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  1. B

    Vintage Azuki Bike

    Hey everyone, I'm looking at purchasing this Azuki road bike, but I'm not sure of the exact model of this bike. Also, what would be a fair price for this? It needs a new chain as well.
  2. bikesnbuses

    Reduced Old road bike wing nuts ,misc and lock plates

    Im really unsure what these came off of,I know old road bicycles..Sold as 1 lot NOW $15 for whole lot or $10 for JUST the wingnuts shipped in the USA
  3. mongeese

    NOS Cinelli bar extenders

    65 shipped from Wi. Or best/ better offer. Very lightweight.
  4. mongeese

    Winter swap meet redux - all parts $20 plus shipping

    FREE ADMISSION !!!!!! - Pick a part any part 20 shipped from Wisconsin. Leave phone number in message for fastest service.
  5. bikemonkey

    NOS - Bailey III Road Bike Handlebar Tape in Original Box

    $15.00 shipped - I have boxes in red, brown, and blue. Discounts offered for multiple boxes - inquire within :). PM's for orders please or I may miss your message. Blue Red (Maroon?) Brown (like leather)
  6. bikemonkey

    NOS - Shimano Road Shifter Overhaul Kits in Original Packages

    $8.00 for two packages shipped - PM's for orders please or I may miss your message. New Old Stock - From the estate of a 1980's retired bicycle shop are a pair of Shimano shifter rebuild kits for road bike shifters - Part No. M5 622-9113. These are new in the original unopened packages (I...
  7. bikemonkey

    NOS - Weinmann 14W Road Front Brake Cable in Original Package

    $5 each shipped - I have multiples of this cable - quantity discounts apply :cool:. PM's for orders please or I may miss your message. New Old Stock - From the estate of a 1980's retired bicycle shop is a Weinmann 14W front brake cable in the original unopened package. The cable is 22" long...
  8. mickeyc

    Road Master serial number

    Any help appreciated. Horrible blue paint, almost none of the original red left. Don't see any other stampings on BB, like CWC.
  9. jrcarz

    Wanted 1970's Huffy Thunder Road #4

    -Looking for Huffy Thunder Road # 4. Looking for excellent condition bike with number plates. P.M. me or call 847-401-1332 Thanks
  10. the tinker

    Share the road

  11. S

    Sold Raleigh Type N.O.S. Pedals R 501 road or track

    REAL NICE CHROME road or track pedals R 501 like on Raleighs and others. $37 shipped 48 states paypal as friend
  12. F


    u get all of it there no seat or wheels n tires 75+shipping in USA ONLY
  13. stingrayjoe

    Reduced Older Road Bike Parts Pumps, Pedals Brakes Toe Clips etc.

    Please PM direct with all replies do not post here thanks! Pedals listed are listed L-R L - 9/16" left pedal Mid - 1/2" right pedal R- 9/16" left pedal Hubs: Normandy 36 hole five or ten speed hub ACS 28 hole hub Schwinn 28 hole hub English stem repaired Was $45. now $35. plus shipping for...
  14. stingrayjoe

    Sold Old Peugeot Road Bike Frame Fork, Bars crank Clean Original Paint

    Old Peugeot Road Bike Frame, Fork, Bars, Stem, Seat Post, Center section of crank. Clean Original Paint with a 22" frame. The serial # on the rear drop out is 943604. Everything is straight no damage. Was $75. Now $60. + lower 48 USA shipping
  15. Cooper S.

    Found Teens mead ranger road bike frame

    Looking for a tall frame set or complete bike of a teens mead ranger or comparable road bike, frame doesn’t have to have nice paint, fork doesn’t have to be straight etc I’m willing to trade ballooner parts of needed. This bike will be built and ridden, and I’m over 6’3 so a taller frame would...
  16. Rfr260jet

    Old road master bicycle

    I have a old road master bicycle sn is D37953. Need help figuring out what year it is and what kind. It is all original and in good shape.
  17. Gladiron

    Bespoke for the Woke. Low Cost Custom Bicycle Builds SoCal 91042

    For all my creative brothers and sisters living in or near Pasadena / Glendale / Burbank / LaCañada / LaCrescenta / Tujunga / Sunland / NoHo / SanFernando Located in the foothills of Tujunga, CA 91042, KG Bicycles builds custom bikes to fit any budget. From simple modifications of your current...
  18. S

