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  1. stingrayjoe

    Sold 1964 Schwinn Jaguar Mark V with tank springer and rear carrier

    Please PM direct with all questions or comments. Do not post anything here thank you. Buyer to pay actual Bikeflights shipping int he lower 48 USA. This is a repainted bike in as found condition. The seat is an older Persons reproduction, the tires are old original WW Westwinds. The S-7 rims...
  2. bobcycles


    Bump reduced price on the NOS seat parts NOS Lot of 1920s-30s TROXEL prewar long spring seat chassis parts...lots of good useable stuff including a left and right Rail set for the wire frame Mens longspring chassis, hard to find correct LONG Carriage bolts for the spring assemble, complete nose...
  3. D

    Sold Reduced Again - Sturmey Archer 5 speed rear hub and components

    This is a unused S/A 5 speed unit with all other components for a complete installation. I believe and was told it was never installed on a bike before. The original box is in bad shape $30.00 plus shipping in the lower 48. Dave Danville, PA
  4. pedalpower17

    Pair of Prewar Westfield/Columbia Rear Wheel Adjuster Screws

    Straight and good threads, but also some patina. Not new and shiny. If from a Westfield frame, perfect!
  5. D

    Sold Green Rear Rack

    Green Rear rack that has been painted and needs some metal work. $20.00 plus shipping in the lower 48. Dave Danville, PA
  6. tjkajecj

    Sold Postwar? Rear Rack

    Rear rack for sale, $32.00 shipped. PayPal ok. PM with interest. Tim
  7. T

    Sold X53 Rear Fender Spear

    Nice old Western Flyer Rear Fender Spear 125.00 shipped to the 48
  8. carlitos60

    Wanted: This Rear Suspension Bike!!

    Interested on This Type of Suspension Frame Bike!!! Please, PM Me!! Thanks!
  9. kirk thomas

    Sold X-53,Fleetline rear reflector $50 shipped

    This reflector is in pretty nice condition. The reflector has no cracks or chips or scuffs. The housing is in nice condition. I would like $50 shipped on this item.
  10. ZE52414

    Sold Yamaha moto bike project.

    Thinking Yamaha or something along the lines. What you see is what you get. Asking 125$ shipped. Both shocks work. Great for a rat bike.
  11. the2finger

    Dayton Twinflex rear spring removal

    Staying sober for this one kids, How is it done?
  12. S

    Vintage Baylis&Wiley rear track hub 36 hole

    Vintage Bayliss and Wiley track hub fixed gear with lock ring. 36 hole $47 shipped.
  13. JimRoy

    Wanted- Men's Persons Rear Springs

    Wanted - Rear springs like pictured below for Men's "Persons " seat. Please PM me if you can help. Thanks, JimRoy
  14. zedsn

    FS working spaceliner rear rack light $60 shipped

    Have a nice working hard to find sears spaceliner 2 D battery rear carrier light box that comes with new bulb but you have to supply your own batteries for $60 shipped. PM if interested.
  15. MsRock2

    Sold New Departure Rear Model A Hub 36 Hole $40 shipped

    PM for more images or to chat about part. $40.00 Shipped
  16. whizzer kid

    Rear stand clips, cycle truck and standard f-s

    Nice early ct drop stand clip 45 shipped Other is from a early 30’s bike. 26 shipped////SOLD/// PayPal as friends only
  17. kirk thomas

    Sold ND Model C rear rim $60

    This rim has been with me a long time but I never got around to figure it out. The brake arm is missing and the oil cap is missing. There is 1 spoke missing. The hub works nice and smooth and brakes as it should. The rim runs nice and straight but there is no edge for a tire. I guess you need to...
  18. F

    Schwinn Fastback S-5 Rear wheel

    A straight 5 speed wheel with good chrome would be great. Please send me a P.M. with a picture and price. Thanks
  19. bikesnbuses

    Sold Original prewar Elgin finned hub shells front and rear with grease zerks

    Up for offer are 2 original decent Elgin bike hub shells with original grease zerks from 26" wheels(Unsure if I still have the guts)so what you see is what you get..Uncleaned and have a little chrome loss. .Asking $30 shipped in the USA obo
  20. S


    WTB 28" TOC rear rack,any condition. email pic & price to: Thanks/bob.......
  21. pedalpower17

    Eclipse - Morrow Rear Hub

    I'm overhauling a recently acquired 1936 Davega-Westfield. The front hub is a New Departure. The rear hub has a Morrow brake arm, but upon removal of the rotting leather hub polisher, I found the hub shell stamped with Eclipse Machine. What is the relationship, if any, between the two...
  22. P


    Looking to buy a nice original center stamped S-2 rear wheel for a 1964 Schwinn Super Deluxe Stingray. E-mail to or call (419) 566-8401

    Sold Antique / Vintage Bicycle Rear Rack / Carrier With Mount Bracket

    Antique / Vintage / Pre War Bicycle Rear Rack / Carrier With Mount Bracket for sale Houston,Tx $80 Shipped
  24. PlasticNerd

    Rear drum brake

    Hi all, I’m looking for an expanded view of a rear Schwinn drum brake, and also service/disassembley instructions, does anyone have a pic or page that would help me out? I’m trying to get one apart to clean up, thanks, Gary
  25. rusty_apache

    1904 - 1908 Eclipse rear hub For parts, or working unit

    A bare hub will work if the races are good. 36 spoke.
  26. bikemonkey

    Schwinn Lil' Tiger rear wheel +tires

    Need a 12" rear wheel for a Lil' Tiger plus a set of hard rubber tires. Will consider a wheelset with air tires instead. Thanks!
  27. Charles Fitch

    WTB 1930's Colson Rear Steer Parts

    Hi and thank you For your Help.. I'm looking For Parts for what i believe to Be 1933 Rear Steer, Front Crank, Fenders, Drop Stand, Steering Rods, Head Badge.. Thank You Again For Any And All Help To Get This Back On The Road In the Next Few Weeks
  28. F

    Press tube Minor rear rack for Raleigh, etc.

