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  1. oldmtrcyc

    Sale Pending Prewar Troxel men's saddle long springNICE!

    Very nice long spring saddle by troxel. Leather still soft. Excellent original seat!!! $300 shipped. PP FF
  2. bikesnbuses

    WTB decent mens Troxel seat for my 1937 rider ..

    The saddle shown only,is the one Im looking for..please note that it isnt the early style chassis ..it has "stamped" steel plates and not the thick "wire" framework Im looking for THIS long nose prewar Troxel in rideable condition..a small rip or two is fine..LMK what you have ,Thank you..Jeff
  3. 1937 Mercury "Pod" Bike

    1937 Mercury "Pod" Bike

    Original paint bike
  4. Coopster

    1942 Seiberling badged Colson lightweight

    I wanted to share this story of a bicycle that coincidentally became sentimental while rebuilding. A guy had a trailer of 17 bikes for sale and all were 70’s/80’s bikes. He wanted to sell all of them and posted a group picture of them all in a pile and stated he must sell all as a group. I...
  5. Rustngrease

    Pre war pile of pedals 100bucks shipped

    Men's walds. womans meteor 3n 100 buckeronies shipped. Good for parts or build a few sets
  6. bikesnbuses

    Sold SOLD>>>Prewar Elgin 26" wheel drop stand rear stand with original bolts for restoration or use as is

    I bought this thinking I needed it for my Elgin Miss America..I actually didnt..So here it is with the bolts Asking $100 shipped in the USA via UPS Thank you,Jeff
  7. Krakatoa

    1936 Schwinn T Serial GALAXIAN Mark!

    Does anyone know the significance of this interesting symbol marking to the right of the serial on this 1936 model? I thought it looked like a wrench or Galaxian Spaceship?
  8. Krakatoa

    Sold '39 Schwinn Pullman 26" Ballooner Fenders Truss Front Skirt Rear!

    Original paint from a '39 Schwinn Pullman ladies 26" ballooner. If anyone can use these please speak up! Truss rod type front, skirt guard rear. SOLD thank u Cabe! Nate VT 401-548-9082
  9. dave429

    Hall Hardware Motorbike Bicycle

    I had already posted this in the 1933 and older thread and someone suggested it might be 1934-1938 so I am posting it here now. I have come across a Hall Hardware bike and am wondering what manufacturer originally made it. Kind of looks like a schwinn but I’m not sure. Does anyone have any info...
  10. dave429

    DiaCompe Long Reach Mountain Bike or Cruiser Klunker Brake Levers

    Dia Compe brake levers. Long reach. One lever missing mounting bolt(see pictures). Great for vintage bomber bike or klunker build. Asking $35 shipped from 54729, PayPal as payment. Thanks
  11. dave429

    Sold 2 Person Majestic Bicycle Sirens

    2 person majestic bicycle sirens. Both are UNTESTED and missing chains. One is missing one side of mounting bracket. Selling these as a pair, use for parts or restore. Asking $75 Obo for the pair shipped in the USA from 54729, PayPal as payment. If more pictures are needed please ask.
  12. Demzie

    Sold 1938 CWC DBR

    1938 Cleveland Welding Co. Western Flyer. This is a "Double Bar Roadster" style frame. What's on it outside accessories and front truss rods, is correct for the bike. Saddle springs have since been replaced and is in functioning orde Skiptooth wheelset, desired chain ring and a Very...
  13. Demzie

    Sold 1938 Colson ScrewTank Deluxe Equipped

    1938 One Year Only Model Screw Tank Colson Imperial. Original Paint Yellow and Black (guard and rack painted to match) This bike is absolutely Correct except the fender light which is Period Correct and a bit more uncommon than the Delta Model light it would have had stock The tires-...
  14. Krakatoa

    Sold Prewar Mesinger Sliding Rail Seat Clamp Assembly!

    As a certain friend of mine would say "Nice Unit"! Teeth are not worn out! SOLD
  15. Krakatoa

    Sold Prewar Coke Bottle Grips w/Glass Jewels!

    Nice survivors these prewar glass jeweled Coke bottle grips have longitudinal age cracks but are still holding their own pretty well. Perfect for a strictly period correct bicycle. SOLD thanks CABE!
  16. Krakatoa

    Sold Nice Prewar Schwinn AS Razor Stem!

    Found on a 1939 Schwinn Pullman 26" ballooner in very nice condition as shown. SOLD
  17. Krakatoa

    Unusual Find Early 1942 Western Flyer Badged CWC Built Mens Ballooner!

    Recently found in Keene NH this has an A serial, box pin striping at head and a simple graphics scheme on fork and fenders. Color appears to be a maroon at protected area under chain guard clamp. At first I didn't think so but now feel the bars & stem are correct. Frame is unlike what I have...
  18. Krakatoa

    Sexy Single Orphan Mens Prewar Grips - Ball End, Coke Bottle Etc! Warning Explicit Pictures!

