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  1. barnyguey

    Schwinn Wisco head badge wanted

    Hello Folks, I'm searching for a Wisco head badge. Thank you. Barry, 1-208-687-5319-home, 1-509-230-0613-cell
  2. Spartan 02.jpg

    Spartan 02.jpg



    Louisville Cycle Supply American Flyer Badge
  4. AMERICAN FLYER 01.jpg


    Louisville Cycle Supply American Flyer Badge
  5. Wenatchee.jpg


  6. Guaranty 04.jpg

    Guaranty 04.jpg

    "The Original" Guaranty Cycle Company head badge
  7. DeLuce.jpg


    Barnards head badge
  8. Hackett Diamond.jpg

    Hackett Diamond.jpg

  9. Our Own.JPG

    Our Own.JPG

    Hall Hardware head badge
  10. barnyguey

    How do I self publish my Schwinn badge book?

    Howdy guys! I've got my Schwinn head badge book written and I'm editing it now. Do they have a program you can buy for publishing a book or what? I've worked on this book for five years and need a little advice. Thanks, Barry
  11. fordmike65

    Hey barnyguey! Check out this Schwinn badge!

    Popped up on a crusty prewar straightbar. Pretty cool. Not mine.:smirk: @barnyguey
  12. onecatahula

    Sold RARE ND Bell, RARE Schwinn Badge

    The Good Stuff: RARE Early New Departure Indian Head bell. Perfect working condition; excellent tone. 200 shipped. > > SOLD RARE 1898? Schwinn World Badge. Condition is rough, and there are a few small tears to the brass, but there are only a handful of these still in existence. 350 shipped. > >...
  13. barnyguey

    Ha Ha Ha! Headbadge, Schwinn Badge

    They were makin' sure it would stay put! LOL
  14. barnyguey

    What's the rarest Schwinn badge?

    Howdy folks! I bought a Schwinn Mission badge off ebay recently. The next day the seller contacted me and was upset, someone had contacted him and offered him $300.00 for it. They had also told him it was worth $700.00. Then I didn't hear from him for a couple days and no tracking number was...
  15. barnyguey


  16. barnyguey


  17. Brian weitz

    Schwinn badge

    Can anyone tell me what head badge should be on this schwinn? (Packard, admiral etc...?)
  18. barnyguey

    Does anyone want these badges? What should I ask for them?

    Howdy! I've posted theses badges for sale several times now. I've lowered the prices several times and really don't know what to ask for them. Does anyone want any of them? I've lowered them to a point where it's less than I paid for them, so I'm not trying to make my money back. I just want to...
  19. barnyguey

    Mexico Euzkadi ??????

    Howdy fellows Schwinn freaks! I've been researching and collecting Schwinn badges for the last several years. One of the really cool badges is a Euzkadi badge with Arnold Schwinn on it. I did end up with a couple of the badges, but still can't find a photo of a Schwinn bicycle with the badge. I...
  20. O

    Schwinn Badge

    F/S Schwinn Badge . $40.00 shipped. Check- Cash
  21. Balloontyre

    Nice Original Schwinn Badge

    $69 shipped USA from Milwaukee Cash, MO, PayPal friends Click to zoom, it's a good one.
  22. ejlwheels

    tall prewar Schwinn badge

    Shaped like the pics and/or at least matching 3 1/16" vertical screw holes. What I am looking for matches the ghost image. Year is 1934. Looking for a badge with shape and hole spacing like this one:
  23. barnyguey

    Help me name the Schwinn head badge book I'm writing!

    Howdy! I need help with a cool name for the book I'm writing about the History of Schwinn badge names and the Companies that sold them.
  24. barnyguey

    Sold Ace Bicycle Badge, Schwinn Ace, Prewar Schwinn Badge

    Hey Guys! Here's a Prewar Schwinn Ace Headbadge in pretty good shape. Has some wear and coloring. I'm asking $125.00 Give me a call at 1-208-687-5319, email me at or pm me. This is a home phone, I don't have a cell phone Thank you very much. Barry