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  1. B

    1930’s Mead Ranger

    1930s Mead Ranger. Selling for $2500 or best offer, buyer must pay for shipping. Bike is used and in decent condition considering the age. Pre-war so it is perfect for any history buff or bike collector.
  2. Freqman1

    Early 1920s Mead Ranger

    I'm pretty sure this is Schwinn built but can't find a serial number on it. The bike has a Davis chainring which may, or may not be original. The rear fender brace was replaced a long time ago with a channel brace and the front rim has start to split. The ribbed fork appears to have been nickel...
  3. Mead Ranger New Grips.jpeg

    Mead Ranger New Grips.jpeg

    "New Grips" compliments from Tyler (Mr. Cycleplane) ! Thank you Tyler...
  4. badbob

    Sold Prewar 1937 Meade Ranger

    Vintage Prewar 1937 Meade Ranger.. Bike is all original with the exception of the grips, tires, pedals, and locking fork.. Pedals are vintage NOS.. Grips and tires are repops.. Fork appears to have come from a taller frame bike and has some shims to make it work.. Also there is a ball point pen...
  5. Barto

    Help with a Ranger tank to Frame fit

    Calling all experts, Ok, I bought this really great OG paint prewar Ranger Tank thinking it would fit my frame - no joy:( Well, I did some searching and found an OG paint Ranger frame (same color to boot), unfortunatly when I was provided the dimensions of the tank it turned out that the...
  6. tx ranger

    my 1959 Texas Ranger

    My dad bought this bike for me from White's Auto Store in Wichita Falls, Texas in 1959. The photo, taken in 1960, is me, age 10, with the bike.
  7. cyclingday

    The original, Power Ranger. Lol!

    Check out this rig! It looks like you have to cut the whole rear triangle off the frame to install it. 20 minutes, yeah right! It would take me 20 minutes just to get my head around cutting the back of the frame off my Super Deluxe Ranger Champion. Lol!
  8. stezell

    Sold Mead Ranger tall frame with parts

    Mead Ranger tall frame 23.5 with original paint and some parts, no frame repairs or damage, handlebars have a small ding and crank arm with a slight bend. Asking $220 shipped to the lower 48 from Clarksville, TN 37042, if you have any questions or need more pictures please message me. Thank you...
  9. tech549

    Sold mead ranger tank

    original paint tank ,solid
  10. tech549

    Sold mead ranger rack

    nice straight rack
  11. tech549

    Sold 1920s mead ranger frame

    frame ,fork,truss rods $200.00 plus shipping
  12. S

    Mead Ranger namebadge brass

    Mead Ranger Namebadge brass. $37 shipped
  13. the tinker

    Ranger Trail Bike

    The Old Ranger is finally up and rolling. This is one of them tall frames and with the saddle set way back on the lucky 7 seat post, it rides smooth and easy. It sports a Wald axle mounted kick stand and Morrow rear end. The truss rods I have for it are 3/8ths " too long, which means they are...
  14. stezell

    Withdrawn Tall Mead Ranger frame and other parts

    Mead Ranger tall frame project 23.5" with original paint, handlebars have a small ding with original Mead grips, seat post, and the crank assembly $175 New 700c alloy coaster brake wheels with 700x38 Duro tires and tubes (Sold) Unused Brooks B67 men's saddle $99 All prices do not include...
  15. KevinBrick

    Prewar Ranger locking truss fork?

    Got this early Locking truss fork set.. Was painted green and it looked like maybe black underneath. Started to strip off the green and ran into tan.. Thought it might be primer until the pin stips showed up.. Was this color just used on the Rangers? What year or range was this style used? Is...
  16. Cooper S.