    Survivor orphan grips looking for mates! End hole dimensions are approximate and are included to satisfy the pickiest of customers! $25 shipped each! Q. Ball End 5.25", hole .155" SOLD R. Coke Bottle 5 5/16", hole .295 S. Columbia Script 5 3/16", hole .170" T. Schwinn Chubby 4.5", hole .200"...
  19. Krakatoa

    Sold Prewar Style MERCURY Streamlined 5" Grips for 26" Ballooners!

    Great Mercury logo prewar style streamlined 5" grips! I don't know if these are real or repro so just say repro. So cool! SOLD thanks Cabe
  20. Krakatoa

    Sold Great Prewar Early Style Heavy Duty Parade Bars w Super Patina for 26" Ballooners!

    Great survivor set of pre WW2 heavy duty rod style parade bars for 26" balloon tire bicycles. These each have a patent stamp mark on the lower end. As shown straight with no issues and beatifully aged heavy patina. A Lucky Buyer Scored These!! SSSSOOOLLLDDD!
  21. Krakatoa

    Sold Nice Pre WW2 Six Hole Universal Rack with Interesting Reflector for 26" & 24" Ballooners!

    Very nice condition on this original paint & hardware six hole universal rack for 26" & 24" balloon tire bicycles. Has some sort of reflector tucked up underneath I left alone. Est late prewar WW2 to early postwar. SOLD
  22. Coot

    1930's Shelby

    I'm betting someone could use this bicycle as an inexpensive rider or parts bike. The frame is in good condition and it looks like all the important parts like the fenders and flat braces, chainring, hubs, saddle, etc., are there. Asking $125 or trade. Will ship via ShipBikes anywhere in the...
  23. Krakatoa

    Vintage Chains & Links Skip & 1/2" UNION REYNOLD VELO WHIPPERMAN IZUMI KMC Etc!!

    Nice group of mostly vintage European brand chains and links skip tooth 1" and 1/2" pitch . All are serviceable and have been cleaned, inspected and have a protective lubricant coating. Prices include fast safe shipping! 1. Union skip tooth 1" pitch 55 links plus marked Germany 3pc master...
  24. T


  25. mongeese

    Art deco perfect pocket oiler Cushman Dennison

    Plunger works and is a good solid oiler. Uncleaned never polished. Asking 65 shipped or best offer.
  26. bikesnbuses

    Sold Nice original nickel? plate Bevin Bell ..missing small bracket piece

    Missing small U piece .Works good..Asking $45 mailed in the USA obo
  27. bikesnbuses

    Sold Old prewar pant leg clips and spoke wrench

    3 pant leg clips (I couldnt find the 4th one) and a heavy cast spoke wrench ..Asking $17 mailed in the USA obo
  28. Demzie

    Seeking Lens and Bezel

    For this streamline light. Thanks to @fordmike65 I have a few examples of the ad too. It's made by Seiss. Erin
  29. Rustngrease

    4 pair Prewar wald mens pedals

    4 pair of pre war welds, all in various condition 80 bucks shipped for the group as is.
  30. mongeese

    Schwinn 9 hole rack and mesinger slide rail seat rat rod

    100 plus shipping from Wi or best/better offer.
  31. bikesnbuses


    Like new in the box..I may have used it once? The box has been sitting in my toolbox for a while..The die is a PT -606 HSS FTS-1 comes with the 1"x 24T die, 1" guide and the handle Asking $135 shipped in the USA obo OR will trade outright for some aluminum mens HAWTHORNE prewar truss rods...
  32. T

    1941 Westfield built Elgin bent post prewar

    1941 Westfield built Elgin bent post prewar On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/1941-Westfield-built-Elgin-bent-post-prewar/154102529700?
  33. Krakatoa

    Mostly Prewar Fender Fest at Krakatoa's Scratch & Dent City Clearance Sale!!

    I think I bit off a little more than I could chew with this ad but hey I'm going to try anyways!! After setting up everything I started losing light so I had to move quickly. Anyway these basic shots should still show these fenders in all their unglamorous glory! I'm just going to keep moving...
  34. Krakatoa

    Sold Nice Lo Mileage Prewar 1942 Schwinn Standard Headset 8pcs Complete!

