1. DMR

    Racycle Narrow Tread for sale

    Hi all, we've had this old girl in our 1800s barn (Massachusetts), would like to find her a new home. Wood rims, spokes, hubs in great condition. All bearings intact and running smooth. Saddle is an older Troxel- if I find the original seat I'll update. Stitches have come undone on one side of...
  2. carlitos60

    Racycle is Really Hungry!!

    Yeah,,, Took My Racycle for a McDonals Breakfast Ride! 8 Miles One Way!! 16 Miles Round Trip! It Was Fun!!!
  3. mongeese

    Sale Pending Teens Miami motorbike saddle large

    375 shipped from Wisconsin. Post not included. Untouched uncleaned original leather- can make out MFG Co. on one side.
  4. Underground Bicycle Shop

    Early Racycle Racing Photo

    Excelent condition Racycle Racing photo. Very rare. 6 1/2” X 4” $150 obo Cheers Reed in NJ
  5. mongeese

    1901 Miami Racycle f/f crank and badge

    Frame fork crank badge and seatpost with all headset hardware 1,300 shipped. Hussey bars and stem combo may be for sale if f/f sells. I love the bike yet have to sell a few things off for personal reasons. Message me for any info on this or other bikes you may be interested in. Leave your...
  6. filmonger

    Sold 1904 Racycle Frame

    1904 Racycle Roadster Frame..... Buyer backed out a few years ago when I tried to sell this. Well it's time for it to go. Still has it's races and seat post tube ring ( not sure what the tech term is for it? )...I would say top tube has surface rust though it creates a nice patina - I think the...
  7. carlitos60

    FS: Racycle Badge (Westfield?)

    $46 Shipped! OBO PM!
  8. Freqman1

    Sold Racycle Hold-to-Light Ad

    Pretty cool piece. A minor tear along edge and agents name written on back but still nice. $35 shipped to lower 48. PP as F&F or add 3% for G&S. Thanks, Shawn
  9. mongeese

    Teens Troxel Tip Top display saddle 185 shipped

    185 shipped from Wi. Or best offer.
  10. Dobie


    Machined Racycle draw bolt replacement. Measurements - 8 MM on left thread; 10 MM for right thread and 12MM on shoulder. $45 shipped from Nova Scotia
  11. filmonger

    Racycle / Merkel info 1911

  12. mongeese

    Sold Toc quilled seat post racycle

    150 shipped from Wisconsin.
  13. DJF

    wanted early Racycle Pacemaker, early year

    Would like to find and buy an early year large sprocket, Racycle Pacemaker.
  14. mongeese

    1901/2 Racycle

    1901 - 1902 Leave your phone number for discussion of purchase. 2,450 shipped. shipped from Wi. This bike is fast and nimble. Easy rider and adjustable for race or cruise.
  15. carlitos60

    Withdrawn Racycle Pacemaker!!

    Up for Grabs My 1912 Pacemaker! Rider Ready! No Kellys, No Seat, No Pedals! IF,,We Can Make Any Deal!! $2800 Shipped!
  16. xmtnrider

    Sold 1903 Racycle Pacemaker - original paint

    It pains me to do so, but I have decided to sell this Pacemaker so I can focus on other bikes. I have the original hubs laced to 80s wheels, but it's missing the seat, wood rims, and pedals. Otherwise, it is all original. One of the crank arms is slightly bent and it is missing the wedge piece...
  17. gtdohn

    Racycle Pacemaker

    Anyone have a Racycle Pacemaker for sale? Looking for a complete and original example.
  18. Freqman1

    Sold Original Racycle Catalog and Ads

    First up is an original 1907 Racycle catalog. This catalog illustrates the crank hanger and construction of the bicycle along with the various saddles, and the four blade spring forks. It also describes the chain, cranks, colors, tool bags/tools, cushion frame, and coaster brakes. Also shows all...
  19. mtnbikeman

    Sold Racycle model 150A frame

    I believe this to be a Racycle model 150A frame The outline from where the headbadge was can be seen below the model # badge. It comes with the non drive side crank arm and pedal. The seatpost is not stuck. I have not been able to find much information on this model. It appears as though the...
  20. mongeese

    TOC rider up for grabs

    I really like this bike and still have not been able to nail down the maker. 1,400shipped to the US and will part out if needed. Quality bike. Very ridable at wheelmen meets. Will also ship to other countries for cost of bikeflights international- affordable.
  21. mongeese

    Mystery bike possible Canadian Racycle?

    No serial numbers I could find. Fauber threaded bottom bracket. Did the Canada Racycles have the Miami cranks?
  22. fordsnake

    Racycle Stamp

    Does anyone have a good photo or an illustration of the stamped Racycle Matese Logo on the leather saddle? I checked out https://thecabe.com/forum/threads/racycle-alert-original-seat.119742/ But its hard to discern, is that a sun on the left side about the word RACYCLE? What's on the right side...
  23. C

    Racycle decals

    Is anyone making Racycle water transfer decals? (circa 1912) Thank you.
  24. filmonger

    Sold Racycle Pacemaker Chainring Replica

    For Sale is a Racycle Pacemaker Replica Chainring - made out of stainless..... was going to put this on my copper bike but I have moved on to a new project. 80.00 USD shipped ( within the USA ). Very cool! High Quality.
  25. thehugheseum


    rarest of the rare big guns rayray seat $1000
  26. T

    Racycle model 142???

