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  1. abe lugo

    Does this like 500.00 bin of parts?

    It actually may be more. cleaning house. Not into the classic bike thing so much anymore. Anyhow I have about 3-4 bins and maybe 2-3 project bikes that will be going. Cant do swaps. But will give it a go here over time. I have not been here very Much anymore due to car projects and to be...
  2. locomotion

    1895-96 Pope Columbia model 40 frame, badge and parts

    1895-96 Pope Columbia model 40 men's frame, badge and some parts parts bike, frame is damaged and rewelded in places. very nice intact badge parts of the sprocket and cranks USD$250 + shipping from Canada for what ever parts you want (rest will be cut to salvage tubes) Paypal f&f only ...
  3. MonkeyWrenching

    Sold Bunch O' Parts, schwinn, ND, Wald

    I am moving and need to downsize. Someone already helped me pay for beer for my friends to move my stuff now I need somebody to help me pay for pizza and wings What you see is what you get This isn't everything but: Schwinn script front hub 36 spoke, Schwinn script red grip (one), an AS seat...
  4. Bike from the Dead

    Show me your NON-BICYCLE bicycle parts.

    Over on the Rat Rod Bikes forum, one guy started a thread there about using ordinary objects around the house on their custom bicycles. So I wanted to start a similar thread here. I want to see what sort of unorthodox objects and materials you either used or might use on a bicycle, and share...
  5. B

    VINTAGE 1967 Schwinn Deluxe Generator Set, part # 04140

    Hello everyone! I am a new member looking to get some feedback on this VINTAGE 1967 Schwinn Deluxe Generator Set, part # 04140. I picked it up at a sale. The woman said they had two, this one, and another that is on a bike. She said that they forgot they had it until they started cleaning...
  6. Serrano

    1962 Murray Fire Cheif tricycle - Restoration project - Parts needed

    Hello all. I am from portugal, and I finally get a Murray Fire Cheif to restore!! You can see photos of it her. The item is in great shape for the project, but since I am used to restore old marklin trains (1930s) to is mint condition as new with all parts from the epoc I intend to do the same...
  7. A

    Various bike parts for sell

    I have a large inventory of bike parts I am looking to sell, such as bike frames, tubes, spokes, seats, tires, bolts, etc. However, I also have a large inventory of classic whole bikes I am looking to sell. I understand there is a separate whole bikes section which I will also list in, however I...
  8. bikesnbuses

    Sold >>ALL PARTS SOLD!! NOS New Departure Triplspeed 3 speed parts

    All parts are NOS and original * Shifter $50 shipped obo in the USA * Cable $40 shipped obo in the USA * Nut $17 shipped * Sprocket $20 shi[[ed obo in the USA Or if interested in all 4 pieces $100 shipped in the USA obo
  9. bikesnbuses

    Sold More EARLY 1948 JC Higgins parts ; fork truss rods Monark kickstand seatpost

    For some reason I couldnt add more to my other ad (I did get to add on a wheelset ) *I have a straight decent original paint Higgins fork that is from a girls bike BUT has head tube size as a BOYS..I will sell with or without truss rods With truss rods $60 shipped Without truss rods $30 shipped...
  10. D

    16 x 175 Hard Rubber Tricycle Tire Wanted (NOS)

    Looking to find a 16 x 175 Hard Rubber Tricycle tire (NOS).
  11. Corn4Life77

    Firestone Light Needed

    I have an old Firestone Deluxe Cruiser, which I was told was probably a ‘47 or ‘48, and it’s missing the top of the light. I plan to fix up the bike some (though not restore it), and the light would complete it. Here’s what the light looks like:
  12. rustjunkie

    Sold hardware, more etc GOOD DEALS free shippin

    cleaning the shop buy more pay less paypal as goods no chickensh*t extra charges immediate shipping tracked and insured will add stuff every 2 days or so
  13. Demzie

    Elgin Twin/Columbia Fire Arrow parts

    BUYING!! ELGIN TWIN 20 Parts (Repop where possible, but willing to look at anything available) -Pedals- -Grips- -Head Shroud- -Rear Rack (complete or parts.)- -Fenders- COLUMBIA FIRE ARROW -Bars- (Rising cross brace mustache bars) please Inbox me where your ownership of these parts...
  14. Bikerider007

    Huffy Rail? to 70s BMX conversion parts

    I have these parts available or whole bike for $40. Grips-blue $5 Eagle MX for display bike (cracking) $10 Cranks $5 Frame and fork $20 Bars and/or stem $5 Rim $5 ea Brakes $10 + ship
  15. ZE52414

    Sold Reduced 11/15 Early SK parts.

