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  1. Rustngrease

    Wanted pierce type 3 badge

    Tarnished and crusty preferably, and also I know this is a long shot , but looking for the earlier style pierce 1902 leaf spring fork , it can be beat and repaired its for display . Thanks a bunch
  2. Rustngrease

    Trade list

    I have several goodies to trade, Shelby men's shock ease fork good spring, 28'' drop stand, 1950s cycle master motor wheel with the tags, toc suspension seat post, new brooks saddle, Shelby men's tank, iver badge. Let me know if you need more pics or info on items. Looking for toc...
  3. Rustngrease

    Trade list

    I have several goodies to trade, Shelby men's shock ease fork good spring, 1950s cycle master motor wheel with the tags, toc suspension seat post, new brooks saddle, Shelby men's tank, iver badge. Let me know if you need more pics or info on items. Looking for toc men's rat trap pedals...
  4. Rustngrease

    Looking for Pierce type 3, i have pierce pat badge and iver badge to trade

    Looking for a pierce type 3 old and tarnished preferably, I have pierce pat date badge and a iver johnson badge for trades.
  5. ratfink1962

    Pierce shaft drive

    Officially for sale, Early 1900's Pierce shaft drive cushioner, this one is a project. Bad... Missing lots of paint and the nickle plating is pretty much gone, wrong seat, wrong front wheel. Fork has an older repair, will need a proper repair to be rideable. The worst of the rust seems to be...
  6. toyman

    Pierce gooseneck

    Anybody have any info or pictures of a Pierce shaft drive goosenect..Here is the one that I have..Note that I cut it in half to get to the inside part,and will have to weld it back togeather.It is threaded on the top and it appears to be a two piece unit. It looks like it has a wedge that would...
  7. Kato

    TOC Pierce and Crescent

    Thought I'd share a couple pics of a couple I saw today :)
  8. rollfaster

    Very cool Pierce

    Piece of art!
  9. carlitos60

    Did PIERCE Make a Large Sprocket???

    I Just Started Wondering If: PIERCE Made a Large Sprocket??? 26,28,30,,,,Teeth The Model Like This One!
  10. carlitos60

    TOC: PIERCE Sprocket / Chain Ring

    Looking for an Old PIERCE Chain Ring Larger than 24 teeth!! 26, 28, 30!! Thanks! Like This One ,,,,BUT Larger!!
  11. tommydale1950

    Pierce hardware interchangeable ?

    I was asked if Pierce hardware was interchangeable with other brands , I don't know and am asking here. If so what other brands fit ?
  12. rustjunkie

    Sold Pierce Saddle Leather USA Made Front Pocket Wallet Cardholder

    Cleaning out the shop, found a few pieces from a while back that I'll offer up at a "clearance discount". Pierce frontpocket wallet/cardholder, holds a few cards and some folded bux. Will expand to hold more if you like. Handmade by me from premium USA full-grain saddle leather, lined with...
  13. filmonger

    Sold Early Pierce Chain Driven Cushion Frame / Fork

    Early Pierce chain driven cushion frame with springer fork ...... Shipping is from Dublin Ireland. You only get the Frame/Fork as pictured in the first photo. This is the Bearing BB Model. It was introduced in 1903. Guessing this is a little later model based on the serial number. Great Bike...
  14. gkeep

    1907 Pierce Service Bike Restored, was on EBAY

    Hi All, Wanted to start separate post on this bike to save the photos for reference and post the additional comments from the seller who apparently had his first sale screwed up by idiots...
  15. carlitos60

    1902/3 PIERCE Cushion Frame

    My Latest Project Rider Ready; Eventually, It Will Evolve!!! Serial#: 97563 Probably Late 1902 or Early 1903 ??? Rides Great!
  16. filmonger

    Pierce 1911 info

  17. carlitos60

    PIERCE Fork Head Set" or a 1" ID TOC Fork Head Set

    Need a PIERCE Fork Head Set or Just the Top Nut!!
  18. C

    Pierce littlest bicycle?

