1. S

    Reduced For sale .1941 Elgin Murray long tank bicycle

    Not original paint .. this is how it was found . I accept PayPal or via check but will not ship till it clears ... will ship . I'll split cost . $675 or best offer !! Or partial trade ... 715-896-7347 Andrew Black River falls, wisconsin
  2. jaidecker

    Reduced 1900 Columbia Pope Model 65 Chainless Bicycle - $2,000

    Columbia 1902, Pope Model 65 chainless (drive shaft) bicycle. Great condition for a 116 year old bike. Hub cleaned, repacked and spinning, however, wood rims need straightening. No trades/parting out. Located in San Francisco, CA; shipping should be under $100.
  3. Nickinator

    Sold Unique Prewar Bent Wire Basket

    We have many old wire bike baskets and they are all pretty similar, except for this one, which looks quite different and cool, have never seen this style before. Nice useful size and very sturdy. Came off a mid 30’s bike. SOLD Message if interested. Darcie/Nick

    Reduced Prewar deluxe schwinn script reflector

    Upside down stimsonite. 165.00 shipped
  5. Jon Marinello

    WTB Prewar Schwinn Dogleg Crank, B.B. and 1” Pitch Chainring

    Need a nice original set in good rider condition for my current build a ~1947 Liberty with locking fork.
  6. Jon Marinello

    WTB Prewar Schwinn Seat Clamp Bolt, Washer and Nut

    Need a clean original seat clamp bolt, washer and nut for my current build a ~1937 Liberty with locking fork.
  7. Jon Marinello

    Found WTB Schwinn Prewar Chain Adjusters

    Need a clean set of chain adjusters for my current build a ~1947 Liberty with locking fork.
  8. Classicriders

    Sold Stewart Warner speedo cable and drive prewar

    Complete with NOS drive, hardware, and straps. $110 shipped.
  9. frank 71

    Sold Prewar Sliding rail Seat

    B-70 Sliding Rail Seat original leather in Excellent Condition no rips or tears. has both wear tabs.11 in. Front to back & 9 in. wide. Chassis may have been repainted.$275.00 Now $225.00 Free Shipping lower 48
  10. Maskadeo

    Sold Prewar Sliding Mesinger Saddle

    Prewar sliding Mesinger saddle that is missing the post clamp. Appears to have been amateurly restored at one time. Crash tabs zip tied to the bottom of it. Good for a rider or redo it. $110 shipped
  11. Maskadeo

    Sold Prewar Schwinn Glass Stimsonite reflector with screws

    prewar Schwinn Deluxe Stimsonite (upside down) glass reflector. Some chrome loss on housing. Nice for a rider. $120 shipped PayPal friends and family.
  12. Maskadeo

    Prewar Schwinn Hockey guards

    Prewar Schwinn Hockey chainguards. Your choice $55 shipped. One has patina, one is painted and one looks like it was chromed over pitting, but has adjustable downtube bracket.
  13. stoney

    Sold **$22.00** PREWAR STEM

    Steel, Has wear, lower 48 states. Paypal $40.00 shipped
  14. Maskadeo

    Sold Prewar Schwinn Boys Truss fork

    prewar OG paint black non locking boys fork the truss rod chrome is very nice. No bearing or cups. $100 shipped.
  15. kirk thomas

    2 Pre War sprockets,Shelby,Rollfast$25 ea.shipped

    These sprockets are nice and straight. The rusty one came from a old Rollfast. You can see one it a groove has started, but still usable. They are both 8 1/2" across. I would like $25 each shipped.
  16. blincoe

    Prewar & Postwar Schwinn catalog

    Hello, Looking for original prewar & postwar Schwinn catalogs. PM me on what you have? -Blincoe
  17. kirk thomas

    Withdrawn Pre War Gooseneck $40 shipped

    This gooseneck is in old condition. It might clean up I have not tried. The neck is 4" x 4" and works as it should. I would like $40 shipped for this.
  18. szathmarig

    Prewar CWC tank internals.

    Battery tray has some holes that could be filled, but the important tabs are good. Horn doesn't work. Horn buttons are painted, and missing screws. $50 shipped obo.
  19. Casual dreamer

    My first prewar schwinn!!!

