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  1. ivrjhnsn

    Juvenile pedals Persons Torrington

    Here we have 4 juvenile bike pedals, 3 Persons, 1 Torrington. All new old stock, but 2 matching Persons are both left threaded, 1 Persons right thread, and the single Torrington Jr is left thread. Asking $100 shipped.
  2. McBlaster

    WTB Manta-Ray Seat

    Looking for a Manta-Ray seat in any condition as long as it has no rot. Pete seats Joe seats, and other redone seats too. Any color. Let's see what you have! Thank you in advance.
  3. ZE52414

    Pat pending persons display stand.

    Asking 55 shipped
  4. MsRock2

    Sold Persons Majestic tail light

    5" long. Really in good condition but I have not checked to see if it works - no batteries. $50.00. PM for more info. Local pick up or you pay for shipping - probably $8.00
  5. Jon Marinello

    WTB Persons Seat Guts

    Need some seat guts for my Persons boys seat. See pictures. It has that odd “eye” shaped hole on one side only. Let me know if you got some.
  6. rustjunkie

    Persons Saddle Identification Help?

    This saddle has been hanging in the shop for a few years, just noticed that it says persons on it. Wondering if anybody has one with a top on it and might know the approximate year and application?
  7. Autocycleplane

    Sold Persons Supreme Pedals - original riders

    Spin great, good rider quality pedals. $65 shipped.
  8. bike

    Thanks Cabe!

  9. Classicriders

    Sold Red Persons Majestic Pedals

    Reproduction Persons Majestic pedals with Fox blocks. $50 shipped.
  10. bobcycles

    Four EXCELLENT unrestored Saddles Pre and Post war Troxel, Mesinger, Persons Majestic F/S

    FOUR VERY NICE original unrestored bicycle saddles For Sale #1-----SOLD Prewar Long Spring Troxel saddle with the nose skirts. Practically an NOS 80 year old saddle Incredible original condition with the Troxel logo on the flaps and super nice chassis... You could put this on a restored bike...
  11. catfish

    Sold Vintage Persons Siren

    Price Drop $100.00 Shipped !!!! Very nice Persons siren. shipped in the USA only. Payment by USPS money order or PP as Friends and Family only. Sold as is and untested.
  12. JimRoy

    Wanted- Men's Persons Rear Springs

    Wanted - Rear springs like pictured below for Men's "Persons " seat. Please PM me if you can help. Thanks, JimRoy
  13. 3

    Sold Diamond chain, Persons bag, Morrow hub and other stuff

    I have some stuff I want to move along. Ask questions you may have. Paypal Diamond 1/2 inch 65 chain. NOS but box is a bit worn. It used to be in tact last time I looked at it? Beautiful condition. SOLD Persons tool bag. Blackout, missing one strap and other is cracked. **NOW 200...
  14. Classicriders

    Persons Supreme Pedal Blocks

    Mens pedal blocks with the reflectors. I show one with the reflector removed, some people do thia and face that side towards the pedal shaft. I have five sets of four. $20 per set shipped, or all five sets for $60 shipped.
  15. Classicriders

    Persons red pedal blocks

    Perfect set of men's Persons pedal blocks. $40 shipped.
  16. ivrjhnsn

    PERSONS Glass reflector EXTREMELY RARE

    Got your attention... Glass Persons reflector. 1 3/4 " diameter. New old stock , small chip on back( not effect anything) . $25 mailed ... Used of course on Iver rear fender and found with in aluminum housing too. paypal ok, first to converse with me. Thanks
  17. JimRoy

    Prewar Persons Seat

    Wanted: Prewar Persons seat like this. Please PM me if you can help. It doesn't need to be in good condition, Just not rusted out. Thanks, JimRoy
  18. zephyrblau