    Listed parts on eBay as well When I picked this bike up I was expecting to sell it whole. But with the drilled hole behind the bottom bracket I’ve decided to part out. I haven’t really sold any SK parts before so I’m sorry if my prices seem out of this world. The frame and fork I would like to...
  16. tech549

    Withdrawn parts lot #1

    26 inch drop stand with shoulder bolts $110.00 shipped...
  17. locomotion

    Single best parts catalogue that I have ever seen.

    1939 Brown Brothers (English) catalogue This is the single best parts catalogue that I have ever seen. 615 pages of everything you can wish for (very slow download, it's a very large file) if you were an English bicycle enthusiast in 1939, this was probably your bed side bible sorry, here it...
  18. Vintagedad

    1978 Mongoose Motomag Parts and Frame

    This is a 1978 Mongoose Motomag minus the wheels. They have been sold already. I’m the second owner and the original owner said nothing was changed on it since he got it as a kid. Asking, 150 shipped for the forks with pictured items from the head set. 175 shipped for the bars, grips, stem and...
  19. rustjunkie

    2 Big Lots of New Departure Model D Parts on eBay

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/143008758112 https://www.ebay.com/itm/143008764948
  20. barnyguey

    Who has Schwinn B10 parts?

    Anyone know who I need to contact for B10 parts? Thanks, Barry
  21. John G04

    Schwinn Stingray parts

    Any interest on the parts on this bike everything is up for sale. I’m trying to get out of muscle bikes so need to sell this one. $425 plus shipping or if you want the parts. Happy to send more pictures if needed. Prices don’t include shipping Both wheels are s2 $150 Shifter cables and...
  22. ZE52414

    Sold B6/phantom parts lot 125$ shipped

    Up for grabs are some leftover phantom/b6 parts. I’m asking 125 sh ip pe d on t he lot. No splitting up yet.
  23. 1

    Girls duck tank with parts to a horn unit

    Here is whats for sale. Some parts left to duck bike light / horn unit. Missing a rusted some piece missing. Maybe someone can fix this horn unit and get it working on a bike. (((75 shipped)))
  24. 1

    Real new old stock torrington brake parts

    Here is a lot of 25 nos axle cones I have lot of these so start with replacing them in your bike now. 25 for 15 dollars 3 dollars shipping 50 for 25 dollars free shipping Make off on the hole lot weights 100 pounds i have no clue how many are in thare I am not a big hub guy so i dont have...
  25. 1

    Murray bike parts mens

    Here are some parts left off this murray mens bike (((125 shipped)))l
  26. M

    Parts for Davega

    Im a new member and I am restoring a 1939 Davega. I need help finding parts and would appreciate help. Thanks - mike
  27. 2old2race7

    Favorit Bike parts wanted.

    I am looking for a Favorit front and rear derailleur (prefer higher end models), a Favorit Special front brake, and a left side crank arm.
  28. Brian weitz

    Troxel long spring saddle parts

    I have this troxel saddle that is missing what I would call half of frame rail and the brace between them on rear. Does anyone have these parts? Thanks!
  29. Pantmaker

    Parts cabinet discovery

    I bought this stunning condition parts cabinet a few years ago from the son of a man that had it on the counter of his bike shop in Wausau, Wisconsin. It came with small white cards on most of the individual parts dividers. Well, last night one of my twins sons was poking around in the cabinet...
  30. pubcrawl

    ISO - Kawasaki BMX Parts from 1975-1977

    Hello All, New to the Forum. I'm looking for parts for the Kawasaki BMX Bikes from 1975-1977. Moto (BX100) and the Professional Moto (BX200) models. Looking for handlebars, seat, cranks wheels or whatever you might have that you'll part with. Thanks
  31. S

    WANTED - Schwinn Run-a-bout Various Parts

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for various parts for a 1968 Schwinn Run-a-Bout. 1968 is ideal but 69 or 70 parts might works as some stuff too. Most wanted of all would be a set of handlebars, stem and gooseneck with the speed bolts. I also think mine has the wrong style front sprocket. I have...
  32. Rust_Trader

    Sold Parts FS #40

    SOLD Waltham Speedometer in great shape. No cracks or splits. Works but fiber gear needs replacement. $425 shipped
  33. Nickinator