    Just what the title says. Don’t care what color it it is MUST have original mounting hardware. PM here, prefer not to have running commentary in the ad, or one of the following options. Email at or phone is 763-785-7083. Thanks in advance! Ted
  29. SLM

    Schwinn Rear Fender/Brake bracket

    I am looking for this bracket for a project bike . I believe it is a fender bracket or a fender/brake bracket to attach between the rear stays. PM if you have one or two !! I need this brake to put a rear Dia Compe brake on my older Schwinn cantilever !
  30. S

    mpls cr rear hub

    does this look like a morrow hub with the 3 ribs?
  31. mongeese

    Campagnolo nuovo gran sport rear derailleur 33 shipped

    33 shipped from Wisconsin. One pully is original and one is Shimano.
  32. I

    What is the correct 5 speed Krate rear wheel?

    I've researched and don't find with certainty the answer to this one, could use the experts help here. I believe the correct 5-speed Krate or Picker 20" rear wheel has the S2 rim that will fit the 20x2.125 tires and slicks. What are the s7 rims used on if not these bikes? Stingray 5...
  33. Chiptosser

    5" rear brake -Whizzer

    I am looking for two rear 5' rear brakes to fit sportsman and a rear to fit a loop frame pacemaker. If anyone has parts and complete units, I would greatly appreciate any leads. Thank You Dale 740-272-1680
  34. island schwinn

    Rear axle for a Bendix w speed manual hub.

    Like it works best.
  35. Classic Cool Rides

    Roadmaster Rear Rack late '50's AMF Luxury Liner WANTED

    Hello CABE'rs ! ...... help me please ...... Can I ask for some help to locate and purchase this Rear Rack shown in pics below ..... (pics I got from the www) ?? It is a late '50s Roadmaster by AMF Luxury Liner. I need one please, to go with the Tank that I already have. Please, let me know...
  36. Dobie


    Intend to use this on a TOC bike. Any ideas on manufacturer? There are no external markings. 36 hole
  37. Dobie


    I have one in great shape..bearing surfaces Ex, axle is straight, spins complete, ready to lace up & go. I am interested in trading for 2 sets of Rat trap pedals, they must be complete, I want one in Vg cond and the other set will be used on a survivor. Get back to me if you are...
  38. SJ_BIKER

    Schwinn tubular s-2 wheels front and rear

    Chrome hoops on the 26 inch wheels for. Phantom panther b6 models . Spin true... No dings or dents....front script and rear hub is new departure regular chain sprocket .. 200.00 shipped
  39. dmk441

    Dayton Champion rear rack for sale or trade

    SOLD-Dayton Champion rear carrier w/delta lens. Very cool. Hard to find. $1k range, obo. Cash or various antique trade considerations, bicycle or non-bicycle. Send me a pm if you have serious interest. I'm looking for: Old revolvers, motorcycle parts or projects, gold, silver, copper, civil...
  40. jimbo53

    39 Colson Snaptank Turkey Wing Guard and Rear Carrier - Red

    Looking for a chain guard and rear carrier with similar patina in original red paint. This is what I’m looking for and this is the sad, pitiful snaptank :they’ll go on. Can you make my sad :cry:snaptank happy :) again with her missing parts?
  41. Adam Guy

    65 Breeze Rear wheel wobble?

    so i just got my 1965 breeze with the Bendix 2 speed yellow band back out for spring and the rear wheel has a wobble, the bike brakes and shifts fine. how do i fix this? thanks, -Adam G.
  42. D


    Prewar Rear Rack Here is a rear rack that I have no plans to use at this time. There is a slight bend as you sight the rack from a side view. Otherwise the rack is good. $95.00 shipped in the lower 48. Dave Danville, PA
  43. Glenn Rhein

    Sold Prewar silver king rear reflector

    Untouched original silver king rear reflector $77 shipped
  44. Krakatoa

    ~ Rear Gear & Crank ID Help ~

    I have a couple of interesting older parts wondering about which bikes their application would be for. Front gear looks Westfield like... Thanks in advance for your help! Nate

    Help found! got answer ! need rear sprocket teeth count for N.D. hub 1954 girls wasp

    Hello Cabers ! Looking for the correct sprocket tooth count for a 1954 girls wasp . Has a 46 tooth front sprocket , just need the rear tooth count for a New Departure hub . Thanks !
  46. mickeyc

    Removing rear gear

    Tried this in another thread (Workshop) maybe here will get a response. Trying to get the gear off this hub. Got the retaining ring off and pretty sure the gear is threaded on but doesn't want to move (righty loosy?) like the retainer. Afraid to clamp the piece in a vise too hard, don't want...
  47. mongeese

    Mavic 851 rear derailleur

    Very taught and highly rated rare derailleur dated 1987. Some mars on it and used condition. Titanium hanger bolt original. This derailleur will get you in the gear and now and keep you there. 135 shipped from Wisconsin.
  48. looneymatthew


    Looking for a 28 hole nos or minty blackout Rear new departure hub shell Any help would be appreciated
  49. mickeyc

    Removing Elgin (Musselman?) rear gear?

    Got the outer ring off (right hand thread, righty loosey) and it looks like the gear is threaded too but I tried loosening it but afraid to clamp the piece it's attached to too tightly, afraid of messing it up. Any suggestions?
  50. 1817cent

    Found Rear Expander Brake

    Wanted a rear expander brake setup for a prewar Schwinn. Purchase or trade. Thanks Jay