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schwinn cycle truck

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  1. biggermustache

    Cycle Truck basket with Lid

    Anyone recognize this style of bracing along the bottom?
  2. D

    Schwinn Cycle Truck

    I’m looking for a 40s or 50s Schwinn Cycle Truck. Either complete or frame only works for this project.
  3. 5760rj

    Cycletruck Stem

    found, please delete....
  4. Kustomsoul

    Sold WORKSMAN - Cycle Truck parting out

    160.00 frame /fork shipped 10.00 headset/15.00 shipped 70.00 front wheel with hub/tire shipped
  5. Kustomsoul

    Sold WORKSMAN - Cycle Truck

    Worksman Low gravity/Cycle truck rolling chassis . As you can see its not original. I've added newly laced S2 rim with a nice Patina & a Shimano black coaster hub. Front rim & hub are original and have just repacked the bearings. Rear fender is a Prewar peaked fender in bare metal. Rear rack is...
  6. Kustomsoul

    Sold WORKSMAN STEEL CYCLE TRUCK BASKET $120.00/$150.00 shipped

    WORKSMAN STEEL CYCLE TRUCK BASKET good condition $ 120 obo
  7. Gladiron

    Bespoke for the Woke. Low Cost Custom Bicycle Builds SoCal 91042

    For all my creative brothers and sisters living in or near Pasadena / Glendale / Burbank / LaCañada / LaCrescenta / Tujunga / Sunland / NoHo / SanFernando Located in the foothills of Tujunga, CA 91042, KG Bicycles builds custom bikes to fit any budget. From simple modifications of your current...
  8. KevinM

    Sold SOLD WW2 Eclipse 36 10 Cycle Truck or Columbia Model K Style Hub

    You get you choice of either WW2 hub. One has cones that comes off each end and the one on the right only has a cone that comes off one end. These early hubs are so hard to find. Both are SOLD each.
  9. Dan the bike man

    Withdrawn no longer for sale

    Prewar Roadmaster Cycle Truck! Cool bike! Was put together by Buck for display and everything isn’t adjusted or tightened up I didn’t do anything with it other than the sign so no clue how it rides. I really don’t want to ship, but I’ll offer a shipping price: picked up in Shelby Township...
  10. redline1968

    Post your cycle truck pics

    upon looking for pics to compare my cycle truck too...I realized there is no section just for cycle truck pictures . So here it is.. post yours...complete or not and gas powered even vintage pics..as long as it’s cycle trucks.
  11. V

    Cycletruck Whizzer

    I know it might be difficult given all the green paint but is there any Cycletruck experts willing to take a guess at what year this is. I know the motor is early 1940’s so I’m assuming it’s probably early 40’s as well. It looks to me like a previous owner painted it to look like a military...
  12. bicycle ed

    cycletruck rims

    I am looking for chrome S2 rims for my 53 cycletruck project. Also shopping for correct small basket, but rims are first priority.
  13. Teddysride

    Cycle Truck basket

    This is a nice strong basket that I found works well even though it is not original has a good look to it I do not have PayPal so you’ll have to send me a check and I have to work out the shipping before we agree on a price I’m asking 150 for just the basket
  14. bobcycles


    #1 Red Band 2speed Kick back Bendix hub. Spins free and attempting to actuate the 2 speeds by hand I would say it works, but no guarantees. An 'as found' hub in cosmetically good condition and I would bet mechanically as well 65.00 plus postage bobcycles@aol.com or PM here...
  15. bobcycles


    NOS Bendix 120 Gauge hub some minor shelf wear but looks unused. Has NOS shoulder bolts on board for the stand. Rare hub in excellent condition! 110.00 shipped bobcycles@aol.com or PM here
  16. Nickinator

    Sold Cycle Truck Stem

    Pulled it off a Phantom. Has some dents on one side about 1/2 way down, some scrapes across the top. Surface rust, didn't use any steel wool on it yet, so should clean up better. Bolt and wedge good. Front bolt good, has washer still. Bolt approx 11 1/4" long $100 shipped/offer. Paypal as...
  17. whizzer kid

