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  1. MsRock2

    Withdrawn Rear Hub sprockets, brake arms, box of parts

    Items will be re-packaged with other parts. Coming soon.
  2. MsRock2

    Reduced 26" wheels plus Bendix Hub $50

    I'm not certain that the rear brake on this set works so I'm including this Bendix hub set as part of the package... $50 plus shipping or pick up in San Diego. PM for sale, thanks for looking. Wheels came off a Speedway Special and the tires do not match.
  3. gtdohn

    Sale Pending 1902-1903 TOC New Departure Duplex Rear Hub 36 Hole

    Very nice ND Duplex rear coaster brake hub with 36 spoke holes. Plating isn't the greatest but will look perfect on an older restoration or an original rider. Functions perfectly Good teeth on the cog which is rare. Includes axle nuts and arm strap. $275. shipped to anywhere in the lower 48...
  4. MsRock2

    Sold New Departure Rear Hub $85 shipped

    $85 Local Pick up or I can ship. San Diego PM, thanks for looking.
  5. MsRock2

    Sold TOC New Departure Rear Hub - Rare!

    New Departure E Coster Brake and Hub 1898-1900 $500 shipping included and Insurance PM for info. Thanks for looking. Located in San Diego if yo want to pick it up or I can meet w/in 60 miles
  6. D

    Sold Reduced Again - Sturmey Archer 5 speed rear hub and components

    This is a unused S/A 5 speed unit with all other components for a complete installation. I believe and was told it was never installed on a bike before. The original box is in bad shape $30.00 plus shipping in the lower 48. Dave Danville, PA
  7. MsRock2

    Sold New Departure Rear Model A Hub 36 Hole $40 shipped

    PM for more images or to chat about part. $40.00 Shipped
  8. pedalpower17

    Eclipse - Morrow Rear Hub

    I'm overhauling a recently acquired 1936 Davega-Westfield. The front hub is a New Departure. The rear hub has a Morrow brake arm, but upon removal of the rotting leather hub polisher, I found the hub shell stamped with Eclipse Machine. What is the relationship, if any, between the two...
  9. rusty_apache

    1904 - 1908 Eclipse rear hub For parts, or working unit

    A bare hub will work if the races are good. 36 spoke.
  10. S

    mpls cr rear hub

    does this look like a morrow hub with the 3 ribs?https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/hnp/bop/d/skip-tooth-rear-hub-rare/6535310829.html
  11. Dobie


    Intend to use this on a TOC bike. Any ideas on manufacturer? There are no external markings. 36 hole
  12. Dobie


    I have one in great shape..bearing surfaces Ex, axle is straight, spins smoothly..is complete, ready to lace up & go. I am interested in trading for 2 sets of Rat trap pedals, they must be complete, I want one in Vg cond and the other set will be used on a survivor. Get back to me if you are...
  13. looneymatthew


    Looking for a 28 hole nos or minty blackout Rear new departure hub shell Any help would be appreciated
  14. KevinsBikes

    Elgin/Higgins/Musselman Rear Hub Internals

    Does anyone have some of Elgin hub internals laying around do you? I need 3115 and 3137 http://www.sheldonbrown.com/coaster-brakes/musselman.html Thanks!
  15. N


    There are a total of 17 pieces in this lot. They are Departure, Bendix, J C Higgins and Western Flyer in this coaster brake lot. We take PayPal only for payment. Shipping will be $15 $140
  16. Robertriley

    Thor TOC Rear Hub

    $275 plus shipping
  17. whizzer kid

    New departure M " hour glass" and rare R Fixie rear hub F/S

    Have these hubs I need to sell. In used but decent shape . They are Both 36 hole. Front needs bearings. Otherwise complete ------ Front- 64 Rear--57 PayPal preferred as friends, thx //Someone wants both make offer/// --Ship included Lower 48 only ----
  18. D

    Sold TOC bicycle rear hub

    Very nice TOC hub . Nice nickel with very little loss.Spins great sprocket teeth are great. Has one little ding see in picture very small. 8 tooth sprocket and 32 spoke count. This hub in my opinion would be per 1900. About 4 3/8 inch frame spread. 125.00 shipped. Pay pal as friends please
  19. Rick Wolfe

    Wanted Pierce Chainless rear hub

    Wanted ,Pierce shaft drive rear hub for my orig paint cushion frame Pierce,thanks Rick , oldcycle@rogers.com
  20. Gordon

    Finned Air Cooled JC Higgins Rear Hub

    36 hole. Overhauled with new Wald replacement axle, nos adjusting cone, nos brake side dust cover, replacement bearings and nos brake wedge. Plating is good. Asking $30 shipped.
  21. E

    Rear hub/ axle adjusting bolts? 1911 Iver Johnson

    Good evening, does anyone have a source for the adjusting bolts and the locking nuts to go with them that would have been used on a 1911 Iver Johnson. I do not have any presently so I am not sure what length and what thread count per inch would have been used in that time period. Any...
  22. Balloontyre

    Sold $50 Schwinn HI-flange large flange rear hub

    18 tooth free wheel, 36 holes. Cog works fine and smooth. I did a minimal cleaning to show script, should polish up nice if desired. $75 shipped USA from Milwaukee, Cash, MO, PayPal friends.
  23. vuniw

    2 Speed New Departure Hub

    Looking for a 2 speed New Departure hub for a 36 hole rim in working condition ready to be laced. Preferably with skip tooth sprocket but not necessary. Let me know! Thanks!
  24. M

    1960 Maxi-Car Drum Brake Rear Hub 48h NOS Vintage High Flange Aluminum France

    Contact me if you have questions. Thanks, Mark http://www.ebay.com/itm/Maxi-Car-Drum-brake-rear-hub-48h-NOS-Vintage-high-flange-aluminum-France-1960-/112192940899?hash=item1a1f386b63:g:sYEAAOSwA3dYESQ1