    Sold TOC -TEENS Keystone road racer rider 27" wheels

    Vintage TOC -TEENS KEYSTONE ROAD RACER...would normally have 28" wheels, older 27x1 1/4" clinchers on with bendix coaster brake. ....as is shown.....$273 shipped 48 states. paypal cool friends or add 3%.
  19. Handle Bar Hoarder

    Reduced road master

    $1200 pm me hear you pay for shipping
  20. ivrjhnsn

    1980's ROAD Wheels LIGHT Tubulars

    Up for sale. a set of high end road bike wheels from the mid 80's . American Classic hubs 28 hole , DT bladed spokes, SUN Mistral rims(one rim is a different year/stickers) , Continental LA tubular tires($200 each back in the day). Not used much as the rims show no brake wear. $90 shipped...
  21. ivrjhnsn

    BIEMMEZETA Crono Star mid 80's Road bike

    So, this was my mid-life purchase some years ago. I raced one back in the mid 80's when they were new to the market. Biemmezeta Crono Star.. A very FAST frame design. Criteriums were my thing and this bike cornered like it was on rails. I'm getting ready to dis-assemble and sell the...
  22. GaryMN

    WANTED PARTS IN MPLS 26 x 1 3/8 road tires, 3-speed thumb shifter

    WANTED PARTS IN MPLS two tires -- 26 x 1 3/8 street/road tires for older Murray rims one shifter -- 3-speed thumb shifter for older Murray (as in attached photo) Phone or text to 320-260-1210 or reply to this ad
  23. T

    1986 RALEIGH Marathon vintage touring road bike

    1986 RALEIGH Marathon vintage touring road bike On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/1986-RALEIGH-Marathon-vintage-touring-road-bike-54cm-pro-refurbished-NICE/232785455344?
  24. Krakatoa

    ~ ~ Lots of Vintage Road Bike Parts NOS/Good Used! ~ ~

    Hello all, I'm letting all these goodies fly reasonably so get whatever you might need for your projects! Shipping is additional. Schwinn Road Bike / 10 spd: 1. NOS R & L levers, R & L inboard levers, cableset with hangars and cable endcaps $30 2. NOS R & L levers, L inboard lever, cableset...
  25. rollfaster

    Gateway Coasters Plank Road Ride Cottleville, Mo Sunday June 10

    This one will be a blast in Old Town Cottleville. Restaurants, Winery’s, Ice cream parlor etc. Very nice paved greenways through St. Charles Co. Come join us! Legacy Park 5490 Fifth St. Cottleville, Mo. 63304 10am-2pm
  26. jrcarz

    Looking for Huffy Thunder Road #4

    Looking for #4 Thunder Road and other Thunder Roads with Number Plates in excellent condition. Looking for others such as Murray brand as well. P.M. me or call or text 847-401-1332 with what you have. Thanks
  27. Junkman Bob

    Sold 1970s libertas road bike

    Nice example of what I believe is a late 60s early 70 libertas . Great O G condition ... no tires or inner tubes 125$ you pay for the ride ... just send me shipping label and I pack tight . PM me with any inquires Junkman Bob
  28. jrcarz

    Huffy Thundeer Road #4

    Looking for excellent condition Huffy Thunder Road #4 must have original number Plates. Call 847-401-1332 or PM me. Thanks
  29. T

    Vintage 1970's Motobecane (Mirage) Road Bicycle On Ebay

    Vintage 1970's Motobecane (Mirage) Road Bicycle On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-1970s-Motobecane-Mirage-Road-Bicycle/221980294524?
  30. T

    Litespeed Classic Polished Titanium road bike 54cm On Ebay

    Litespeed Classic Polished Titanium road bike 54cm On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Litespeed-Classic-Polished-Titanium-road-bike-54cm
  31. B

    Period-correct bar tape for 1930s road bike

    Hello! I recently bought a 1930s French road bike, and I would like to find (if at all possible) period-correct bar tape for it. I can't seem to find anything searching Google. Thanks!
  32. Handyman

    Latest Iver Johnson Find- Model 90 Road Racer

    Just acquired is this great example of a nicely preserved, original paint, model 90 Road Racer. The original paint and pin stripping are in fantastic condition as are the original “Crescent” natural finish wood wheels. For more pics go to...
  33. B

    Pre-war French road bike L'Eroica project -- need advice on parts

    Hello! I recently bought a bike that I believe is pre-WWII. See the attached pic (sorry, I don't have the bike yet). As you can see it as the Oscar Egg Super Champion derailleur. It has clincher rims (thank God). I bought it on eBay from someone in France. Assuming that the following parts...
  34. E

