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  1. B

    Reproduction TOC rat trap pedal cages

    TOC reproduction Rat Trap pedal cages $40 shipped CONUS per pair (flat blanks) I’m showing the originals (not for sale) and a set of blanks that I formed. these are .060” thick mild steel so they are very easy to form into the proper shape with basic tools. PM with interest. PayPal preferred...
  2. bikesnbuses

    Sold Sweet Shimano Silver PD-MX15 Pedals 1/2 PD MX 15

    Nice original unpolished vintage Shimano Silver PD-MX15 Pedals 1/2” . They spin decently, but could use a clean/repack bearings before riding. Asking $60 shipped in the USA obo
  3. Krakatoa

    Sold TOC Orphan Left Pedal!

    Cool TOC-Teens LEFT survivor pedal has led a hard life but it's ready to be fixed up in your capable hands! SOLD thanks CABE!
  4. L

    Sold Wald Jeweled Bowtie Pedal : Single Right

    Wald Jeweled Bowtie Pedal : Single Right Missing One Jewel , see pics for condition $13 shipped conus
  5. M

    Persons supreme pedal LH

    I’m looking for a Persons supreme LH pedal for my CWC Roadmaster. Reproduction OK. Mark
  6. S

    1950's Disney Davy Crockett Pedal Wagon

    We have a 1950's Walt Disney Davy Crockett Pedal Wagon up for sale. Buyer pays shipping. Location: Herrin, Illinois USA We are currently entertaining offers for this item. Please make an offer if you are interested.
  7. G

    Cheap Pedal Car Restoration (Philippines)

    Hi, I am new to CABE, I have been searching for hours now about pedal car restoration. I found this two old pedal car (don't know what make) in our stock room. I wanted to restore this for my nephew. He is turning one year next month (march 2019). I work away from home for a week and only got to...
  8. bobcycles

    1930s-50s Torrington Pedal Load #2 Variety pairs 8's and 10's F/S

    Continued from last post.... Please mention the # of the item in replies (((((((SOLD)))))))) 4-----------Nice original Rider quality set of Torrington 10's. These are pretty decent blocks survived pretty well, some legibility on the end caps. Deluxe vintage balloon era pedals that went on A...
  9. bobcycles

    Torrington Pedal Load Various pairs for riders 8's n' 10's F/S

    Pedals Torrington numbered as follows 1 Pair of Torrington 10 maybe 40s? or postwar Cad plating looks like as opposed to nickel or chrome. Spindles are the sealed type that you can't switch out the bearings or cones. Seem to spin ok... Some average wear on blocks... Decent rider pair. Mens...
  10. carlitos60

    Sold Standard # 1 Rat Trap Pedal!

    Up for Grabs: $158 Shipped! PP FF. Standard # 1 Rat Trap Pedal! Left Side and Spins Well!
  11. kunzog

    Ertl Pedal Tractor Pedal Crank

    Here is a new Ertl Pedal Crank with sprocket, bushings and mounting brackets. Unused. I have had this for over 10 years. $47. includes shipping in US. Paypal
  12. dave429

    Reduced Wald (NOS?) Ladies or Juvenile block pedals, Musclebike?

    Wald block pedals. Look Nos but can't be certain if they were installed or not. Please see pictures for measurments. Payment via PayPal and shipping to 48 U.S. states only. USPS priority shipping from 54703 $35 shipped NOW reduced to $25 shipped
  13. gtflyte

    Found 9/16 Star 4 Rat Trap pedal spindle

    Wanted a Star 4 pedal spindle 9/16 left hand thread for pedal or possibly complete My OG spindle threads crank side are defective Conversations or gtflye@hotmail.ca Thanks Greg
  14. SJ_BIKER

    Jr. Magazine 1949 pedal car on cover plus bike ads

    1949 childrens magazine..cover has a tear on left bottom corner otherwise all there. 12.00 shipped
  15. SJ_BIKER

    Found Pedal wrench for the classics

    I have a park tool wrench but i dont like the wiggle room....if you have a spare wrench with less wiggle room id like to buy....
  16. MsRock2

    Sold Torrington Pedals - $30 shipped

    $30 shipped. In San Diego for pick up for $25 PM to talk PP friends, thanks.
  17. rusty_apache

    Racing pedal identification

    I want to identify these because I need to make new straps for these pedals. They are from my 1901 National model 41. I could just “wing it” but they are riveted to plates that bolt into place so I want to get them correct the first time. I would also like to see the how the clips were designed...
  18. Rusty72

    Indian Pedal Blocks

    Made these for the heck of it . What do you guys think ?
  19. W

    Newbie signed up for some pedal help, dating a old machine i have.