    I bought this bike about 20 years ago. The store owner called it a “Monkey Bike” because he said the circus had a monkey trained to ride this bike! When I got it it was missing the handlebars, seat, and pedals. The wheels were wooden, but the rear rim was badly broken. A buddy gave me an almost...
  19. Dweber

    WTB Pierce Tricycle Any Condition

    Looking for a Pierce tricycle in any condition or size. Thanks! Email: Dweber736@aol.com
  20. Dale Brown

    Sold 1913-18 Pierce (Arrow) Frank Kramer Special track bike

    I just showed this bike off in the Pre-1933 group because I thought it had been sold. But the deal didn't go through so I will now offer it to others. In any case, it is an original Pierce Frank Kramer Special, with original paint, double box striping, and decals. And in a very unusual blue...
  21. GiovanniLiCalsi


  22. Dale Brown

    Pierce track bike c 1913(?)

    Thought you folks might enjoy seeing this bike that has been on my shop wall for 20 years at least. I was told that this bike was awarded by Frank Kramer as the first prize at a race in the Salt Palace Velodrome. That would put it pre-1913 the year that that facility was closed (due to fire?)...
  23. D

    Dating a men's Pierce

    I am restoring a men's Pierce that, based on it's #4 Buffalo "The Pierce Cycle Company" head badge and it's New Departure Model A rear hub I've narrowed it down to having been produced after 1907. It's serial number (stamped on the right side chain tensioner is 174006. It has a nickel plated...
  24. Dweber

    Pierce Salesman Sample Bicycle?

    Attached is a photo (1914?) of E.J. Cortines of Dallas, TX. Mr. Cortines was president of Cortines Supply Co. which sold Pierce bicycles. Has anyone ever seen any other mention, ads or photo of the small Pierce bicycle? They were made by the George N. Pierce Co. Buffalo, N.Y (11" from center of...
  25. tommydale1950

    Pierce rear rain gutter fender

    this is a Pierce Buffalo rear fender with extra holes , dont know why. . No rot with lots of paint and dents but solid no braces. 60 shipped or ? Tom
  26. I

    Sold 1901 Pierce Double Cushion - Ladies

    I have had a few inquires on this bike and it is not doing anything here hanging from the ceiling. This is a not often seen for sale, double cushion frame with nice original paint and some traces of Gold pin-stripping on the rear fender. Tires are display only, but wheels are good, saddle is...
  27. nj_shore

    Sold Early Pierce Boardtrack

    As pictured- Angola Pierce? I am guessing teens. Unlikely the seat is correct. $285 + Ship
  28. Dave Stromberger

    Truss Frame Pierce

    Snagged this 'ole boy today. It's had a hard life, but I can fix it! A true "barn find" purchaced from the original owners daughter. In searching around here and via Google and Bing Images, I've only found a photo of ONE other truss frame Pierce. It's illustrated in the catalogs of course...
  29. S

    Pierce Amature Racer

    Road the Emblem built Pierce on the Tweed Ride Sunday. Gotta change out that wore out saddle before I ride it again!
  30. Blue Streak

    Circa 1901 Pierce at Clarence NY Auction 11/24-25/2017

    Auction: TOC Pierce Men's Bicycle: shaft drive, spring fork and cushion frame rear Friday 11/24/2017 or Saturday 11/25/2017 (two day auction) Schultz Auctioneers http://schultzauctioneers.net/auctions/ Clarence NY (20 miles northeast of Buffalo)
  31. carlitos60

    FS: Pierce PKS Racer!!! Updated Info!

