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    Postwar schwinn maroon 6 hole rack

    Need a maroon condition 5-7 ...6 hole rack with legs matching paint. Mounting gear not necessary... Straight if possible
  2. TJW

    Withdrawn Schwinn Six-Hole Postwar Rack for Sale

    Schwinn Six-Hole Postwar Rack for sale. This rack was on a restored 1949 B6. The rack was damaged in shipment. I tried to straighten it but it will need more work. $75 plus shipping. Payment by postal money order or Paypal (Friends and Family).
  3. bobcycles


    Restored Brown Postwar (fixed position clamp style chassis) B-1 Deluxe Mesinger saddle... Restored completely with rechromed original Springs etc and excellent clamp. Unridden, be the first! 220.00 shipped! bobcycles@aol.com or PM here
  4. bobcycles

    Sold VERY Nice original Postwar B6/autocycle / Phantom / WZ Whizzer 6 hole rack F/S

    SUPER Straight and excellent original Black paint Schwinn post war 6 hole rear carrier. They honestly don't get much nicer than this unless they are NOS About an 8-9 on a ten scale. No touch ups...factory paint and NICE! 150.00 plus postage bobcycles@aol.com
  5. bobcycles

    BRACE YOURSELF!!!!! for NOS Schwinn post war braces/ sets...whizzer, 20", 24" 26" Variety... F/S

    NOS braces up for grabs... the real deal...some very hard to find sizes. First up.....S10 WHIZZER front fender braces...NOS Mint and .... a very hard and unusual size to find 2 fronts for S10 spring fork fender 20.00 plus postage bob cycles@aol.com pm here RARE rare RARE NOS 20" Balloon...
  6. Nickinator

    Sold Vintage Sears Stamped White Grips with Streamers

    Very nice condition. Grips are nice and white still, and have some flex to them. Came off an early postwar JC Higgins but may be 60's or later. Stamped SEARS. $30 shipped PP no fees, or $32 as Goods. Message if interested. Darcie/Nick (Double post- accidentally put in complete bikes, awaiting...
  7. Henryford2

    Post War Schwinn Truss Rod Forks

    Looking for a Post War Schwinn Truss Forks, truss rods not important. Need to be red, with white darts and black pin stripes.Original paint, no repaint. Thanks.
  8. Pressed Steel 1915

    PostWar Murray * Rusted

    Saved this poor thing from a local antique shop....They told me to make " yard-Art " out of it...But I know better. Only one small hole in head light ( So-Far ) Would like to try the kiddie-pool & rust remover from Home Depot. 1950's 26" Murray
  9. L

    I *think* this is a Vintage Postwar Murray? Help?

    Hello all, new member here. I have been restoring some old bikes and came across this vintage cruiser and can't find any serial numbers or identifying marks on it. The two things that stand out are the double, side-by-side top tubes and the rear dropouts with their teardrop shaped tab (wing...
  10. S

    Post War Antique Tandem Bike

    PLEASE HELP ME IDENTIFY THIS BICYCLE...I just acquired this antique tandem bicycle.the underside of the back crank states 46 258. Could it be 1946? It also states J79716 BEITLER 56 258. The underside of the front crank states: C 61557. Is the bike a Schwinn? Beitler? Bike has 26 x 2.125 tires w/...
  11. stingrayjoe

    Sold NOS headset bearing prewar and post war lot

    PM direct with all replies do not post them here thank you. $25. shipped int he lower 48 USA for the lot.
  12. ADReese

    Postwar balloon handlebars

    I could use a little education on what bars were typically used on postwar schwinn mens balloon bikes. Did they have their own bars or use Wald, Torrington, etc? Were they typically the 26-27" x 10" style? What is the correct diameter? 7/8 or 1"? Thanks in advance!
  13. MsRock2

    Reduced Forks post war $25

    Open end type. Head tube is just under 6 1/2 inches and the length of the fork is 14" from the bottom of the head tube. $25.00 plus shipping
  14. Krakatoa

    Sold ~ ~ Monark Postwar Ladies Springer Parts SOLD! ~ ~

    Closing out this group of leftover Monark springer parts. Ladies unit needs re threading and shortening for a men's application but it is straight, not like the one you have already!:eek: Incomplete but the parts here are og and usable! SOLD thanks CABE!
  15. Freqman1

    Sold Schwinn Post War Truss Bracket

    Like the title says and the pic shows. I believe this to be an older re-chrome. Pretty nice but not absolutely perfect. $25 shipped to lower 48 only. PP F&F or add 3% for G&S. Thanks, Shawn
  16. Reallybigtim

    Prewar? Postwar? Mystery Bike Identification Please!

