1. Cooper S.

    Prewar schwinn Roadster frame

    $320 pickup or $370 shipped.
  2. anders1

    Sold 4 sale Iver Johnson Lovell Diomand “LAST CALL”!!

    $900 Shipped! early Iver Johnson Lovell Diomand Roadster. This bike needs a loving home and someone to finish the work I’ve started. Personal message only please. I have the chain as well. Thanks
  3. anders1

    Sold 1912 Iver Johnson $1300

    Selling this 1912 model 87. Beautiful condition. New Departure coaster model A rear hub. Iver Johnson front hub. Wheels are in very nice shape! Troxell Star Saddle, Bridgeport Rat trap pedals, really nice grips. Add up the price of just a few of the parts alone, and you realize this one is a...
  4. C

    1951 Elswick Light Roadster

    Nice Elswick light roadster, 21 1/2 frame. The red pinstriping offsets the black paint . Paint and decals are in great shape. Pedals and grips are marked Elswick. Pump, bag and horn are included. Great bike. This might be the nicest this side of the Pond. $600 plus Bikeflight shipping
  5. S

    Sold HERCULES 3SPD. Drop Bar roadster 23" frame $55 new price

    HERCULES made by Raleigh , 23" frame , 26" wheels, Sturmey Archer rear hub. Like new tires. I just test road bike 5 miles. Wheels meed trued a little. Middlemoore saddle nice leather. Nice steel quill pedals. ... $55 plus bikeflyte.
  6. wrongway

    1971 Raleigh DL-1 Roadster

    I picked up this DL-1 this weekend. The previous owner got it years ago, cleaned it up and had it waiting in his shop for a tune-up. He decided to sell it so I thought I should buy it. I think it has the factory tires.
  7. Handyman

    What’s up with this HUGE BELL on a recent 1899 Iver Johnson Roadster find

    I recently was fortunate enough to locate and acquire this 1899 Iver Johnson Mens Roadster that I am 110% sure has been resting untouched for decades in a Maine attic. I’ll post more about this find (and its mate) soon. However, the thing that I find kind of interesting is the huge bell that...
  8. TR6SC

    Roadster Rims

    Has anyone a pair of 28" Westwood rims as used on the British bikes of yore? 28X1-1/2 I need a 36 hole and a 32 hole. Aged and worn would be perfect. Thanks.
  9. T

    Eagle High Wheel Roadster

    I am interested in purchasing an Eagle High Wheel Roadster, either a Jim Spillane reproduction (preferred) or an original. Please contact me via email at: namreblo@aol.com
  10. T

    Jim Spillane Eagle Roadster

    I am interested in purchasing a Jim Spillane Eagle High Wheel Roadster replica.
  11. GreenLakeMike

    Lobdell Horizontal Spring Seat on '36 CWC Roadster on Ebay Sun night 8pm est.

    Guys, I had many offers including a couple that said they would beat any offers. Trying to make it as fair as possible. Listiing on Ebay sunday night. I appreciate so much all the help I got. Including education! I will scour my area and will put things up exclusively on thecabe.com. But...

    Sold Roadmaster roadster arch bar for sale

    Roadmaster roadster arch bar! This thing has been house painted at some point in it's life. But everything else seems to be original. Truss rods complete , pedals ,seat. Serial number starts with a D, and rear hub is a morrow which has letters I-2. I see one spoke missing in the back . Plus...
  13. scootergenius

    Sold Monark Roadster full set of "bodywork"

    There doesn't seem to be any interest in the complete bike so I'll sell just the "bodywork". Not interested in breaking it up, so I'll only sell it as a set. $250 FIRM plus $15 shipping CONUS only. Includes tank, fenders, rear rack, chain guard and non-functioning delta headlight.
  14. scootergenius

    Sold 50s Monark Roadster

    Here's the other one I'm selling: 50s Monark Roadster in good condition. Non-original new parts include cro-mo seat post and repro seat w/crash rail, cast aluminum stem and new chain. The wheel set is built on 36 hole, alloy rims with 12g spokes and balloon tires with 2-speed Sturmey Archer...
  15. rustyspoke66

    Sold Teens Double Bar Roadster

    I have this great teens 28" wheel Double Bar Roadster project that has been badge'd Hawthorne. I have installed a set of Velocity Blunts with a shimano 8 speed coaster and top tube shifter. The Retroride tires are a close fit but they work. I am asking 625.00 shipped east of the Rockies 650.00...
  16. birdzgarage

    Sold 57 ish monark roadster

    got this beauty up for grabs.i have not dated it but it appears to be 57 58 vintage.i believe it to be all original.no cracks ,breaks or repairs.bf goodrich standard tires 26x2.125.rides good.light is very clean ,no rust.not tested but appears that is functional.$500.00. If it needs to be...
  17. stoney


    Nice, real vintage, no cheap repro. Hard to find with much of the OG silver finish on it. Wear a buckle not many people have. PAYPAL Ship to lower 48. $125.00 Best/offer
  18. Steven J. Fredrick Jr.

