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  1. H

    Classic Peugeot Galaxie / Legendary Bike

    For Sale Peugeot Galaxie Bicycle. LOCAL ESTATE ITEM. 80's Vintage. Aluminum Frame. If you are not familiar with the history of this Bike please look it up. This Bike appears to be in great overall condition. Frame is tight and solid. Bike appears all original to my untrained eye and was...
  2. mongeese

    NOS Cinelli bar extenders

    65 shipped from Wi. Or best/ better offer. Very lightweight.
  3. mongeese

    Campagnolo 1st gen aero seat post 27.2

    210 mm long 27.2 OD Light signs of use. Uncleaned ready for polish if desired. 50 plus ship from Wi.
  4. mongeese

    Sew up vintage wheels track airlite cerchio clement

    350 shipped from Wi. Very light high quality wheelset. Ready to mount ready to ride. Untouched original condition. They have not been cleaned.
  5. carlitos60

    Sold FS: Wood Racing Bars Complete!

    Antique Prewar Racing Wood Handlebars Used on Dayton Racycle Iver Johnson Schwinn Elgin Size: 14" x 5" x 2" +- Not Perfect, But Great for an Antique Display Bike!!! Left Hand Piece Almost Broken Off! Can be Fixed by Wood Person! $520 Shipped!! OBO
  6. anders1

    Sold 4 Sale, Early Racing Drop Bars and Grips

    $180 shipped from S. California to 48 states. Bars and grips only. These are very early Racing Drop Bars with original grips. Bars are in nice shape with no deep pitting. Personal message only please PayPal ff. Thanks
  7. carlitos60

    FS: 16" Drop Racing Bars, TOC or 10s ???

    Nice Old Looking Racing Bars. Unsured of Time Period!! 16" x 6.5+-" x 3"+- Very Light! Not Perfect But Cool Looking! $325 Shipped OBO PayPal FF PMs Please!
  8. bricycle

    Sold Sale!! FS EARLY Racing stems

    Racing stems $210-$260 shipped domestic only from 60118 clockwise from top: lamp bracket: nfs $260 re-plate $260 re-plate $220 $225 $250 re-plate $210 246 338 528 556 628 678 views
  9. Underground Bicycle Shop

    Early Racycle Racing Photo

    Excelent condition Racycle Racing photo. Very rare. 6 1/2” X 4” $150 obo Cheers Reed in NJ
  10. fordmike65

    Antique Motorcycle Racing at Irwindale Dragstrip in SoCal June 28

    If you're in the SoCal area and wanna see some antique motorcycles run 1/8 passes down the track, you can't miss this. Local bicycle, motorcycle and car enthusiast "Carburetor" Carl along with a few of his buds bring out their teens-30's motorcycles & get together at Irwindale Dragstrip. Once a...
  11. mongeese

    Racing leather touring eroica Italia

    Pre Sella Italia. Very rare and uncleaned used condition. 215 shipped from Wisconsin.
  12. rusty_apache

    Racing pedal identification

    I want to identify these because I need to make new straps for these pedals. They are from my 1901 National model 41. I could just “wing it” but they are riveted to plates that bolt into place so I want to get them correct the first time. I would also like to see the how the clips were designed...
  13. bobcycles


    As shown.....a full size diamond frame Iver Johnson, Missing bars, badge, pedals and saddle. New Departure rear hub. Wheels look good, tires hold air. 3 piece crank unusual for IVERs... Not shown but included is a correct Iver Johnson seat post 7 style with script. Nice project! Should...
  14. carlitos60

    Plymouth & Lobdell 28" x 7/8" Wood Racing Wheels

    Plymouth and Lobdell 28" x 7/8" Wood Racing Wheel Set!! Front BSA Hub, Rear Hub Unk. Rear is Slightly Thicker! Nicely Straight! $350 Shipped
  15. carlitos60

    Sold FS: "MARS" Racing Bike

    "MARS" Racer: Just Took It for a Spin!! RARE: Made by Cleveland Bicycle Co. Late 10s to Mid 20s Transition Racers; Based on the Logged Frame!! Nice Riders Metal Clad Wheels with Musselman Coaster and ND Front Hub! Iver Johnson Type of Crank! Tip-Top Seat! Nice Fenders and 1/2 French Pedals...
  16. carlitos60

    1898-1905 Racing Wheel (Fat Hub)

