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  1. B

    Raleigh Technium 12 speed

    Raleigh Technium 400 USA 25” frame 27” x 1 1/4” wheels. New tires. Shimano light action derailleur. Sakes chain ring. Aluminum frame. Sealed bearings.
  2. B

    Raleigh 16” folding bicycles

    I’m selling two Maroon Raleigh folders. One has cast pedals which are rather nice. The other has rust showing through the paint on the forks. Certainly not museum quality, but definitely adequate for riding.
  3. B

    Raleigh Ladies blue Three speed

    Ladies threes speed Raleigh blue.
  4. B

    Raleigh Twenty folding bikes

    I have three Raleigh Folding Twenty bicycles for sale. I’m selling as a package deal. One has fenders and rack but needs tires. One has fenders and rack. One doesn’t have fenders or rack.
  5. B

    Raleigh RSW Shopper

    Selling three bikes. A green RSW non-folding. A gold Shopper. It doesn’t have the original handle bars or handlebar stem clamp, but it still works fine. The third one is a green shopper that needs tires and rims.
  6. B

    Raleigh men’s 1957 1953

    Good morning ladies and gentlemen, I’m selling two Raleigh bikes. One complete 1957. The other is missing the handle bars and brakes. I’m also selling a Robin that has those parts. If you wanted to I guess you could harvest them for the 1953 bike.
  7. B

    Raleigh men’s 23”

    Another Raleigh three speed for sale. It’s a 23” frame. The tires are gum sidewalls and the gum is balling up a bit. Check my posts for more goodies for sale.
  8. V-Pops

    Determining Year of Popular Special

    Hi All, I found this old Popular Special Sport Model and I wanted to research the age. According to posts found here, it was built by Raleigh and is between 1954 - 1961. I'm trying to find out if I can narrow it down to one year by serial number. Serial number under seat is 23022 RA. Any help...
  9. rose359

    Triumph Muscle Bike - Seeking Information

    I want to return this Triumph muscle bike to road worthiness, but have been unable to find any information about it. It bears no model name, but is very similar to the Rodeo and Fireball bikes manufactured by Raleigh. Raleigh built and sold Triumph bicycles at this time. It features a Sturmey...
  10. Krakatoa

    ~ Vintage Raleigh & Atom NOS Axles, Headsets, Hubs & Various Axle Lots Etc! ~

    Some nice quality deadstock nos parts here! Free shipping on orders of $30 or more! I'll sell everything on the table for $350 shipped over 1/2 off! 1. (6) Raleigh RHB 133 front spindles nos $10 each 2. (6) Raleigh RHK 126 rear axles nos $15 each 3. (2) Union #4118 front hub 28h 5 1/2" x 5/16"...
  11. allphon

    Raleigh Fireball stand

    Hi Fireball owners, who can tell me what's the missing part over here? The stand turns loose. Thanks for your help!
  12. M

    1968 Raleigh Sports 23" 3 Speed w/ Dynohub

    1968 Raleigh Sports 23" 3 speed bike. It has the original Sturmey Archer wheel set with the dyno hub in the front that are dated 1968. Currently I have a rare 1952 dated wheel set on the bike. They're trued and adjusted and ready to go. Everything on the bike is correct with the white handle bar...
  13. mongeese

    Gazelle tall Dutch roadster

    Local sale 300 Shipped 500 35” stand over height 28x1 1/2” tires
  14. L

    Forgot to order flowers? its Not too late to show her your love !

    Hallmark Day...... sneaks up sometimes ...... Get her what she really wants ! 1. Frame pump bouquet $250 obo NOS Zephal 1 1971 Primus (2) 1953 Raleigh Lenton Sports (1) 1970's bike dealer supply NOS chrome not alum (1) others are newer /modern...
  15. L

    Sold Brooks B72 : Black, 969 stamp on bottom , nice shape

    Brooks B72 : -Black - 969 stamp on bottom - nice shape - see pics: very minor scuffing to edges of rear corners, small abrasions between 3rd and 4th rivets, else very good $50 plus shipping from DC Please see my saddle bags and other three speed parts / accessories items posted...
  16. L

    British English 3 Speed Chainguards, lights, Bits, Racks pedals and Accessories

    British 3 Speed Accessories and Parts (more to come , please see my other posts ) (All prices are plus shipping ) (willing to givevery substantial concession in price if you can offer a colson deep early post war front fender in trade ) this post will be ongoing , constrained by pic...
  17. L

    Sold Raleigh / Brooks Chrome seat post clamps: 2 rail and 4 rail saddle clamp

    Raleigh / Brooks Chrome seat post clamps: These saddle clamps were cherry picked from my Bike Boom era ( Nixon era ) British Three speed and Raleigh lightweight refurb projects. Good to Very good chrome on all two 2 rail clamps two 4 rail clamps $10 each plus shipping via USPS...
  18. L