    Prewar Girl's Firestone Huffman parts

    Frame, badge & tank. Really decent. 26" bike. Pretty nice original paint project. Everything including tank looks decently straight. Badge is nice. Includes adjuster screws and head set & bearings (need cleaning). Has a few white house paint spots. Top of seat post is a bit raggedy and will...
  34. KingOBO

    CWC Roadmaster Luxury Liner Parts

    Early 1950's Luxury Liner. Lots of great parts, a project I decided to discontinue. All varying conditions. I'll post more pictures as I disassemble. If we are close on price or you want multiple things we can talk about combining shipping and saving a couple bucks. All prices include...
  35. locomotion

    parts from the 50's, 60's ... NOS lamps, horn ... $50 each

    parts from the 50's, 60's ... NOS lamps, horn USD $50 each + shipping as always, will trade for TOC parts located in Canada. Paypal f&f shipping can only be calculated once part is paid and packed, but you can get a shipping estimate on canadapost.ca, my postal code is G9B2B2 thanks Max
  36. RustyK

    Sold New Departure 2 speed parts

    CABLE AND BLACKOUT PULLEY ARE STILL AVAILABLE New departure 2 speed parts. Tagged price is price shipped. SOLD - CHROME PULLEY, SHIFT LEVER AND COMPLETE SHIFT LEVER ASSEMBLY SOLD OLD STYLE cable is 33 inches long, not counting the fittings.
  37. robert bell

    Reduced parts for sale

    chaingaurds $25.00 each shipped, mens CWC springer, needs stem repair and correct springs, will include another cwc springer fork that has nice mens stem to repair pictured one with, all else good as shown $75.00 shipped, morrow early pat. date hub for parts or rebuild $25.00 shipped, stem...
  38. DJF

    information and parts or whole Rugby Bimocycle

    I am wanting information and parts or whole Rugby Bimocycle.
  39. nycet3

    Withdrawn New Departure Parts Cabinet

    It's time for someone else to enjoy this beauty. Wooden New Departure parts cabinet. (I believe it is oak with lap joint joinery.) I have never seen another example of this, and I have searched high and low. It's all original. It was wiped down and oiled, but not refinished. Incredible patina...
  40. juvela

    AFA/Zefal Air Pump Parts

    ----- Is anyone familiar with source(s) for AFA & Zefal (Poutrait-Morin) small pump repair parts? Have an AFA model 818 frame pump which needs a new piston cup. The part number is 22PE. Thank you! -----
  41. MsRock2

    Withdrawn Rear Hub sprockets, brake arms, box of parts

    Items will be re-packaged with other parts. Coming soon.
  42. donniedee

    parts wanted for my 40 schwinn DX

  43. fordsnake

    Theres nothing like nickel parts...

    I thought it was time to have the parts on a few teen bikes plated.
  44. Rust_Trader

    Sold Schwinn Parts Box $290

    Decent Schwinn box with some house paint. Should clean up. $290 local pickup only Irvine Ca 92620
  45. Dangerwagon

    Reduced Make an Offer on any Prewar (mostly) parts for sale

    For Sale: All prices are shipped! (Cont US only) w/ payment by Paypal F&F only. Please PM w/ questions or $ offers Thank you. Handlebars #1 $50 #2 (has welded extensions) $50 Stem $40 Kickstand $75 Peaked Fender-rear $40
  46. O

    Sale Pending ND 2 speed parts.

    Some hard to find 2 speed parts. Axle has slight pitting. $100.00 including shipping I accept postal money or
  47. SJ_BIKER

    Sold 1941 schwinn parts pics tommorow*

    1941 clamp on chainguard deluxe 225.00 shipped. 1941 canti tank tapped brackets marroon paint 415.00 shipped 1941 Deluxe upside down stimsonite rear fender schwinn reflector no cracked glass 200 shipped Pics coming tommorow evening.
  48. G

    Sold 67 stingray parts

    original 1967 schwinn stingray handlebars and sissybar with grips, bars are a little pepperd and sissy bar has some roadrash, grips are good . has the reflector bracket also . 150 bux plus shippin
  49. szathmarig

    Sold New Departure 2 speed parts.

    $65 shipped for what you see.
  50. spomalley86

    Sold Jc higgins ladies balloon 26- various parts

    Frame- local pickup free - Spokane WA Fork -15.00 Crank/ sprocket/ hardware- 15.00 Skip tooth chain- 20.00 Fenders with reflector- 30.00 Torrington ladies pedals- 15.00 Stem - 10.00 Rear rack- 15.00 ****prices do not reflect shipping***** All prices OBO