    1911 Iver on the road

    *****warning for those who like rusty bikes look away and bypass this post***** In November 2016 I purchased this 1911 Iver Johnson. Today with some snow still on the ground I took it for it’s madien voyage. I know there will folks that find it offensive to have restored this bike and to you...
  35. detroitbike

    Road show pinball machine

    Nice shape pinball. Not perfect but quite nice. Completely gone thru. Call for details. Very Close to AA and ML show. 3200 cash @ pickup. 313-884-BIKE eastern 11-7pm
  36. rustyspoke66

    Sold 1893 Columbia Model 32 Men's Road Racer or Century Badge

    1893 Columbia Model 32 Head badge 175.00 OBO shipped. CONUS
  37. bikesnbuses

    Vintage black and red 18" reflective road sign

    Cool old reflective sign ,black paint on reflective red..? 18" in size .I didnt try to flatten it ,but did wipe it down. Unsure of age but it is NOT modern..Asking $40 shipped in the USA Thank you
  38. H

    Need original paint sheet metal to get this baby back on the road

    Unusual pre-war girls bike, need original paint fenders, guard, rack, etc. She deserves to be put back on the road.
  39. Dazed & Confused

    Rollfast from the weeds to the road

    I discovered this Rollfast at a roadside nic nak shop hidden deep in the weeds. This gem was among a dozen 70's and 80's 10 speed wrecks. The beacon that caught my eye was that unique head badge. I asked the owner if she would like to sell, and it was to become part of a art sculpture project...
  40. Krakatoa

    ~ Successfull Surgery! ~ OG Ladies Fork becomes a Man's... ~ Or ~ Another Westfield hits the Road! ~

    Hello all, Worked out well. Keyway cut with some sharp files the slot took about 20 minutes of careful work. N PS you missed the threading part... You'll need a large die and handle for this I borrowed one. Btw exact paint match to mid/late 30's Sterling badged bike...
  41. Robertriley

    Amanda's Old Firestone Refreshed for the Road

    I just finished this project for my friend, "Uncle Tip". Tip has become like family to me and can no longer restore old bikes anymore so I told him to pay for the supplies and I will get it done for him. I hope he likes it!
  42. MarkKBike

    I have a Question For The Collectors Concerning Decals On A Higher End 80's Road Bike

    I was talking to a friend of mine who owns a vintage 1986 Pinarello Montello. He has owned the bike since it was new, and he never rode it very much. He always babied it, and It has never even been loaded on a car rack. The bike is in mint condition, except for the decals.. In High School, I...
  43. mongeese

    High end track and road wheel sets

    First set 225 shipped Campy internazional 2nd set 325 shipped Suntour Superb 32h 3rd set 260 shipped Campy Tipo Set 1 is for sew ups and 2 and 3 are clincher. Shipping from Wisconsin. Message with your phone number and I can call you. All are excellent and straight.
  44. mongeese

    Mavic 851 rear derailleur

    Very taught and highly rated rare derailleur dated 1987. Some mars on it and used condition. Titanium hanger bolt original. This derailleur will get you in the gear and now and keep you there. 135 shipped from Wisconsin.
  45. KevinM

    NOS Delta Road Rowdy Wedge Horn-Complete-Untested

    NOS Vintage Delta Road Rowdy Handlebar Mount Horn. Paperwork is dated 1947. Everything is there but no box. Untested. $50 shipped
  46. jrcarz

    Looking for Excellent condition Huffy Thunder Road

    Hi, Still looking for a clean original in excellent condition. Like the Number plates to be intact. They look like these with different number plates P.M. me or call or text 847-401-1332 Thanks
  47. jrcarz

    Wanted Mint Huffy Thunder Road BMX

    Hi Looking for Excellent condition Huffy Road #4 and # 54 with Number plates. Thanks
  48. C

    Lucas King of the Road

    in search of a Lucas King of the Road headlight like the pictures.
  49. K

    Bicycles and parts lot For Sale, Arch frame to Road bike.

    Looking to sell it as a lot, lots of goodies here, I'll enclose a few pictures but I have more on my image event page here, https://imageevent.com/wcparts/bicyclesandparts;jsessionid=7zodmoz371.dog_s Looking for $1000. For all. Let's Talk I want it all gone. Located in Templeton Mass.
  50. jrcarz

    Wanted Mint Huffy Thunder Road

    Looking for mint #4 ( Grey Fenders) and # 54. Must have the number plates and say Huffy on the seat. P.M. with what you have or if you know of one for sale. Thanks