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  1. Marc's Classic Chrome

    B6 or phantom project

    Started messing with this blue bad boy. Looks like a B6 or a sad Phantom. It has the switch on the fender so it has that going for it lol. Before you ask the serial number starts with a P ... that’s all I have so far.
  2. atencioee

    Sale Pending Schwinn Tumbler & Key Set

    I have an original Schwinn tumbler (AN 98) with a set of non-orginal keys for a cycle lock fork.
  3. atencioee

    Schwinn Script Front Hubs

    Schwinn Script Front Hubs, 36 hole, chrome plating in good shape. All have been completely rebuilt, new grease, spin like new. $35 Shipped each One Sold...Two Remaining
  4. atencioee

    New Departure Model D rear hubs

    New Departure Model D rear hubs available. *ALL HAVE BEEN COMPLETELY REBUILT, NEW OIL ON DISCS, NEW GREASE ON BEARINGS, SPIN FREELY, & BRAKES ENGAGE AS THEY SHOULD 1. 11 tooth, skiptooth, 36 hole, late 40s style brake arm and dust cover, original chrome plating still in good condition. $80...
  5. Goldenrod

    He Don't Know That He Ain't Pretty But The Lady Schwinns Like His Add-Ons.

    The Schwinn pinch brakes and two speed rear end would attract the lust of any red-blooded American-made female but a Phantom with these performance enhancing equipment extras are potent aphrodisiacs in any female bicycle herd. Even I have an unhealthy attraction to his broad black frame when I...
  6. atencioee

    40s and 50s Schwinn B6 Phantom / Autocycle parts

    Various B6 parts Can ship in the US 48 *Phantom Saddle / Seat - $325 shipped SOLD *Chrome Original Fenderlite cover - $90 shipped - SOLD *New Departure Model D hubs: all have been disassembled, thouroughly cleaned, regreased, discs re-oiled, & rebulit. Range from $65 - 95 shipped. *Schwinn...
  7. BlakeBrosGarage

    Sold SOLD...thank yee

    Hi. No haggle price...$1500 ( I set my price at the absolute LOWEST I'd accept and don't play games) If you want it, Pay pal $1500 to as friends/family. You can pick up whenever you'd like in Riverside, CA or I can ship her. Either way, Pay pal $ then I will get it...
  8. atencioee

    Sold Original Schwinn Deluxe Chainguard for Phantom, Autocycles, B6, Panther, etc

    Original 1940s-1950s Schwinn deluxe chainguard. As you can see this guard was painted in various ares and decals had been placed on. This guard can used for a restoration, repaint, rat rod or whatever you desire! It is not perfect, but it is a decent guard. I did not clean the chainguard, but it...
  9. atencioee

    Sold Original Schwinn Phantom Taillight w/repop lens

    Original Schwinn Phantom B6 Tail Light with repop lens. This taillight doesn't work, but perhaps a talented individual willing to take the time may be able to get it to work. Someone replaced the lens with a repop. This tail light has the black switch that came out on the later 50s Phantoms...
  10. atencioee

    Sold NOS Schwinn Tubular S-2 Wheels

    This is a beautiful wheel set of NOS S-2 rims that I acquired from Craig Morrow (Bicycleheaven) and never used them. These rims can be used on any of the Schwinn balloon bikes, including the Phantom, Panther, Starlet, Hornet, and Whizzer anong others. They are knurled with the stamping. $215...
  11. atencioee

    Found Wanted: Original Schwinn B6 Black Oval Grips

    I'm looking for a pair of original (40s to early 50s) black oval bicycle grips...preferable in good to great condition. They are the oval grips original to 40s autocycle and early phantom bikes.
  12. atencioee

    More 1948 Schwinn Autocycle questions = )

    Hello Experts and fellow Schwinn balloon bike lovers with knowldege! Among some of my bike projects is a deluxe springer fork 1948 Schwinn Autocycle, which I'm working on and I have some questions? 1. What plating is correct on the seatpost D Cad? Nickle? Initially, I would...
  13. atencioee

    Need help to identify Schwinn seatpost

    Hello experts, please help me identify the seat post on the left. Would this happen to be the nickle plated post found on postwar (late 40s) deluxe B6 Autocycle bikes?
  14. rustjunkie

    Sold Restored Schwinn Approved Phantom Mesinger Saddle

    Restored as original, with the same shape, same type and weight of leather, plating and enamel paint as orig. All the parts are original to this saddle except the rivets and reproduction side plates. This saddle had zinc plated springs originally so that's how it was restored. The rear spring...
  15. dogdart

    Sold NOS Phantom fender set

    New in box , wrapped in 1992 newspaper , complete fender set with headlight and rear reflector. $300 plus shipping from 15210. PayPal as F&F or USPS money order.
  16. dogdart

