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  1. bobcycles

    CA$H PAID for 24" Schwinn rear carrier...any condition

    Looking for a 1940s-50s Schwinn carrier for the juvenile 24" models....paint condition unimportant..
  2. tech549

    Sold prewar rear rack

    asking 125.00 shipped .as found
  3. Boris

    New Departure 28 Hole Rear Hubs

    Both have been completely gone through and are ready to roll. Chrome is VERY nice on these, although not mint. Cog and brake arm will be disassembled for shipping to keep cost down (yes, they will be included). $35.00 each. Shipped priority in the lower 48. Either a personal check or USPS money...
  4. Glenn Rhein

    Sold Original prewar Elgin rear light

    Original prewar Elgin rack light in very good condition lens has a couple of chips and is dark green $60 shipped
  5. T

    Sold Plastic Rear Reflector, kinda cool art deco

    Don't know what this is off of but it's in great condition, 12.00 shipped to the 48
  6. lounging

    Found New Departure Coaster Rear Hub Model D 36 hole 22 tooth Cog

    Never mind.
  7. KevinsBikes

    Elgin/Higgins/Musselman Rear Hub Internals

    Does anyone have some of Elgin hub internals laying around do you? I need 3115 and 3137 Thanks!
  8. bikiba

    Sold Delta Rear Light

    Rear delta light. As I bought it. He gave me two caps. Needs a cleaning. I never tested it. $18 shipped. Paypal as BFF please.
  9. bikeyard

    Sold Pretty cool Wald Rear basket prewar

    rhis is a pretty cool Wald basket. It mounts on the seat post and rear axle. This was on a prewar bike that I used to have. Unusual. $80 shipped
  10. partsguy

    Rear Cassette Swap, Help Please!

    I finally found the right wheels for my Western Flyer hybrid build, but the rear cassette isn't exactly compatible with my frame OR the derailleur I chose. The smallest cog is too close to the frame, the chain grinds against the derailleur nut. The biggest cog is too high up for my derailleur to...
  11. Blackout

    Sold 2 old sol lights with rear lens also

    Drop 225.00 shipped in the 48 I would like to sell these together getting rid of most of my extra stuff so check out my other listings the creamish one would be a nice match to go on a sears chief that one does have the rear lens broken though, the nickel/chrome one I have not cleaned as I like...
  12. ZE52414

    Sold 36hole model W front and D rear

    Model D needs the cog and sprocket. Model W is in working condition. Asking 30$ for both shipped.
  13. ZE52414

    Sold ND 20T model A rear cog/sprocket assembly

    Asking 30$ shipped. Pics tell the story. 1/2” pitch
  14. usarnie1

    Vintage Midland Sports Rear Carrying Rack

    I am looking to obtain a 1950s Midland Sports rear carrying rack. This rack pre-dates the Prestube Manor rack that was used in the 1960s. If you have a Midland Sports rack, let me know the condition and your price.
  15. Glenn Rhein

    Silver King rear frame repair section aluminum

    1930s aluminum Silver King rear frame section, If you have a Silver King and the rear stays are all screwed up this would be perfect for the repair. Straight no cracks. $60 shipped
  16. retrobuilder

    Indenting rear fender for frame fit

    Making use of a shop press and r3/4" steel brass mallet to increase the shallow frame dimple. Fitting parts often require more than just "bolt in on". Also reduced fender width to 2-3/4 and retapered the rearof fender not shown The dimple now has sliding fit and a clearance...
  17. JMack

    1959 Golden Flyer Rear Rack WANTED or DECALS MADE Please

  18. N


    There are a total of 17 pieces in this lot. They are Departure, Bendix, J C Higgins and Western Flyer in this coaster brake lot. We take PayPal only for payment. Shipping will be $15 $140
  19. ZE52414

    Sold Really nice 20” typhoon with s2 rear. Must see:)

    Here’s a little 20” typhoon that looks like it was on the way to be a stingray. Bike has killer paint killer chrome. Pics tell the story. Asking 300$ shipped.
  20. island schwinn

    Phake Phantom Rear Fender

    This is what I believe to be a fender from Maple Island back in the day.some mild speckles of rust which should clean up fine.NOS never mounted. 50 bucks plus the ride.PM works best.
  21. S

    Rear fender reflector & housing for prewar Roadmaster CWC vintage bicycle red

    This is a plastic reproduction fender reflector and housing for a prewar (pre-war) vintage Roadmaster bicycle peaked rear fender. It is a replica of the reflector on a 26" bicycle, and will fit a men's or woman's bike. The dimensions, size, and shape are precise reproductions of the original...

    Colson rear steer tandem!

    Picked up this all original down to the tires colson rear steer tandem. The story goes the gentelmen I purchased it from bought it 20 years ago from an estate sale her in NJ. I was not not looking for one till I saw this pop up. The seats are really nice with no cracks and tears, paint looks...
  23. Krakatoa

    ~ Late 1940's Monark Balloon Cruiser Deep Rear Fender w/Braces! $45 Shipped! ~

    Late '40's Monark 26" balloon tire bike deep fender with braces. Has been overpainted, worst issue is the two extra holes drilled as shown. Straight and nice tho! $45 shipped! I have also a fixer upper front fender with springer braces for $25 more.
  24. G

    Need help in identifying this carcus I have.