    I have this pedal powered scroll saw and been trying to roughly date it. Can the pedal help tell me how old it is? I'm working on getting it going and took the pedals off and took 'em apart to clean and lube. I believe some of the parts were nickle plated.thanks 4 any help. Would photo of the...
  20. kirk thomas

    Antique Pedal Car Binghamton NY cl

    https://binghamton.craigslist.org/atq/d/antique-pedal-cart/6594742001.html Binghamton, NY cl
  21. Krakatoa

    Sold $20 ~ WALD Velocipede / Sidewalk Bicycle/ Tricycle Slip On Pedals NOS fits 7/16", 1/2" Pedal Rods! ~

    I have two sets of these nice nos WALD #7127 Velocipide / Sidebalk Bicycle / Tricycle Slip On Pedals, fits 7/16" or 1/2" pedal rods. Bagged, with everthing needed to install, white treads w/reflectors! SOLD
  22. Rusty72

    Sold Chief pedal blocks

    For sale are some Chief pedal blocks. They are CNC made lots of milling involved. They come with the spacers. $80 shipped from So. Cal Pay pal only. Thanks
  23. S

    Shelby pedal removal

    I just acquired a Shelby Traveler ladies. I have it stripped to repaint but can't seem to budge the right side pedal to remove the crank. I see there is a screw at the back but it wont budge either. I've tried a modest application of heat but before I disassemble the pedals themselves and turn...
  24. carlitos60

    Sold TOC MotorBicycle Pedal HD or Indian or??

    Rare Pedal Pieces! Harley, Indian, or Dayton, Unsure! Potential! $38 Shipped!
  25. carlitos60

    TOC Pedal Parts?? Worth Anything??

    Is This Thing Worth Anything??? Anyone? 4" Block! Thanks!
  26. 5760rj

    Pedal Guts

    please delete. ..]
  27. ohdeebee

    Pedal ID help

    Anyone have any info on this?
  28. Classicriders

    Persons Supreme Pedal Blocks

    Mens pedal blocks with the reflectors. I show one with the reflector removed, some people do thia and face that side towards the pedal shaft. I have five sets of four. $20 per set shipped, or all five sets for $60 shipped.
  29. MsRock2

    Sold Box of pedal stuff

    Not even sure of everything that is in here - selling this whole box for $75. Like a grab bag. Asking $75 plus shipping (if necessary.) Located in San Diego. PM for more information or if interested.
  30. Classicriders

    Prewar mens pedal blocks

    Perfect set of reproduction mens pedal blocks. $35 shipped per set.
  31. Classicriders

    Persons red pedal blocks

    Perfect set of men's Persons pedal blocks. $40 shipped.
  32. kirk thomas

    Sold Last Call for pedal sets $18 shipped

    These pedals are good users there is even a set of NOS. The top set is a mixed set of Columbia an a Torrington , Next is the White Union men's with 9/16" axles Made in Germany, bottom set isTorrington 9's ladies,Last set is NOS Wellgo Kid's pedals.
  33. kirk thomas

    Sold 4 - NOS CRUIZER Pedal sets $20 shipped

    You get what you see. 4 NOS sets of pedals with just plenty of shelf wear. The pedals on top and the 2nd set is UNION BRAND, bottom set is SCHWINN, The last set has 4 hearts on the caps and no other makers marks.. Clean them up and they should look pretty much new. I would like $20 shipped for...
  34. ZE52414

    Instep pedal taxi (nice)

    Here’s a nice pedal car I picked up a few months back. Going to offer it up for 250$ or best offer. Delivered to ML or would Disassemble for shipping. At buyers expense. Thanks for looking.
  35. S

    Withdrawn Pedal Time and Shed Clamp it

    2 vintage prs. pedals 1. All steel 501 rat trap quill pedals 9/16 $30 shipped 2. Vintage white rubber block pedals $15 Clamp old school 5/8 hole $9 it is n.o.s. Shipped...cont 48 states paypal friend.