    RARE, Up for Grabs! 32 Spokes V Racing Wheel, 28" x 1" OD x 6/8" i.d. Straight, But Needs Up/Down Adjustment! Perfect Join! $275 Shipped! OBO
  17. MsRock2

    Withdrawn Rear Racing Hub $20.00 shipped

    Probably TOC but can't verify. PM for info. USA shipping only.
  18. Velo-dream

    Withdrawn nice nickle plated racing pedals

    up for sale = a pair of nickle plated racing pedals Ø14mm spindle 400$+40$ shipping with tracking pay pal for friends only
  19. Velo-dream

    Withdrawn GRAB THIS CHANCE : unique Major Taylor style racing handle bars

    up for sale= unique Major Taylor style racing handle bars or exchange for a nice high wheeler Hub Lamp pay pal for friends
  20. carlitos60

    Reduced FS: Iver Johnson Racing Fork 28"

    Iver Johnson Racing Fork 28", in Great Shape and Mostly Nickelled!! Seems Like It can Be Polished Nicely! Inside Width = Less than 2" / 1 13/16"? No HeadSet!! Head Tube 5 1/4" $225 Shipped OBO
  21. bobcycles

    RARE WHIZZER BICYCLE NOS bars, NOS Delta Hubba lights F/S

    -----bars sold Rare profile 1940s/50s racing bars for Whizzer and bicycle. NOS with minor shelf wear patina! Nice! 50.00 plus postage Bobcycles@aol.com Or pm here Mint NOS early Delta Hubba Hubba lights for the rear hub! Mint NOS with original box! 50.00 plus postage
  22. bricycle

    FS New Departure BRX fixie?

    New Departure BRX fixie $125.00 plus ($7-$15 shipping domestic only) 153
  23. bricycle

    Sold FS Early adjustable Racing Stem

    Early adjustable racing stem, nice OG plating, fork collar clamp style. 1" shaft dia. $195.00 $220.00 plus shipping ($7-$15) 127 330 389 views
  24. mongeese

    Falcon San Remo pista

    Have a wanted ad for seatpost and bars- found the correct seatpost and tires- still need bars 25.4 clamp area. Also may try red or royal blue tires if anyone has any. I really enjoy looking at this bike. Love the geometry and stance.
  25. carlitos60

    Early Racing Saddle Sager, Wheeler, Brown

    Looking for a Men's Size in Any, But Fair Condition! Sager, Wheeler, Brown, Garford,Etc.
  26. carlitos60

    FS: Racing WOOD Wheel BSA Hub!

    This is an Extra Wheel I Have! It's a Racing WOOD Wheel w Racing BSA Hub! 28" Rim w 3/4"+- Thick! $179 Shipped! OBO
  27. Gunn and Co

    Indian Chief Racing Bicycle Leather Saddle.

    An Indian Chief leather racing bicycle saddle. Not sure of the age. Condition is Ok with the normal scuffs ect. £225 GBP + shipping. Saddle is located in the UK. Email is you require further details or a shipping cost.
  28. Gunn and Co

    c.1910 Rochet French Racing Bicycle.

    A French racing bicycle made by Rochet. c.1910. 1” inch pitch chain, fixed wheel, nearrow nickel plated Handlebars, brown leather saddle, wood rimmed wheels( these do sadly have worm). Adjustable Rochet rat trap pedals. Retrieved from a French barn collection last weekend and ready to...
  29. Jay81

    Ladies Monark Racing Bike

    Upside down bars make it go faster! https://detroit.craigslist.org/okl/bik/d/monark-vintage-ladies-bicycle/6524594177.html
  30. mongeese

    1960s wood racing peaked rim

    Need a match to this rim. Able to purchase or trade. Just need the rim but will also purchase whole wheel or sets.
  31. fat tire trader

    Wanted Persons or Messinger or other early racing saddles

    Hello, I am looking for Persons or Messinger or other early racing saddles, like the one in the picture below. Thanks, Chris
  32. Pedals Past

    Reduced Ladies early Rugby Troxel style ? racing style saddle wheelman 28” safety

    $450 shipped 48 usa states ff pp pm to buy no clamp see photos slight stitching rot on edge great Rugby stamp on lip skirt not positive this is a troxel seat as my early bike knowledge isnpoor ok maybe all my knowledge is poor.... NOW $325
  33. Pedals Past