    Persons #339

    cool! https://www.ebay.com/itm/192514607833?ul_noapp=true
  19. Rust_Trader

    Sold FS Persons Speedo

    Very nice hard to find speedo, comes with unique cable. Mounting bracket missing the part where it mounts to the fork neck. $389 shipped
  20. Bike Recyclery

    Persons bicycle stands

    Does anyone remember these old Persons wheel cradle stands? Everything I find on the internet is the type with a hook and two legs that props on the bb shell. Do you know if these had a name or model? Butterfly stand came up with nothing on the web.
  21. falcondave

    Reduced Delta Sealed Beam & Persons MaJestic Siren

    Handlebar mount Delta headlight. Tested and works. $80. Persons Majestic siren. Spins smooth. Missing bracket and roller that rubs tire. $60. Prices include shipping to lower 48. US.
  22. bobcycles


    Restored Persons mid 1930s long spring full size large pan deluxe mens saddle for 26 and 28" bicycles....leather is a good close match to original thick grain. fully restored top to bottom and never installed. 300.00 shipped pm here or email bobcycles@aol.com
  23. Driftpr

    Persons majestic cross bar

    Recently came across this Persons Majestic Cross Bar.Does any one has info on this bar. Such as year they were made and which bicycle was used on. Any input would be appreciated.
  24. Night cruiser

    Sold Tear drop persons pedals

    restored teardrop persons majestic pedals . Chromed & ready for your new project . Much better then those repop. Unsure if blocks are Nos or repop. I’m not using them after all . To clean for my project . $300 + shipping Correct for lots of prewar high end bikes Thx for reading Night cruiser,
  25. Mercian

    Persons Majestic No. 15 Tool Bag

    Dear All, I'm on the lookout for a Persons Majestic N°15 Toolbag (Embossed N°15 on the flap, with metal ends), like this: Image extracted from Krakatoa's rather good thread here: https://thecabe.com/forum/threads/persons-majestic-mfg-catalog.107337/ Thanks for your help. Best Regards, Adrian
  26. JimRoy

    Wanted - Persons Seat

    Wanted to buy or trade - Persons seat like the one pictured below. It doesn't need to be in good shape at all, but solid and all there. It doesn't need to have a leather cover or painted. I have a Mesinger seat that I will restore for trade. Please PM me if you can help. Thanks, Jim
  27. catfish

    Sold Persons Reflecto Light Lens

    Nice Persons Glass Lens. $75.00 shipped in the USA. Payment USPS money order.
  28. ZE52414

    Sale Pending $50!!!! Persons majestic reflector

    I’ve had this for a minute, and would like to offer it up to someone in need. It’s seen better days but they are pretty hard to come by without the glass smashed or cracked. I’m asking 80$ shipped on it. Thanks for looking.
  29. ivrjhnsn

    Sold PERSONS tricycle sidewalk bike seat

    Up for sale. This new old stock Persons tricycle or sidewalk bike seat. Still has wood plug in clamp. Surface rust on springs as you can see. Covering is amazing . $85 shipped within U.S. .. paypal okay. Please converse if interested. Thanks
  30. bobcycles


    Really nice survivor NICKEL Chassis Persons skirted long spring MOTOBIKE era saddle! They don't come much nicer than this roughly 100 years old! Some stitching needs attention.. tool bag loops are there but the stitching is loose on ones side. Overall most stitching is very nice maybe not a...
  31. GWLW7272


    take a look & join our Schwinn Sting-ray & Krate Bikes Facebook page * family friendly * if your tired of the "other" pages https://www.facebook.com/groups/357002428002159/?ref=bookmarks
  32. pedalpower17

    Persons Majestic 331

    Does anyone have a pic of a Persons Majestic 331 tombstone actually mounted to a rear fender?
  33. Glenn Rhein

    Sold Persons reflector and prewar stuff $55 takes it all

    $55 shipped takes all... persons reflector, bent new departure early hub, finned hub and a piece of conduit
  34. GWLW7272

