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  1. chucksoldbikes

    +++++++++++FOR SALE sting ray crank and sprocket

    FOR SALE 1965 sting ray crank and sprocket and hwd 40.00 shipped
  2. Baldy Jeff

    ( Sale Pending ) F/S/T --- 1965 Schwinn Sting Ray Violet Deluxe

    F/S/T - Sweet June '65 DELUXE ------------------Super original paint / screens + all very nice original component parts ........ No repo parts here ......... Not totally perfect, but awfully darn nice ------------------ Crackfree American made Schwinn tires are not dated correctly, but correct...
  3. Mead Ranger New Grips.jpeg

    Mead Ranger New Grips.jpeg

    "New Grips" compliments from Tyler (Mr. Cycleplane) ! Thank you Tyler...
  4. stingrayjoe

    1964 Red Ray all original

    I just picked this up from a guy who hits all of the local yardsales. He was planning to take it to the local flea market to re-sell. The serial # starts with M4......
  5. mickeyc

    A "silent" Delta Rocket Ray horn..

    Nice and clean inside, good batteries, no noise. If I just jump across the pos. and neg. terminals, shouldn't it do something? Doesn't even click. Has the tone adjuster, tried running that in and out with some WD40 squirted inside...nada. I admit to being electrically challenged, so maybe...
  6. A


    Im looking for a Manta Ray for sale in Ohio if you have one. 614-519-4919 Thxs Mike
  7. mrg

    Orange ( faded red? ) Delta Rocket Ray

    Looking for a Orange ( faded red? ) Delta Rocket Ray for my Deluxe Hornet, I think they started out red but my bike is orange so looking for one in this picture. don't post here, send message because I don't always check here. Thanks
  8. M

    1970's Sting Ray Values?

    Looking to get an idea on value of 1970's Sting Rays vs 1960's versions. Would the handlebar shifter versions run less than the stick shift version?
  9. kirk thomas

    1979 blue Sting Ray in NY I can pick up and ship
  10. kirk thomas

    Here is a Sting Ray in NY I can pick up and ship for you.
  11. John Gailey

    Sold Saf T Ray 3 1/4" Reflector

    Super nice glass reflector. $30 shipped
  12. ADReese

    Rocket Ray vs Torpedo placement

    Does anyone happen to know if a rocket ray and a torpedo use the same fender holes on a postwar balloon schwinn? Thanks in advance!
  13. T.J. Higgins

    New old stock manta ray tire front

    New old stock. no dry rot. never installed. ($75.00 Shipped in the lower 48) Private message to purchase.
  14. McBlaster

    Found Schwinn Manta Ray Tires

    Does anyone have a set of Manta Ray tires they can part with? I'll take any old stock tires as long as there is 1 rear slik and 1 front tire. 24" X 1 1/4" tires for S-5 rim. Thanks in advance.
  15. 1817cent

    Sold Rocket Ray bottom

    Bottom only. 50 dollars shipped.
  16. easyrider

    Found rocket ray bottom [red]

    need a red rocket ray bottom for a x53 I can pay cash or I have a black one to trade
  17. T

    Delta rocket ray

    Bottom bracket is / was blue. Top white. Bezel gone. I had this working a few months ago. May need a bulb. But selling for parts $35 shipped PayPal.

    Sold Schwinn Manta Ray '71

    Decided to sell my custom built Manta Ray. Jan '71 "AG" frame, chainguard and fork stripped and refinished in copper-tone color. Seat re-covered in copper glitter vinyl with white stripe and "Manta Ray" tag. All water slide decals and custom 3-speed crossed flags. Rear Sturmey-Archer AW hub...
  19. ohdeebee

    Sold Delta Silver Ray

    Nice Original light with original lens. Nice base and no heavy pitting like most are. $200 shipped
  20. TheFizzer

    Sold Pink Delta Rocket Ray

    Original pink paint, solid $65 shipped to the lower 48
  21. mantaray

    Sold Orange Schwinn Manta Ray Fun Project Complete

    $350. Cash only. No shipping. You pick up or I will deliver within reasonable distance from 02743. February 72 Orange Schwinn Manta Ray. Had some fun with this one and still take it around but decided to put it on the market to pursue another bike project I have in mind. If it doesn’t sell it...
  22. Dan golden

    rocket ray

    Looking for a Rocket ray light in maroon. Or faded red.
  23. S

    1971 Schwinn Manta Ray for sale

    A complete 1971 Silver Mist Manta Ray in fair shape. Bringing the bike to the Ann Arbor Bike Show on 04/292018 to sell. Best Offer
  24. rodeo1988

    Sold Lights and turn signals For sting Ray

    F,S lights and turn signals Rare generator twin lights tail light Royce union will come with box, sears turn signal and tail light no batteries..All working conditions Twin lights and turns signals was added and removed from my Sting Ray,, $150 To 48 lowers states pp as friends and...
  25. bobcycles


    You just don't see these too often! Fender mounted Autocycle style long cone Seiss light. Overall looks to be in good shape, one small chip in the chrome on the base... a very VERY tiny crack in the bezel on the bottom, very hard to see, nice lens bulb is there... not sure if it works...but...
  26. Glenn Rhein

    Sold Delta silver ray light

    Fairly nice delta silver ray with script lens, base split on both sides .untested $175 shipped
  27. Glenn Rhein

    Sold Nice delta silver ray

    This is a fairly nice Delta silver Ray with the glass lens. Bass has a small split and the light is finally peppered but shows very well $190 shipped untested
  28. Junkman Bob

    Schwinn manta ray Fender set 120$

    Nice set of Schwinn manta ray fenders set . Front fender and rear fender for one price . Please PM me on inquires. Postal money order 165 $ plus 12$ shipping
  29. willswares1220

    Sold ~ Delta Rocket Ray ~ Fender Lamp ~

    $65.00 shipped This lamp is solid and straight with only one very shallow dent in the painted cover, that's not noticeable. There is also one dent to the plated outer lens ring at ( one side only ) that could be tapped out. There's the usual light overall wear and tear to the paint on the top...
  30. fordmike65

    Thick plastic replacement Silver Ray lenses available.

