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  1. P

    WTB 24" Rear Razor Edge Chrome Fender for a 1963 American

    Looking to buy a nice original 24" razor edge chrome rear fender with chrome braces for a 1963 Schwinn American bicycle. E-mail to popmachines@hotmail.com or call (419) 566-8401
  2. Jrodarod

    20” S2 Cream Rear Wheel in good shape.

    if possible in SoCal to save on shipping. With tire a plus! Thanks..
  3. island schwinn

    Monark chrome rear fork leg/Hextube.

    My steer stem has more waves than the ocean,so would like to find another rear fork.chrome doesn't have to be perfect,but decent.shoot me a PM with pics and price if you have one,thanks.
  4. cds2323

    Withdrawn X-53 rear rack

    Here's an X-53 rear rack in original black and gold paint. Has a red pinstripe. PAYMENT BY U.S. POSTAL MONEY ORDER $40 shipped in a priority mail box.
  5. rickpaulos

    Identify these rear racks?

    I have 2 I'm trying to find out what bikes they came from. thanks Red: Chrome:
  6. tryder

    Found 1936 Westfield Rear Crescent Fender Complete

    Hi, I am looking for a Westfield pre-gothic crescent (round) rear fender with attached flat braces for my 1936 Westfield tall frame balloon bicycle. This fender was used by Westfield Manufacturing on 1936 and earlier on Columbia, Elgin, and other Westfield built bicycles. I don't know if...
  7. szathmarig

    Found Blackout ND hub set, front, and rear.

    Might consider a drop center blackout wheel set as well, with ND blackout hubs.
  8. M

    Sold 1930's Monark Silver King Rear Glass Reflector $100

    Glass jacketed reflector, alumnium housing. $100 Shipped PayPal F&F, 3%, or USPS Postal MO.
  9. M

    1940s 1950s Rear Drum Brake Hub, 40 Hole, Nice Chrome, Brake Works Fine $45

    1940s 1950s Rear Drum Brake Hub, 40 Hole, Nice Chrome, Brake Works Fine Don't know the manufacturer on this hub, looks similar to Schwinn drum brake. Uses a standard threaded freewheel. Measures 4.25 inches in width from locknut to locknut. $45 Shipped PayPal F&F, 3%, or USPS Postal MO.
  10. sunbeam

    Rear light and bracket

    hi looking for rear light for 30s sunbeam ideally like one in photo. Would need bracket piece to use on spade style lamp holder. Seems like almost all sturmey archer headlights have this style bracket piece in case anyone has one they are not using. Lucas, Miller, Ever Ready made rear lights...
  11. sm2501

    Found prewar ladies or tall boys Schwinn rear rack top

    Looking for a platable 6 hole rear rack top or complete rack for a restoration. Needs to be for a ladies bike or a tall frame boys. Anybody?
  12. zephyrblau

    antique TOC rear cogs ?

    anybody know the application ? seller has a couple of others as well. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Antique-Vintage-TOC-Bicycle-Bike-Coaster-Brake-Barrel-Hub-12-t-Rear-Cog-NOS/202139616020?hash=item2f1075c314:g:XxsAAOSwVF1aKXzc
  13. C

    Wanted: Iverson 20" aluminum 5 spoke rear wheel

    Looking for a 20" Iverson 5 spoke aluminum rear wheel (muscle bike) Top cash paid !! Thanks, Kenny (559)438-9228
  14. rollfaster

    Bendix 22 tooth rear sprockets

    for RB-2 hubs. All NOS. 4 available. $25.00 shipped to the lower 48. USPS money order please.
  15. C


    For sale rear fender for elgin bluebird.....needs help on the rear of the tail....see photos. $250.00 buyer pays shipping. Located in Tulsa Ok. 918-289-3300 call or text...Mark
  16. Balloontyre

    Sold 28" wheel bike rear rack

    Rear carrier for 28" bikes, has some house paint otherwise sturdy and straight, mounts at seat pinch bolt and hub axle. $110 shipped USA lower from Milwaukee Cash, MO, PayPal friends
  17. speeddemon