    Rear stand clips, cycle truck and standard f-s

    Nice early ct drop stand clip 45 shipped Other is from a early 30’s bike. 26 shipped////SOLD/// PayPal as friends only
  18. bobcycles

    BADGE-APALOOZA! Schwinn Phantom, Colson, Cycletruck ...& more F/S

    FIRST up nice original 3 black Phantom orig brass early 1948-early 50s badges... Far right badge appears to be restored or touched up but looks good 30.00 Middle badge nice original 30.00 Far left presentable orig 20.00 Above three 70 shipped all for all 3 Individually ....Plus postage...
  19. zephyrblau

    Reduced 2 groups of spokes cycle truck ? .120 ?

    2 groups of spokes; .095 X 9 5/8" butted 92 count now $20 shipped .120 X 9 1/2" straight guage 96 count SOLD your choice $25 either set + postage. no nipples.
  20. T

    1954 Schwinn Cycletruck

    I bought this cycletruck about 30 years ago from a lady that advertised it in a local publication. It was apart and spread all over her front lawn and appeared to be mostly there. Through the years I gathered missing parts and upgraded some. I bought a NOS S2 front rim and Carlisle tire, heavy...
  21. bobcycles


    Not one for rechroming and the flat top profile for DX and Cycle Truck.... Feather strands are dinged up a bit...so needs a skim coat of bondo or filler for sure but should be ok ....has a small crack near rear mount, pretty small tear... Mounting clamps are original...would look good on a...
  22. RustyK

    1942 Schwinn BF Goodrich Cycletruck Cycle Truck

    By the serial number I'd say this is a 1942 cycle truck (sn# i40175). New tires, all regreased, rides and stops excellent. The board under the basket is a modern piece of painted plywood. Real sharp, gets a lot of attention. If you want a cycle truck you can hardly beat this. The sign is hand...
  23. N

    Cycle truck rims?

    Hello, I am trying to discover if these are rims to an old cycle truck frame I had sold. They are both s7. If anyone could assist in confirming and possibly what the sell for I’d appreciate the help.
  24. Dave Stromberger

    Sold Schwinn Cycle Truck Badge - Repro

    One of Jerry Turner's awesome reproduction Schwinn Cycle Truck badges. $100 shipped in the USA. I've got two available.
  25. That bike guy

    Sold cycletruck parts

    I bought a bunch of cycletruck part I have no use for mostly post war 26" very wide chrome cycletruck Torrington bars sold Wald cycletruck stem $75 Shipping is not included sold Very rusty but staight very usable front 20" thick metal cycletruck front fender with flat braces. Sold
  26. Bikermaniac

    Prewar Cycletruck frame $275

  27. detroitbike

    NOS Cycle Truck .....

    Here's a N.O.S. Cycle Truck Frame less Fork, with Chain guard & Rear fender http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?icep_ff3=2&toolid=10001&campid=5335809022&icep_item=142692710245
  28. rusty.kirkpatrick

    Cycletruck question

    Picked this up yesterday and I’m trying to get an idea of the year. Working all weekend so I can’t get a serial # til Monday, but I’m impatient. Can’t be that old, has forward facing dropouts. It’s far from correct. I really never looked twice at Cycletrucks, but after staring at it for about 30...
  29. buck hughes


    good condition- mostly original parts-great patina on most of the cycle-fenders are correct for this bike but have been painted to match rest of bike. seat not original to the bike(however real nice seat). drop stand not original- new tires-basket supports not original to this piece-...
  30. That bike guy

    Sold 41-42 schwinn cycle truck frame

    Capital "i" serial number Frame only $250 obo shipped frame is straight no dents or cracks it's a great foundation towards your cycle truck dreams. Please send pm with your offer thanks
  31. Schwinn1776

    Worksman cycletruck Denver clist

    Not mine, but super cool! https://denver.craigslist.org/bik/d/worksman-cycle-truck/6409017463.html
  32. Schwinn1776

