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  1. Rustngrease

    Pre war pile of pedals 100bucks shipped

    Men's walds. womans meteor 3n 100 buckeronies shipped. Good for parts or build a few sets
  2. Rustngrease

    Toc crescent pedals, trade for toc saddle

    I have here a nice set of crescent men's pedals, would like to trade for a decent toc men's saddle. Massage me with what you have to trade. Thanks
  3. B

    Reproduction TOC rat trap pedal cages

    TOC reproduction Rat Trap pedal cages $40 shipped CONUS per pair (flat blanks) I’m showing the originals (not for sale) and a set of blanks that I formed. these are .060” thick mild steel so they are very easy to form into the proper shape with basic tools. PM with interest. PayPal preferred...
  4. cbustapeck

    Weird and wonderful pedals with translucent blocks and red and green glass

    I came across these pedals on eBay, listed by seller scottketch71, who is the author of the photographs posted below. They really intrigue me. They have a metal framework that appears to be nickle or chrome plated, and that is bolted together. The ridged blocks, about 3 3/8 in. long, are...
  5. Rustngrease

    Person supreme repop pedals/sold\

    75 shipped in the lower 48
  6. Rustngrease

    4 pair Prewar wald mens pedals

    4 pair of pre war welds, all in various condition 80 bucks shipped for the group as is.
  7. keithsbikes

    Sold 1950’s Hawthorne Pedals

    Good Straight condition. Not cleaned up yet. 99.00 PP FF
  8. bikesnbuses

    Sold Sweet Shimano Silver PD-MX15 Pedals 1/2 PD MX 15

    Nice original unpolished vintage Shimano Silver PD-MX15 Pedals 1/2” . They spin decently, but could use a clean/repack bearings before riding. Asking $60 shipped in the USA obo
  9. nj_shore

    Reduced Metal Pedals ward? Schwinn?

    I am not sure if they are Schwinn or Wald but I did some cross referencing and they look the part. Decent condition, no thrills. $30 + ship from NJ.
  10. B

    NOS Torrington JR Juvenile Kids Bicycle Pedals (still in wrapper)

    $80 shipped. Please see in the pictures that the wrapper is tattered and wrinkled (you would be to if you were over 70 years old! :), but is still legible and strong enough to hold the pedals. Also note that someone wrote "Juvenile" on them at some point.
  11. G

    Need help!!

    Bit of a long shot but can anyone help me, I’ve bought these two community playthings tricycles but I need to find 4 new back wheels and two slip on pedals, anyone have any idea where I could find these. Will be much appreciated
  12. Dave Stromberger

    Sold NOS Torrington 10 Pedals - Blackout

    Rare set of NOS Torrington #10 pedals with black-out finish. There are a few small areas of light surface rust, luckily only in inconspicuous areas. I have not tried to remove any of it. These would look great as-is on your survivor war era bike or restoration. Or, have them nickel plated for a...
  13. Rustngrease

    Wanted dead or alive, toc rat traps, parts pieces or singles

    Looking for early toc men's rat trap pedals , parts pieces or singles , figured I would ask. I enjoy rebuilding and cleaning these up. Don't worry I'm not a greedy horder , I'll send some back into use when paired up and working again. I also have a trade list of goods if anyone is into any...
  14. Krakatoa

    Sold Original 1965 Schwinn CT2 Cycletruck Partout!

    CT2 Large wraparound basket, plywood base w/carriage bolts $350 Support arms w/hardware $75 Dropstand, pivot bushing bolts & clip $150 Guard w/hardware $50 Sign w/clamps & hardware $125 Pedals $50 S2 Wheelset Bendix K front & heavy duty rear .105 spokes $200 Fenderset $175 Seat & post $75 Plus...
  15. Rustngrease

    Reward for Crescent pedal bust caps

    Looking for a couple dust caps for a set of crescent pedals, the caps from the shaftdrive covers work are the same. Really appreciate it. Cheers
  16. Rustngrease

    Brooks B135 saddle trade for toc rattrap pedals other early parts

    New never mounted brooks b135 saddle, trade for men's 1/2 thread toc rat trap pedals. Message me if your interested and send pics of what you have to trade. Cheers
  17. L

