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  1. Jon Marinello

    26” Schwinn Painted S-2 Wheel with Script Hub

    See pictures. $60 + actual shipping, PayPal friends and family.
  2. Igor

    26" drop center rim

    Looking for a 26" drop center front wheel. For my 65 Hiawatha, chrome preferred. Tks
  3. spomalley86

    Unknown rear rim and hub

    Hey guys, still digging around the barn and I found this one buried. Wondering if you all could help me identify this wheel. Hub is not marked, measured greater than 25 inches tall, about 1 and 1/8 in width. Made of steel and is exceptionally flat. Thanks again for your help and expertise...
  4. S

    Withdrawn 1950'S Schwinn 26" Chrome S2 Rim Set Panther Phantom Wasp $125 shipped

    Chrome is still pretty nice and should clean up good for a rider / survivor build. Both show age and wear with scratches and dings 3 are noticeable 1 on the rear and 2 on the front see pics. The rear spins true and round within roughly 1/8" the front spins fairly true but is out of round about...
  5. alecburns

    Confusion/troubleshooting on lacing first rim...

    Hey everyone, I took on the task of relacing the rear rim of my '39/'41 Elgin with new spokes and nipples. I got the exact length spokes as the originals, and followed a tutorial that was posted on here. "Without the BullShlt. How to lace a 36 Spoke Rim". I followed the tutorial and what I...
  6. kirk thomas

    Sold early Bendix 2spd. kickback rim $50+ the ride

    This rim is for a 26" tire and works as it should. I have bench tested this and it appears to shift and brake as it should. I have not installed on a bike and tried it. This rim should clean up nicely for a good rider. I would like $50 plus you pay actual shipping cost. I can send you the weight...
  7. rusty_apache

    TOC American cycle Co. Wasp

    The wasp is on the right with the display rims off of the Century Marathon, left. Here’s the front rim as found.... This is the front rim from the Wasp after a scrubbing and soak in hot water followed by an afternoon spent between two truck tool boxes in the 100 degree Texas heat. This...
  8. gkeep

    Stripped front Axle threads on 64 Coppertone Traveler S5 rim

    Looking for sage advice from those who are all knowing. I've been cleaning up this Coppertone Traveler and trying to get it back on the road. It was found without the front rim but I happen to have an extra S5 rim. While putting a tire I found that one side of the axle has stripped threads. I...
  9. Slick4d4d

    Repurposed antique 26" bike wheel, should it remain repurposed or restored?

    So I found this antique bike wheel, repurposed into a gaming wheel, at a local flea market, the approximate measurements are 26" diameter, 4" hub width (not include bolt ends) and 1.5" rim width. As you can see it has a wood ring, missing a piece, screwed to it. They did a clean job attaching...
  10. MsRock2

    Reduced 28" rear wood/metal rim with hub, $40 shipped

    Missing a few spokes PM for more pictures or info. Single Tube Rim. Can't read name on hub but took photo of oiler so you might be able to identify... $40.00 includes shipping in USA or Pick up San Diego and save $20.
  11. N

    WTB front S7 Schwinn Center stamp 20" Rim and whitewall westwind

    Looking to buy a nice front 20" center stamp rim and a rider condition westwind, preferable with some yellowing ( I like this look). thank you
  12. kirk thomas

    Sold ND model W front rim rebuilt new $60 shipped

    This rim has been rebuilt with all NOS parts. The paint is real nice but there is a few small nicks. I have not used this on a bike. I would like $100 shipped.
  13. kirk thomas

    Sold ND Model C rear rim $60

    This rim has been with me a long time but I never got around to figure it out. The brake arm is missing and the oil cap is missing. There is 1 spoke missing. The hub works nice and smooth and brakes as it should. The rim runs nice and straight but there is no edge for a tire. I guess you need to...
  14. Pedals Past

    28” metal single tube 36 hole metal rim

    Had a solid tire see photos has interesting clamp cnnector on tireblack with red pin stripe seems to be a heavy duty rim see photos as I dont know anything about it or style $125 obo plus rde ff/ pp pm to buy
  15. prewarmachine

    Whizzer Sportsman rim

    Hoping to find 1 or 2 dimpled whizzer sportsman 20" front rims or complete wheels to match the rear wheel in the pictures. Trying to get a couple projects farther along. If anyone has any they are willing to part with, please let me know.
  16. whizzerbug

    wtb one 24 worksman rim

    need one new or used 24 dimpled worksman or lobdel 36 spoke rim...
  17. whizzerbug

    24 in dimpled rim 36H

    looking for a good used or new rim for use on a whizzer,made by worksman or lobdell
  18. Tomato John