    Touring Seat Bag / Handlebar Bag Carryall

    Vintage Vinyl with Seat Bag / Touring Bag Typical of style seen on British Three Speeds small tear in the center of Top Panel $30 shipped Conus Interesting anecdote that goes along with this bag : I got this at a swap , end of show closing time ..... The guy who sold it to me...
  19. L

    Reduced 1968 Triumph Three speed Fender Set with Braces and Reflector Raleigh fenders

    **** Lots more English three speed and Raleigh related items to post **** please check my other posts Front and Rear Fenders from 1968 Triumph (Triumph Branded Raleigh British Three Speed ) includes: front Fender, Rear Fender , Braces and reflector 1968 Triumph Three speed Fender Set...
  20. L

    Raleigh Superbe Bronze Green Fenders Fender Set

    Raleigh Superbe Bronze Green Fender Set to include : Front Fender , Rear Fender ,Front and Rear Fender Braces Chromed Bullet tip on front peak Came from this c 1971 -1972 Superbe (These will fit a sports , but note that Superbe braces are painted and somewhat more substantial than typical...
  21. Balloontyre

    40s 50s Ivory color Raleigh Industries frame pump

    Cool pump, cellulose handle with metal body, original and not cleaned. The handle has a slight "squaring" no cracks, this is a nice piece. 16" long when closed. $88 bux shipped to Lower 48 from WI Cash, PPFF
  22. T

    1952 Raleigh Cyclemaster Bicycle Vintage Antique Bike

    1952 Raleigh Cyclemaster Bicycle Vintage Antique Bike On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/1952-Raleigh-Cyclemaster-Bicycle-Vintage-Antique-Bike/323598868053?
  23. T

    1985 Raleigh Prestige usa Racing, 54cm

    1985 RALEIGH Prestige USA RACING, 54cm On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/1985-RALEIGH-Prestige-USA-RACING-54cm-Pro-reconditioned-Immaculate-condition/233285236962?
  24. kevin x

    Western Flyer Sturmey TCW

    Hello, Please help with a little info on this bike. Is it a Raleigh? Is the SA TCW hub safe to ride? If not what should I replace it with? The Sheldon Brown site says these hubs are unreliable and sometimes unsafe because the brake might not work if the hub gets stuck between two gears. I am...
  25. Bike Recyclery

    HUGE NOS Schwinn / Sturmey Archer / Bendix / Raleigh Lot For Sale: Hubs/forks/hardware/speedo/bolts/wheels/fenders/decals/catalogs....

    A while ago I bought out a closed Schwinn shop, and have carefully inventoried and listed it all on www.BikeRecyclery.com. It has all been selling regularly, but it's time to focus more on my performance road/mountain side of the business. All this Schwinn/Raleigh/Sturmey/Bendix will be put to...
  26. Tom B/Bike Karma Podcast

    SAVE THE DATE - Wethersfield (CT) Bicycle Festival, Show, and Swap Meet! June 9th

    This is our SIXTH Annual Event (each year 2nd Sunday in June)... Seller Spaces are still $25, which goes to the WHS Bicycle Club All makes, years, styles, everything good that is bicycle. There are family activities and many people who don't normally get to go to swaps. Besides the normal...
  27. mongeese

    Winter swap meet table- parts $20 a piece plus shipping

    20 a piece or set plus ship from Wisconsin. All 3 badges 20 Sets of 2 on the springer fork arms 20 Both training wheels 20
  28. D

    1979 Raleigh Tourist

    Raleigh Tourist in beautiful condition. No rust, all original including 28x1 1/2" Raleigh Roadster tires. Speedometer is a Stewart Warner 27" - works, but not accurate for the 28" tires. Manufactured in Nottingham, England in November 1979 and on display in shop museum since overhaul 15 years...
  29. I

    Got a line on a rideable Raleigh model s all steel 1910 in same family since brought over from ireland

    They want $100. Needs restoration . Did not find much on this model here or elsewhere . Desirable bike?
  30. bikesnbuses

    cool early Raleigh in Massachusetts on Facebook

    Not mine,but early and neat https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2175083962819242/
  31. wrongway

    Raleigh Lamp Bracket

    I am on the hunt for one of these. Doesn't necessarily need to be Raleigh. It could be generic as long as it fits on my Rudge fork.
  32. Tom B/Bike Karma Podcast

    BICYCLE MIKE INTERVIEW: Stories about Collecting Bicycles - Listen Like A Radio Show

    I do a show called the Bike Karma Bicycle Podcast which collects and shares all kinds of Bicycle Related Stories. It is mostly commercial free (tried only two commercial spots on 2 out of 30 episodes); and mostly a labour of love for bikes. I try to make it like NPR, but for bicycle stories and...
  33. P

    Reduced 1970s Men's Raleigh Competition in Lilac

    This is a 1970's Men's Raleigh Competition in a very rare lilac color. The bicycle has been updated with some new parts but also has all or most of the original parts, including the Brooks leather seat in a separate bag. The original rims are also included. Tires are good and ready to ride. This...
  34. slowride