    Here is My PKS /?? Up for Grabs!! A True ROAD RACER,,,,,,,Too Soft for My Town Roads!! Unsure of Model Year! Measurements: 22" From Mid BB to Top of Seat Tube with a 5.5" Head Tube! Check Out the Color, Fork, Handlebar, 3Pc Sprocket, and Wheels (Lobdell) Stamps!!! $1850 Shipped!! OBO PLEASE, Do...
  32. J

    Wanted: Appropriate handlebar grips for early 1900s Pierce Bicycle

    Wanted: Appropriate handle bar grips for early 1900s Pierce bicycle
  33. whizzer kid

    New Pierce & other Toc Bicycle's on Display here in Buffalo,NY.

    http://www.wgrz.com/mobile/article/news/local/new-vintage-bike-collection-to-debut-in-buffalo/477953271 Nice to have this here locally to Me. The founder of the Pierce Arrow museum was able to snag some bicycles from Carl B.'s "Pedaling Threw History museum " from orchard park NY. I'm...
  34. thehugheseum

    TOC pierce? columbia? fork with bearings/cups

    nice condition toc fork with cups/bearings ready to install $150shipped usa
  35. gtdohn

    Sold 1901 Pierce front rim with Hub shell & tire

    This is an original front black painted wood rim off of a 1901 men's Pierce bicycle. These had very unusual front hubs. The rim itself is slightly narrow like a race rim (1-1/8" wide) and with some proper spoke tension, it could be made completely true. Wood is in very good shape including the...
  36. Rick Wolfe

    Wanted Pierce Chainless rear hub

    Wanted ,Pierce shaft drive rear hub for my orig paint cushion frame Pierce,thanks Rick , oldcycle@rogers.com
  37. carlitos60


    Pre-1918 Pierce Bike!
  38. Freqman1

    Sold 1902 Pierce Full Cushion Special

    I believe this to be a 1902 Pierce. There has been some discussion in the Pierce thread concerning both the seat and the rear hub. I have seen another bike exactly like mine that had the exact same seat so I think it is possible this bike may have come with this seat. This bike came out of an...
  39. Dave Stromberger

    Pierce Racer? Look at that stem!

  40. Dave Stromberger

    Pierce Crank Nut

    Reproduction crank nut for early Pierce bicycles. I had a batch of these made specifically for a 1910'ish full suspension chainless. They are left hand thread, and the bicycle took one for each side. Other models only use one, and earlier bikes didn't have as many (or any) notches, but they...
  41. gkeep

    Fool, fool, foooool of chains ( apologies to Aretha Franklin)

    Help please, Finally got one rivet to budge on the chain on my Pierce. Laying out 24 links of the two chains (DIamond chain will go one the bike) the old chain is half a link longer. Is this a case of chain stretch or am I just dealing with a very old chain of a slightly different length link...
  42. gkeep

    Teens Pierce Pedal Questions

    Hi All, When I found my teens Pierce Roadster it had a right pedal but on the left someone had pedaled many miles on just the spindle. As you can see from the photo the threads at the end of the spindle are in bad shape for rebuilding. I had hoped to chase the threads with a die to make them...
  43. gkeep

    Sad Day For My Pierce, Is There Any Hope?

    Hello All, Thought I'd take my Pierce out for a little ride around town. I made it about 6 blocks and as I started across an intersection I felt the left peddle un-threading. I coasted out of the intersection and could see it had come out about 1/3 of the way. I backed it out by hand and found...
  44. Dave Stromberger

    1900's Pierce Cushion Frame Carcass - Parts Bike

    Some good parts left on this one. The frame was damaged and "repaired" in the very distant past, but if you were desperate you could still fix it. Or better yet, you could convert a non-cushion mens frame to a cushion model using the parts. What you see is what you get. Please ask questions if...
  45. the freewheeler

    Columbia Shaft Drive Value?

    I came across this bike today, but don't know much about it. I'm hoping some of you can shed some light on it for me. I believe it's a TOC Pierce (edit: now know it's a Columbia), but could not see the headtube to check for a badge. I think it was probably repainted, and the wheels are obviously...