    Sting-ray & Solo Polo Seat Restoration - Deep Tufted White NOS Persons Covers

    we have acquired a limited number of New Old Stock 1960's Vintage Persons Seat Covers for restorations...we have them available in: -White Deep Tufted - Black Deep Tufted -Black Diamond we can restore your seat ( Solo Polo or Sting-ray style ) with one of these covers for $300 plus...
  35. tech549

    Sold persons speedo

    real nice persons speedo with bracket. $210.00 shipped
  36. New Mexico Brant

    Gent's Torrington 10's and Lady's Persons Supreme Pedals

    Being offered: A pair of MISMATCHED men's Torrington 10's and a pair of women's Person Supremes, both are crusty, ladies could be cleaned up. All axles spin but need serviced; both may have one axle that is very slightly bent. The one men's has flat head slots in the one end (see images)...
  37. phantom

    Sold Persons Majestic Siren $125 Shipped

    Complete in great condition and it SCREAMS. SOLD The spring is as strong as new and it has the loop to slide over the handlebar. Cash, PP, MO Shipped from GA
  38. T

    Sold Persons Seat, Leather

    New Persons seat, Leather, has a scratch on top. 105.00 includes shipping to the 48 only
  39. tripple3

    Original Long Spring Saddle, Marathon by Persons

    I bought this to ride, but after looking it over and long discussion about it, decided to offer it up for sale to the bike folk that need it for display. Completely original except I massaged coconut oil into the leather for awhile. The nicest original Marathon stamped saddle by Persons left in...
  40. Autocycleplane

    Found Used Persons Supreme Pedal Blocks

    I know there are repops aplenty, but I need an OK set of used black originals to better match the bike. Anyone? Thanks.
  41. John G04

    Sold Persons long spring saddle

    for sale is a very nice 20’s or 30’s persons long spring saddle with original leather and everything. Stamp is very clear and leather had no tears or rips. Frame is nice and has no cracks. Asking $200 shipped
  42. 7

    1990s persons campus green repop seat.

    made in USA like the originals. Last run before persons shut down. Chrome Mylar strips removed. Great for a rider. 140 shipped obo. Don’t see green ones often at all. Only one I’ve seen.
  43. frank 71

    Withdrawn Seats Persons & Mesinger

    Amateur recovered Persons seat with keroseal cover, has some wrinkles around the edges. $85.00 Now $65.00 Now $55.00 Shipped. Black Mesinger early seat original condition with cuts on both rear corners, no nose spring. $85.00 Now $65.00 Now $55.00 Shipped.
  44. fat tire trader

    Wanted Persons or Messinger or other early racing saddles

    Hello, I am looking for Persons or Messinger or other early racing saddles, like the one in the picture below. Thanks, Chris
  45. ohdeebee

    Sold Persons 219 Reflector

    I believe this was used on Westfield bikes but I'm not certain. Glass is nice, housing looks old as it should. $80 shipped
  46. Rust_Trader

    Found WTB Persons Speedo Parts

    Looking to buy or trade for these Persons speedo parts please. Let me know if you can help.
  47. Dave K

    Sold Persons Seat

    Nice seat. $75 plus shipping
  48. stingrayjoe

    Sold NOS Persons Leather Tool Bag Bicycle

    Please PM direct please do not post here you are sending me a PM etc. All inquiries answered in order thanks! $7.75 USPS PM FR Shipping in Lower 48 USA shipping is on you. Thanks Top -Tan small bag SOLD Bottom - Black Persons bag with original packaging $50. + ship listed above
  49. Krakatoa

    Persons Reflecto NOS or GOOD used Lens

    Looking for the glass lens for this...
  50. Mercian

    Lost: G519 Persons toolbag and saddle

    Dear All, seeing Tomato John's thread on a toolbag and saddle made me think to put this here. To avoid confusion,, these are not the ones shown by Tomato John! Late last year I bought a G519 Person's saddle and Toolbag from a CABE member in California, to be posted to France. Through no fault...