1. OldSkipTooth

    Sold Rear axle stand

    Prewar Wald rear axle stand, correct length for a 26" Ballooner. $45. Shipped
  2. KevinsBikes

    Rear Steer Tandem - Island Cycle Supply Co.

    I bought this bike yesterday, had some questions on age and maybe original manufacturer? Anyone have any ideas?
  3. filmonger

    Sold 28 inch rear stand w dog ears

    28 inch rear stand with dog ears. PM's only please ..... 30.00 shipped
  4. mongeese

    28" bike rear rack TOC prewar

    150 shipped or best offer.
  5. mongeese

    Wood wheel set 28" with corbin duplex rear

    As is display set or for clean/ repair wood. 200 shipped from Wisconsin.
  6. mongeese

    Stingray rear wheel s2 66 67 68 sa 3 speed

    160 shipped from Wi. Needs cleaning , grease etc.
  7. Balloontyre

    Sold $50 Schwinn HI-flange large flange rear hub

    18 tooth free wheel, 36 holes. Cog works fine and smooth. I did a minimal cleaning to show script, should polish up nice if desired. $75 shipped USA from Milwaukee, Cash, MO, PayPal friends.
  8. AA Gappen

    WTB 1" drop side rear fender

    I am looking for a rear 1" drop side fender for a Davis Sewing Machine late teens Yale bike. Thought someone might have a odd one sitting around they would be willing to sell. Thanks.
  9. Brian Boothe

    9 Hole Rear Rack

    Looks like it was originally chrome then painted black. $30+shipping.
  10. Floyd

    2 Speed kickback help needed

    I've looked at several parts breakdowns that show I should have serrated washer that faces against this end. What the pics aren't showing is what the inside of that washer looks like. Is it just serrated or does it have protrusions that fit into the slots of the center thingy?