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  1. cbustapeck

    Project Hawthorne De Luxe: Putting a 100 year old bicycle on the road for $100

    I like demonstrating that really cool stuff can be done without a lot of money. In my experience, a combination of time (sometimes lots of it) and figuring out materials that work *almost* as well. Further, I want to mess around with an early bike, and it doesn't seem possible to get anything...
  2. Freqman1

    Withdrawn Schwinn Prewar Cycle Truck lot

    Here is what I have for sale--red prewar CT project with wheels, three prewar CT frames with one being the rare 20" tall frame version, an extra front fender with no braces (not shown in pics), two sets of basket braces, extra original sign-no clamps, set of bars/stem-no bolt and bars are...
  3. Iverider

    TOC Hub project, excellent Nickel!!

    32 hole front and rear hubs. Nickel plating is great. Races in rear hub are in good shape, cones are not. Includes axle and oil port valve. front hub needs new races. These appear to be removable.No cones or axle for the front. See pics for approximate measurements. Would be great paced to some...
  4. redline1968

    1939 28 inch iver original nickel plated special racer project

    Been awhile ...so I thought I’d post my original iver Johnson special racer in it original fully nickel plated form project. It’s a 28 inch rim bike... this bike was painted completely in blue. I discovered something different when I cleaned it fully nickel frame preserved by the paint! . I...
  5. Cooper S.

    My new mead, new questions

    Just bought this mead frame set, and was curious why it doesn’t have a serial number or fender mounts? I assume it probably just predates those but I’d thought I’d ask anyways.

    ☆Wanted ☆ 70s Stingray project !

    Lookin for a 1974 Stingray project or Bare frame . Or any 70s frame set , single speed mag style.
  7. redline1968

    Ww2 Hoffmann moped project

    Had this project for a while.. it’s been a slow but interesting one.. first a bit of history on this one.. I bought from the fathers son who brought it back from the war as war booty.. he said his father found it in Germany during the war. I found a photo a the type of bike the nazis were using...
  8. Rust_Trader

    Sold Schwinn DX project $180

    SOLD Need it out, project bike. $180 local pickup only. Irvine Ca 92618
  9. carlitos60

    FS: Nice1941 Roadmaster Project!

    FS: Nice1941 Roadmaster Project! $285 Shipped! PP FF. PMs!
  10. ZE52414

    Crusty phantom project.

    Here’s the progress I’ve made on the crusty phantom. Waiting on the rack. And I’ll send the seat off and have some leather added. I didn’t overclean the chrome because the chrome on the fenders is shot. I’ll update when it’s complete. I have to still get iron out some fender issues.
  11. ZE52414

    Withdrawn Whizzer project

    I picked this bike up basically for the wheels and come to find out it’s a true whizzer frame. And the wheels are heavy duty spoked. Not exactly what I was looking for so I’m going to sell it whole or in parts. Let’s try whole first. I’m asking 700$ shipped obo. Bike house painted and the...
  12. bobcycles

    Sold Early Postwar Schwinn "Continental" 1947 Mens Touring frame set-Nice Project-- 200 shipped

    Chromoly frame, three-piece Paramount/ Superior Crank set, Tapered kickstand. Paint shows some weathering but decals are legible. Hockey stick guard on board.... orig Diamond chain should clean up! A steal at 200 shipped.... Great riding bikes and very expensive new from Schwinn in the 40's...
  13. M

    Royal bike

    So I bought this bike for 25 bucks today. I thought it was a royal prince but the badge says royal made in the Netherlands. I'm working on getting it rideable. Does anyone know where I can get a new gear cable for my 3 speed? The rear hub works and sounds good but the cable is trashed. Thanks
  14. M

    Royal bicycle anyone know anything about it?

    So I bought this bike for 25 bucks today. I thought it was a royal prince but the badge says royal made in the Netherlands. I'm working on getting it rideable. Does anyone know where I can get a new gear cable for my 3 speed? The rear hub works and sounds good but the cable is trashed. Thanks
  15. M

    Hercules royal prince

    I came across an older Prince. Need some advice on if its worth restoring. Not trying to do a full factory style rebuild. Kind of want to clear coat the bike as is and keep its patina. I domt know much about the bike though.
  16. C

    1935-36 Motorbike all or project

    Hi I am still Looking for a 1935-36 Schwinn Motorbike. I would prefer a complete bike but I am open to just about anything. Rusty or Original or Restored. This is for my own personal use. Thanks In advance for your help
  17. lounging

    40's/50's Schwinn Truss Fork & Front Fender project

    Truss rod fork and front fender project $125 shipped. Paypal as friends Steer tube is 6 3/4". 6 11/16" to be exact. That is primer on the fork and not rust. Truss rods are a little bent and other piece have surface rust.
  18. tommydale1950

    Indian Project

    After 35 years together , my better half says Bubye , So here is where I am starting my downsizing . Indian project You get the real deal 1916/1919 ring with crank , Westfield frame with New Departure C hub Pull back cross braced handlebars. ,they look longer in the photos cause I cant get the...
  19. Cooper S.

