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  1. L

    Brooks B72 : Black, 969 stamp on bottom , nice shape

    Brooks B72 : -Black - 969 stamp on bottom - nice shape - see pics: very minor scuffing to edges of rear corners, small abrasions between 3rd and 4th rivets, else very good $50 plus shipping from DC Please see my saddle bags and other three speed parts / accessories items posted...
  2. L

    Ladies ? Troxel ? Saddle Nice shape

    $125 , ships for $15 , CA add $5 Clamp / seat post rail binder not included ( available separately if you need one please pm) Here' s a nice condition saddle that appears to me a Ladies troxel pre war / post war i do not know. when i tried to research , it became clear this is not...
  3. S

    Custom seat pans

    Missing your seat pan? Send me your seat and I will make a 3D printed and thermoformed custom seat pan for you. The pans are printed flat, in 3 pieces, cemented together, then thermoformed to the shape of the seat. The joints in the formed seat can be filled (Durhams Water Putty works great)...
  4. rustjunkie

    Sold restored 1950s mesinger b-1 de lux saddle

    Restored as original, same type and weight of leather, plating and enamel paint as orig. All the parts are original to this saddle except the upholstery. This saddle had chrome plated springs originally so that's how it was restored. The rear spring rods, nose spring bolt, and side plates are...
  5. rustjunkie

    Sold Restored Schwinn Approved Phantom Mesinger Saddle

    Restored as original, with the same shape, same type and weight of leather, plating and enamel paint as orig. All the parts are original to this saddle except the rivets and reproduction side plates. This saddle had zinc plated springs originally so that's how it was restored. The rear spring...
  6. rustjunkie

    Sold restored mesinger b-60 schwinn cycle truck etc saddle

    restored mesinger B-60 saddle. conical spring sliding-rail chassis. all parts original to this saddle. enamel paint, not plastic-coat. clamp was originally enameled, teeth are nearly as new, pics below before paint. upholstery as original: pad, fabric layer, then the best name-brand USA tanned...
  7. sold mesinger b-60

    sold mesinger b-60

  8. dave429

    Sold Schwinn Seat/ Saddle

    Ladies, women’s, girls schwinn script seat. Most likely from the 1950’s balloon bikes. I am not an expert on these seats so please examine pictures. Does have some scuffs on the right rear corner. See pics. $65 priority shipped pp/ff preferred from 54703 NOW $45!
  9. Lux Low

    Unique Spring Set , Need to Identify" also Crescent Top Info

    I Have this Spring Set i am trying to identify, The Tensionar should be a dead giveaway, I Have seen something similar on a super Early Brooks. Also Looking for Pictures of the leather top on this TOC Crescent Saddle any help appreciated
  10. Lux Low

    TOC Hygienic Leaf spring Identify off 1898 Wolff American

    Trying to Identify the Manufacture on this toc saddle. I even think i even saw one here browsing last night and cannot find it again. I think it's Sager or Gilliam but don't know for sure. Thanx ahead for any info
  11. 1930s Mesinger

    1930s Mesinger

  12. Single-Pan Mesinger, not glued, thick saddle-leather as original

    Single-Pan Mesinger, not glued, thick saddle-leather as original

  13. frank 71

    Sold 1936 Rollfast Seat $35.00

    Men's Troxel 11 X 9 1/2 Just the right amount of Patina for your crusty Rider. $50.00 now $35.00 Free Shipping US 48
  14. Jon Marinello

    WTB Long nickel plated lucky 7 seat post

    Let me know if you have one you could part with.
  15. Jon Marinello

    WTB Prewar Schwinn Seat Clamp Bolt, Washer and Nut

    Need a clean original seat clamp bolt, washer and nut for my current build a ~1937 Liberty with locking fork.
  16. TheFizzer

    Sold Monark Seat

    Super nice original men’s Monark Super Deluxe seat. $250 shipped to the lower 48
  17. Gordon

    Reduced Nice Troxel Saddle

    I seldom find saddles of this material, which I believe is oilcloth, in this condition. This one has no rips or tears and shows minimal wear. Measures approximately 11 x 9 inches and includes a 5/8 inch diameter seat post 8 inches long. Asking $80 shipped.
  18. oldfart36

    Original late 50s Saddle Bags

    For Sale: Original late 50s Saddle Bags. These bicycle bags are in super shape, condition is Very nice, and complete. Need cleaning, as found. $125.00 + shipping. So. E. Kansas. 620-820-9339. Thanks, Chris.
  19. frank 71

    Sold Prewar Sliding rail Seat

    B-70 Sliding Rail Seat original leather in Excellent Condition no rips or tears. has both wear tabs.11 in. Front to back & 9 in. wide. Chassis may have been repainted.$275.00 Now $225.00 Free Shipping lower 48
  20. Maskadeo

    Sold Prewar Sliding Mesinger Saddle

    Prewar sliding Mesinger saddle that is missing the post clamp. Appears to have been amateurly restored at one time. Crash tabs zip tied to the bottom of it. Good for a rider or redo it. $110 shipped
  21. nycet3

    Canvas topped bicycle seat

    can anyone shed some light on the maker of this seat. There is no pan, and that seems by design. The top is canvas. Maybe a military bike? Thanks
  22. 1817cent

    Sold Long spring saddle

    Long spring mens saddle with amateur leather recovering. $125 shipped
  23. 1817cent

    Sold Lobdell Saddle

    Decent mens lobdell saddle from the 50's. $100 shipped. 8
  24. dweenk

    Free - Sprung Saddle Frame

    I have a saddle frame that came off a Sears Austrian 3 speed bike. The cover remnants were vinyl and the padding looked like horse hair. The nose of the saddle is articulated. I think it may be a Persons or Mesinger. Free for the cost of shipping.
  25. H

