaker Girls Project

    One year only 1941 Mercury Girls Pacemaker Project bike. One year only as in the fender light style cover it took. Looks similar to what Rollfast and Shelby and other companies of 1941 vintage were using. Sheet metal in decent shape. No horn unit in tank but does take one. No rear stay or drop...
  10. kreika

    1942 Pacemaker Project

    Serial looks to start MG which would be 1942. Tribute bike to torched og tank and guard. Dave Marko reflector. Paint and partial assembly today....dang you Sun!
  11. Chiptosser

    Pacemaker Brake

    I am looking for information about, the 5" brake used on Whizzer pacemaker. I am looking for replacement parts, for the coaster brake portion of the brake. Did whizzer use parts made by someone else? The bearing surfaces are bad, so I need replacements. Thanks
  12. Connor

    Withdrawn Beautiful 1949/1950 Whizzer Pacemaker

    Upgrading to a Harley Hummer... Fully restored Whizzer Pacemaker. Runs perfectly. "J" motor with 700 valves & exhaust manifold, high fin head, adjustable main jet Carter carb, custom billet high cap oil breather. Original "echo tube" exhaust (re-chromed) with reinforced two point mounting...
  13. DJF

    wanted early Racycle Pacemaker, early year

    Would like to find and buy an early year large sprocket, Racycle Pacemaker.
  14. whizzerbug

    1950 whizzer pacemaker survivor

    unrestored whizzer found in garage in upstate ny ,replaced front tire otherwise all original ,300 series motor,motor ran but now no spark, rare 5" rear drum brake,bi-light setup,glass taillight lens, straight fenders one small ding on lower front,dent free tank, clean inside, bendix K front axel...
  15. slick

    Mercury pacemaker crank hardware

    In need of Mercury crank hardware. I need the bearings, the outer race and special two sided nut also. Like this... I have the two races that go into the frame. Just need the rest to hold the crank in.
  16. carlitos60

    Withdrawn Racycle Pacemaker!!

    Up for Grabs My 1912 Pacemaker! Rider Ready! No Kellys, No Seat, No Pedals! IF,,We Can Make Any Deal!! $2800 Shipped!
  17. xmtnrider

    Sold 1903 Racycle Pacemaker - original paint

    It pains me to do so, but I have decided to sell this Pacemaker so I can focus on other bikes. I have the original hubs laced to 80s wheels, but it's missing the seat, wood rims, and pedals. Otherwise, it is all original. One of the crank arms is slightly bent and it is missing the wedge piece...
  18. whizzerbug

    wanted whizzer pacemaker fenders

    looking for original maroon paint fenders rider quality
  19. C

    Schwinn Whizzer Pacemaker

    Any info on my bike greatly appreciated.Serial number is on front of crank bracket and is 7795.Also motor serial number picture.
  20. kreika

    Deluxe Pacemaker Build

    After 20 plus years of collecting these Pacemakers all the parts have come together, and I’ve finally reached the top of the hill. Aside from finding an unmolested original of course....
  21. kreika

    WTB: Chrome Mercury Pacemaker tank

    Working on a new project and in search of a tank like the one below. $$$ must be chrome or rechromed is ok. Thanks!
  22. Bikermaniac

    Colson HI-Low and Mercury Pacemaker Frames

    Not mine: https://www.ebay.com/itm/2-Old-Vintage-Antique-Bicycle-Frames-Schwinn-Columbia-Bike-Early/292447001266?hash=item4417331ab2:g:YZcAAOSw~kJagcvS
  23. ohdeebee

    Mercury Pacemaker Rack

    Super duper straight with original paint. Legs are specific for the loop tail frames. Wide seat clamp area. Bolt included. $110 plus the ride.
  24. fordmike65

    Heads up on Mercury Pacemaker lenses

    Looks like someone is gonna repop these again.
  25. whizzerbug

    whizzer pacemaker project

    this is my winter project a 1952 pacemaker found 10 miles from home,has the 700 series motor can be made a kick start , the rims were toast so I replaced with S2 schwinn rims W heavy spokes, new tires,added a rear carrier,nos fork legs from my stash, whet through motor ,new rings ,bearings...
  26. hawkster19