    FS: 2004 Schwinn Fastback Tires 20in, Schwinn Fastback Lever & Rear Sissy bar

    I have a few parts I am looking to sell, would like to see these parts go to a good home. Please contact me at 340shakerRT@gmail.com (Travis) 2004 Repop Schwinn Fastback tires. These are 20 x 1 3/8 (Front & Rear) $70 + $8 shipping. On Ebay they are going for $88 shipped. Gonna sell these...
  18. Robertriley

    Thor TOC Rear Hub

    $275 plus shipping
  19. willswares1220

    Sold ~ 1930's ~ Rear Side Mount Stand ~

    $75.00 shipped This stand fastens to the chain stays and hub axle. It's complete and in very good original condition as shown ( mounting bracket included ) It measures 16 inches from the center of the axle hole to the tip of the stand ( laying flat on a table, face down ) ( PM's answered )...
  20. blincoe

    Original Rear Whizzer Fender

    Looking for an original rear whizzer fender. I would like to have the braces as well but I can always get them from someone else. Let me know, thank you. Alecjamesblincoe@yahoo.com 562-391-3959
  21. mongeese

    Sold Early rear dropout jiffy stand for motorbike

    Missing the little mounting plate that is easily fabricated. 30 plus shipping from Wisconsin.
  22. bikesnbuses

    Sold Original Prewar Elgin rear aluminum tombstone reflector w/ bracket

    Super nice and straight ORIGINAL Elgin "tombstone" or "chapel" aluminum reflector. The red paint is flaked off,there are a few tiny samples of it under bolt head area on reflector. Asking $80 for both pieces o/b/o PM me or email me at bikesnbuses@yahoo.com Thank you!Jeff
  23. N

    Sale Pending Prewar auto cycle plane rear rack

    Rear rack 350 Silver ray 250 Buy one or both
  24. stingrayjoe

    Reduced Schwinn 26" chrome wire rear carrier and old German made Bell with advertising

    Please PM direct with all comments or inquiries thanks! Rear carrier has poor chrome and one leg is slightly tweaked but mounts up to bike just fine with longer seat post binder nut and bolt included $45. + shipping SOLD Signed German Made bell in good working order with advertisement for...
  25. Boris

    Not All Dropouts Are Created Equal:

    On a couple of bikes I've worked on, I've had to file one of the rear dropouts to get the axle to slide in. Most recently it was on an early postwar Cleveland Welding Hawthorne frame and attempted to put a wheel that I had laying around with a New Departure hub in it. Can someone tell me why...
  26. Kustomsoul

    Motorbike Rear Rack

    Motorbike rear rack in very good condition. Has all hardware including front clamp also has 2 spring loaded wire clamps. I had on my 28" but also has holes for 26". PM with any questions. Thanks $80.00 plus shipping .
  27. robert bell

    need schwinn rear drum sprocket

    need a 24 or 22 tooth rear sprocket 1/2" pitch for a rear schwinn fore brake hub. any out there??
  28. schwinnguyinohio

    Rear Fender Reflector

    This is very similar to a Schwinn S Reflector but mount hole spacing is different this one is further. Bought it new never used it . 30 shipped
  29. Kustomsoul

    Motorbike Rear rack

    Motorbike rear rack in very good condition. Has all hardware including front clamp also has 2 spring loaded wire clamps. I had on my 28" but also has holes for 26". PM with any questions. Thanks $100.00 plus shp.
  30. S

    JC Higgins Flightliner Rear Reflectors

    I have a 1960 JC Higgins Flightliner missing the rear reflectors (the one on the fender and the one that is on the end of the back rack). Photo of similar bike attached showing reflectors I need. Anyone out there who could help me?
  31. schwinnguyinohio

    Schwinn rear rack 4 reflector

    nice example of this style rear rack off a Schwinn middle weight , this is different one than I had listed couple weeks ago as it has been sold . 110 shipped
  32. E

    Black Phantom Rear Fender Reflector

    Hi; looking for an original Schwinn Black Phantom Rear Fender Reflector. Not looking for a shiny new one, would rather have one that the chrome is dull, not in the best shape. On EBay I only find shiny new ones.


