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  1. cds2323

    1950s Troxel seat--Radiobike?

    This is a boy's seat and measures 9" x 11". It's in excellent condition, except has two small chips in the covering at the nose. I've seen this seat style on Radiobikes but they're usually red. This seat isn't red or brown/tan. But rather a reddish brown that was kinda hard to capture with the...
  2. D

    Radiobike chain guard

  3. D

    huffy radiobike

    Hi Everyone, I acquired this bike some 25 years ago and its been in my basement collecting dust since then . So just last week i decided to clean it up. the radio works and it cleaned up pretty good. I haven't done any restoration but it is missing the chain guard. Im not a collector but i need...
  4. partsguy

    Huffy RADIOBIKE on eBay! Low starting bids!

    It’s a red single speed, and missing the battery cover, but it’s still very nice. I can tell is has both knobs in one pic, but the seller really needs to grab a couple pics of the chain guard side.
  5. Dave Stromberger

    What are the odds? Radiobike

    Green Radiobike came from Kentucky, and the red one from Washington State. What are the odds that both would have a Red Ball Jets shoes decal plastered to the left side?
  6. Vintage Vandal

    Huffy Radiobike Power Switch with Key
  7. Vintage Vandal

    Huffy Radiobike Power Supply

    Here's a new power supply to replace the unattainable AB battery pack that Radiobikes came with. All new materials used with exception of a an original 4 pin connector. The original huffy radio will plug directly into this power supply with no modifications. Every connection was soldered, shrink...
  8. Nashman

    Wanted red pedals for Huffy Radiobike

    Hi, I'm looking for a decent set of used ( or NOS) original pedals/red blocks for a Huffy Radiobike. I would consider the red blocks alone, but want them to be stock or as close as possible as stock. Thanks, Bob
  9. A

    Huffy Radiobike Sold

    Huffy Radiobike decent condition in the not often seen green color. Tank is nice inside but missing the key. Seat is nice and chrome good overall. Rims may clean up . Handgrips and pedals are not correct but are of the period. Headlight is in good shape. Looking to get $5500 or best offer. Email...
  10. Vintage Vandal

    Huffy Radiobike Key on Ebay
  11. Nickinator

    Sold The Nicest Radiobike Out There?

    1955 Huffy Radiobike. Haven't seen one this nice. Anywhere. In any color. Now seems like the time to let someone else have it, Nick is collecting more cars than bikes currently, and these have certainly come into their own as far as value- if you keep up with recent sales....Good opportunity to...
  12. partsguy

    Hard to find Huffman parts to pick

    A little rusty, and beat up, this parts bike has a good rear carrier, seat, tank brackets, sprocket, and fork that are correct for several late 40s-mid 50s bikes. Surely, somebody needs this stuff. I am seeing less of it every day...
  13. partsguy

    Crusty Radiobike on Ebay

    Fresh barn find, mostly complete, but very rusty. Good thing some parts are being remade;) Look at this on eBay
  14. Robertriley

    Sold 2 pairs of grips

    Both sets are nice and pliable. I haven't seen a set like the white ones before. Both sets one money. $30 shipped
  15. partsguy


    I am so happy to announce yet another part is stocked and ready to ship. These brackets are made from fresh, stock steel and cut and formed using an original as a template. Hardware was also matched as close as possible to original. The bike used as an example was an untouched original. I have...
  16. partsguy

    Radiobike and Customliner Tank Screws

    I thought I would post this here, and will also post to the Radiobike Registry thread. There has been some difficulty in obtaining the original clutch-head screws that were used on the Huffy Radiobike, and the men's frame Customliner tanks. I have been in vintage auto restoration in one form or...
  17. partsguy


    I know there are many red 1955, and 1957-58 Radiobikes missing their tanks. Here is your chance! It is 99% complete. Will also fit the 1956 Radiobike, but the decals are different...
  18. M

    Radiobike Tank
  19. partsguy


    After months of research, quotes, and lots of waiting, the NEW Radiobike wire schematic labels are done! Price is just $10 each SHIPPED in the USA. Only 85 are still available! Don't miss out! Attached photo is watermarked, actual product will not have a watermark.
  20. partsguy

    Need Opinions on Reproduction Decals

    All, I have finally received a quote for the reproduction inner tank labels for Huffy Radiobikes. These will be accurate and correct reproductions of the repair instructions and wiring diagram on the inside of the tank. Many bikes are missing these because the paper stock was almost like that...
  21. partsguy

    Radiobike Antennas Update

    In late Sept. my wiring arrived, but my attention was devoted entirely to getting both of my bikes finished. Anyone who followed my build thread knows where my blue one is right now. The red one is completely finished. I had a lot of things to deal with this past month and have not had a chance...
  22. partsguy

    New Keychain for Radiobike

    I picked this up on eBay, and it took a while to ship. Though, I finally got it a few days ago and wanted to share. This is SO FITTING for a Radiobike key! Radioooobike. Uh huh. Uh huh. Yip yip yip yip. ;):laughing::tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy:
  23. K

    RadioBike - Lima, OH C-List

    It's missing the radio and I'm not sure it's actually a RadioBike but thought I'd post it up just in case, especially based on the price.......$55.00 Just posted 2 hrs ago
  24. partsguy

    LH Pedal like this! ANY condition!!

    I have enough spare parts to restore this pedal, so as long as it isn't totally destroyed, I will buy it. MUST BE for the left-hand side! This is one of the final pieces for my red Radiobike to be correct. I borrowed from my blue one to get it to the cruise in. I have the RH pedal, but the LH...
  25. I

    Sold 1955 Huffy Radiobike

    1955 Huffy Radiobike, ready to ride. This bike has the 2-speed Bendix hub and handlebar shifter; the inside of the radio tank is very clean with all parts intact; the radio currently does not work; the interior tank schematic is perfect; exterior antennae and down tube mount is present; battery...
  26. 1958 Huffy Dealer Catalog Page 3

    1958 Huffy Dealer Catalog Page 3

    The coveted RADIOBIKE. Here, is solid evidence of the Radiobike being offered, in 1958. It's only offered in red, no mention of green or blue. Also no mention of an optional two-speed or three-speed. The grips, seat, pedals are different also. Graphics are very similar to 1955 models.
  27. partsguy

    1955 BLUE Radiobike Restoration

    Well, it seems I have secured a parts bike with a very elusive part. I shall be receiving the bike tomorrow. That said, I will now begin the MILD restoration of my 1955 Radiobike, one of a handful in blue. I have had a DISASTEROUS week in my personal life and finding these parts has really...
  28. detroitbike

    Sold Huffy Radiobike Tank

    Huffy Radiobike tank for sale - $850 shipped CONUS - int'l buyers please PM for shipping quote Located in Detroit, MI. Complete with diagram, interior radio components and exterior correct & original knobs. Chrome strip on the top knob side of the tank is intact. Original graphics/paint is...