    Barn Find - Mercury Pacemaker

    Hey, everybody! Looking for any help you kind ladies and gentlemen can give me to finish my barn find Pacemaker properly. I bought this from a guy's scrap metal pile this past fall after he had pulled it from his barn along with 2 other bikes. He knew this bike wasn't necessarily scrap but he...
  27. Bikermaniac

    Mercury Pacemaker Fender Ornament

    Pretty sure some folks need this...
  28. whizzerbug

    wtb whizzer pacemaker fenders

    looking for front and rear fenders for a 24" pacemaker , used,new, or whatever...
  29. whizzerbug

    Sold 1948 whizzer pacemaker

    older restoration of a mostly origin bike, has 300 series motor , pro paint,Carlisle tires are dry but hold air, working bi-lite setup recently started and ran well..$3,950pick up only or make your own shipping arangments 631 395 3210
  30. Jay81

    Ladies Mercury Pacemaker

  31. zephyrblau


    https://www.ebay.com/itm/302534215103?ul_noapp=true anything else not right besides the pedals ?
  32. T

    Custom 1939 Mercury Pacemaker

    Love the Mercury Pacemakers. This one had serious rust under the head shroud so I made new parts to repair it. Didn't think it would be right to sell it as an original so what the hell---chop it up ! Pics tell the story.
  33. filmonger

    Sold Racycle Pacemaker Chainring Replica

    For Sale is a Racycle Pacemaker Replica Chainring - made out of stainless..... was going to put this on my copper bike but I have moved on to a new project. 80.00 USD shipped ( within the USA ). Very cool! High Quality.
  34. B

    racycle pacemaker chainwheels

    Wondering what other racycle pacemaker chainwheels out there have these little holes drilled in the outer rim. Look closely they are very imperfect in their placement on this one (borrowed from a local chum). These look like a diy mod to me but what do you guys think? I feel like I've seen...
  35. J

    Cool Racycle Pacemaker

    I'm looking for a little more info on this old Miami built Racycle. I was wondering about how the "self oiling" works. It's not for sale. Just looking for info on year, maybe estimated value. Cool old bike. The sprocket and rear cog sizes don't really make it that much faster I don't think.
  36. carlitos60

    Withdrawn Changed My Mind!

  37. kreika

    In search of original Mercury Pacemaker headshroud decal pictures

    Looking to reproduce water slide decals for the Mercury Pacemaker headshroud . I have the Mercury one but am interested in the off brands. Especially Western Flyer and Hiawatha. Does anyone out there have an og bike with any decal left. If so, please post a pic. The red Western Flyer is mine but...
  38. Bikermaniac

    Sold Mercury Pacemaker Rack

    Paint seems to be original. Legs are Ok. Slight bent in the middle. $55 shipped.
  39. prewarmachine

    Whizzer Pacemaker drop stand

    Hoping to find a loop tail pacemaker drop stand for my new project. Would really prefer an original, but would consider repop as well. Let me know if you have something you're willing to part with!
  40. thehugheseum

    Racycle pacemaker chainring RARE

    rare pacemaker chainring it needs a repair or just reverse it and mount it (it's not like your going to ride it anyway) $450shipped
  41. fordmike65

    Found my girl's Pacemaker on ebay!

    Well, just a pic I posted here of the headshroud decal. Kinda surprised me...o_O http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?icep_ff3=2&toolid=10001&campid=5335809022&icep_item=272847546748
  42. thehugheseum

    Racycle pacemaker big sprocket replica blank

    this is stainless steel so they will polish and look nickel since the high nickel content in stainless....fits blockchain or skiplink $150shipped usa
  43. T

    Sold Mercury Pacemaker

    1939 with Serial Number MD29xxx Mercury Pacemaker. Media blasted to bare metal. Wheels are not original. Has Carlisle Lightening Dart tires. Dark blue pin striping by Nadine Ward in Wichita, excellent. Tank & shroud are from JAFCO, excellent quality. See pics & ask for more if needed. 2200.00 +...
  44. manuelvilla

    Ready to start my mercury pacemaker project...its gonna be funny

    I will paint it as my friend Craig Morrow of bicycle heaven. Is gonna be a great muchine and i think the only one in Mexico
  45. djhavikk

    WTB: Mercury Pacemaker parts

    I know its a shot in the dark but I recently picked up a mens and ladies Mercury Pacemaker frames. Looking for tanks, shrouds,fenders, front fender emblem etc. Let me know what you would be willing to sell. Thanks in advance.