    I need some help, I can’t seem to find any info anywhere about a Racycle Model 142. It’s serial number is either A799 or A700, 11 tooth skip tooth rear ND coaster. It’s been painted but the original color is orange as far as I can tell. Can anybody give me some info?
  27. filmonger

    1903 Racycle Greyhound Racer

    Has anyone ever seen a Racycle greyhound racer? Looks like they were to introduce it in 1903. Both articles from the 1902 Bicycling World
  28. filmonger

    1907 Racycle Spring Fork info

    From The bicycling world April 20 1907
  29. B

    racycle pacemaker chainwheels

    Wondering what other racycle pacemaker chainwheels out there have these little holes drilled in the outer rim. Look closely they are very imperfect in their placement on this one (borrowed from a local chum). These look like a diy mod to me but what do you guys think? I feel like I've seen...
  30. J

    Cool Racycle Pacemaker

    I'm looking for a little more info on this old Miami built Racycle. I was wondering about how the "self oiling" works. It's not for sale. Just looking for info on year, maybe estimated value. Cool old bike. The sprocket and rear cog sizes don't really make it that much faster I don't think.
  31. carlitos60

    Withdrawn Changed My Mind!

  32. zephyrblau

    Racycle headset / even pix will help

    don't have an example of what one looks like. even if you only have pix to contribute that would be a help. TIA
  33. thehugheseum

    Racycle pacemaker chainring RARE

    rare pacemaker chainring it needs a repair or just reverse it and mount it (it's not like your going to ride it anyway) $450shipped
  34. thehugheseum


    Rarest of the rare barnfind suspension frame racycle narrow tread......this is the big leagues of the well coveted Racycle brand $5500
  35. thehugheseum

    Racycle pacemaker big sprocket replica blank

    this is stainless steel so they will polish and look nickel since the high nickel content in stainless....fits blockchain or skiplink $150shipped usa
  36. S

    Sold Racycle for sale (Blue)

    SOLD Circa 1900 Racycle for sale. BLUE - Location - Youngstown, Ohio. Still ridable. Contains MOST original parts - believe tires are not original but gears ARE plus faceplate, etc in tact . Willing to ship (freight not included in price). unable to load pictures - apparently the size is...
  37. T

    Sold SOLD SOLD RACYCLE SEAT (saddle)

    SOLD SOLD Thanks to CABE members for helping to identify this seat & for providing the pic of the bike & the sketch of the logo. This seat is like the one shown in one pic on a 1905 Raycycle. The leather seat part is about 12" long & about 10" wide. The Raycycle Script like that shown in the...
  38. mongeese

    Sold Miami fork 6" 5/8ths steer tube

    200 plus shipping or best offer. Uncleaned original condition. 28" wheel .
  39. zephyrblau

    parts to build up late 'teens / early 20s Racycle

    impulse purchase so I didn't get a chance to do my usual research. pictures of an accurately dressed example would be appreciated. even pictures of proper parts would be a big help. I need; headset (something the seller deleted without notice) I have a place holder set. handle bars pedals I...
  40. zephyrblau

    another Racycle

    advertised as 1917 - '24. would like feedback re: manufacturer & whether or not the badge is repop.
  41. Robertriley

    Sold Racycle Frame and Fork

    Here's a Racycle frame and fork from the late teens/early 20's that I picked up today. It had fenders on it which I believe are incorrect but will throw them in. Someone, I'm sure it was the guy that painted it blue, drilled holes in the frame for fenders and must of had bad eyesight. NO...
  42. Robertriley


    I'm picking this up (Thanks Chad) and would like to know if it is a Racycle and if the badge is real or repop. I know that ALL of the parts are incorrect but thing the fork and frame go together. I'm curious about what the fenders went on too. Please give me a hand. \ Thanks, Chris
  43. Freqman1

    Sold 1907 Racycle Pacemaker

    A pretty decent bike with extras to make restoration straight forward. This is an original Model 120 (1907) Pacemaker and not a pieced together bike. The only thing this bike didn't have when I got it was the pedals and I bought a really nice set of Torrington Star pedals and have threaded them...
  44. Robertriley

    Who grabbed the Racycle on ebay?

    I won his other bike and I'm curious about who won the Racycle http://www.ebay.com/itm/C-1890-039-s-Racycle-Narrow-Tread-Track-Bicycle-by-Miami-Cycle-/112495591003?_trksid=p2047675.l2557&nma=true&si=E%252Fls3J8tQ4pQT9BFQscck49rTic%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc
  45. LarzBahrs

    Sold Late Miami Racycle Frame 1917-1924 250 shipped

    For sale is a late Miami Racycle frame with badge. Fork is not correct and not included. Neither is seat post. As pictured. Repainted obviously. No visible damage to frame. Badge is in great shape. Asking 250 shipped. PayPal prefered. PM with questions.
  46. mongeese

    Sale Pending 20s 30s mesinger 3

    Nice surviving seat. Brown leather chocolate brownie weather. Untouched and uncleaned. Perfect for harley camelback etc. front to back is 10" Side to side is 7 1/2" 275 shipped from Wisconsin. Or trade for early race saddle.
  47. Wcben

    Brief history of Miami Manufacturing and Cycle Co.

    A 1894 or 1895 a civic-minded group of Middletown men met under the guidance of Paul J. Sorg. Standing left to right are: William L. Dechant, Ed Sebald, John Boyd (cashier, later vice-president, Merchants' National Bank), John Oglesby, George Phipps (became vice-president of the Merchants'...
  48. mongeese

    Torrington Stars And Bars - Adjustable Bars -

    1,000$ plus shipping for this lot. Shipped insured from Wisconsin. If you can find somebody else to sell you these items for less I suggest you do so.
  49. mongeese

    28" Wood Wheel Rear Corbin 10 Hub With Tire

    Very straight wheel and probably rideable tire. Holds air looks great with some side cracking. I thought hub was armless but some in antique pre33 thread said missing the corbin 10 coaster arm. Tire is US Rubber Company No. 76 Giant Chain Tread 2 ply. 280$ shipped from Wisconsin.
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