    Schwinn cycle truck

    Not mine, super cool. https://losangeles.craigslist.org/lac/bik/d/1939-schwinn-cycle-truck/6474728157.html

    Wanted: CWC Cycle Truck dropstand clip

    I’m looking for the correct dropstand clip for a CWC Cycle Truck. PM me with any info. Thanks. Chris

    Needed: CWC Cycle Truck basket bracket

    I’m looking for the upper basket bracket for a CWC Cycle Truck like the one in the photo. Please PM me with any info. Thanks! Chris
  35. benmcjamin

    1 Prewar Cycletruck stand swivel nut

    only needed one but had to buy two $25 shipped
  36. bobcycles


    NOS HUB for the paper boy bikes and 50's era Schwinn Cycle trucks.. Its NOS but chrome is LIGHT minor patina.... still looks very nice and clearly looks NOS. This was never used or laced 85.00 shipped bobcycles@aol.com
  37. onecatahula

    39 Cycletruck

    (not mine) https://losangeles.craigslist.org/lac/bik/d/1939-schwinn-cycle-truck/6453011880.html
  38. I

    Late Cycle Truck Project

    Folks, I've got this late cycle truck project for sale. Serial number MC39080. Big basket CT with the bracket. paint is original with plenty of nicks and scratches. decals are decent. parts I know are missing / wrong: no basket no badge crank on the bike is wrong, comes with a 1975 stamped...
  39. sfhschwinn

    Sold 60s cycle truck

    This truck needs a full restoration. As you can see the front rim is completely broken, weld on front stand is broken, front fender has rusted away, basket wires are bent or broken but it is the large full size basket. Headbadge and seat are missing. Looking to get $400 plus shipping or pickup...
  40. Jaypem

    Cycletruck 20" front wheels

    Need two.
  41. Freqman1

    Cycle Truck Pre War

    Even though its local PU only I'm kinda surprised to still see this available. V/r Shawn http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?icep_ff3=2&toolid=10001&campid=5335809022&icep_item=112689305707
  42. buck hughes


    ready for christmas
  43. 1973rx3

    Found Wanted Prewar Cycle Truck front rim 36h

    Looking for the front rim off a prewar Schwinn Cycle truck. Drop center 36 hole 120 gauge. Thank You in advance.
  44. D

    Sale Pending Prewar Schwinn Cycle Truck

    Prewar Schwinn Cycle Truck $800 + shipping Located in North Dakota - willing to ship! Here is a prewar Cycle Truck - most that are interested will know what's right and what's not, but I will do my best to state that here: - Fenders are not original - Head badge is not original - Seat is...
  45. J

    1951 Schwinn Cycletruck

    Picked this post-war cycletruck last night Frame/fork/sign original - everything else is sort of a mish-mash. Frame is rustyyyy and pitted with paint over it but hey, I don't see these everyday and couldn't help myself.n seemed solid enough to get the job done, especially at the price. Gonna...
  46. bike

    Thanks Cabe!

  47. O

    Roadmaster Cycle Truck info needed

    Hello. I picked up what is likely a late 30's Roadmaster Cycle Truck, or delivery bike, or whatever the correct name is. I have been all over the net looking for info, but not much is out there. Any images are of repainted or badly rusted bikes, or containing lots of incorrect parts. I'd really...
  48. Dave Stromberger

    Sold Prewar Schwinn Cycle Truck Drop Center Front Rim

    This came with a frame dated 1939, so it's safe to bet that's what year the rim is too. Pics tell the story. 20". Rust pitted area on the inside near the valve stem hole, only on one side. Outside looks awesome all around and could be chromed. Has lots and lots of fat spoke holes. Overall...
  49. Hawthornecrazy

    Orange County cycle truck part out

  50. C

    40's Prewar or during Schwinn Cycle Truck

    Anyone near Georgia interested in picking this thing up for $600? Have original seat post, front wheel, fenders, frame/fork, stem, handlebars, basket. Frame/fork in really decent condition. Lots of part/bolt/etc.