    Found Teens mead ranger road bike frame

    Looking for a tall frame set or complete bike of a teens mead ranger or comparable road bike, frame doesn’t have to have nice paint, fork doesn’t have to be straight etc I’m willing to trade ballooner parts of needed. This bike will be built and ridden, and I’m over 6’3 so a taller frame would...
  17. A


  18. cheeseroc

    Riding 100 Miles* on a 102-Year-Old Bike | 2018 California L'Eroica

    During the 2018 California L'Eroica, Bike Snob NYC braved saddle sores and a single pizza-size gear on a century-old Mead Ranger—all in an attempt to prove that bike technology hasn't gotten that much better. Or to prove that, well, maybe it has. https://www.outsideonline.com/2314111/old-out-new
  19. LarzBahrs

    1935-37 schwinn Mead ranger tall frame frameset-original paint

    For sale is my beautiful original paint X serial number Mead ranger frameset in the tall frame size. All decals and darts present. Locking plated fork with key that works. Asking 600 shipped in conus. PayPal preferred. I have no other parts for this beauty unfortunately. Pm for questions.
  20. redline1968

    Sold 19teens Meade ranger project.....

    well I have here is a very nice mid teens flat fender Meade..this is a real teens bike...it comes with all the sheet metal in nice but not original paint. The paint is the wrong color. The tank is original and still has its original patina.. personally i’d ride this and resto later or not...
  21. tech549

    Sold mead ranger light bracket

    fender mount light bracket $25.00 shipped
  22. tech549

    Withdrawn 1920s mead ranger

    1920s ranger $1050.00 shipped with bag, saddle chassis has been modified a bit and stem is broken but does tighten down
  23. tech549

    mead ranger crank arm

    looking for a mead ranger crank arm like this one.
  24. the tinker

    the old Ranger

    Bought this frame last summer, I think it was 40 bucks , I can't remember, and another thing I can't recall, is where I put the chain ring. It's going to hold this project up if I don't find it. Anyway, this frame was rusty, and had been repainted. I was told it was an Elgin frame. Badge was...
  25. the tinker

    35 Ranger

    1935 Ranger survivor. Solid frame, no dents , no cracks and original paint. Rust free tank. Fenders have dents, but easy to roll out, saving original paint. I will bring this bike to the Addison . swap. in Woodale, Illinios. next week on April 8. I want $3000 for it. I won't ship.
  26. Bikermaniac

    Sold Parting - 1930's Schwinn Ranger Diamond Frame great original paint

    Parting the ranger, unfortunately. Please find below the prices but feel free to send offers on what you might be interested in. All prices + shipping or you can provide shipping label to me. The parts that you do NOT see listed are either sold or I will keep them. Send me a PM, do not post...
  27. zephyrblau

    Sold parting tall Mead Ranger ***all sold*** thanks CABE!

    frame, fork, headset & BB cups $175 SOLD fenders $100 SOLD crank, chainring, BB hardware $100 SOLD bars $80 SOLD stem (the one mounted to the bars) $50 reduced to $40 horn (original paint) $100 SOLD tank & clips $450 reduced to $375 Aristocrat saddle $300 SOLD rack (needs legs, has original...
  28. zephyrblau

    tall Mead Ranger project

    decided this project will not come to completion. happy to post more pix or answer any questions. $1600 + shipping.
  29. M


  30. ohdeebee

    Mead Ranger Autocyle...

    ... tobacco trading card. It’s tiny but in good shape for its age. $30 shipped
  31. tryder

    Found Mead Ranger , Crusader, Pathfinder Patented Jan 1 1918 Chainring

    Hi, Here are a couple of photos of what I am looking for: These photos are of the actual Chainring, Cranks, and Bottom Bracket that were originally on my Bike. Unfortunately they were sold to another party before I could get my hands on them. Please take a look at my recent post on the...
  32. Bikermaniac

    Sold Ranger Champion Fender Ornament

    I have seen the lights installed in Ranger Champions. I also know they were offered as accessories during the 1930 as per the Island Cycle Supply catalog, so they can be installed in any fork truss rods. - Lights are in great condition, no dings, no dents no scratches; however they show some...
  33. fat tire trader

    Withdrawn 1923? 28" Tall Mead Ranger Now $900

    Tall Mead Ranger Needs full restoration $1200 local pick up or $1350 shipped Reduced! Now $800 local pick up or $900 shipped or best offer Trades considered
  34. barnyguey


  35. D

    Need Help Finding Info for AMF Texas Ranger Restoration

    Hello Fellow Bicycle Enthusiasts! I have recently begun the process of restoring this AMF Texas Ranger (dis-assembled) and have run into a road block by way of not being able to find any historic information about it. This is my first vintage restoration, so I really don't know where to look...
  36. D

    Need Help Restoring AMF Texas Ranger

    Hello Fellow Bicycle Enthusiasts! I have recently begun the process of restoring this AMF Texas Ranger (dis-assembled) and have run into a road block by way of not being able to find any historic information about it. This is my first vintage restoration, so I really don't know where to look...