    Very good used serviceable parts. From a 1942 26" DX ballooner. 8pcs complete includes nice lower race! SOLD thank you CABE!
  35. bikesnbuses

    Sold Bicycle T shirt lot ! 7 shirts . 1 New (but washed) mostly used ,mostly XL (on the small side)

    Cleaning out my closet What you see is what you get ..5 XL and 1 L The Schwinn Aerocycle and Pee Wee shirt have minor rips Rollfast shirt is new and a few only worn once Asking $60 for all 7 shirts shipped in the USA
  36. bikeyard

    Sold Prewar Rollfast Speedo

    Very nice prewar Rollfast speedometer. As found. Uncleaned. No drive for the wheel. Needle moves when you gentle shake it. Needs to be cleaned and lubed. Doesn’t seem like a common speedo. Stewart Warner made. $240 shipped
  37. fordmike65

    Sold Men's Mercury Pacemaker

    Yeah...it's time. Time to move one of my favorite bikes to a new home. 1942 Mercury Pacemaker. Frame & sheet metal are perfectly straight, sprayed in grey primer years ago, and presents well. Original steel tank & metal shroud. Correct later pinched fenders, Stewart Warner cushioned front hub...
  38. bikesnbuses

    Sold 2 ladies seats 1 prewar long springs and 1 postwar $45 shipped for BOTH

    As title says 2 seats for ONE price $45 shipped in the USA..I will remove the 2 locks on the one seat before shipping Thank you
  39. Marc's Classic Chrome

    Sold Paul Haber juvenile/ ladies saddle

    This is a pretty good saddle. I was made by the Paul Haber Pat. pending Original seat. $75 If you have questions just ask. I could trade for Something I need.
  40. IMG-3383.jpg


    The frame is a 1941 Rollfast Roamer with electric motor front hub. It has a variable speed throttle which tops about 15mph and distance has range of 10 to 20 miles dependent on how much pedal assist is used.
  41. IMG-3382.jpg


    The frame is a 1941 Rollfast Roamer with electric motor front hub. It has a variable speed throttle which tops about 15mph and distance has range of 10 to 20 miles dependent on how much pedal assist is used.
  42. IMG-3379.jpg


    The frame is a 1941 Rollfast Roamer with electric motor front hub. It has a variable speed throttle which tops about 15mph and distance has range of 10 to 20 miles dependent on how much pedal assist is used.
  43. Demzie

    1938? 1940? Schwinn The World

    A buddy of mine is looking to sell a few bikes and parts. Hes got a small collection of Schwinn stuff and passed these photos along to me to have dated and appraised for him. SN#: 781642 These photos are AS IS currently. Condition and color accurate to date. Any info, value information and...
  44. D

    ISO Parts for my Stem

    Looking for a few bolts for my stem. Not sure of what the exact name is for each but have a picture of the stem and bolts needed. I also need a bolt that tightens the frame around the seat post. The bike is a prewar westfield, 1936 I believe. Any information would be greatly appreciated...
  45. keithsbikes

    Withdrawn 1937 Schwinn Men’s Tall Frame

    1937 Schwinn Men’s Tall Frame 20” seat tube, 6” head tube. SN# U57778. Crest Deluxe WW tires, worn and cracked, hold air pressure. Schwinn prewar fenders, mostly smooth, duck tail front, rear was lady’s with holes filled. Frame is original paint, fork, guard, and fenders added, patina appearance...
  46. bikesnbuses

    Sold Prewar accessory Elgin Hawthorne battery case pod

    Good used condition, uncleaned super solid. Has "melted" old rubber tape residue? On bottom side. I believe that I have the rubber wire hole grommet. For your prewar accessory light or horn. Asking $55 shipped in USA obo
  47. patmcclerren2

    Nice OG chairings

    All straight and rideable, add $9 to the cost of each ring for shipping, so come on buy all 5 shipped to your door for $240.00 absolutely a great deal. Or pay full price plus $9 shipping, I think at 240 there is still a bunch of meat on the bone.
  48. keithsbikes

    Sold Prewar Dayton Huffman Western Flyer Long Tank $800 + ship

    Prewar Dayton Huffman, Western Flyer badged. Details and more pictures plus payment on KeithBar.net. $800 + shipping (60 lbs from Boulder, CO 80301, PP kamur@comcast.net). Also check eBay feedback and selling at ebay.com/usr/keithsbikes.
  49. Squiggle Dog

    Sold For Sale: Prewar Lighted Carrier For Wards Hawthorne Bicycles

    This is a lighted carrier that fits prewar Wards Hawthorne bicycles. This particular one is from a girls bicycle, presumably a Rollfast-built one. Might be able to be adapted to fit others. The lenses are missing, but at one point in the recent past someone on eBay was selling reproduction...
  50. Squiggle Dog

    Sold For Sale: Prewar Girls Troxel Saddle With Original Upholstery

    This is a prewar Troxel girls saddle that's ready to install and use. It appears the upholstery was painted with black paint at some point. There is some rust, but fortunately there appears to be no noticeable pitting.