    Bent rim problem

    G519 wheel with some damage to side. Rim edge is bent out pretty far. What’s the best way to fix? Pound it out or bend back somehow?
  19. Dizzle Problems

    Sold Drop center single rim chrome

    Single 26" drop center hoop. 36 hole. Looks like it will clean up nicely! $30 Shipped
  20. D

    Sold LIkely Whizzer Rim and Drive Rim

    I believe these rims belong to Whizzer Motorbike. The S2 Rim is good with .240 holes for the spokes. The drive rim is very compromised at one location. Maybe someone has a use for these. Send me a PM because I have no idea of what they are worth. Ship only in the lower 48 Dave Danville, PA
  21. mongeese

    1960s wood racing peaked rim

    Need a match to this rim. Able to purchase or trade. Just need the rim but will also purchase whole wheel or sets.
  22. cyclingday

    Lobdell drop center rim.

    I know it's hard to see the exact profile from this picture, but I'm looking for a mate (condition/profile) for this Lobdell drop center rim. I'll take either a single or a matched pair. Let me know, what you've got. Thanks!
  23. Cooper S.

    Found Ukai 26x2.125 or 1.75

    I need a pair of ukai 26x2.125 or 1.75 mountain/bmx rims. Last part I need for my hybrid build. Does not have to be in good condition, and doesn’t have to be complete wheels. Arayas would also work. Please let me know. Thank you!
  24. fat tire trader

    20" Wood Rim 32 Hole NOS

    20" Wood Rim 32 Hole NOS for 20" single tube tires Based upon the color of the paint, my guess is that this is a Lobdel rim. It has a fair amount of paint loss. $200 shipped, or trade...
  25. F

    TOC, wooden rim, unknown maker

    I no nothing about antique bikes, but wondered if anyone here could hazard a guess about this wooden rim bike's maker and value to a museum or enthusiast. No head badge, no number on the bottom bracket. It belonged to a U of Ga professor whose career spanned 1890 to 1940. Thanks!
  26. T

    Found Schwinn Clamp On Rim Brakes

    Looking for a set of Schwinn Clamp on Rim Brakes for a springer fork like the ones below. Would like to find a complete set-up, but will piece together if needed. PM me if you have any, or info on where I could find some. Thanks!
  27. D

    28 Hole Wood Rim

    Looking for a 28 hole [spoke] front rim for my 1901 Steffey Motorbike built on a 1901 Columbia Model 74 Chainless. I have money or early bicycle/motorcycle stuff for trade. In this situation it might be good to note that I have a 32 spoke rim spoked up with an early front hub that I might...
  28. D

    Help i.d. rim logo 24"

    Picked up this unusual rear wheel and having trouble identifying the brand from the sticker. Anyone recognize it? The rim is a 24" tubular 36 hole laced to a low flange BH Airlite double fixed hub. So it's basically a vintage kids track racing wheel. Willing to sell/trade once I get it cleaned...
  29. I

    Industrial Repurposed Vintage Bike Rim Air Horn Chain Wheel Upcycled Lamp Light

    That is quite the title, but accurate........ https://www.ebay.com/itm/Industrial-Repurposed-Vintage-Bike-Rim-Air-Horn-Chain-Wheel-Upcycled-Lamp-Light/162834169473?hash=item25e9ac3e81:g:ivUAAOSw4DJYlkBW
  30. P

    LINUS ELYIAN tires on wood rim ... need advice

    Just tried to mount the Linus on wood rim last night ... very tight fit to say the least. Is there any "easy" way to do it. I'm reluctant to use tire irons. Maybe I should try the garbage bag method. Any help will be greatly appreciated! Rims are 1957mm and 1952mm (bead circumference) so it...
  31. P

    Sold TOC Columbia Porcupine Controller hub, rim , and tire

    Hello, Here is a TOC Columbia Porcupine Controller hub with rim and tire. The tire is very hard and only good for display. A few spokes are broken and some of the wood wheels glued seams are opening up. The hub is missing the brake arm and the correct cog but spins smoothly. Someone out there...
  32. 1973rx3

    Found Wanted Prewar Cycle Truck front rim 36h

    Looking for the front rim off a prewar Schwinn Cycle truck. Drop center 36 hole 120 gauge. Thank You in advance.
  33. bikemonkey

    WTB - Schwinn S2, 20" rim - 28 hole

    Need a good rim for a project - light rust ok, but no serious chrome loss. Thanks!
  34. carlitos60

    TOC Racing HUBS and 1" Rim!