    Union diamond pattern Block Pedals Schwinn style w/ tpp12 reflector

    Union Block Pedals fine diamond pattern blocks Made in Germany Schwinn style , with Union logo on caps these have the smaller , tpp12 reflectors , c1971 marked k-10 476 on inside $12 ships for $8 from dc via usps
  18. L

    Single Left Bow Pedal B-6 Black with white BowTie b6

    Single Left Pedal B-6 Black with white stripes on blocks Left only common to Monark middleweight , others see pics for condition $7 plus shipping pedals
  19. 4

    Sold *sale pending * Persons Majestic Pedals(repops)

    Persons Majestic Pedals - New in box - repops - never used $25 + shipping tbd based on location - no returns - prefer paypal
  20. atencioee

    Sold Original Schwinn Phantom B6 Pedals

    Original Schwinn Phantom B6 Deluxe AS pedals. Decent condition for a rider or can be restored. $95 Shipped
  21. Wanted33

    Need some pedals for a Jamis

    Folks, I just picked up a mid '80's Jamis Boss "Sand Jam" for my daily rider. But, it doesn't have the original pedals (1/2"). So, if you have a pair of Sand Jam pedals laying around collecting dust that you want to sell, I'm your man. If you're not familiar with those they are blue on one side...
  22. SteveF

    Found Western flyer pedals

    Happy Thanksgiving! I'm looking for a nice set of pedals for my Monark built Western Flyer. I'm fairly certain the pedals that are on it now are incorrect. Some correct pedals and some nice Goodyear tires should get this bike looking sweet. Steve
  23. W

    Torrington 10 pedals

    Hi everyone in here. I'm looking for a pair of Torrington 10 pedals in excellent condition. Thanks.
  24. onecatahula

    Sold Men’s pedals

    Here we have some good men’s pedals. Paypal F&F, please (or add 3%) Please use direct email: tocatahula@sbcglobal.net First to reply gets it . . . A. Torrington 8s. Good solid pair. 67 shipped > > PENDING B. Torrington Meteors. Even nicer. 57 shipped > > PENDING C. Schwinn AS pedals. 57...
  25. Balloontyre

    Sold Teens Motorbike Pedals

    Full size pedals with straigh axles, sturdy. The one missing blocks has a seam split on the axle cover, other pedal is fine. $88 shipped to Lower 48 from WI Cash, PPFF
  26. mongeese

    Winter swap meet table 6

    Prices marked plus shipping from Wisconsin.
  27. Dave Stromberger

    Sold Gibson / Indian Pedals

    Rough set, but maybe good for parts or restore? Both are right sides and one axle is slightly bent. But check out that red diamond block! Buy'em just for that! $75 shipped in the lower 48 USA.
  28. bobcycles

    Schwinn bicycle pedals 63/64 Stingray 'riders' and Mint NOS pair of 50s Schwinn Gems! F/S

    Here is an NOS pair of Schwinn 50s' or possibly early 60s? full size adult mens bicycle pedals. Look to be Nickel plated? Blocks are mint, pedals are unused and look like brand new mint pedals. Blocks are quite beefy and an unusual profile. Not sure what these were designated for but they are...
  29. TheFizzer

    Sold Tear Drop Pedals

    Men’s reproduction pedals. I know the one pair needs bearings. $39 shipped to the lower 48 via PayPal only please.
  30. D

    1890-1900 1/2" Pedals

    I am finishing a restore of a turn of the century tandem and all I lack are pedals. Anyone have 2 pair of 1/2" block or 1 pair of rattrap (I have 1 pair if yours come close). Need to be vintage 1890-1900.
  31. buck hughes

    Withdrawn Chief pedals-$150.00 shipped

    Chief pedals not original-$245.00 shipped-paypal as friend
  32. S

    Withdrawn Prewar Wald mens 4" block 1/2" thread pedals $37 shipped

    Axles are straight and have good threads
  33. Rusty72

    Sold Chief Pedals

    For sale I have a set of Chief pedals. They are CNC made. Not original. $250 Shipped. Paypal FF. So.Cal
  34. carlitos60

    Tear Drop Pedals!