    I was fortunate enough to find this little treasure this weekend at a local garage sale (for $5). I have tried to narrow it down but my short time in this hobby has made it difficult for me to i.d. positively. The serial number is 4G5028 but the headbadge is missing. The grips and the seat...
  17. fat tire trader

    Reduced 1940s Postwar Columbia Fenders

    1940s Postwar Columbia Fenders $200 OBO or trade shipped Now $150 Now $75 I think these are NOS fenders for a special Postwar Columbia, note the short front end of the front fender. If anyone can confirm the year and model, please contact me or comment below.
  18. bobcycles

    VARIETY of NOS Pre and Post War parts Schwinn, Torrington etc. F/S

    BLOCKS SOLD MINT NOS Torrington 10 blocks! These are perfect...correct corner contours unlike the mold heavy reproduction blocks. Beautiful blocks for the genuine Deluxe Torrington 10 Pedals...pre and post war. 40.00 for the set plus postage... bobcycles@aol.com or PM here NOS Schwinn...
  19. Freqman1

    Prewar dark red and maroon vice post war

    Color descriptions can be a little tricky so I would like to know what the difference is between the prewar dark red and maroon. Are they the same? Secondly it appears to me what I think of as prewar maroon is more red compared to post war maroon. Thoughts? What I'm really after is an exact...
  20. tjkajecj

    Sold Postwar? Rear Rack

    Rear rack for sale, $32.00 shipped. PayPal ok. PM with interest. Tim
  21. bikewhorder

    Ladies Columbia early postwar horn tank (black)

    Looking for a tank like this in black.
  22. bobcycles

    Four EXCELLENT unrestored Saddles Pre and Post war Troxel, Mesinger, Persons Majestic F/S

    FOUR VERY NICE original unrestored bicycle saddles For Sale #1-----SOLD Prewar Long Spring Troxel saddle with the nose skirts. Practically an NOS 80 year old saddle Incredible original condition with the Troxel logo on the flaps and super nice chassis... You could put this on a restored bike...
  23. Krakatoa

    Sold ~ ~ Sweet Post War Columbia/Westfield Tank for Straight Bar Balloner! ~ ~

    Super nice complete tank here, not a reproduction, for post war Columbia/Westfield ballooner with straight lower tube, not bent tube. Great straight sheetmetal, and presentable paint. The Columbia Built decals are faint to long gone. The paint looks "original" but I am going to say it's...
  24. looneymatthew

    Reduced Early Postwar Schwinn Straightbar

    Original paint survivor, minumumly accessorized Model. All the painted parts are included in this Sale including the headset/cups truss rods. Everything else is no longer available. This bike was put together some years ago with several Donor parts. It originally was fitted with drop enter...
  25. PlasticNerd

    Postwar Schwinn forks/parts

    1. Springer arms and steer tube. Non-locking a bit rough. $70 shipped via bikeflights. 2. Green repainted truss fork $65 shipped. PP f&f
  26. PlasticNerd

    Sold Postwar Schwinn Canti tank

    one side orig paint, other side no paint!!! $100 shipped via bikeflights.
  27. PlasticNerd

    Postwar Schwinn racks

    9 holes are $50 each shipped, some are missing clamps. The red seems to be a repop. The 6 hole is $70 shipped. #2 blue rack SOLD # 6 6 hole rack- SOLD.
  28. bikeyard

    Sold Post War Colson Imperial Gill Tank

    Beautiful Colson Post wat Imperial. I believe it is original paint. I’ll post additional photos this evening. $500 plus shipping
  29. John

    Handlebar newspaper ducks postwar

    $50.00 shipped all 3 PP friends or add 3% metalshopclass@gmail.com
  30. bobcycles

    POST WAR 6 HOLE CARRIER TOPS - phantom b6 whiz etc F/S

    2 original 6 hole tops No legs, left has a small hole drilled Towards the back otherwise straight enough. Top on right is super straight Looks like primer, nice one Left top 45 plus postage Right top 55 plus postage Message here...... bobcycles@aol.com
  31. Henryford2

    Schwinn Post War "B" Model Truss Fork No Fender Light Fenders

    Looking for a pair of front and rear B model fenders for a post war schwinn (1950 B507) with truss bars and no fender light. Original paint, and braces.
  32. Krakatoa

