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  1. Krakatoa

    Sold Nice Pre WW2 Six Hole Universal Rack with Interesting Reflector for 26" & 24" Ballooners!

    Very nice condition on this original paint & hardware six hole universal rack for 26" & 24" balloon tire bicycles. Has some sort of reflector tucked up underneath I left alone. Est late prewar WW2 to early postwar. SOLD
  2. Squiggle Dog

    Sold For Sale: Prewar Lighted Carrier For Wards Hawthorne Bicycles

    This is a lighted carrier that fits prewar Wards Hawthorne bicycles. This particular one is from a girls bicycle, presumably a Rollfast-built one. Might be able to be adapted to fit others. The lenses are missing, but at one point in the recent past someone on eBay was selling reproduction...
  3. L

    Early 1950's Hercules Saddle , Brake, Kickstand, Wire rack, Wheel etc

    Selling Some parts from 1953 Hercules 26 inch three speed: (will try to post better pics shorty ) All the crust on this bike that i did keep on bike cleaned up well, more dried out grease than rust, chrome quite good after soaking Saddle: $25 Horsehair pading , cover loose with house...
  4. Dave Stromberger

    Original Paint Pre-War Schwinn 6 Hole Carrier Rack - Autocycle - Motorbike

  5. Dangerwagon

    Sold Prewar Rack Light, Elgin, Monark & others

    NOS tube, reflector, spring, etc. Re-pop lense (new condition) w/ (2) bulbs and (1) extra "Elgin style" lense in OK condition. $75 shipped in Cont. U.S. Paypal (F&F) only.
  6. bikesnbuses

    Sold GREAT original ladies 26" 1952 Monark Super Deluxe

    The bike is located in southern RI for local pick up(Preferred but will ship) Fantastic original green paint with rare original;Tank jewels,scripted Monark pedals,white deluxe seat and grips. Some obvious wear,scratches,etc Asking $450 with local pick up at zip code 02804 or $550 shipped in the USA
  7. Jon Marinello

    Sold 26" Schwinn Post War Green Rack

    See pictures.
  8. L

    Reduced 1948 Ladies Firestone Super Cruiser $475 now skiptooth tank girls

    1948 Ladies Firestone Super Cruiser Appears original throughtout. Missing Fenderlight , and the front fender has damage (looks as though the metal was torn while removing light and mended with some type of filler) -Particularly nice chrome on wheelset skiptooth tank girls Shipped from...
  9. ohdeebee

    Sold Early Elgin Robin Rear Rack

    Very nice and straight rack. $300 shipped
  10. atencioee

    Looking for Schwinn hornet 9 hole rear carrier rack

    Hello! I'm looking for a Schwinn hornet 9 hole rear carrier rack that is in fairly good condition (no cracks and not bent).
  11. mr.cycleplane

    Sold prewar schwinn rack reflector-nice

    prewar Schwinn deluxe rack reflector. rare item-seems to always be missing . this is the cateye iridescent red reflector found on the Schwinn autocycle rack(1936) thru 1942 (as available) on other deluxe schwinns with this rack. has the mounting cup(worthless without this part). hard to...
  12. mr.cycleplane

    Sold prewar schwinn rack reflector

    prewar Schwinn rack reflector with mounting cup(without cup-its useless). this is the cateye iridescent red found on the deluxe rack. this one is missing the nickel/stainless trim(90% of them are). priced right 80shipped pp/ff
  13. 41OLDSTEED

    Postwar CWC Rack Curved braces-HTF

    I Have this Solid Postwar CWC Rack that was On my 40's Hiawatha....No Bends-Rust but has a Few layers of Paint...This has the Curved Braces and Hole Pattern Is Kinda HTF...I Think...?...Asking $100 + Shipping to your Location...PM for Quote...Thanx
  14. jungleterry

    Golden Flyer rear rack

    Hello looking to see If anyone may happen to have a rear rack for a western Flyer golden Flyer bike . Please let us know . Thank you so much Terry and Tammy
  15. marius.suiram

    Sold Schwinn late 40's back rack 9 holes

    Selling from Cleveland, OH, 44111 Payment : PayPal or postal money order Price : 45$ plus shipping without jewel Now 40$ 65$ plus shipping with jewel Now 55$ Straight, repaint, 26"
  16. slothagese

    Sold Color flow rack, monark chain guard

    Rack: missing one emblem. A little crusty but completely solid. Both glass jewels on it. I haven’t attempted any cleanup on it. As found. $50 shipped conus Guard: straight and solid. Faux patina. It’s just brown paint underneath wet sanded through. Was getting it ready but got started on a...
  17. Dangerwagon

    Sold 9-Hole rear rack/carrier w/ light $125/BO

    9-Hole rear rack w/ complete, original tail light "can" & reflector (and re-pop lens). Chrome finish is crusty for sure, but it still has some great sparkle and tons of patina. Or strip completely and re-paint to match your ride! Straight and right. No front mounting bracket. see pics for...


  19. tech549

    Sold mead ranger rack

    nice straight rack
  20. Robertriley


    Here's your opportunity to pick it be hard to find rack with all the tube still in near perfect condition free of dings and dents. $179 plus shipping
  21. ZE52414

    24” Schwinn ballooner rack

    I’m in need of a 24” Schwinn rack. Preferably red. But would take anything. Not looking for the wire middleweight kind. Let me know what you have. Thank you.
  22. O

    Mousetrap front rack.

