1. mongeese

    Quality vintage pista track road parts

    Airlite pencil hub wheels Weinmann rims soldered spokes - straight wheels- need grease- 250 shipped Philippe pista bars TTT stem and ultra rare disney tape - one end cap 230 shipped Ideale 2000 plastic saddle 40 shipped Campagnolo aero post 27.2 - 90 shipped
  2. mongeese

    2 prewar racing pedals

    110 shipped from Wisconsin. Both rights.
  3. mongeese

    Airlite high flange hubs cerchio clemente rims track pista wheelset

    500 shipped from Wisconsin. Straight and incredibly lightweight. Real deal track racing goodness. 40s - 50s - 60s racing wheelset with tires and adjusters. Hard to find or purchase. Near unobtainium. This wheelset has not been cleaned and would gleam if desired.
  4. bricycle

    Reduced FS Race rim, peaked center style

    Best of pair (front32) still left!!! Nice looking 40/32 spoke hole pair, nice and round/pretty flat, but since so old are beginning to separate... one has a 7" section the other 4". Probably wouldn't ride them, but let some thinned carpenters wood glue into cracks and should be near good as new...
  5. gtdohn

    Sold TOC New Departure Model R race hub

    New Departure Model R race hub in very good condition. Complete and ready for installation on your TOC race bike. Lock ring and cog are free and easily removed for lacing. $80 shipped to the lower 48 states only PayPal as friends Thanks
  6. ratdaddy

    Diamond neck race for indian

    I need 1 diamond neck race for a Indian fork
  7. C

    c1887 Jules Dubois - Let's see your antique race posters

    [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] Hi all I'm new here...I collect a wide variety of sports display antiques...Thought I'd share this broadside poster I got last year...For those unfamiliar with this kind of poster...they're often refered to as a braodside...At 34" wide his would be an extra large...
  8. Bike Recyclery

    Schwinn Paramount Youth Race Team?

    I recently acquired these two caps in an old Schwinn dealer buyout. The shop owner told me they were signed by the Paramount youth racing team. Do any of you recognize the names on here, or know general info about these teams? Happy pedaling!
  9. R

    mullet race 4/1/18

    18 miles on a vintage steed, I'm going to say 1994 This means No V-brakes, Clip in pedals, and a very limited selection of suspension, real riders would rock the full rigid. Carbon fiber? What's that? Bring your steel steed, your mullet, and some Oakley Blades, decked out in some neon and get...
  10. redline1968

    Kelly Belgian race bars?

    i always wondered what type of bars were these on my pierce they looked odd. So I saw these on a caber’s post and the instantly hit me.. are these them? ......what do you think?
  11. mrkmcdonnell

    Found Rambler 1900 fork crown race and HS parts

    1900 Rambler 32, need to replaced cracked crown race, other HS parts would help also. This race likely found on other models/years. I have various Rambler parts from 97-00 range to offer in trade if it helps.
  12. bikesnbuses

    Intense mini M1 Limited Edition Jr kids BMX race bike in RI

    This is mine :D https://providence.craigslist.org/bik/d/intense-mini-m1-limited/6327043797.html This is my ad..anyone local looking for a mini..; https://providence.craigslist.org/bik/d … 43797.html We bought this for my niece ,but has already outgrown it.. I believe this is a 2010? Intense...
  13. mongeese

    Vintage road race track parts

    Buy or trade for what you need. Prices vary from 25 to 150. Message me your phone number for fast reliable service.
  14. R

    St. Louis MO old bmx race and swap

    Come on down and have a blast racing your old bike. Pm questions to me if need be.
  15. mongeese

    Reduced Campagnolo 1037 pedals early steel cage

    185 or best offer shipped from Wisconsin. Uncleaned great survivor condition.
  16. mongeese

    Cinelli bivalent hubs or parts

    50s or 60s cinelli hubs or parts wanted. Any part will help. Thanks and hope to hear from you.
  17. mongeese

    Headset identification needed

    Please if you have seen or know about this headset let me know what info you have. Thank you very kindly.
  18. mongeese

    1910s Emil Wastyn for trade

    Send a message with your phone number.
  19. mongeese

    Sold 1901 stormer racer project

    400$ shipped from WI Or best offer.
  20. mongeese

    Saturn trek cycling poster

    35$ shipped from WI.