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  1. bikesnbuses

    Sold Used Vintage Stimsonite 10 Bicycle Reflector Stingray with BRACKET . Gulotta Clifton NJ.

    Decent used reflector and bracket off Schwinn Stingray ? Could definitely benefit from cleaning and polishing.. Asking $15 mailed 1st class in the USA obo
  2. stezell

    Sold Schwinn script prewar glass reflector

    Schwinn script prewar glass reflector no cracks, 1 3/4" in diameter, mounting stud is good. For either a survivor or rider, asking $60, now $55 shipped. Thanks for looking. Sean
  3. atencioee

    More 1948 Schwinn Autocycle questions = )

    Hello Experts and fellow Schwinn balloon bike lovers with knowldege! Among some of my bike projects is a deluxe springer fork 1948 Schwinn Autocycle, which I'm working on and I have some questions? 1. What plating is correct on the seatpost D clamp...chrome? Cad? Nickle? Initially, I would...
  4. bikesnbuses

    Sold 2 round Prewar Persons reflector No. 337 big round red glass reflectors palooza !

    ALL SOLD!!Thank you everyone different condition original aluminum and steel bodied Person's glass reflector for your balloon tire bike , 331 Tombstone reflectors F and D are the lesser ones in the lot as they have more serious damage to the aluminum(see pics) I will GLADLY offer a discount for...
  5. catfish

    Withdrawn Little Rock Arkansas Bicycle License Plate with Reflector

    Price Drop Very nice plate. Sold as is and untested $125.00 Shipped in the USA. I don't take pay pal !!! USPS money orders only.

    Pre War Drop Stand and Fender Clip with Glass Prism Reflector

    $110.50 Drop Stand is very crusty, Fender Clip is also crusty and greasy, and Glass Prism is intact with a scratched spot/possibly a chip on the top (see photos below). Rough Dimensions: base of drop stand is 8.5” wide and tapers to 6”, 14.25” tall (without counting the ears), ears are 3.5”...
  7. Dave Stromberger

    Sold Pre-war Schwinn Autocycle Motorbike Rack Reflector

    Pics show the condition. This would be great on your survivor bike! $75 shipped in the USA.
  8. LuckySchwinning

    i.d. Help Persons Delta EA New Departure!

    I have a few things that I recently purchased and was hoping theCabe geniuses would share their experience and help me identify an item or ten :) Things that would be cool to know. How old is it and what bikes would it have been mounted on. Best Regards, Lucky
  9. J

    Found 80’s Schwinn Cruiser rear reflector bracket

    I’m looking for a rear reflector bracket for a 1980’s Schwinn Cruiser. Number 5681 Pat Pend bracket. Thanks
  10. mr.cycleplane

    Sold schwinn deluxe reflector pre/post war patina'd

    Schwinn deluxe reflector used from 1936 autocycle to postwar phantoms! sometimes when building an all original bike using a re-chromed or new reflector doesn't cut it. to give the look and keep the overall appearance of original/patina one must use patina'd parts-and here it is! this taillight...
  11. 66TigerCat

    Sold Nice glass reflector

    Super nice faceted red glass reflector. No chips or cracks. Measures approx. 2 1/4" wide and 1" tall. Asking $49. shipped to CONUS. PM me if interested. Thanks !
  12. mr.cycleplane

    Sold prewar schwinn rack reflector

    prewar Schwinn rack reflector with mounting cup(without cup-its useless). this is the cateye iridescent red found on the deluxe rack. this one is missing the nickel/stainless trim(90% of them are). priced right 80shipped pp/ff
  13. mr.cycleplane

    Sold person's majestic reflector 1935 dd motorbike rare

    persons majestic reflector for the dd framed Schwinn motorbike. glass is not cracked but aluminum frame is 'rough'/ disfigured. there are guys that take these apart and make them like new-I haven't got the 'skill' to do this procedure. hard to find piece and used on the dd framed Schwinn...

    Sold =☆Stratolite Reflector ☆=

    Good shape , 3 1/4 " Reflector will clean up nicely 30 shipped to the lower 48 , PayPal, postal money order, green stamps, gold bullion.
  15. jungleterry

    Sold Gene Autry Horse shoe reflector

    Hello we found a extra reproduction Gene Autry rear horse shoe reflector unit . These are hard to find sonhooe someone could use this one . They mount on the rear fender as I have shown on ours .85.00 shipped .Thank you for looking . Take care Terry and Tammy
  16. Glenn Rhein

    Sold 2-1/4 glass reflector

    Large 2-1/4 inch glass reflector , $49 shipped high dome
  17. barnyguey

    Sold J. C. Higgins Color Flow carrier refectors extenders and glass reflector $35.00 shipped

    These came from a 1952 J. C. Higgins Color Flow. Very specific to a J.C. Higgins carrier and somewhat hard to come by. Please PM me, email me at graydiana@att.net, call me at Home at 1-208-687-5319 or Text / call my Cell at 1-509-230-0613. Thank you very much! Barry I'm always looking for any...
  18. TheFizzer

    Sold Western Flyer x53 or Murray Reflector

    Nice rear reflector and housing. $110 shipped to lower 48 via PayPal
  19. Boris

    One of One Reflector in This Style

    ONE OF A KIND CUSTOM HANDMADE REFLECTOR - Classic styling will look great on almost any collector bicycle. - Featuring a combination of perfectly matched NOS vintage bicycle parts. - Magnified dual reflector placement and chrome face provides increased nightime visibility. $27.95 inc. shipping...
  20. ohmybike