    I found this old bike...missing parts of course. It has a 80 tooth front sprocket and a 30 tooth rear. I don't see any holes in the neck tube for a badge. I found some serial numbers on the bottom of the crank housing. This is a closed type crank housing and not the 2 bolt pinch style...
  25. E

    Black hubs for rear

    Looking for another ACS or Shimano black hub high flange hub for a rear wheel,putting on a skiptooth sprocket
  26. John G04

    Colson rear steer tandem
  27. John Gailey

    Sold Rear Fender Delta Light

    This is the mounting bracket and housing ( no guts ). The mounting bracket has a switch. The red lens is not cracked and in decent shape. $55 Shipped
  28. John Gailey

    Rear Reflector

    Good reflector in a aluminum housing. $25 Shipped
  29. M

    WTB Krate Rear Caliper

    I'm looking to get a rear caliper brake for my Apple Krate. Let me know. Thanks
  30. mickeyc

    Colson tandem rear steer... Mike
  31. Danny the schwinn freak

    Reduced Bendix Aviation 2 speed drop center rear wheel, not a kickback

    Here is a Bendix two speed lever style rear hub in a drop center wheel. It spins free and isn’t frozen up. Sprocket is missing a tooth. I don’t have the shifter. What you see is all I have. $60 shipped for the complete wheel or $30 shipped for the hub only.
  32. Krakatoa

    Found Pre War Shelby Boloney Cut Rear Fender, Mens Straight Downtube Chainguard

    Need an exact match blunt/baloney cut deep rear fender with flat braces extra point$ for og red/white color match condition medium I would consider sets as well. Also need Men's chainguard to fit shoen bike with straight downtube. Also I have several neat bikes available for straight trade for...
  33. benmcjamin

    1960s Spaceliner rear fender reflector

    No chrome but really clean no cracks no busts. Has one deep scratch on side as pictured $35 shipped add 3 for West coast
  34. TJW

    Wanted - Schwinn B6 Post War 6 Hole Rear Rack

    Wanted - Schwinn B6 Post War 6 Hole Rear Rack Looking for an original straight post war 6 hole rack. Please PM with picture and price. Thanks--
  35. Xlobsterman

    Rear Wheel for 1980 Schwinn Cruiser

    WANTED - Complete OE Rear Wheel for late 70's early 80's Schwinn Spitfire or Cruiser
  36. klunk!

    Rear Rack, NOS replacement 26" Balloon

    Rear Rack, NOS replacement rack that came out of a shop I cleaned out years ago, Could be OEM for something I didn't recognize. Fits 26" wheeled Ballooners. Good finish on top and legs. underside has surface rust. $75 shipped. OBO. Huffman, Rollfast, Higgins, Elgin...?
  37. PCHiggin

    Black Typhoon Rear Fender

    In decent shape,going on a rider. Thanks

    Reduced Elgin rear rack with glass jewel

    Selling this rear rack, it's only used used and sold for elgins, the rack has a jewel on it with a slight crack in the jewel, heavy duty and ajustable it piviots where it at to the frame, all the hardware is there. Asking $125 plus shipping. Pm if interested.
  39. tommydale1950

    Pierce rear rain gutter fender

    this is a Pierce Buffalo rear fender with extra holes , dont know why. . No rot with lots of paint and dents but solid no braces. 60 shipped or ? Tom


  41. island schwinn

    Sold Monark Style Chrome rear rack

    This is a NOS rack with plenty of shelf wear.look at the pics and ask questions. 55 bucks shipped. PM works best.
  42. mongeese

    Schwinn germany coaster brake rear wheel cream w/ pinstripes nice

    75 plus shipping or best offer. 26” wheel.
  43. D

    24" Fiamme/BH Airlite tubular rear wheel

    Looking for trades for this vintage kids rear track wheel. Fiamme rim, BH Airlite double fixed hub. Spins very nicely. Pretty true as it is. Haven't done anything to it but wipe off the dust and cobwebs. No significant dings or hops. No brake wear. Threw a pic of a 700c tire in for size...
  44. island schwinn

    Sold Very Nice Schwinn Rear Rack w/ hardware.

    No rust and super nice.comes with longer mounting hardware necessary for mounting. 70 bucks plus shipping to lower 48. PM works best.
  45. L

    Rear slick

    What's a good rear slick to put on coaster brake P picker 1970 bikes original rider condition trying not to break the bank? And where to get it?
  46. Robertriley

    Hawthorne 1942 Rear rack/light

    Very, very hard to find rear rack/tail light/brake light for a 1942 Hawthorne. Trade for an original dry-cell battery tube and light or a cool tricycle. Thanks, Chris
  47. T

    Rear bike stand that is nice enough for nickel plate 28 " wheel 15'' high

    Wanted rear stand for 28" wheel 15" high that is nice enough to nickel plate.
  48. mongeese

    New Departure D rear coaster hub 10 tooth skip tooth

    Will clean up very very nice if desired. 36 spoke. 50 shipped from Wisconsin or best offer.
  49. F

    Sold Schwinn Rear Drum Brake - Patent Pending

    Hub is Marked with "Schwinn" script and "PAT. PENDING". Chrome is in excellent condition. Missing a few parts. All included parts are pictured. Freewheel works properly but the bearings feel slightly rough. The assembled width is 4 1/2". The flange width is 2 3/4". $200 shipped in the...