    Found this one at a local antique store, it's pretty roached but I like it! Would like to find out what year it is. It has new departure hubs front and back, I'm tempted to try an oxalic acid bath!
  20. tech549

    Reduced prewar bars and grips

    nice set of bars no dents as I can see,straight,grips go with them as does broken stem $150.00 shipped
  21. Robertriley


    Here's your opportunity to pick it be hard to find rack with all the tube still in near perfect condition free of dings and dents. $179 plus shipping
  22. Jay81

    Reduced Parting Prewar Snyder / Rollfast Fastback "Zep"

    CHAIN, CHAINGUARD & CRANK SET ARE STILL AVAILABLE - SCROLL DOWN TO SEE PICS AND PRICES No takers for the complete bike so I'm listing parts. I have not attempted to clean anything in case anybody wants to keep the parts as is. Most of it will clean up decently if you choose to do so. Prices...
  23. tech549

    Sold prewar battery can

    battery can with brackets $225.00 shipped
  24. O.B.G.

    Sold Pre War wing Ornament

    1 1/2” x 3” long aluminum wing with 2 real glass jewels, jewels were put on wing by me. I never used this on any bike so up for sale now. All parts are OG. $100 shipped. Pay Pal f &f
  25. lgrinnings

    The weird prewar Shelby has an even weirder mate.

    Howdy everyone! A while back, I stumbled upon a weird, prewar Shelby with a bunch of stuff that didn't add up (link to post below) https://thecabe.com/forum/threads/weird-prewar-shelby-doesnt-add-up.132142/ Well, I just came across what I believe to be its mate (same color scheme and fender...
  26. John Gailey

    Sold Prewar Rollfast

    26" original paint bike, stainless raingutter fenders included. $475 shipped
  27. SJ_BIKER

    Prewar schwinn stimsonite reflector deluxe

    Upside down stimsonite prewar type. 200.00 shipped Glass in one piece. Glass has minor scuffs and chrome is original patina plating. Great for og paint rider.
  28. Nickinator

    Sold Original Prewar Huffman “Crow’s Beak” Chainguard

    Nice and straight, overcoat(s) of paint. Complete front bracket, rear needs a bolt. SOLD Message with questions etc Darcie/Nick
  29. Dangerwagon

    Reduced Make an Offer on any Prewar (mostly) parts for sale

    For Sale: All prices are shipped! (Cont US only) w/ payment by Paypal F&F only. Please PM w/ questions or $ offers Thank you. Handlebars #1 $50 #2 (has welded extensions) $50 Stem $40 Kickstand $75 Peaked Fender-rear $40
  30. Nickinator

    Sold Prewar Parade Bars

    Believe these are prewar, not fancy with reflectors like the later ones, but heavier and better quality. Very good condition. Straight (look a little off in pics but are straight)- lower mounting brackets may need a little straightening. Chrome nice, a couple places of chrome loss. Been...
  31. mongeese

    Prewar 26” rear fender raingutter heavy duty

    High quality unknown fender. Please chime in if you know correct usage. 75 plus shipping from Wisconsin.
  32. blincoe

    PREWAR girls hollywood

    Hello, Looking for a prewar Hollywood.. Nice Condition.. ORIGINAL paint please. Something like these below...
  33. SKPC

    Found Prewar Spokes....Double/Tripple butted 10-3/8"

    Found a set! Still looking for 10-3/8" (263mm) Butted Torrington prewar spokes...36-40 quantity. Prefer original gray/undamaged examples in triple--(14/16) guage like shown in pic...….or double(14/15) butted form. I have clean, original 10-5/8" Torrington butted to trade(last pic). These...
  34. O

    Sold Pre war stainless steel raingutter fenders

    Straight and clean. Pics tell the story. $80 shipped.
  35. B

    AS Schwinn Crank 1938 or 1939

    I am looking for a Prewar Schwinn 7" dog leg Crank (stamped AS '38 or '39), with complete bottom bracket assembly. Thanks!
  36. B