    Sold Phantom seat

    New in box repro Phantom seat. Has a couple indents from long storage. Should come out in sun. $250 plus shipping from 15210 PayPal as F&F or USPS money order.
  17. B

    52 Phantom Fork questions

    Hello! I am almost done getting my 82 year old cousin's Phantom back on the road. The front wheel is giving me a major headache! I can't remember how I got the original wheel out, but it was toasted anyway. I found a centennial wheelset to replace the old wheels. I'm new here and i'm sure you...
  18. bobcycles

    Sold Restored Prewar Long Spring PERSONS MAJESTIC bicycle saddle-Nice!----F/S

    1930S era Persons Majestic Long Spring bicycle saddle fully restored. leather top and bottom stitched / sewn edge. Really cool and quite unusual Heavy Duty Long Spring chassis the likes of which I don't see too often. Nice old seat for your MOTOBIKE etc 1930s era bicycle wood wheel or...
  19. atencioee

    Question about Schwinn Deluxe Reflector hardware

    Back in the late 40s/early 50s, was the deluxe reflector riveted to the fenders on post war Autocycles and early Phantoms? If not, what was used to attach the deluxe reflector to the fender? Pictures would be helpful!
  20. atencioee

    Found Non Knurled Schwinn Tubular S2 rims chrome or painted

    Hello everyone! I'm looking for a set of original 26 inch 1948 non-knurled Schwinn Tubular S2 rims or wheels. Wheels can be either chrome or painted S2s. It's great if they are in decent condition, but even if not in the best of conditions I'm open to what you have. I don't necessarily need...
  21. atencioee

    Wanted: Original (late 40s-early 50s) Schwinn script brake lever assembly

    Hello! I'm looking for an original brake lever assembly, like those pictured, for what I believe to be correct for a 1952 Phantom with a front drum brake. If the lever assemblies pictured would not be correct for a 52 Phantom, then please give some guidance...I've seen some a little different...
  22. atencioee

    Found Wanted: Schwinn B6 Taillight brake light hub ring clip

    Hello! I'm looking for the ring shaped clip for my taillight and New Departure Model D hub. I think I have all the parts except the ring clip (first picture). Also, can soneone tell me where the clip goes? I'm assuming it goes in the groove of the New Departure ring lock (last picture)...please...
  23. atencioee

    Found Wanted: Original Schwinn B6 / Phantom front fender light cover

    Hello! I'm looking for an original 40s/50s front fender light cover. Preferably with the metal in good condition with no cracks. I'm also looking for a light tray.
  24. dave429

    Sold Schwinn Seat/ Saddle

    Ladies, women’s, girls schwinn script seat. Most likely from the 1950’s balloon bikes. I am not an expert on these seats so please examine pictures. Does have some scuffs on the right rear corner. See pics. $65 priority shipped pp/ff preferred from 54703 NOW $45!
  25. billygoat!

    After hoping for an original Green Phantom for 33 years............

    the ultimate (54) Green Phantom finally surfaced this past Wednesday. It virtually "landed on our doorstep" from one of the kindest people we know of, and at a very reasonable price. Seemed like wretched-junk to my wife, so I had to clean-'er-up in a hurry, so no photos of the way it looked. I...
  26. billygoat!

    1995 Black Phantom Reissue / Bought New! / None Finer!!!

    Bought new and immediately placed on static-display in our retro room. Has been looking-pretty there for 20 years or so. Absolutely no one has touched the bike, except for my beeping the horn when we have guests. There are absolutely ZERO abrasions, pitting or any other issue. I replace the...
  27. mongeese

    Schwinn springer fork bracket washer 20 shipped

    20 shipped from Wi. Nice original condition.
  28. mongeese

    NOS Bendix lever 2 speed aviator

    40 plus ship from Wi.
  29. CannonCam

    Sold 1956 Schwinn Black Phantom

    BARN FIND! 1956 BF Goodrich Black Phantom bicycle by Schwinn. Chicago built! 26" wheels. Great starting point for a restoration project or ride it as a rat rod! Comes with the original rear rack. I'm not sure if the seat is original but will come with another as well. There's normal surface rust...
  30. rustjunkie

    Sold Restored Ladies Schwinn Phantom Saddle

    This is a genuine ladies Phantom saddle all parts original to this saddle except the reproduction side plates and rivets. correct plating, enamel paint (not powder coat), premium USA leather of same type and weight as original. teeth on clamp are like new. $450 shipped insured USPS Priority...
  31. dave429

    Sold Bicycle Hubcaps Red Reflectors, For Schwinn Balloon Bikes and Others

    Hub Caps for vintage balloon tire bicycle, used condition. Please examine photos for condition.
  32. Schwinn Phantom Saddle

    Schwinn Phantom Saddle

  33. John G04

    Black phantom schwinn tank

    Looking for a decent condition black phantom tank with no rust holes. It will go on this bike so would like one to match it. Surface rust is ok. Let me know if you have one thanks.
  34. John G04

    Phantom Schwinn grips

    Looking for some red schwinn phantom grips. Let me know thanks.
  35. crazyhawk

    Why does Black Phantom decal do this?