    1977 Columbia Roadster

    1977 Columbia Roadster Single sprocket design Very little rust Heavy-duty seat Brown body Glides effortlessly Great cruising bike $200.00 firm CASH ONLY!!"
  19. F

    1918 Dayton Double Bar Roadster

    I recently bought this Dayton from the original owner's grandson. It was his grandfather's transportation to and from work. It is covered in dirt, oil, rust and bird &#!^. It lived in the attic of an old garage for decades. The frame design looks like the same used for military service. Original...
  20. stezell

    Sold 1939 Hawthorne Double bar roadster

    1939 Hawthorne double bar 26" with not often seen original brown and white paint, New Departure wheels with new Duro tires, deco stem, Brooks saddle, don't have an original seat for it. Shur-spin racer not included. Asking $ 525 shipped to the lower 48 from Clarksville, TN 37042. If you have any...
  21. PlasticNerd

    Found WTB Prewar Schwinn double bar roadster

    Looking for a complete or project frame and fork. I’ve seen these in the catalog as a C67 and also a BA67? Looks like the c had a rear stand and hockey stick guard and the b had a small wing guard and a side stand. Thanks all. G.
  22. mrg

    Sold Schwinn Dbl. bar Roadster frame & fork

    (sold) Schwinn Dbl. bar Roadster frame & fork, was told it was a 38 (Y #), with straight seat & chain stays, It might have been sold as a Ranger or Royal (I've been told here), so that's why it has that kind of fork, looks straight with no bends, breaks or repairs. $300. + shipping, local pickup...
  23. sunbeam

    Sold 1936 Sunbeam Royal Light Roadster

    Looking to sell my 1936 Sunbeam. 20" Frame with amazing pin striping and transfers. All original except replica britannica grips, new kool-stop brake pads, and a replacement (period correct) rear quadrant for the oil bath. $650 OBO. PM me if interested for more photos and details.
  24. ZE52414

    1930 Columbia junior roadster

    So I picked this bike up a few weeks ago and cleaned it up a bit. Plus added a few things. Not complete yet still waiting to find the perfect saddle and the lock nut for the sprocket :) thanks for looking.
  25. Marc's Classic Chrome

    Monark Roadster?

    I found this future beauty for $20 and I am trying to date the bicycle. I found an earlier thread that called a similar bike a 47 roadster but I am wonder what you guys think. Thanks!!!
  26. kirk thomas

    Sold 1930 Columbia/Pope H Roadster 28" wood clad

    This bike is pretty good for it's age and complete. The bike is to much for me to redo. So I have only decided to keep the speedometer and sell the rest. The left side pedal has a spot of weld on it. I was going to cut the pedal or weld to get the crank out or I can pack it without touching it...
  27. ZE52414

    Possibly 1930 Columbia junior roadster??

    Picked up a new project the other day and was wanting to make sure I i.d. it correct. What I'm getting is with the H serial number it's a 1930? And with the 28" wheels would this be a junior roadster? Any info would be great and very appreciative! Please let me know if someone could give me any...
  28. kirk thomas

    Columbia/Pope 1930 H Roadster

    This bike I picked up today and believe it is a 1930 Roadster. The serial # under the bottom bracket is H63198. The seat is pretty nice and the speedometer works. The reflectors are red glass and the tail light needs some work. The battery box is in nice condition inside and look at what was...
  29. jacob9795

    What's it worth?1957-58 Monark Roadster

    I overhauled and detailed this bike back in July. The owner still hasn't picked it up. It's a smooth rider and easy on my knees. I want to offer the owner fair market value for the bike. I think that's about $450. It has a very unappealing repair weld from the seat tube to the BB, but a strong...
  30. onecatahula

    Sold Prewar Schwinn Double Bar Roadster

    More bikes I don't want to sell . . . This one is a killer BFG Double Bar Roadster. Just a nice tight ride ! Frame seems tall; it is 19" from center BB to top of seatclamp. Built up with well-patinaed parts to match: 30" Torrington bars, crusty chrome dropcenters (spin nicely), Morrow hub...
  31. gtdohn

    Sold TOC Ladies Roadster Now being parted

    Very pretty lady. I posted this old gal a while back when she didn't look quite as pretty and had no takers, so I decided to give her a bit of a facelift. Nothing drastic. I restored the beautiful wood rims, and I think they might even be a racing type rim. They are 1-1/8" wide and are peaked in...
  32. gtdohn

    Sold 1910 Peerless Roadster

    This is very nice 1910 Peerless roadster. I believe it is the original paint. I put a little car wax on it and it looks great. Original saddle and grips. The chain ring was re-nickeled when I got it. Nice pedals. New 28-1/2" rims and tires. Seat tube measures 22.5" Very nice chain. Rides...
  33. Bikermaniac

    Sold SOLD

  34. bikesnbuses

    Sold still available..My mystery bicycle; 1902ish Columbia Pope Roadster?