    Pretty nice replacements in case your glass lenses are missing or cracked.
  31. ADReese

    Sold Delta Rocket Ray NOS box

    I bought an nos light that came in this amazing original box. I don't collect this type of stuff but I dont have the heart to throw it out. Also includes original instructions. This is for the box and instructions only, not the actual light. Please let me know if you have any questions. $25...
  32. Nickinator

    Sold Super Nice 20" Sting Ray Wheels/Tires S-2 & S-7

    Hard to find 20" S-2 wheel set. Super nice chrome on hoops and no issues that I could see, could be a tiny ding but nothing obvious. Hubs look nice too. Came off a rider that had paint issues, and rolled fine. Both rims side stamped Schwinn Tubular; S-2 with Gripper Slik on rear and S-7 with...
  33. Dave K

    Sold Dual Silver Ray mounting bolts

    Pair of Delta silver ray mounting bolts for most non Schwinn applications. If you want to convert your fender mounted lights to dual mounts you need these bolts. $25 shipped
  34. Dan golden

    Rocket Ray Light

    Looking for Rocket Ray Light in maroon with chrome stripe or just in maroon for my Phanther. Or for the time being any color if maroon isn't available.
  35. bikemonkey

    Romic Cycles - Ray Gasiorowski

    This Romic bike is on CL in my area and I thought it might be Italian when I first saw the name. Nope - it turns out this is USA built and the builder (from Texas eventually) was quite an interesting guy. He had factory ties to both Schwinn and AMF, he was a racer, and went on to build a...
  36. Ridin' my Schween

    ISO Delta Rocket Ray

    Just got a '51 Hornet and it needs a light. Anyone have a used one that would match the bike? Grips and rear reflector would also be good! Thanks!
  37. kirk thomas

    Sold Delta Super Rocket Ray $75 shipped

    This light looks nice except the clip that locks the top and bottom together. The clip is broke off a little but it still works and holds the light shut. You can replace with a new clip or use it as it is.You can also see on the chrome there is something like surface rust just starting? You can...
  38. kirk thomas

    Sold Delta Rocket Ray horn $50 shipped

    This is like new just a spot on the inside top. You can see it in the picture. I have never tested this as all my bikes have had tanks with horns. It has just been setting around the shop. I would like $50 shipped for this item.
  39. easyrider

    Found rocket ray top cover

    anybody got one?
  40. ohdeebee

    Sold NOS Delta Rocket Ray In Box

    Brand new rocket ray light. Never used, never mounted. Paint and chrome are flawless. Box displays nicely. Asking $200 shipped or $175 without the box.
  41. oskisan

    Super Nice Rocket Ray

    Perhaps I dont get out as much as I should, but I came across this in EBay and while it is expensive, it is quite a beauty...
  42. bobcycles


    LAST Bump on the Silver Ray light.....180 shipped.... before it goes to Feepay NICE shiny survivor Silver ray with base, guts, and GLASS lens. This is a nice original light...shows the usually pot metal peppering but unlike most I would say the SHINE out does the pepper issues...
  43. ADReese

    Sold Delta rocket ray

    Delta rocket ray. It was sold to me 7+ years ago as nos, but i believe it is a reproduction. Does not have the delta stamp on the under side. It was professionally painted an almond color to match the color on my schwinn fender. Still looks new. $75 shipped usps priority
  44. pedalpower17

    1960s Sting Ray?

    Have never bought a muscle bike, but have been offered this one. I'd like to know if the components (spring fork, grips, saddle, tires, etc) are the originals or same as originals. Were the Krates the only ones to have the 16" front wheel and spring fork? Any knowledgeable guidance appreciated.
  45. chucksoldbikes

    for sale schwinn sting ray stems

    for sale Schwinn sting ray stems 1970 ==1971==1978 all for sale 35.00 each shipped in the lwr 48 I am in Illinois


    Super clean seat for your Silver Mist Manta Ray. Black vinyl with white stripe. No rips, cuts, scuffs or damage. Vinyl and foam are soft. Bottom pan is nice and clean with factory reflector tab in tact. Good solid seat. $275.00 plus shipping to conus. PayPal Friends and Family Please...
  47. 1937Silverking

    Sold Delta Silver Ray

    Nice original Silver Ray in working condition with original wiring and glass lens. Housing has light pitting but will polish up nicely. I never cleaned it because I liked the patina. Base is free of cracks and wiring reaches battery tube from front fender. $200 shipped PM or text 650-284-8462
  48. Bikermaniac

    Sold Schwinn Triple step rack reflector and Delta Silver ray

    Up for grabs is this prewar Schwinn rear rack reflector also known as OwlZeye (1940) also an original complete Silveray fender light. Reflector seems to be NOS. Silveray has some pitting as you can see. The lens is original, plastic with the DELTA embossed on it. It's a little shrunk. The cork...
  49. birdzgarage

    Sold 1972 schwinn manta ray (updated cash or trade)

    I've got a sweet feb 72 manta ray up for grabs.og down to the has been recovered.older hyperformance cover installed by po.has correct tag and rivits that appear og.wheels are straight rides have a flat spot but I rode it around. Shifts nice.nice unmolested bike.ill take...