    In need of firestone 500 II tank and saddle!

    trying to find a tank and seat for what I believe is a 1964-65 Murray-built Firestone 500 II. The pic isn’t my bike but it’s the same thing.
  26. TheFizzer

    Found Monark Mens Seat

    Looking for an early 50's mens Monark seat. This is what one looks like.
  27. frank 71

    Sold Mens Mesinger Seat

    40's or 50's Rider Condition Mesinger seat, Scars on both rear corners. $75.00 Now $55.00 Shipped lower 48
  28. MsRock2

    Withdrawn Seat Posts, Cranks and New Departure Brake Arm

    1. 097 skip tooth crank and sprocket - dog leg $20 2. 9024A 7" arms $15 3. H 501 7" arms $25 - SOLD 4. M 51-36 pre-war dog leg crank $15 5. 5A2264 post war ballon tire crank $15 6. Huffman type Stem $15 - shipping included 7. 7" seat post $22 SOLD 8. Lucky 7seat 6" post $18 - shipping...
  29. stoney

    W/F Speedo, SCHWINN "S" SEAT, ETC

    For sale in the For Sale/ Trade Forum
  30. KevinM

    Sold Seat Hardware Guts

    I found another set that someone should be able to use. Someone is always looking for a setup. Knurling is all good. $15 shipped PP F&F
  31. stoney

    Withdrawn **$35/shpd** SCHWINN "S" BLUE/WHITE SEAT

    Very nice clean seat, no rips, tears. Measures 9" x 9 1/2". Does have tag on back. PAYPAL $39.00 shipped POST ON THREAD PLEASE
  32. whizzer kid

    Schwinn b-6 crank and seat f/s

    B6 crank off a 46/47 men’s bike Some rust on the arm. 45 shipped Seat Lobdel men’s seat , off a 40 CWC bicycle..needs restored . 60 shipped Obo PayPal as friends plz
  33. frank 71

    Sold 1952 Ladies Saddle

    Nice Original Saddle removed from a Girls Schwinn Wasp. $59.00 Free Shipping lower 48
  34. O

    Sold Deep spring single pan saddle carcass

    use as is or for restoration. Measures approx 11 1/2" x 9 1/2". $50 shipped
  35. John Gailey

    Sale Pending Leather Saddle Bags

    Some wear in very good condition. Straps and hasps in good shape. First image only one side cleaned. $125 shipped
  36. John Gailey

    Sold Genuine Leather Saddle Bags

    I did a light cleaning on these. All the hasps and straps are in good working condition. This also shows some modest signs of wear. Again, these are all leather. $125 shipped Only one side was cleaned in the first image.
  37. T

    Schwinn stingray Cotton Picker 5 speed Krate muscle bike Atom Slik Banana seat

    Schwinn stingray Cotton Picker 5 speed Krate muscle bike Atom Slik Banana seat On Ebay
  38. kirk thomas

    Columbia Banana seat bike in NY
  39. KevinM

    Sold Sliding Seat Hardware Guts Setup

    Seems like someone is always needing something like this. The 7/8" opening for the rail of the seat and the seatpost opening is 5/8" The bolt is bent. The knurls are in good shape. $15 shipped
  40. kirk thomas

    Sold Mini Twinn style seat $30 shipped

    This seat is in very nice condition with no rips. There is some patina. I am not sure of the bike this goes on. The length is from tip of the seat to the back of the bar is 13". The seat post bar goes with it. I would like $40 shipped for this
  41. bobcycles

    Sold RESTORED 1940s-50s Troxel Mens Balloon Tire leather saddle --F/S

    Fully restored Troxel Mens 26" bicycle saddle in black leather with NOS clamp, rechromed springs and new gloss black chassis and pans! 100% brought back from the dead to look as good or better than new! Wide variety of applications...>Colson, Dayton, Elgin, Higgins, Cleveland Welding, etc etc...
  42. bobcycles

    Sold 1950s Schwinn Phantom leather saddle- Distressed orig Restored- F/S

    Original Schwinn Phantom 1950 and up riveted saddle repadded and recovered in leather semi distressed with faint Schwinn stamp like the original saddles had after use. Chassis, springs, clamp and wear tabs are original "survivor" parts for the original look, original Schwinn wear tabs have...
  43. S

    Vintage double rail made in england seat clamp, Brooks like.

    made in england seat clamp double rail brooks type. also 5/8 insert included. $10 shipped
  44. jimbo53

    Reduced Troxel saddle off a 1951 JC Higgins Colorflow

    Except for the big boo-boo, this saddle is in very nice shape for being 67 years old. Under carriage in nice shape. $50 + $17.50 USPS Priority
  45. MsRock2

    Sold Long Spring Men's Saddle

    No name on Saddle - came off a Speedway Special Bike - which may or may not have been original. $95 includes shipping. PM for details. Located in San Diego
  46. bobcycles


    Cool late 1939-41ish TROXEL sewn edge Two-Button mens saddle for sale. Seat belongs to a Non Cabe buddy who had this on his ladies Elgin for years and is now going with an original unrestored saddle. Seat looks great... there is one very small "raised" leather flaw bump in the leather, small...
  47. easyrider

    Sold men's long spring saddle

    not sure what it's worth so i'll just say 100.00 shipped if that's to much let me know
  48. Tom Ca

    Teens Indian seat

    Looking to have my seat recoverd for my 1917-1923 Indian (28inch mens) but need pictures of what it's sopost to look like when finished looking for period correct recover on it also is the lower base sopost to be black or nickel plate thanks in advance