    Sold 91 ford Ranger-sale or trade

    Posting my 1991 ford Ranger extended cab with camper shell 6cyl motor w/5spd manual transmission 50,000 miles on the odometer! Runs fantastic , quiet no issues ready to drive any where Tilt wheel, A.C. , lay back seats American racing wheels, with very nice tires Good original paint ...
  38. Dan the bike man

    Sold 2008 4x4 Ford Ranger 34K Miles

    2008 Super Cab 4x4 pickup truck. NO rust Only 34,250 actual miles. NO accidents. This truck has been absolutely BABIED since new! Oil changes 2x a year, and tires rotated 2x a year. V6 4.0 Liter. Bed is super clean. Cap is excellent condition too. It's a new 10 year old truck. All documents...
  39. klunk!

    Sold 1910/20 Mead Ranger Diamond Frame Project

    Mead Diamond Frame Project. Great project potential. Frame, Fork, Seatpost, Headset, Stem, Bars w/ original Mead Grips, Cranks and BB. Paint is original and mostly hanging in there. Has great patina that I wouldn;t touch. Bars have a dent seen in pix and left crank arm appears slightly bent...
  40. G

    Reduced prewar original ranger schwinn

    nice original prewar Schwinn girls ranger, lockin fork with original key. front load torpedo light . Schwinn drop stand . nice original saddle . matchin Carlisle white wall tires . this bike has not been cleaned up yet and still shows very nice . 1250 plus shippin they don't get much better...
  41. oskisan

    Motorbike or Mead Ranger

    I am trying to make up my mind to build out either a 1936 motorbike or 1936 Mead Ranger. Both are house paint and I would be building these out to sell (unrestored). Is the motorbike more desirable than the Mead Ranger or are they about the same?
  42. dmk441

    1920's Mead Ranger tank wanted

    Tank Found.
  43. Nickinator

    1940 Ranger Champion Jewel Tank Clean up

    Many hours into this one but worth it, nice transformation and great patina now. Located a few parts, fixed some others- got an OA soak, paint stripper, rubbing compound and boiled Linseed oil. Nice rider, really diggin it :hearteyes: maybe it'll grow some roots and stick around :D Darcie & Nick
  44. mrg

    Sold Schwinn Dbl. bar Roadster frame & fork

    (sold) Schwinn Dbl. bar Roadster frame & fork, was told it was a 38 (Y #), with straight seat & chain stays, It might have been sold as a Ranger or Royal (I've been told here), so that's why it has that kind of fork, looks straight with no bends, breaks or repairs. $300. + shipping, local pickup...
  45. KlassicMotion

    1915ish Mead Ranger, need help identifying/pricing

    Hello! It's time to liquidate some of my things. Up first, is this Mead Ranger XL frame that I traded for with a buddy. He thought it was a 1915... I traded him a 5spd transmission that sells for $750. I'm hoping you guys can confirm the year, and let me know what kind of value you would put...
  46. Bikermaniac

    Found Schwinn Ranger Fork with good chrome - Tall frame.

    Looking for a Schwinn Ranger Fork and Truss in good to very good condition for a tall frame. PM me with pics and price if you have one. Preferable with head set and truss mounting plate, but not a must. Thanks, Nelson.
  47. catfish

    Sold Mead Ranger Head Light and Battery Can

    Price Drop $400.00 Very nice Mead Ranger Head Light and Battery Can. With Rare Mead fender mount. Sold as is and untested. shipped in the USA only. Payment by USPS money order only.