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  1. rollfaster

    Christmas parade bikes, let’s see em!

    Love to see some of your decorated bikes for holiday parades that you’ve ridden in. Our group is riding in a Christmas parade on the 17th and would love to see pics for some inspiration.
  2. Nickinator

    Sold Prewar Parade Bars

    Believe these are prewar, not fancy with reflectors like the later ones, but heavier and better quality. Very good condition. Straight (look a little off in pics but are straight)- lower mounting brackets may need a little straightening. Chrome nice, a couple places of chrome loss. Been...
  3. kirk thomas

    Sold Parade Bars with reflectors $100 shipped

    These bars are in very nice condition. They look like they were mounted once on a bike but they where not on it long as there is very no wear to them. I would like $100 shipped on these.

    NO << >> 4th of July Parade << >> with CYCLONE COASTER this year

    The BIG park ANNOUNCEMENT --- NO MORE PARADES for the CYCLONE COASTER vintage bicycle family ---- So to be clear >> CYCLONE COASTER WILL NOT be in the 2018 City of Lake Forest 4th of July Parade this year - We have participated for the last 9 - 10 years & it's been great We...
  5. S

    Sold Aluminum Parade Bars awesome accessory for your Silver King

    For your consideration. A set of unusual aluminum parade bars. Struts are aluminum, hardware is steel. These would be awesome on your Monark or Hawthorne Silver KIng. $75 shipped. PayPal accepted.
  6. jungleterry

    Our Ross Parade Bike

    Heres one of our favorite Ross middle weights all original and parade ready .Happy Memorial Day Terry and Tammy
  7. bikiba

    Sold Wald Parade Bars

    Oldie Wald parade bars. Solid and heavy metal. They need a cleaning - will leave it to the new owner. $70 shipped. Paypal as a friend please
  8. island schwinn

    Sold Parade Struts/blue reflectors

    Nice set of struts with blue reflectors and all hardware. $100.00 plus shipping in lowef 48.paypal f&f preferred. PM works best. I can bring to the Cyclonecoaster swap on May 6th to save shipping.
  9. Nickinator

    Sold Awesome Parade Bike 1951 Goodyear Hiway Patrol

    Out of all our great bikes, "Buster" the police bike gets the most attention when out riding or in parades :D It is the quintessential big, fat tired, fat fendered ballooner bicycle of the early 50's ~ and of course everyone loves the siren! Restored a few years back, no expense spared. Spent...
  10. ranman

    Belton Missouri Annual St. Patrick's Day Parade

    Come ride with us if you can on Saturday, March 17th at the annual Belton St. Patrick's Day parade in good ole Belton, Mo. We start lining up at Memorial Park around 4 PM and cruise down Main Street promptly at 5. Buddy's Over the Hill Gang typically has a really good turnout and this year the...
  11. CannonCam

    Parade Bars/Aerostruts

    Looking for Parade bars/Aerostruts

    2017 Laguna Niguel Holiday Parade with CYCLONE COASTER - Saturday December 9th - 10am

    It's the Holiday season once again & the 10th year CYCLONE COASTER will be participating in the 2017 City of Laguna Niguel Holiday Parade This FREE event is open to all CYCLONE COASTER family members ----- DECORATING YOUR VINTAGE BICYCLES IS ALWAYS ENCOURAGED ----- CYCLONE COASTER is ENTRY #...
  13. rollfaster

    Gateway Coasters riding in the Kimmswick, Mo. Holiday parade

    Kind of a crappy weather day, but our group is having a blast in Kimmswick today. So happy they sent me these pics, as I am recovering from the stomach flu. I’m very disappointed I couldn’t attend our last event of the season. Oh well, looking forward to next year’s riding season!
  14. KingOBO

    Parts Parade 1954 Springer Panther

    Looking to possibly part out this 1954 Schwinn Panther if the interest is big enough. Whole bike also for sale @ $450 + shipping. Must be an established caber no first day activation accounts. If the parts list builds I will contact everyone in the next couple days for payment and shipping...
  15. Tikibar

    Show Us Your July 4th Bikes!!!

    With the USA Independence Day just around the corner, I'm sure you're all getting your bikes decorated for the big July 4th parade. Well, maybe not ;). But if you are, show us your July 4th bikes!!! (past and present).
  16. Goldenrod

    How To Make A Skeleton Bike

    Making a bike where I ride a naked woman would be more fun but I don't have to buy my plastic pal lunch after the parade. Now that we don't have to be politically correct, I named my new friend Abdul The Deplorable. I discovered that the vulture was female so guess what her name is? Since I...