    A Set of Tear Drop Pedals! Size: 3.5"+- x 2" Ladies??? Right Shaft Slightly Bent!! I Still was Using It Fine! $48 Shipped! PP FF.
  35. marius.suiram

    Sold Torrington 8 pedals, for mens bikes

    Selling from Cleveland, OH, 44111 Payment : PayPal or postal money order Price : 50$ shipped Now: 43$ shipped New price: 38$ shipped Left pedal has the axle bent. Both spinning well. See pictures for more details.
  36. detroitbike

    Torrington 5 star pedals

    Nice ………...
  37. locomotion

    Star pedals? Ebay

    Star pedals? Ebay can they be 9/16"? won't ship to Canada :( https://www.ebay.com/itm/Antique-Racing-Pedals-TOC-Rat-Trap-Wood-Rim-Prewar-Track-Bicycle-9-16/273530685786
  38. dave429

    Withdrawn Mismatched Pedal Lot reduced!

    5 mismatched pedals for parts or restore. Unknown brands or era. Please examine pictures. Payment by paypal, $50/ or best offer shipped in the USA. Reduced to $25 shipped
  39. bikesnbuses

    Sold BOYS Torrington #8 riders and BOYS MONARK scripted for parts/repair

    >>>BOTH sets PENDING!! :cool: Each set is $35 shipped obo or BOTH sets for $60 shipped in the USA Monark deluxe scripted pedals are beyond well loved..but I'm sure someone needs even just the script pieces.. Torrington #8s are fair spin ok and shafts look straight.. message me through the...
  40. kirk thomas

    Sold 4 sets of pedals $20 shipped C

    These pedals are all usable. They are all straight and spin freely. I would like $20 shipped for these.
  41. kirk thomas

    Sold 4 sets of pedals $20 shipped B

    These pedals are all usable and some rust. There is a set of Schwinn bow pedals there and 3 others. You get all 4 sets for $20 shipped.
  42. kirk thomas

    Sold 4 sets of pedals $20 shipped A

    There is 4 sets of pedals in usable condition. The shafts are straight and spin freely. There is 2 sets of men's and 2 sets of lady pedals. You get all 4 sets for $20 shipped.
  43. SirMike1983

    Sold Pedals: Schwinn; Wald(?); Torrington 10

    Pedals for sale - all sets have 1/2 inch shafts for American-sized cranks. All of these spin but could use a cleaning and fresh grease as well as adjustment to make sure the blocks are tight. All prices INCLUDE shipping in the lower 48 states. Set 1: I think these are Wald(?) based on the...
  44. Pressed Steel 1915

    52 Shelby boys tank Air Flow pedals

    Tank has small dents Pedals are usable but has " Home-Made " reflectors .....o_Oo_Oo_O postal money order $90 shipped for all items.
  45. S

    Sold Raleigh Type N.O.S. Pedals R 501 road or track

    REAL NICE CHROME road or track pedals R 501 like on Raleighs and others. $37 shipped 48 states paypal as friend
  46. stingrayjoe

    Reduced Older Road Bike Parts Pumps, Pedals Brakes Toe Clips etc.

    Please PM direct with all replies do not post here thanks! Pedals listed are listed L-R L - 9/16" left pedal Mid - 1/2" right pedal R- 9/16" left pedal Hubs: Normandy 36 hole five or ten speed hub ACS 28 hole hub Schwinn 28 hole hub English stem repaired Was $45. now $35. plus shipping for...
  47. MsRock2

    Sold Torrington Pedals - $30 shipped

    $30 shipped. In San Diego for pick up for $25 PM to talk PP friends, thanks.
  48. M

    WTB, Womens Airflow Pedals

    Looking for woman's Airflow Torrington 15 Style Pedals! Restored or in restorable condition! Thanks Mike
  49. Nickinator

    Sold Nice Girl's Phantom Pedals

    Blocks look super nice, and end caps as well, may have been rechromed- pedals may or may not have reproduction parts on them, can't say for sure. Axles spin straight, center are solid, dull chrome and wear. Anyway a nice set of pedals. Blocks 3 1/4" $75 shipped, PP no fees. Message if...
  50. TWBikesnstripes

    Sold For Sale Streamline Pedals

    Pair of boys streamline pedals with reflectors in good og condition. Shafts spin true. Some surface rust should clean up. Blocks ok with some wear. Sold as found. $85 shipped. PayPal, MO, Cash pickup ok. PC or email at tcbrushwerks@verizon.net Thanks