    Sold ~ POST COPAKE SPECIAL SOLD! Cool Postwar Hudson Badged Westfield Ballooner Frame! ~

    Moving along a few cool project frames today! Here is a neat post war HUDSON badged Westfield 26" balloner frame. Solid and straight with nice dropouts, incorporated kickstand, seatpost bolt, headset and bb cups. I have the og crank and skiptooth sprocket in my chainrings & cranks ad. PM me if...
  33. New Mexico Brant

    Sold NOS Boxed Rolls Royce of Lights, Pre/Early Post-War

    NOS in original box Lucifer Super 12 generator light with mounting brackets and hardware. Appears to have never been used -- possibly mounted once for store display or very minimal use. Light shelf wear and scratching overall, box shows some wear. Chrome-plating in excellent condition with minor...
  34. ADReese

    Postwar schwinn black rack

    In search of a nice, black 9 hole postwar schwinn rack. I really would like to find an original paint one. Thanks!
  35. M

    Postwar CWC Roadmaster

    I’ll call it a project bike. You critique it. Looking to clear some space in the shop. Asking $275 or best offer. Siren is not included but we can work something out if you want it. Comes with new white walls and tubes but I will include the original tires and tubes. PM me if you have questions...
  36. Neanderthal77

    Postwar CWC chaingaurd

    I have a blue postwar CWC chaingaurd for sale. Gave it a quick bath, has some over spray on it but won't be hard to clean. Asking $40 shipped. Or I will trade for a black prewar CWC chaingaurd. Thank you for looking.
  37. ace

    Sold Complete Postwar Blue Schwinn DX Horn Tank

    Decent original horn tank. Some paint loss. $250 shipped.
  38. Nickinator

    Early Postwar Huffman Parts

    Off a girl's 26" bike, early postwar. Original darker blue with Ivory paint. Decently shiny. The guard is complete with brackets/bolts/nuts, a bend/dent in the middle- shouldn't be hard to pound out. $45 shipped Fork with nice darts and steer tube about 8". $38 shipped. Set of truss...
  39. markivpedalpusher

    Sold Postwar Schwinn Deluxe Reflector

    $45.00 + $10.00 for shipping Postwar Schwinn deluxe reflector - probably a used reproduction.
  40. markivpedalpusher

    Postwar Schwinn Brake Light Parts

    $40.00 + $5.00 for shipping Postwar Schwinn Brake Light Parts.
  41. ADReese

    Postwar womens tank

    Educate me on postwar womens tanks. Are the womens frames all the same? Im looking for a tank for a 1950. I think I need the dx style as the bike uses the dx chain guard, but can I swap in the other style? Thanks in advance!
  42. bobcycles


    First up 1 ----1940 I believe also 1941 Deluxe Leather DEEP pan Troxel as found on Colson Clipper bicycles and other Colsons and possibly Elgin bicycles! Seat is incredible for a survivor and leather not oil cloth. Under pan is original and SHINY....deluxe chrome chassis should clean up...
  43. Dgoldman

    Early post war find.

    Here's a good find! It took me a year to find what I was looking for. It's what I believe to be a early post war 46. This bike came from a small town in Pennsylvania. The new owners of the 80 year old house were cleaning it out and going through everything that was left in it. It was a state...
  44. szathmarig

    Sold Early Post War Roadmaster With Springer

    $600 shipped from Was. D.C. or best offer.
  45. fat tire trader

    Postwar Schwinn with no kickstand

    I was discussing a frame in the motorized bike section with someone. Its a mid fifties frame. Isn't there a year, 56?, that frames used a clamp on kickstand?
  46. ballooney

    Found Post War B6 Front Fender - Maroon

    I know this is a long shot but I'm looking for a 7+ condition front fender (springer) for my '49 B6 in maroon. An NOS fender would work that's how nice the rest of the paint is on the bike. Let me know what you have...would buy a fender set if I have to. Thanks.
  47. bikesnbuses

    Sold Post war Cordovan ribbed white wall tires F/S

    Great original uncleaned Cordovan ribbed white wall tires for sale. These are marked "Nylon" Dirty uncleaned some small cracks(easily seen when deflated) great for a display bike. Asking $75 shipped or trade for 80s skateboard stuff oe trade towards a Delta Roadblaster "rooster" horn...
  48. I

    Postwar large CycleTruck Basket

    looking for a large basket. need not be perfect, some repair work needed is OK.