    What tires will fit my mead?

    I just bought this mead crusader off a fellow caber, and I would like to get it rideable. What kind of tires will fit these wheels, they’re 28in metal rims, I took photos of the various measurements of the wheels. Thank you for the help!
  20. stezell

    Withdrawn Tall Mead Ranger frame and other parts

    Mead Ranger tall frame project 23.5" with original paint, handlebars have a small ding with original Mead grips, seat post, and the crank assembly $175 New 700c alloy coaster brake wheels with 700x38 Duro tires and tubes (Sold) Unused Brooks B67 men's saddle $99 All prices do not include...
  21. KingSized HD

    Prewar Klunker Project -SF Bay CL

    https://sfbay.craigslist.org/nby/bik/d/prewar-cruiser-frame/6611478054.html Here’s a ready to build klunker project from the area that started it all. Based on the sprocket and paint alone it looks like a Columbia to me. $150 Oh yeah, that seat is the shizzle. :cool:
  22. LarzBahrs

    1941 bfg schwinn cantilever project partout

    For sale is my 1941 bd Goodrich cantilever project. Includes all that is pictured. Great start for an autocycle or something if someone wanted to go that route. Has crappy brazing on bottom bracket but I'm not clear if that isn't factory as I know of some that did have pretty bad welding jobs...
  23. Saving Tempest

    A bike for the Incredible Shrinking Boy...

    Hopefully not a very long thread, but the Columbia '1937' I bought from @buck hughes is on the Fedex truck today. It's the last of three bikes I'm putting together for my sister's kids, the other two being Holly Huffy via @partsguy for his sister and the 1995 Schwinn deluxe springer from @Jay81...
  24. ranman

    Withdrawn Iver Johnson project

    1938 I believe I have been told. SN is in pics. 582979 I believe. Pretty much same condition as I bought it several years ago. Thought I would throw it up on here one last time before I post it on fb and then finally, yes, last resort eBay. The front wheel is pretty well toast. I believe this...
  25. K

    Schwinn Leader D-53 1950 Full restoration Project

    Schwinn Leader D-53 1950 Full restoration Project
  26. bikiba

    1934 Silverking Project

    I've had this one for a while just sitting. I was expecting worse when i unboxed it. :) I did a very minor cleanup ~2hours. DId a minor mock up below. I have some 24" trip steps and the chain and morrow are soaking. Will be interesting to check the date on the morrow once it degreases. Will...
  27. KingSized HD

    Bianchi Project 7

    Picked this up for a sweet price yesterday. I’m having a tough time finding a Bianchi catalog online but believe this bike was bought in 2/91. If you can Reply with some info on the model or have a spec sheet I’d appreciate any help. This bike’s had some deferred maintenance but I think it...
  28. John G04

    38 Henderson Project

    Got this 1938 Schwinn Henderson last week and started to work on it today. Was very happy with it because its one of my dream bikes and still am but, it needs some help. Chains bent, forks bent a little, and theres a strange random weld on the rear hub. Needs a chainguard and pedals as well...
  29. Dan the bike man

    Sold Huffman lit tank project Now $200

    1940 Big lit tank project. What you see is what you get. Close up to show paint color. I’m losing money so no offers. $200 shipped.
  30. ZE52414

    Sold 67 fastback 5 speed project

    Here’s a fresh find 5 speed fastback. Think there’s parts from 66-early 70s. Some good stuff on it. Rear tire is ridable but the front needs replaced. Haven’t done much to it cleaned a couple little spots to show the rust will clean up. Asking 375 shipped or best offer. Will also list on eBay...
  31. kreika

    Sold Shelby Shock-ease project fork

    Was gonna try to use this for a peanut tank project but soon realized my bikes earlier than the shock ease introduction. This is a project fork. It’s missing the internals. I put a nut bolt in to hold it together. Someone on eBay awhile back was making repop guts. Not sure if still available...
  32. frank 71

    Sold Not So Fun Project 1954 Jaguar- Now $325.00

    Red 1954 Jaguar Basket case, Missing Pedals Rocket Ray Light & Spokes. Has S-2 Hoops. $475.00 Now $350.00. Frame & Fork $135.00 Chain guard $65.00 Bars $ Grips $50.00 S-2 Hoops $55.00 Fenders Sold. Crank & Chainring $40.00 Rear 54 Hub $65.00 Seat SOLD! Free Shipping CONUS...
  33. redline1968

    Sold 19teens Meade ranger project.....