    These Hubs / Rim Came OFF a Pre-TOC Racing Bike!! Rear=36h and Front= 32h Cog= 8 Teeth Rim = 28" x1" w 32holes!! Hubs are Cleaned and Shined, Work Good by Hand! Rim is Wobbly But Solid; Could be Used! $450 Shipped! OBO
  35. schwinnguyinohio

    Schwinn S7 26 in red band kickback rim

    decent rider kickback rim ,, chrome has some pitting but still looks ok , couple small side dents 100 shipped
  36. bobcycles


    NOS original Made in USA Schwinn 70's era S2 20x 2.125 GRIPPER SLICK never used...soft supple NOS tire for your Stingray or Krate bike! 80.00 shipped! email bobcycles@aol.com or msg here RARE 1966 & 1967 Stingray Fastback bars. Decent plating and no dings or dents....but the usual...
  37. M

    wood rim nipples question

    Who's selling long nipples (around 7/8") for antique wood rim ? thanks in advance
  38. rideahiggins

    Original paint Lobdell wood rim

    Just not on a bike.
  39. P

    WTB 20'' 36 HOLE S-2 RIM OR WHEEL

    Looking to but a nice 20" 36 hole S-2 rim or complete wheel. E-mail to popmachines@hotmail.com
  40. Jon Marinello

    Reduced 26" Schwinn Original Paint S-7 Rim

    Strait and ready to lace up. A little rust here and there but overall pretty good. $70 shipped CONUS. NOTE: I will refund any amount over actual shipping cost.
  41. Dave Stromberger

    Sold Prewar Schwinn Cycle Truck Drop Center Front Rim

    This came with a frame dated 1939, so it's safe to bet that's what year the rim is too. Pics tell the story. 20". Rust pitted area on the inside near the valve stem hole, only on one side. Outside looks awesome all around and could be chromed. Has lots and lots of fat spoke holes. Overall...
  42. 4

    20" S2 Rim - Outside Stamping

    Hope this topic hasn't been covered, I tried searching to no avail. I have an 20" S2 Rim and the Schwinn S2 stamping is on the outside of the hoop, instead of in the center. All the other wheels I have show the stamping in the center. Is the "outside stamp" wheel a reproduction or off a...
  43. Christopher

    Sold 1950's Western Flyer X-53 dropcenter MO stamped 26" rim set. 2speed kickback

    These rims came from a 1955 X-53. The tires come with it. These are untouched and if you're so inclined I'm sure a little steel wool will shine them up nicely. All original except a 2speed kickback hub was added to the rear rim. It's a 2Gang torpedo Even though not shown, the original...
  44. 1970_LEMON_PEEL

    Found WTB Schwinn Stingray S2 28 hole rim

    i am in need of a schwinn stingray 28 hole s2 rear rim for a project i have in the works. it doesn't have to be perfect but the nicer the better. if it happens to include the hub and spokes that is fine, i plan on lacing in a yellow band s speed so if you have a complete version of that wheel i...
  45. Jrodarod

    Lobdell 20" Cycle Truck rim

    PreWar rim. Ring only original paint 36H. Or trade for 20" s2? $30.
  46. gtdohn

    Sold 1901 Pierce front rim with Hub shell & tire

    This is an original front black painted wood rim off of a 1901 men's Pierce bicycle. These had very unusual front hubs. The rim itself is slightly narrow like a race rim (1-1/8" wide) and with some proper spoke tension, it could be made completely true. Wood is in very good shape including the...
  47. Henryford2

    Lobdell Flat style wheels for Men's 26" 1951 Monark

    WTB, set of flat Lobdell style wheels (similar to the picture) for a Mens' 26" 1951 Super Cruiser that would require minimal work to look presentable. I believe the earlier ones are not chrome plated but rather cad. plated? Thanks
  48. P

    20" Schwinn S-2 rim w/ ND hub, 16" Muscle Bike Drum SS5 rim, Carlisle 20x1 3/4 Aggressor MX200

    20" Schwinn S-2 painted rim with New Departure hub, possible cycle truck - $50 * reduced - $40 16" Muscle Bike Drum Brake to a Murray SS5 AMF Wedge Sears Screamer - $150 * reduced - $140 ...related auction: http://www.ebay.ca/itm/282018104584 Carlisle 20x1 3/4 fits T&RA SS8 1970's Carlisle...
  49. A

    Sale Pending lobdell nos metal clad rim painted

    lobdell nos metal clad rim painted 36 hole 125 plus shipping located in Indiana postal money order THANKS ANDY
  50. A

    Sale Pending nos lobdell wood rim

    lobdell nos rim hoops 1 inch wide 36 hole located in Indiana 250 PLUS SHIPPING , POSTAL MONEY ORDER only . thanks andy