    Prewar Schwinn Crank

    Would Schwinn have installed a generic Wald crank on a '39 Liberty? This is what I pulled from my bike.
  37. Glenn Rhein

    Prewar Elgin help on what year is it

    picked up this bike today, sat in the basement many years. I brought it home and hosed it off and it’s in amazing condition. It has original Elgin grips really nice 26 inch triple step wheels. Someone put 1.75 tires on it but very original bike anybody know what year it is?
  38. Robertriley

    Sale Pending Prewar ElginRacer Tricycle

    Late 30's Elgin Racer tricycle. Hand brake is missing but never the less, it's on cool tricycle. $379
  39. bobcycles

    Prewar Schwinn odd duck

    Interesting bike, don't show up too often... Not much literature on these mostly orig example except for postwar saddle... wonder where it will go $ wise... https://www.ebay.com/itm/1941-Schwinn-Henderson/202343735095?ssPageName=STRK:MEBIDX:IT&_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649
  40. KevinBrick

    Prewar Ranger locking truss fork?

    Got this early Locking truss fork set.. Was painted green and it looked like maybe black underneath. Started to strip off the green and ran into tan.. Thought it might be primer until the pin stips showed up.. Was this color just used on the Rangers? What year or range was this style used? Is...
  41. 4

    Long buying drought ended with prewar and modern estate sale purchase

    I don’t think I’ve bought a bike in well over a year which has to be the longest time without a purchase in the 30 years i have been collecting. I have changed jobs and moved to Georgia from Illinois and have been thinking more of if I should sell out. I ran across an estate sale south of...
  42. John Gailey

    Withdrawn Men's Original Paint Prewar Frame

    This is a very nice straight and true Rollfast frame. Comes with everything shown including skip tooth chain. $295 plus shipping
  43. C

    Sold PreWar CWC Aircycle

    PreWar CWC Aircycle Solid tank. Original paint No holes . Some paint loss , switch Intact Matching Aircycle Head badge Og light intact with bracket some cloth wire still attached. ( I have not opened tank to see wiring extc. For next person ) Bars stem shown in Seperate picture. Both included...
  44. kirk thomas

    Withdrawn Pre War men's Rollfast $250

    This bike is a cool project for someone. I would like $250 for this bike. Plus the ride.
  45. Glenn Rhein

    Sold Elgin prewar stuff

    nice Elgin prewar stuff. Fenders set with dropstand clip and hard to find tombstone reflector bracket. Fork with headset and nice chainguard and fender skirts. $100 takes all plus shipping or PM me for individual items.
  46. bobcycles


    NICE Fully restored Prewar 36 hole New Departure hub set for just about any prewar Balloon bike imaginable. Completely replated in chrome and cadmium inside and out...NOS axle on front. these are as clean on the inside as out...in other words 100% restored. 100 shipped bobcycles@aol.com or...
  47. bobcycles

    Original 1930s Prewar IVER JOHNSON scripted Cross Brace bars F/S

    Rare bars! Original set of IVER JOHNSON scripted bars from the mid 1930s. These are in sound shape with NO dings or dents just the chrome loss that you see in pix.. Good for an original bike or restore for perfection! Nice deep stamp with the IVER JOHNSON logo on the shim. One coke bottle...
  48. Tinman

    Prewar Paramount? or...

    Hello all, I am a new guy to CABE and need help on a frame I acquired recently from an estate sale, and wanted some help with honing in some details on the bike as it isn't found on any registries...and I am primarily bmx spectrum of the hobby. Not sure what time line this Paramount is. It is...
  49. bobcycles


    Cool late 1939-41ish TROXEL sewn edge Two-Button mens saddle for sale. Seat belongs to a Non Cabe buddy who had this on his ladies Elgin for years and is now going with an original unrestored saddle. Seat looks great... there is one very small "raised" leather flaw bump in the leather, small...
  50. Junkman Bob

    Sold Pre war Elgin part out

    Tank 45$ Truss rods 20$ Peaked Fender set which I believe will clean up with wood bleach bath ... OG color looks to be maroon .. 75$ Elgin badge 18$ Any other parts you see that are not mentioned are for sale All shipping is included in price Robert
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