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  1. trustrust

    Old COLUMBIA BICYCLE wooden crate board... How old do you think it is ??

    Any educated guesses as to how old this Columbia packing crate board is ? It is about 41" long and 3.5" high.... When do you think Pope/Columbia stop using wood crates?
  2. mongeese

    1890s block chain 51 links 3/16ths

    Very nice ridable early chain. Moves great with diamond master link- one pin is homemade. 120 shipped from Wi.
  3. M

    Nyack Bicycle

    I would like any information pertaining to the Nyack Bicycle. I have pieced together some information using thecabe, as well as google. Please feel free to add any information you know or correct anything I may have mistaken. I have also attached photos that I found related to the Nyack...
  4. Jim Barnard

    Poll question regarding a SWAP MEET on Mother's Day.

    See Poll Question below. I need lots of responses to make the right decision. This means not holding back if the answer ins a negative one. I would like 50 responses, so tell all the kids. Answer based on the Mother's Day aspect and not how far you are from Westfield. Poll closes in 10 days.
  5. T

    Sold 1893 Pope Columbia Model 34 Pnuematic Safety barn find

    Just found, hanging in a barn for the past 40 years. Original paint. Both wheels are straight but the rear has a few cracks in the rim between the spokes. Front brake missing. Saddle and pedals marked Columbia and in excellent condition. Chain also. Grips intact. Serial 10017. Great for display...
  6. T

    Need help identifying Westfield bicycle

    Hey guys, This is my first post and my first vintage bicycle. So any info or tips are greatly appreciated! So I bought this bike this week with the intention of making an Indian replica type motorized bicycle. That being said, I really hate to start until I know more about what it is I...
  7. mongeese

    Early motorbike pedals

    287 shipped from Wi. Heavy solid strong mean pedal set.
  8. mongeese

    Sale Pending Teens Miami motorbike saddle large

    375 shipped from Wisconsin. Post not included. Untouched uncleaned original leather- can make out MFG Co. on one side.
  9. jaidecker

    Reduced 1900 Columbia Pope Model 65 Chainless Bicycle - $2,000

    Columbia 1902, Pope Model 65 chainless (drive shaft) bicycle. Great condition for a 116 year old bike. Hub cleaned, repacked and spinning, however, wood rims need straightening. No trades/parting out. Located in San Francisco, CA; shipping should be under $100.
  10. MsRock2

    Sold Double D Westfield/Columbia Pope Sprocket

    $40.00 plus shipping PM for details or pick up locally in San Diego
  11. MsRock2

    Sold TOC Pope Crank and Sprocket 26

    7 3/4 arms with 8" sprocket D-0 $40 PM for more info. Located in San Diego
  12. M

    1937 Pope Cruiser $600

    Rare Antique 1937 Pope tank bike. 26" x 2.125" ballon tires on steel rims. Skiptooth chain ring. Original saddle and seat post. Original wheels with New Departure D rear coaster brake hub with “New Departure D Brake” stamped on the brake arm. Big chrome fenders. Chrome cargo rack. Horn on the...
  13. 66TigerCat

    Sold Col. Pope paperweight

    This is in really nice condition. No chips or cracks. Measures approx. 4"x 2 1/2"x 1". $25. shipped to CONUS. PM me if interested. Thanks.
  14. TheFizzer

    Sold 1936/37 Pope For Sale or Trade

    Original paint 26” bike. I added new tires, jewel grips and the wood box. Bike will come with the original laid back post (not the one on the bike). Working front load light. Rear wheel needs trued up and brake needs some work. I don’t think you’ll find a nicer original prewar bike for this...
  15. mickeyc

    Men's 26" Pope

    https://detroit.craigslist.org/wyn/bik/d/vintage-1930s-pope-balloon/6512315146.html Mike
  16. TheFizzer

    Prewar Pope

    Probably won’t come across one this nice but I wanna buy another Monark so this has to go. 36 original paint Pope 26” bike. Great riding bike with new tires but the brakes don’t work so good. $895 plus shipping
  17. TheFizzer

    1936 Pope for Trade

    Beautiful 26” original paint Pope. I would trade for an early 50’s men’s Gumby green Monark Super Deluxe or a men’s Monark Holiday.
  18. jaidecker

    Columbia Pope Chainless model 65 (1890 - 1900?)

    Hello everyone, i have a Columbia Pope Chainless Model 65 (1989?) that i have had in my living room for about 10 years and it is time to do some research before i decide to either have it restored or sell it to a loving home. Here are a few pics for you guys to checkout and would love to both...
  19. B

    Sold 37 Pope sold Sunday morning

    1937 Pope bicycle was sold Sunday morning , thank you to everyone who showed interest , wpb
  20. B

    Sold 1937 Pope, from original family1937 Pope

    1937 Pope , 600.00 plus shipping , I have the chainguard
  21. B

    1937 Pope

  22. F

    Nickel Plated Pope / Columbia Identification

    The badge is missing, but an outline of it exists. I would like to find the correct badge, maybe year and model, and any information about the bike that can be provided. Handlebar diameter is 3/4". Main frame tubes are 1". Pictures are from the person I bought it from. Thank you.
  23. klunk!