    I just got this 1953 Schwinn Black Phantom at the Memory Lane swap. The paint is original on the frame and, I think, on the tank as well. I can't figure out how the tank decal seems to remain when the paint around it disappears. It looks like the original decal, not a reproduction. Does the...
  36. S

    Withdrawn 1950'S Schwinn 26" Chrome S2 Rim Set Panther Phantom Wasp $125 shipped

    Chrome is still pretty nice and should clean up good for a rider / survivor build. Both show age and wear with scratches and dings 3 are noticeable 1 on the rear and 2 on the front see pics. The rear spins true and round within roughly 1/8" the front spins fairly true but is out of round about...
  37. Freqman1

    Schwinn Phantom Grips

    Need a pair of black exactly like this only need to be fairly decent-no missing pieces or splits. Please PM with pics and price. Thanks, Shawn
  38. ZE52414

    Crusty phantom project.

    Here’s the progress I’ve made on the crusty phantom. Waiting on the rack. And I’ll send the seat off and have some leather added. I didn’t overclean the chrome because the chrome on the fenders is shot. I’ll update when it’s complete. I have to still get iron out some fender issues.
  39. Freqman1

    Green Phantom Refresh

    This is the bike I picked up in Atlanta last week. Looks a little crusty but I think will clean up nicely. V/r Shawn What I started with Tear down and start clean-up and service
  40. doccaligrns

    Black Phantom cable legth?

    i bought a Sturmey archer 3 speed for my black phantom and was wondering if anyone knew what length shifter cable to get. ive seen cables from 48 to 58 and dont want to waste money getting the wrong size. thanks
  41. frank 71

    Sold Schwinn 1952 S-2 Wheel Set

    S-2 Wheel Set with Bright Chrome Rear wheel has a few Dings, Front is like New. $175.00 Now $150.00 Shipped lower 48.
  42. SupergooseScrambler

    1995 Schwinn Cruiser Deluxe Mens Bicycle 100th Anniversary Phantom Tank NICE

    Beautiful 1995 Schwinn Phantom Tribute / Cruiser Deluxe. This bike has all the bells and whistles of the infamous Phantom and then some! Gorgeous Blue finish complete with front and rear lighting, push button tank, and retro reflectors make this one quite a head turner! Rides smooth as...
  43. Nickinator

    Sold Nice Set 27” Wide Bars, Phantom etc.

    Wald made bars, not sure of exact age but no newer than 1990’s. Very nice, chrome great, no road rash, bends or scrapes. Some fine scratches. Off Restored ‘53 Phantom. $65 shipped PP no fees. Message if interested. Darcie/ Nick
  44. KingSized HD

    Drum brake wheels for your Phantom/klunker build $375 These are sweet expander hub wheels front and back, probably heavy duty spoke gauge too. I wouldn’t feel too bad about replacing them with standard cruiser wheels and selling the bike off, it’s so non-original it’s...
  45. kirk thomas

    Sold Mint Schwinn Green Phantom $1000 plus the ride

    This bike has never been rode. I got it in the box and put it together but have not taken it out for a ride yet. This bike is a 1995 bike. Do to unforeseen circumstances I must sell it. I am selling it with the wingos hub caps. I would like $1500 shipped for this bike.
  46. Nickinator

    Sold Nice Girl's Phantom Pedals

    Blocks look super nice, and end caps as well, may have been rechromed- pedals may or may not have reproduction parts on them, can't say for sure. Axles spin straight, center are solid, dull chrome and wear. Anyway a nice set of pedals. Blocks 3 1/4" $75 shipped, PP no fees. Message if...
  47. L

    1981 SCHWINN Scrambler Phantom single speed OLD SCHOOL BMX

  48. bobcycles

    Sold VERY Nice original Postwar B6/autocycle / Phantom / WZ Whizzer 6 hole rack F/S

    SUPER Straight and excellent original Black paint Schwinn post war 6 hole rear carrier. They honestly don't get much nicer than this unless they are NOS About an 8-9 on a ten scale. No touch ups...factory paint and NICE! 150.00 plus postage
  49. bobcycles

    Sold 1950s Schwinn Phantom leather saddle- Distressed orig Restored- F/S

    Original Schwinn Phantom 1950 and up riveted saddle repadded and recovered in leather semi distressed with faint Schwinn stamp like the original saddles had after use. Chassis, springs, clamp and wear tabs are original "survivor" parts for the original look, original Schwinn wear tabs have...