  34. Robertriley

    Mead/ Shelby tube rack rear carrier

    Rear carrier in great shape, I don't see any dings or dents in the tubes and is the perfect peace for your restoration. $250 plus shipping.
  35. W

    Reduced FRONT and REAR Sturmey Archer ELITE VT DRUM BRAKES WHEELS on Wobler 58 rims

    Front and rear DRUM brake wheel set. Purchased new for Schwinn Tandem but never installed or tires mounted. Hubs are 18 spoke hole per side total of 36 spokes per wheel. Some minor oxidation and dirt from storing for years in my attic. Tandems been gone for several years. Ask any...
  36. zedsn

    huffy rear fender potmetal with reflector $50 shipped

    Have a decent hard to find huffy rear fender potmetal piece with a reflector available for $50 shipped. Reflector has some wear at the top from rubbing as can be seen in the photo.
  37. rfeagleye

    Sale Pending Elgin Twin Bar 4 Star Rear Rack with Light Can

    A solid Elgin Twin Bar 4 Star rear rack with light can. I believe this can be used on the Twin Bar 60 also. Solid rack, truss arms are good. The rack has very little marks from rust in the steel, but the truss arms have a little heavier rust. I only have the rack, I don't have the battery bomb...
  38. stingrayjoe

    Reduced Elgin Mercury Rear Carrier with factory taillight 26" balloon bicycle

    Please PM direct with questions or replies do not post them here thanks. You pay the actual shipping. Good straight carrier but the outer housing for light is a bit misshapen. The lens is missing but the terminals in the bottom look good. No rot holes. There are some small scrapes around the...
  39. mongeese

    28" rear military wheel ND c hub with tire

    100 plus the shipping from Wi. 28 inch wheel. Tire is a Wards Riverside Runabout. Missing a spoke and some of the C hub parts.
  40. mongeese

    Sold Wald whizzer or motorbike rear fender glass reflector

    44 shipped from Wi. No cracks in glass and very nice.
  41. schwinnguyinohio

    Sold Schwinn 4 reflector rear rack

    This is a very nice Schwinn rear rack for a 26 in middle weight. Chrome is exceptional and I have had a lot of these over the years , this is one of the best I've seen . 135 shipped to lwr 48 only .
  42. soundbox

    Rear Basket Rack with Drop Stand

    As pictured here, I'm looking for a rear basket rack with drop stand. It doesn't matter if designed for 28 or 26 inch bike. Thanks Cabe Community.
  43. C

    For Sale Pre-war Vintage 1930's Colson Steer from the rear Tandem

    $800 obo - all REASONABLE offers considered. Live in Long Beach, CA. Will consider shipping through a bike shop at buyer's expense. Email me cwmacy@yahoo.com
  44. rollfaster

    Sold New Departure 12 tooth rear sprocket

    NOS unused. $50.00 shipped USPS money order only please.
  45. oldspoke

    Odd Rear Cogs - Racecycle or ?

    Hello All Would anyone be able to I.D. these rear cogs and what cycle they may have been used for ? 1/2 inch pitch and they appear to be left hand thread, They look very similar in construction to the large rear cog on the Racycle Pacemaker pictured in the thread of "junkhunter". These came...
  46. 47jchiggins

    Sold Schwinn Rear Expandable Drum, Prewar

    Nice, 36 spoke, Prewar Schwinn, rear drum, nice chrome and pads, could be cleaned up, hub spins freely without brake, drags a bit with brake, probably just needs adjusting, $395 shipped conus, pp ff or save 10% postal mo. Thanks Todd
  47. marching_out

    Schwinn Rear Rack

    This has probably been asked a hundred times but I'm failing to find the information. I have a Schwinn four reflector rack that I need to re-finish. How do you remove the reflectors without damaging them? And, what do you use to ensure they stay on when you put them back on the rack?
  48. morton

    Sold McCauley Muscle Bike Rear Rack NOS

    New old stock in unopened package $65 shipped conus priority mail with tracking. New Price: $50 shipped I do not have paypal, payment by Post Office Money Order only. Please do not reply to this post, send private message. Thanks.
  49. thehugheseum

    Red schwinn rear fender any condition

    just trying to put Humpty Dumpty back together
  50. schwinnguyinohio

    Sold Cheater Slick rear tire

    Raised white letter tire , letting is smaller so might be a repop not sure , tire is in good shape with little if any cracking 60 shipped