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  1. L

    White Bowtie Pedals by Union Typical on Ross , others

    White Bowtie Pedals Made in Germany by Union (Came from a Ross middleweight spaceliner type girls bike ) see pics : Right side spindle sleeve has a small dent/dimple . Pedal spins freely . Spindle sleeve or spindle may need straightening, cant tell for sure without taking it apart. $20...
  2. J

    Ross deluxe

    Can anybody help me with some info on this bike I got it as a trade-in towards money owed for work my company performed now I got to try to figure out if it’s worth anything and what it is because I can’t find much info online about it. Supposedly it’s been sitting for the last 35 years in her...
  3. TophH

    (Sold) Late 50's Early 60's Thunder Jet Super Deluxe Double tube Men's Bike

    I have a Vintage Thunder Jet. Has double tubes..It's a great ride. Serial number is 6110197 Trim Grips, Mesinger Leather Seat Chrome needs polished. Very little paint chips (see pics).. As far as I can tell It's all original. This bike is stored inside took pics outside for lighting. This is...
  4. Mr.RED

    ROSS Track frame

    I picked up this Ross track frame set this morning along with a Bianchi Pista track frame also both came from a guy who raced and briefly ran a local velodrome. I knew about the older Bianchi Pista frames but I never would imagine Ross produced a track frame in the 1980s. I cant seem to find any...
  5. kirk thomas

    Withdrawn Ross Super Deluxe Tank & Guard $30 shipped

    These parts are from a 26" girls bike. The guts are like NOS and the lens are in perfect condition. I would like $30 shipped for these parts.
  6. kirk thomas

    Ross men's Tank bike in NY

    https://binghamton.craigslist.org/bik/d/vintage-roadmaster-sky-ray/6589599951.html I can pick up and ship for you.
  7. jungleterry

    Our Ross Parade Bike

    Heres one of our favorite Ross middle weights all original and parade ready .Happy Memorial Day Terry and Tammy
  8. jungleterry

    Ross Bikes

    Hello since we have found this brochure we are defently wanting to find one of these in a boys version for our rather extensive Ross collection. Please let us know if you have any old ross bikes likes these pictured in this brochure .
  9. jungleterry

    Super cool Ross Bikes

    Hello does any one have any of these . Never seen these anywhere but just bought this brochure . Super cool truss rod seat up : lLet us know if you have one , love know if there are any out there . Thank you Terry and Tammy
  10. Axlerod

    Sold 1970s Ross 3 Speed Barracuda

    This is a November 1976 (Thank you Jungleterry) Ross 3 speed Barracuda. It looks to be all original except for the tires and tubes. It has a Sturmey Archer 3 speed. The shifter cable is missing and the adjustment bracket is bent. The wheels spin true and the chrome is in decent condition. The...
  11. Slick4d4d

    Ross boy's Barracuda Jr. and Girl's Barracuda 16 bicycles

    Ross boy's Barracuda Jr. and Girl's Barracuda 16 bicycles a cool pair of kids bikes that I wanted to share and hopefully get some more information on, and find out what they may be worth.
  12. Slick4d4d

    Ross Snapper BMX bike

    Ross Snapper BMX. Just looking for some more information on this bike, from what I can find they were late 70's early 80's bikes.
  13. Slick4d4d

    Ross RMX MOTOxROSS 36 bike Moto x Ross

    Ross RMX MOTOxROSS 36 bike. I just found this bike but I can't find anything on it online so I am putting it out here to ask for your help.
  14. retrobuilder

    NOS rare Ross fly fishing reel

    Excellent USA made discontinued Ross COLORADO 03 ..#6-8 REEL LOADED WITH new 8 SIZE LINE. SMOOTH ACTION NO SCRATCHES OR CORROSION.. Has orginal box packaging with felt bag Perfect for bass or large trout. I was going to fish for lake bass from kayak..changed priorities though. This is a rare...
  15. R

    Ross Barracuda 10 Speed

    Anyone here know anything about Ross Barracuda 10 speeds?
  16. bikesnbuses

    Sold BIG lot of NOS Columbia Ross Schwinn convertible tanks and bars

    Whole lot seen..I believe all are NOS with SHELF WEAR... What you see(I WILL take better pictures later tonight if needed) asking $125 shipped OBO for all of them...message me through RRB or email me at bikesnbuses@yahoo.comThanks,Jeff Only trades right now Im looking for is 80s higher end...
  17. jungleterry

    Found another old Ross

    Tammy and I found another Ross from the 50s,there getting better in condition .Hope to find a really clean one someday .We know have a 57 which was a middle weight and a 55 which was a balloon tire .I know not everyone cares about Ross like we do but I'm sure someone will like the pictures lol.
  18. S

    Ross Baracuda

    I acquired this Ross Baracuda last year ...i am going to restore it...its rusty but in great shape...idk what the original color is....i want to sell this bike if anyone is interested..im thinking that this would be a great restoration project...if I get a reasonable offer I will sell it to...
  19. jungleterry

    Sold Ross bikes for sale

    B Hello we are huge collectors of Ross bikes and have a few that we would like to find new homes for . Here's the list for your consideration. Pair of bicentennial barracudas 750.00 1966 first addition barracuda with 3 speed stick shift and...
  20. jungleterry

    Ross bikes out for last time .

    Hello had to take the ross family out . Could be for the last time this year . 65 and sunny in Ohio on November 27th ,not a normal day but we will take it Hoppy Holidays Terry and Tammy
  21. Mightydoll

    What is this Ross Bicycle?

    This bike doesn't look quite like the Bexel Flyer I see here and there when I image search, but I can't find any indications it was re-released or anything about a Flyer that wasn't the one connected to the early 1970's Bexel promotion. Anyone have any wisdom for me? When was this made? Is it a...
  22. jungleterry

    Wanted Ross Custom Deluxe

    Hello Tammy and I are now looking looking for another Ross bike just like the one pictured here . Hope someone knows of one or better yet has one avalible . Please let us know . Thank you so much Terry and Tammy
  23. partsguy

    Ross Deluxe Parts Bike

    $50 takes away this parts bike. It's a Ross Deluxe, with a rack and guard that can be tough to find. https://dayton.craigslist.org/bik/d/ross-deluxe-vintage-bicycle/6278393128.html
  24. jungleterry

    Rare Ross bikes

    Hello to anybody who likes Ross bikes .These double catalever frame bikes are super rare only found two and bought them both ..please feel free to add any pictures of any you may have like to see how many are out there thank you so much Terry and Tammy (front bike is a 65 and rear is 64)
  25. I

    Need some help! 1940-41 Huffman La France, Schwinn Breeze, Ross Apollo

    Hey folks! First post, I'm new around here.. I was gifted with a few bikes from my grandmother and know absolutely nothing about them. If there is any way someone can give me the official name of these bikes (mfg and model), year (range), and just a GENERAL idea of what they would be worth as a...
  26. L

    Sold Ross Super Deluxe Dual Tanklite Middleweight w/ Fender Ornament

    Awesome July 4th Bicycle Parade Candidate!! Ross Super Deluxe $150 plus shipping Tanklite Middleweight in the Spaceliner style Both headlight lenses intact 26 in Ladies /Women's / Girls Cool Jet Fender Ornament appears to be made of plastic/fiberglass and chrome coating of ornament...