    .........Still available..... Good mornin' early risers! Im listing this really cool tall frame 1902 era Columbia / Pope bike frame,fork,wedge seat post ,stem , bars (with rust holes.:neutral:)rear wheel with what appears to be a Thor hub (spokes and rim arent the best though) and a block...
  35. schwinnguyinohio

    Columbia Roadster

    I picked up this crusty Columbia roadster for a garden bike, not sure the year but I put air in the tires and it actually rides good and brakes. Liked the patina , bought a couple other bikes for this purpose and had a change of heart , but no value here I'm sure .
  36. SirMike1983

    Sold 1940 Westfield Sports Roadster

    Really nice Westfield Sports Roadster for sale: E-series serial number; single speed coaster bike in the English style, but Made in the USA at Westfield, Massachusetts. 26 x 1.375 wheels and tires; 22-ish inch frame. Paint is in excellent shape, as are the badge and decals. Original saddle is...
  37. KingSized HD

    Rudge English 50(s) Roadster -NorCal CL

    Sweet classic at $120. Rod brake cousin to the Raleigh DL. Locking fork, rear dyno hub. https://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/bik/d/antique-british-bike-rudge/6259056020.html
  38. bikeyard

    Sold 1965 Raleigh DL-1 Roadster

    This is a nice bike. 24" frame. It is in good condition in all aspects. This a bike rides well. Paint and chrome are nice. Seat is excellent. I've ridden this bike and it rides, shifts, and stops well. It does track a little when pushed along without a rider. May come into it with some...
  39. jwages

    Late 30's Double Curve Roadster?

    Hello. I'm thinking of buying this frame. A local guy started a restoration and said the head badge on it (removed for restoration but in his possession) was Excelsior. I dug around and it looks most like a 30s Roadster, but I'm new to collecting and I have no clue. The Schwinn site says the...
  40. TrukE

    TOC Mead roadster maybe? i.d. help

    I Bought this from a guy at swap that does 80s bmx. It had a Mead Ranger head badge, but with inspection, the headtube holes do not match holes with the Ranger badge. What's cool is I can see somewhat of an outline of a different badge on the head tube, possibly a Mead Crusader. Any i.d. help is...
  41. mongeese

    Sold 1901 stormer racer project

    400$ shipped from WI Or best offer.
  42. lagrassa

    WTB Vintage Rod Brake Bicycle

    Prefer Raleigh, or others considered. Needs to be small men's frame (21" or so). PM with info, pics, and price. Thanks.
  43. gkeep

    Teens Pierce Pedal Questions

    Hi All, When I found my teens Pierce Roadster it had a right pedal but on the left someone had pedaled many miles on just the spindle. As you can see from the photo the threads at the end of the spindle are in bad shape for rebuilding. I had hoped to chase the threads with a die to make them...
  44. kevin x

    Sold Hercules Sports Model

    Hercules Sports Model with many original parts, original paint and partial decals and pinstripes. Made in Birmingham England likely in 1937. Has a 1937 Sturmey Archer Model K 3 speed hub, shifts well but only high and low gear, middle gear is not engaging. 26" Dunlop wheels (also from the...
  45. mongeese

    Price Drop$$ Lobdell Wood Front Wheel Nd Hub With Tire

    Nice wheel here. Wish I had the rear wheel. 225$ shipped from Wisconsin.
  46. the freewheeler

    Fs: 1917 Iver Johnson - Model 1787 Truss - Price Drop!

    I've decided to go ahead and part with my Model 1787 instead of holding out for a trade. I believe it is a 1917, serial #311XXX. The Model 1787 Truss Bridge Roadster (20") includes fenders, wood rims, and coaster brake. Please refer to photos for condition, but I'll be happy to provide more...
  47. the freewheeler

    Wtb: Iver Johnson - 24" Truss Frame

    As the title says, I'm on the prowl for a 24" Iver Johnson Truss Frame Racer or Roadster - either frameset or complete. I'll be turning it into a rider, and the others I own are too small for my lanky legs. I have 2 other Ivers that I'll trade if you'd rather go that route (see below). Let me...
  48. the freewheeler

    Wtt: 1917 Iver Johnson Roadster For Large Truss Frameset Or Complete

    As the title says, I'd like to trade a recently acquired 1917-ish Iver Johnson Model 1797 Truss Bridge Roadster for a 24" Iver Johnson Truss Racer or Roadster frameset or complete. Condition means everything, so this could potentially be a +cash deal. Let me know what you've got!
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