    Sold Early Mens Troxel Racing saddle

    $650 Now $500 shipped 48 usa states ff pp view photos slight stitching rot on rear corners ls pm to buy
  34. Cheezer

    Racing Handlebars 7" drop - TOC Teens Prewar

    Racing handlebars, pre war , teens, TOC ? rusty and pitted, but solid. They measure 21" wide and have a 7" drop or maybe a little more depending on how it's measured. They have a couple of dented spots. They have some old wood in the ends and make a rattle sound when moved side to side. They are...
  35. D

    Checking History on Cycledrome Racing

    I have a vintage BSA track bicycle that I restored 20 years ago. When I acquired the bicycle it came with some racing programs from the early 1920s. They are mostly from the New Brunswick, Ma. area but some are from Newark NJ and Madison Square Garden. Some have glued in newspaper articles...
  36. SJ_BIKER

    Santa Cruz boardroom racing shirt 2XL

    Black size 2XL 18.00 shipped
  37. carlitos60

    Reduced: Wood Racing Bars

    Up for Grabs! $525 Shipped!! OBO
  38. Junkman Bob

    Anyone have an idea what kind of racing frame this is

    Any help on indemnifieingvthis frame would be greatly appreciated
  39. dnc1

    FOUND! early racing bike project

    Wanted - early racing bicycle project. Ideally fairly complete but needing wheels, or anything considered, I like a challenge. TOC to Teens era. Please remember I live in England so allow for time difference if expecting a quick reply. Heavy patina machines preferred! Thanks, Darren.
  40. carlitos60

    FS: Killers WOOD Racing Bars/Stem/Grips

    Up for Grabs! Super Solid Bars! Possible 1890s! 16" Long 4.5" Drop Buck Skin Grips! $725 Shipped!
  41. Velo-dream

    antique leather racing helmet

    up for sale = an antique leather racing helmet compleet and in very good condition, perfect for your racer 200$, shipped, signed for pay pal for friends only
  42. thehugheseum

    TOC turn of the century stationary racing stand

    I recently was fortunate enough to obtain this "Rarest of rare" setup......check out the colors, vermillion over the bright green.....this was belt connected from 1 rear roller to the front wheel and then I believe a mile meter via gear drive. Special thanks the main man Mr......mmmmm you...
  43. mongeese

    Star racing rat traps pedals

    I have both left side pedals and one is 1/2" and the other is 9/16ths. So I am looking for either right side pedal. Also pictured is the axel so please check your pile and message me if you find a right side thread.
  44. carlitos60

    TOC Racing HUBS and 1" Rim!

    These Hubs / Rim Came OFF a Pre-TOC Racing Bike!! Rear=36h and Front= 32h Cog= 8 Teeth Rim = 28" x1" w 32holes!! Hubs are Cleaned and Shined, Work Good by Hand! Rim is Wobbly But Solid; Could be Used! $450 Shipped! OBO
  45. New Mexico Brant

    Sold 19th Century Leather Racing Cap

    A very refined example. Good condition with minor use wear. The straps are stressed and stiff, with a partial tear on one strap and a buckle missing. There is a broken seam on one side, pictured. Display rack not included. $125 shipped, F&F PayPal, please.
  46. Higgins88

    Sold Antique Cork Grip Racing Handlebars Pre War Bike SOLD

    SOLD SOLD Antique Cork Grip Racing Handlebars Pre War Bike Thank you kindly for the interest.... HAPPY THANKSGIVING !! Straight to the point >>>>> Available now <<<<< ( Antique Pre War Racing Cork Handle Bars ) Solid steel bars, Cork handle grips, steel end caps, solid attached stem,has chrome...
  47. Higgins88

    Racing ?? Antique Cork Grip Lauterwasser Style Handlebars

    Hello fellow Cabers..........yes ...back again with the remainder box full of goodies. Just made it back online....busy fall...and how time flys by. Almost forgot about these parts , but they SPOKE to me...get em gone before I get lost for yrs.... Sold many of the parts here on The Cabe and...
  48. carlitos60

    WTD: TOC PreWar Racing Tires

    Looking for a Set of TOC Prewar 28" Racing Tires: US Special Racers???? Usable Condition!!
  49. hoofhearted

    V - Cross Section Wood Racing Rims

    In need of information as to the approximate time period for the use of the V- Cross Section Wood Racing Rim. Thank you IN ADVANCE .... ..... patric