    $45.00 pl shipping!
  23. marius.suiram

    Back rack identification

    This rack was on the Schwinn Jaguar, I bought today. Any idea what bike was using it?
  24. SJ_BIKER

    Postwar schwinn maroon 6 hole rack

    Need a maroon condition 5-7 ...6 hole rack with legs matching paint. Mounting gear not necessary... Straight if possible
  25. TJW

    Withdrawn Schwinn Six-Hole Postwar Rack for Sale

    Schwinn Six-Hole Postwar Rack for sale. This rack was on a restored 1949 B6. The rack was damaged in shipment. I tried to straighten it but it will need more work. $75 plus shipping. Payment by postal money order or Paypal (Friends and Family).
  26. donniedee

    fender set and rear rack rusty patina wanted

    im needing a no holes but rusty patins set of fenders for my rat rod bike size 28"x 1 1/2 as well as a rear book rack same condition prefer no color but rust/patina please pm or text pics and price to 512-740-2197 no chrome please.
  27. tjkajecj

    Sold Rear Rack with Clamps

    Rear rack with spring clamps. Represented to me as NOS… maybe … but has a lot of surface rust and shelf wear. $45 Shipped PayPal for payment PM if interested. Tim
  28. Tino

    Rear rack Identification request

    never mind. I think I just identified it, looks like it’s a prewar mead ranger rack

    Reduced Schwinn front rack for sale

    Schwinn front rack for sale in great condition. Houston,Tx US ONLY $80 Shipped
  30. bobcycles

    Sold VERY Nice original Postwar B6/autocycle / Phantom / WZ Whizzer 6 hole rack F/S

    SUPER Straight and excellent original Black paint Schwinn post war 6 hole rear carrier. They honestly don't get much nicer than this unless they are NOS About an 8-9 on a ten scale. No touch ups...factory paint and NICE! 150.00 plus postage bobcycles@aol.com
  31. Euphman06

    Favorite bike rack

    to transport these old heavy bikes? I'm looking for a hitch mount one. I have a platform carrier (bell upright) but am not totally pleased with it. Not sure which is better, the platform ones or the standard hanging ones? What do you guys use?
  32. G

    toc chain adjusters

    set of early chain adjusters nickel plated 30 bux shipped
  33. G

    roadmaster tank

    30s girls roadmaster or Dayton maybe tank 30 bux shipped
  34. G

    Sold nos seat frame parts

    nos seat frame parts and bolts 30 bux shipped
  35. G

    Sold nice indian doudle d crank

    original nickel plate nice indian crank double d style 20 tpi , good for an original bike 100 bux plus shippin. last one
  36. G

    Sold early light bracket

    early used light bracket, hard to find 30 bux shipped
  37. G

    nos colson truss rod acorn nuts

    nos early colson acorn truss rod nuts 15 bux a set shipped also have nos s/16 x 24 tpi with 7/16 hex for other bike mfg
  38. G

    nos early rack mount

    nos early rack mount,100 years old 35 bux plus shippin
  39. KevinBrick

    Prewar Red Schwinn 9 hole rack

    Looking for rack for this 1939 Schwinn DX Thank you! 715/571-1994
  40. youngprewarguy

    Prewar rack, crank set or sprocket

    looking for the hi lighted parts. The rack for a 28 inch wheel. Either the complete crank set or just the sprocket. Thanks in advance

    Sold Elgin rear rack with glass jewel

    Selling this Elgin rear rack only used on elgins, will work on motorbike and a few different models even orieal. Has glass jewel in it ! Asking $125 plus shipping. Pm me with any questions on it thank you!
  42. Junkman Bob

    Reduced Shelby Rack 38 $ shipped

    Decent condition rack ... this rack came off a Shelby built Hiawatha. One little hole in rack 50$ shipped to the lower 48


    Hello fellow cabers ,looking for an original Columbia / Westfield tank and rear rack for a 1940-41 mens bicycle. No repro..all original Blue if possible ,BUT will take what you got ..Horn unit too.. Let me know what you have ...
  44. John Gailey

    Rear Rack

    Slight curve in center but good condition. $175 Shipped Obo
  45. kirk thomas

    For your TOC Remington Rack in Utica NY

    https://utica.craigslist.org/clt/d/remington-ammo-box/6600751721.html I can pick up and ship for you.
  46. Glenn Rhein

    Sold Prewar Elgin rack with rare ? Reflector

    Nine whole rack off a prewar Elgin with an Unusual large reflector Needs a little straightening but has original blue paint. The plastic over the reflector is peeling a bit. Check out the pictures $85 shipped.
  47. B

    Schwinn blue six hole rear rack

    Looking for a Schwinn 6 hole rear rack in blue. Thanks!
  48. robert bell

    Sold prewar rack

    rack off of 39 five bar hawthorn. solid, cracks both sides at legs, front mount broke. $45.00 shipped
  49. tech549

    Withdrawn higgins rear rack

    solid rack $75.00 plus shipping obo