    well I have here is a very nice mid teens flat fender Meade..this is a real teens bike...it comes with all the sheet metal in nice but not original paint. The paint is the wrong color. The tank is original and still has its original patina.. personally i’d ride this and resto later or not...
  34. tech549

    silver king M-1 project

    got this frame at Copake this year and been trying to find correct fenders and handle bars ,as I have found out near impossible - so the next best thing was to steal the parts from a woman donor.all and all not to bad and smooth rider.decided not to cut down the fork tube or truss rods at this...
  35. kirk thomas

    Sold '51 Schwinn Excelsior project $350 Shipped

    I picked this up the other day and am not doing bikes anymore just trying to find them for you guys. This was in a box as you see it. I have most of the bike there but the pivot bolt is missing along with the lock cylinder from the forks. I would like $350 shipped for this project.
  36. MsRock2

    Withdrawn Heavy Service - project bike

  37. J

    my 39 Hawthorn project

    my 38 Hawthorn Project. picked this up about a month ago pretty stripped down. I've added the correct wheels grips and pedals and tank so far. I've got the correct chain guard coming and fenders with front light coming soon.
  38. A

    Project DisKlunkinator!

    Here’s my current money pit... Schwinn Canti frame with sealed bearing WTB 26” mountain wheels/ACS freewheel, Origin 8 cranks, Mojo chainring, Black Ops stem, Z bars and Shimano M395 hydraulic disc brakes. Disc mounts fabricated and frame mods done by Clyde James Cycles in Fort Worth!
  39. West is the Best

    Beach Cruiser Project

    Hi all. I picked up a late 50's Monark/Huffy frame on eBay a few months ago. I have an urge to build a nice beach cruiser out of it. The tank will make it interesting. I put it together to see how things fit before prepping and painting the frame. The frame seems to be tweaked in a way that...
  40. K

    Looking for Schwinn Panther Project or Parts

    Hey! What do you have??? Looking fo Schwinn Panther Project or Parts?
  41. kirk thomas

    Sold 1941 Schwinn Excelsior DX project $400 shipped

    Here is a bike I found as a project. There is most of the bike. You can see in the pictures the fork nut is half worn through. The seat is ruff but there. The fork also needs the pivot bolt. The tires are a nice set of Firestone High Speed with no cracks. What you see is what you get. I would...
  42. alecburns

    39-41 Sears Collegiate: My First Project!

    [tl;dr: I got an old bicycle and intend on fixing it up. This will be proof.] I am very excited to get started on this one. If anyone has seen my threads looking for a wartime/prewar bike, you'll know that I have been looking for a bike like this for a long time. In Colorado, these bikes seldom...
  43. carlitos60

    Firestone Bull Nose Project!

    Up for Grabs!! $475 Shipped! OBO
  44. Nickinator

    Sold Parts/Project ~ Deluxe Prewar Hiawatha Arrow

    Likely a 38/39. Someone was working on this in the late 70's/80's and never finished. Looks pretty complete and original- a deluxe Arrow with the big guard & rack, curved braces, streamline pedals, side spring seat and post, and flo bars. Seat pan is wrong, an original one came with it. Appears...
  45. higgens

    Reduced Shelby project

    26 Shelby peanut tank project frame tank guard and rack 300 or trade for girls airflo parts
  46. Krakatoa

    Sold ~ Pre War ZENITH Badged Snyder Built Fastback/Zep Style Frame Fork Project! ~

    193? Snyder built ZENITH Marshall Wells badged fastback/zep style frame & fork. Original dots chain guard, seatpost, and badge included. This one has seen better days but it's a rough but ready project for someone with skills. Super neat heavy duty triple plate fork has a slight rearward bend...
  47. JimRoy

    Front hub for my G519 Project

    Cabers, i need a Bendix or Eclipse front hub for my G519 project. Thanks, JimRoy
  48. rusty.kirkpatrick

    Manton and Smith project

    Got this Nonpareil badged M & S recently from @THEGOLDENGREEK, knew I wanted it when when I seen it posted as a fresh find. Contacted him and we made a deal. George is a real stand-up dude and I wouldn’t hesitate to deal with again. Gonna give it an acid bath and see what happens.
  49. Krakatoa

    Sold ~ ~ Pre War Shelby Cadillac Wishbone Frame Project Bicycle! ~ ~

    Shelby Cadillac P serial number pre war bicycle. Once this was a no frills tank model, as evidenced by wear spot from tank hangar on frame top tube. Primary original color appears to have been red with white darts. The og color scheme has an amateur old old overpaint. Correct blunt or baloney...
  50. Krakatoa

    Sold ~ ~ Pre War Shelby Supreme Wishbone Frame Project Bicycle! ~ ~

    Shelby Supreme N serial number pre war bicycle. Once this was a fancy tank model. Primary original color appears to have been blue or black looking at the frame joins under the bottom bracket. Using my fingernail to scratch the hauspaint it seems to have chrome fenders! These are the blunt or...