    Sold TOC Chainless Shaft Drive CRANKS Columbia Pope

    Set of hard to find Shaft Drive, Chainless cranks. Look Columbia to me. No broken teeth on bevel gear. Threads are all OK. Good enough finish for an original bike or would replate. Pulled from a barn where they have sat since the mid 1960s. Arms are 7" on center. $500 Shipped OBO.
  24. gkeep

    Colonel Pope and a local Columbia show and tell

    Hi Cabers, The show-Yesterday at work one of the forklift drivers handed me this Colonel Albert A. Pope Paperweight. He pulled it out of a load in the public dumping area, there was also a 1917 magazine and a few WWII artifacts but that another story. I see Gary Mc posted one some years back. I...
  25. MrColumbia

    Fate of the MrColumbia web site

    It's been over 10 years that I have had my MrColumbia web site. It has brought me much enjoyment and I've made a lot of friends and found some great bikes over these years, most possible because of the site. Now things are changing and it is time to move on or bring it to an end. I am looking...
  26. DJF

    Westfield leaf spring fork, pope, indian, columbia.

    Wanted: Westfield leaf spring fork, pope, indian, columbia. Will pay very fair price and consider a finders fee.
  27. bricycle

    Reduced FS early Pope, Shelby? Schwinn? Chain Wheels *$48* $58 shipped ea.

    early Pope, Shelby? Schwinn? Chain Wheels $48 $58 shipped ea. domestic only (Pope rt.) 97 170
  28. klunk!

    Sold TOC POPE Porcupine Straight Pull Front Hub

    Hard to find front hub. "Porcupine" straight pull front. No guts. 28 hole. OK for an original bike or I think you could re-plate. Bearing surfaces look OK. $250 shipped OBO.
  29. onecatahula

    Iver, Pope, Crescent, etc

  30. B

    1898 Pope Columbia Model 51 (Chainless)

    Hello, I believe i have a 1898 Pope Columbia Model 51 ( Chain-less drive). The tires are not original. But everything else appears to be. The Seat leather is fairly dry, but otherwise everything is in working condition and present. I am interested in selling this bicycle. I have would appreciate...
  31. tripple3

    1891 Columbia For Sale

    I look at pictures and ask questions. I am not in the market for this bike just curious. The seller says he knows nothing so lets learn; Please.:) BMXers doing tricks on these... Is this early suspension?? Does it work? on dirt roads? Wow! Thanks for input on this awesome machine...
  32. DJF

    Pope, columbia, cleveland spring forks

    I am trying to find a pair of leaf spring forks that could have been on a Pope, Columbia, Cleveland or westfield production bike. Will pay fair price.
  33. Dave Stromberger

    Sold 28" Columbia Pope Motorbike

    Yeah, it's safety orange! Pics tell the story, but please ask questions if you have'm! License tag is SBL, Spokane Bicycle License.. vintage coolness! Stand not included. $350 shipped in the USA.
  34. bikesnbuses

    Sold still available..My mystery bicycle; 1902ish Columbia Pope Roadster?

    .........Still available..... Good mornin' early risers! Im listing this really cool tall frame 1902 era Columbia / Pope bike frame,fork,wedge seat post ,stem , bars (with rust holes.:neutral:)rear wheel with what appears to be a Thor hub (spokes and rim arent the best though) and a block...
  35. mongeese

    TOC accessories lot

    You get all this stuff for 110 shipped from Wi.
  36. Robertriley

    Sold 1904 Pope Chainless

    $1399 shipped! It looks like original paint and the crank plate has NO holes. Most of these have holes where the plate doesn't unscrew and they poke holes in the plate to remove it. Really only one dent in the whole bike which is rare for the age. The gears grip and turn the rims but slip a...
  37. oddball

    Teens Pope Overland

    Finally got my hands on the Pope I was told about for a year and a half, thinking 1918, any thoughts? I know Ed (Catfish) does, being he's the man!
  38. Robertriley

    New Toy! 1904 Pope Model 134

    This one should be here in a couple weeks. I really want to get the seat redone because it is an unusual look seat.
  39. Lux Low

    Wanted Wolff American & Pope / Columbia model 65 Headbadges

    I am Looking for toc Wolff American & Pope / Columbia model 65 Headbadges, if you have one your willing to let go, Please PM Me.
  40. Dave Stromberger

    1900 Columbia Model 65 Chainless

    1900, from what I've read in other threads here on The CABE. Just scored this yesterday, thanks to a tip from @rustyspoke66 about a Craigslist ad in Yakima, WA. That's a 3 hour drive that I hadn't anticipated making, but well worth it! The front wheel and seat are 1930's replacements, and I...
  41. MrColumbia

    Other Bike Names Used By Westfield Mfg. A Call For Help

    As many of you know my main goal in this hobby is to collect information on every aspect of the Columbia/Pope/Westfield organization and then provide what I have learned on my website for all to use. In that regard there is one loose end that I have not explored yet and have only speculation...
  42. Dave Stromberger

    Ww I Columbia Military Model

    I'f I'm not mistaken, I believe I have a "Military Model" circa 1918 ish? USA serial number and fragments of original O.D. Green paint in some areas under the two previous paintjobs (red, then black) lead me to believe so. What throws me off, is the original nickel plating on the crankset, seat...
  43. mongeese

    Toc Cranks

    Unknown maker to me. 100$ shipped. From Wisconsin.
  44. mongeese

    28" Whitewall White Gold Tire Early

    Great potential . Tire is supple. Has hole so for display for now. Has not been cleaned. Use as is or fill with great stuff foam, clean and mount for display. 125$ shipped from Wisconsin. Or best offer / trade etc. Buy the tire and go out and get you some Busch.
  45. mongeese

    1800s And Toc Pedals- 2 Not Matched

    250$ shipped from Wisconsin.