    Red jewel reflector

    $15 shipped PayPal F&F
  21. buck hughes

    Sold Glass reflector 2 1/4"-$49.00 shipped

    glass reflector $68.00 shipped -paypal as friend.
  22. SJ_BIKER

    Reduced Prewar deluxe schwinn script reflector

    Upside down stimsonite. 165.00 shipped
  23. Maskadeo

    Sold Prewar Schwinn Glass Stimsonite reflector with screws

    prewar Schwinn Deluxe Stimsonite (upside down) glass reflector. Some chrome loss on housing. Nice for a rider. $120 shipped PayPal friends and family.
  24. stoney


    3 1/4" 6 pie reflector, nice front, someone-not me glued a bolt onto the back. Good for rider to to move a bike along. PAYPAL $17.00 shipped

    Sold 1950's Columbia good year front fender light $65 SHIPPED

  26. SJ_BIKER

    Prewar schwinn stimsonite reflector deluxe

    Upside down stimsonite prewar type. 200.00 shipped Glass in one piece. Glass has minor scuffs and chrome is original patina plating. Great for og paint rider.
  27. Glenn Rhein

    Sold Silver king rear reflector

    1930s prewar Silver King rear reflector and housing. Housing has a ding on the left side and reflector trim is a little dinged up. A little filing and sanding it’ll clean up well $85 shipped
  28. bobdenver1961

    What reflector '46 Schwinn DX

    I have a 1946 Schwinn DX that is missing the rear reflector. Anyone know what is the correct one that I need to be looking for? Thanks. Bob
  29. Glenn Rhein

    Sold Prewar Elgin rack with rare ? Reflector

    Nine whole rack off a prewar Elgin with an Unusual large reflector Needs a little straightening but has original blue paint. The plastic over the reflector is peeling a bit. Check out the pictures $85 shipped.
  30. John Gailey

    Sold Saf T Ray 3 1/4" Reflector

    Super nice glass reflector. $30 shipped
  31. kirk thomas

    Sold 5 Badges and a Delta reflector $27.50 Shipped

    You get the 5 badges and the Delta reflector for $27.50 priority shipping
  32. 66TigerCat

    Sold Bicycle wrench

    5 1/2" end to end. Moves up and down smoothly. Some wear to jaws. Decent plating. Stamped US in a diamond. $14. shipped to CONUS. PM me if interested. Thanks !
  33. 66TigerCat

    Sold Old bell

    1. Nice old bell, unsure of age, teens/20s (?). The only marking I could find was on the ringer tab, it says Made in USA. I oiled up the innards and it works great, $29. shipped to CONUS. PM me if interested. Thanks !
  34. M

    WTB seat reflector

    Hello guys looking for an original rear seat reflector on my 72 apple krate. Thanks findmarlon@yahoo.com
  35. easyrider

    Found simsonite reflector

    need a nice reflecter for this
  36. kirk thomas

    Sold PreWar Delta Electric 3 3/8" reflector $20 shipped

    This reflector is the only one I have ever seen It is from a PreWar Schwinn. The reflector is in pretty good condition. No cracks or chips. I would like $25 shipped
  37. A

    I need this reflector or information

    Hello to all members I new in this page and I have come to ask for your help to can find this reflector for finish my restauration, if some one have the piece or information like the name, type, brand or the origin of this reflector please tell me. I would really apreciate it. Thank you for...
  38. kirk thomas

    Sold Reflector and lightbulb holdersPlus Garfield stuff $20 shipped

    Here is what you get 2 JC Higgins rear reflectors, Reflector housing, and 2 pieces of light bulb holders. The one with the ring I have never found out anything about it. It is 2 3/4" across the back of the ring. The other bulb holder is made of heavy metal and is very old. I would like $20...
  39. kirk thomas

    Sold X-53,Fleetline rear reflector $50 shipped

    This reflector is in pretty nice condition. The reflector has no cracks or chips or scuffs. The housing is in nice condition. I would like $50 shipped on this item.
  40. kirk thomas

    Delta Reflector? Ever see one?

    This reflector is plastic and metal. It is embossed with the Delta signature in the face. On the back it says Delta Electric co. the same as the light maker. The reflector is 3 1/2" across and in great condition. I got this from the fender of my 1941 Schwinn DX. Any info would be helpful. I am...
  41. pedalpower17

    Red Glass Reflector for Fender

    The kind with balls. Preferably Persons, the plain round one with single mounting screw or the model mounted on a tubular style base....but not the fancier one mounted on a diamond shaped base
  42. MsRock2

    Sold Troxel reflector for banana seat - $35 includes delivery

    Located in San Diego - $35 includes shipping. PM to discuss or to get more information. I can measure more or do a video for those interested.
  43. MsRock2

    Reduced 1 1/8 small amber glass reflector

    $40.00 San Diego pick up or $5 for shipping Can text clearer pictures if your interested. PM, thanks
  44. MsRock2

    Reduced Small Red Glass Reflector

    Back of it spins a bit $30.00 Can be tightened if tugged a bit to set the thing in the back. San Diego pick up or $35.00 to mail. PM me if you like the item.
  45. MsRock2

    Sold Amber Glass Reflector 2 1/2 inch $40, shipped

    Has a crack down the center but still beautiful $40 shipped. PM me if you would like to talk about part.
  46. MsRock2

    Sold Glass 2 1/2 inch reflector $25 shipped

    $40 delivered unless local in San Diego. PM if you would like to discuss. Thanks for looking
  47. MsRock2

    Sold Glass reflector inch and a half red $45 delivered

    $45 shipped or pick up in San Diego. Threads are a little worn. PM for info.
  48. 5760rj

    Tombstone Handlebar Reflector

    tombstone handlebar red or green glass reflector.....
  49. looneymatthew

    Reflector lot

    2 early glass reflectors and display box -SOLD- the square, 50 for the large round