  37. kirk thomas

    Sold Pedal Parts $30 shipped

    Here is a box of pedal parts. The parts on the right side are men's and the parts on the left side are women's an kids parts.They will be sent in a priority box.
  38. kirk thomas

    Sold 58 used pedal blocks $40 shipped

    The blocks are for men, women, and kids bikes. You get all the pieces in the pictures for $60 shipped.
  39. ADReese

    Sold LH T10 single pedal

    Single LH Torrington T10 pedal. Well worn but still very rideable. Cleaned up and re greased. It may have a slightly bent shaft but its tough to tell. Definitely usuable. Please feel free to ask questions. $32 shipped usps
  40. D

    Pedal part

    I am looking for a 1/4" cone nut for a Persons pedal. The pedal came on a 1948 Monark Super Deluxe. One of the outside cone nuts is missing. Photos attached.
  41. nj_shore

    "The Rusty Pedal" High Quality Signage- Perfect for the Collector Museum

    I am selling the sign I made for The Rusty Pedal. Unfortunately the business did not survive due to partnership problems. I have a lot of money in this sign. Selling for a fraction-- $1300. Any questions, Shoot.
  42. Velo-dream


    FOR SALE : A PAIRE NOS AND VERY RARE PEDAL CLAMPS.......chrome plated perfect for your (track) racer
  43. detroitbike

    N.O.S. Murray Pedal Boat -1966

    Brand new old stock (1966) never assembled Murray BOAT. $3200 Shipped Payment F/F or + 3% , M.O., or can bring to ML - AA shows One chance to own this Rare Piece.
  44. W

    WTT Ideal Pedal (right)

    Looking to trade this right side ideal pedal. Decent condition for the age, a little cracking on one block. Spins freely. Been trying to collect bits for a g519; would be interested in putting this towards one of the hubs for the bike, either front or rear since I’ve neither at the moment...
  45. bike

    1/2" Pedal Dies-where do I get them?

    I have taps but no dies- would prefer repair dies but would do with cutting dies, SAE And if you have a set you don't want to sell would you repair a pedal for me? Thanks
  46. Jon Marinello

    WTB: Black MKS pedal dust cap

    Missing one black MKS pedal dust cap. Does anyone have a spare they would be willing to sell? Included is a shot of the pedal that still has one and one where its missing.
  47. Krakatoa

    Sold ~ ~ Kids TOC Toy Rat Trap Crank Arm & Pedal Set! ~ ~

    These are really neat! Unsure of the application. One looks og, on the other the pedal looks og but the arm looks like a hand fabricated part made to match. Probably took hours of careful and skilfull work! SOLD at a SWAP
  48. bikesnbuses


    F/S 1950'S GARTON TIN LIZZY PEDAL CAR NICE ORIGINAL For sale with local pick up in southern New England. Appears to be all original paint.I bought this for my son,but pnow hes too big to enjoy it.I might trade for/toward an American balloon tire tank bicycle,silver age Marvel comic books or...
  49. Krakatoa

    ~ TOC Orphan Pedal Closeout!! ~

    Some very nice pedals here! Get them before I decide they would look good back on my shelf!:D Prices are shipped! 1. (L) Complete, bent shaft, threads good, cage fair SOLD 4. (L) Removable end cap, straight shaft, threads good, high quality, cage good SOLD 5. (R) Tapered center section...
  50. New Mexico Brant

    Sold Single TOC Men's Rat Trap Pedal and Crank

    Being offered: Single Men's Rat trap pedal with attached crank, light surface rust and soiling for largely intact nickel plating. I have not tried to clean this. Price: 135 shipped. Please PP friends and family or add 3%. Thank you Brant.