    '71 Raleigh Super Course

    Picked this one up last week. I may have to change my handle because this one is anything but slow! Almost all original except MKS pedals and IHC gum walls and original B15 saddle was lost over the years and latest owner found and installed vintage B15 narrow. which he laced with color matching...
  35. GiovanniLiCalsi

    Raleigh International Restoration

    I want to restore my Raleigh International and am looking for a modern paint code for the 1971 green color. Also need a set of decals.... Thank you!
  36. slowride

    '69 Raleigh Sprite

    Hello everyone, Purchased this earlier in the year and spent a good 5 weeks of evenings & weekends completely disassembling , cleaning, re-greasing all bearings, and waxing. Thanks to Pat from Dayton for saving it and passing it on. The bike is completely original including Dunlop sprite...
  37. HARPO

    This HAS TO STOP! Now a 1960 Raleigh Sports w/Dnohub

    Well, Happy 66th Birthday to me! Yes, today is my birthday...and I picked up a 100% original 1960 Raleigh Sports with Dynohub and locking fork (but without a key)! :D This is the first time I've ever seen one in this color in the flesh. And it even came with an incredibly loud horn that will...
  38. S

    Sold Beautiful Condition 1960s-70s Raleigh Sprite 5-Speed

    Late 1960s-early 70s Raleigh Sprite 5-speed - 23 inch frame on 26 x 1 3/8 wheels. Great for a rider 5 ft 6in or taller. Has the sought-after S5 Sturmey internal gear hub (1967 date) with correct bell crank. Highly original bike with great original paint condition. This is what Raleigh Bronze...
  39. wrongway

    1971 Raleigh DL-1 Roadster

    I picked up this DL-1 this weekend. The previous owner got it years ago, cleaned it up and had it waiting in his shop for a tune-up. He decided to sell it so I thought I should buy it. I think it has the factory tires.
  40. GiovanniLiCalsi

    1971 Raleigh International

    Does anyone know the vintage lightweight bicycle restorer, in Washington State, that has the green paint code for a 1971 Raleigh International? I’m getting ready to paint mine and need help. Thank you!
  41. HARPO

    Now, a day later, a Raleigh Sports! Sheesh!

    Seems I can't get away from Raleigh. Yesterday I brought home that 1955 Rudge, today a Raleigh that maybe my wife might ride. Check out the condition. Purchased from the original owner which she thinks is 1974 or so (I'll check the hub at some point). Decals kind of verify this. This Raleigh...
  42. W

    Vint. Raleigh Weekender Info ?

    Hello! My first post here. I have this Raleigh Weekender and looking for some input on the value? I typed just a list of what it has. I don't know much about Raleigh bikes and hopefully someone will be able to tell me a little about it. It's in pretty good shape, a few scrapes to the labels...
  43. ratdaddy

    Raleigh chopper stingray steering wheel bars

    no still has tag on them 16 wide 12 tall.nice original chrome.120 plus a little shipping to lower 48 states from Paris tx.pp to f&f.pms only don't post here
  44. Junkman Bob

    Calling all the Raleigh Bike experts to help i.d. this one

    All I need a little help indentifying this Raleigh . Looks to be a 3 or 5 speed with sturney archer shifter ... cool fenders and cool design fork and solid fender braces. Is this one desirable ?
  45. bricycle

    Reduced FS Raleigh 28's (about 3/8" taller than stantard 28" wheels)

    Set for rider TOC. why take a chance on old wood! $250.00 $275.00 shipped domestic only. For $30 more I'll put new rubber on them. 93 159 views
  46. bikewhorder

    Raleigh Lenton Sports 1953

    Good deal if your into this sort of thing. https://boston.craigslist.org/gbs/bik/d/raleigh-lenton-sportsthree/6608440781.html
  47. Freqman1

    Raleigh Head Badges

    Pics tell the story. $15 shipped to lower 48. PP as F&F or add the 3% for G&S. Thanks, Shawn
  48. Pressed Steel 1915

    Sold 1985-86 Raleigh Mag-Shock Vintage-BMX

    Bike is in good original condition.....Would clean up very nice, Rides well ( 20" bike ) $225 + Shipping OR Barter for prewar projects /// Prewar steel toy trucks. Columbus Oh,43231....Postal Money Order...Sorry no paypal.
  49. Mr.RED

    The Red Baron

    I am not sure where I got the name for this project but anyhow I figure I share my latest project. I scored this Raleigh Team Record frameset at the Copake bike swap for a $100 and it was my size. Since I hoard bike parts and plus some new parts I was able to put together a slick looking road...
  50. T

    1986 RALEIGH Marathon vintage touring road bike

    1986 RALEIGH Marathon vintage touring road bike On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/1986-RALEIGH-Marathon-vintage-touring-road-bike-54cm-pro-refurbished-NICE/232785455344?